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My with my wife my brother. My sister. Embraces Even my heart sick with hope that I should soon be back again a dog. Did Dorothy you put your heritage and last you home. As often as I ask of me here. She who forbids approached by any man whose hand is stained with blood with a touch of childbirth on a bearing who. Dedicated all these ways to the blood on her.
How could Latona bear to sing so cruel a thought. It is not true. It is as. He says pay over 10 to us feeding the gods a child. In. His. Peace People be filled with their own wickedness. I do not believe a tongue. Lashing rocks. Under whose shadow the dark threats wait. Through this cleft IO fled safe in her disguises half are pursued by the sharp sting of the Gadfly led beyond europaeus land and your rope receive played safe. Seek it hide away from home and into the Indian wilderness of Asia. What sort of man would leave the holy streams of Dura sea or the reeds green growing in your Otis Explora bitter beach. To dare these ominous rocks where the seas meet in fog where
Artemis among the colonnades demanding sacrifice receives upon her own to human blood. Why have they urged the oarsmen of their ship to shake the clinging fee with a great stroke. And to accelerate with Russia rivalry the racing with. Just sweep the shores for riches. And to buy unburying home each to build his house the treasures of the trophies of the world. That every hope is a memorial. And beckons many men to bear on doing. Ever see Should they sail the sea and look to foreign towns to fill their ships with spoil. Her fun for all their voyages. With no voyage and. How have they passed the peril of the rocks that clash and of the coast if in use heavy with broken waves. I wonder if they sailed across that reach of sea. Where Mariners boast to have
looked on oceans fifty daughters under the window. And dance. See I wonder if they're Roger steered them through that other reach of where the South Wind eases and the southwest wind delights a sail and where the aisles are white with birds that cover them that rise in wheel and then curve back again where the wings of ocean brood and where are killing these races the dark waters. My lady prayed that fate might hire bring on the way home from Troy. The cause of her great misery. Would that Helen. Helen had been blown ashore with on her fatal head for punishment the holy drops might fall. And that my lady's night might find in her of a fitting sacrifice she has prayed for deliverance. Some mariner from hell is able to end her grief and set her free. Ever
she goes though only in a dream back to her father's house. And few have greater riches than the joy that comes to us in visions and dreams which nobody can take away. Look there they are. See the two men in chains. The herdsman told the truth. We must be quiet now for Artemis can't hands even from helis be so useless against this ritual. Artemis Torres Sendai site when honored by such gift as never graced would take receive this long. Once more I must believe that haughtiness desires this worship. Once again I see. Loosen their hands. Or in the temper cord is in the temple during consecration chains are on Hello things.
I wonder who your mother was your father. Whether you have a sister who miscues her brothers and lament their bravery. He comes and goes invisible and you never spends where her blow shall fall. None of us ever sees her in the dock or understands how cruel mysteries are. Tell me unfortunate men. Where are you from. You are far from home and yet must go farther away from home even than this. Who are you feeling concern for us. What could we mean to you that you should care and make it harder for us with your pity. What good can come from meeting death with tears. Only a fool finding that he must be good wishes to talk about it. If a man is sorry for himself he doubles death is first a coward then a coward's corpse. So let a man accept his destiny no pity and no tears.
The sacrifice is customary here we knew it was one of your names was told me by a herdsman me I know which of you is pity if it does you any good to know in from what town in hell and does it matter. Brothers we are in everything but birth what is you all of me call me. Unfortunate that would be a pity is named for you then say that I am nobody safe from the original name is too important to be told come sacrifice my body not my hand you will not name for me even your time so soon a townsman of note. It is not much to tell me that is what one can say a town in August. Yes you have not from all of us seen you was a largely place could make you really. You were banished in a way banished banished by myself how good it is to see a man from Argus. But let me ask about another town why this questioning what is the news that that most talked of town in the whole world watches the news of trauma over God I wish I'd never heard it's none of these are
true the trial is over throngs towers lie broken in the dust and Helen has mentally is taken Helen back yes to the sorrow of a noble man she has brought me sorrow to. Where is she now gone back with him to Sparta how I hate the name of hell and how all hell is hate I have my own reason for hating it. Your kids are safely home as I have heard some of them are. It would take too long to tell you tell me all you can mother is time. Then ask me all you can and I will answer the soothsayer calculus is he back from Troy. I see many people say that he's dead. Praise Artemus. And is this you still not back nor did they say. I still wonder how I hope he never reaches home. I wish him worse than he's born already. What of coolies did the marriage planned it all has never happened. Those who know know well that it was never meant to happen. Knowing so much are you yourself from hellish.
I lived in hell US many years ago. No wonder you're asking all these questions. What of the King they called the Happy King. I know no happy King who knew me King Agamemnon. What can I say of him. Nothing at all of him no do not ask me if I meet you by the folds do me that grin uses. Oh here's another to have. Can you begin to him you can ask how much life is all of it ended by a woman's hand. Miserable I pray I beg you no more questions only about his queen. You see a lot because Queen is dead. Her own son killed her. To punish her for murdering his father. Well you Masons know God pities him. Agamemnon's children have always left Electra but her husband has power from her and the one they've sacrificed. What do they say nothing of her except that she's dead and he could kill his child that happy it was a wicked war for a wicked woman and all of
the waste that has come from it is wicked. The son of the king he too is dated August but not in August. No not in August. Touristy stupid. Dream Lives Dreams. Nothing but emptiness. Even the gods with all their name for wisdom have only dreams in lies and lose their cause blinded confused and ignorant is we the wisest men follow their own direction and listen to no profit guiding them. None but the fools believe in oracles forsaking their own judgement. Those who know know that such men can only come to grief. For years I have had a plan which now might serve as much to your advantage as to mine joint undertaking stand a better chance than a benefit both sides. So tell me this who do you if I could win you leave to do so go back to Argus with a letter from me in long ready for a
friend of mine who lives there. My words were written down by one who died a victim here and yet was sorry for me. Blamed his death on Artemis not me. No one had come from hell and still you came. No Greek who might be spared in take my letter. But whew. You were the very man to carry it. You know the names of places and the persons did to me. So I ask your help and in return could grandchild's life with one condition that your friend shall pay the price the state exacts for Artemus. Strange lady you have made a fair proposal save in that one respect. What would my life be worth to me gained by forsaking a friend. I am the captain of this misadventure and he the loyal shipmate who stayed by me. A sorry ending if he paid the cost and I rejected my own enterprise.
Your errand shall be done but not by me. Give him your confidence give him your letter to you it makes no difference which of us carries your message wrong to me. To me it would make no difference when or how my life should finish if through continuing it saving it I brought disaster on a friend. And you know left in me no faith no love. Besides this man is dear to me. His life is even closer to me than my own. Your heart is made of gold. You must have come from some great seed to be so true a friend. If only the last member of my line be such as you I have a brother living face to face with him I should not know him. And as you have chosen then so let it be. Your friend shall take the latter and you prove your loyalty by giving
him your life. Whose hand is it that brings the touch of death you are condemned to it by Arthur your hand is still too young for that is the woman's will stab men to not the knife. Only the water the marking on the fore. Only the war. Whose hand then does the deed uses the knife inside the temple there are men for it when I am burned. What shall happen to my body. They seal the ashes in a rocky road. I wish my sister's hand right then my body. Since she is far away and cannot hear you or be with you to give these services I shall attend to them. I am from August I will do everything that she might do will bring Rich robes to be your final clothing and funeral on the minster said about you and yellow oil to pour cooling unclean upon the embers. I will melt your ashes and go with the bees collect from mountain flowers. You shall be pure in sweet.
At last by letter shadow rife and Harkness and be opened by his own beloved hand. I had never dreamed of. Then he would listen through my opening grave and hear my living lips cry out to him. Unfortunate stranger while I am gone to find my letter do not think ill of me. What is abilities. What puzzles you. What do you think it is that puzzles me. Read woman the way she put her questions. The sort of questions the defeat of Troy the Akins homecoming. What happened to characters to Achilles and her being so
concerned at Agamemnon's death and then inquiring about his wife and children. I believe it true that she herself belongs in August who she never sent a letter there and care about occurrences in August as if they flowed within a very very yes. That is what it first had puzzled me. And then I thought it natural enough that in a place even half civilized people should care about the fate of kings. But that was not what puzzled everyone put our heads together there's nothing who do wrong me thinking I would live and leave you here to die. I came with you. I shall continue with you to the end. Or I could never show my face again on our guide Hill or in a Phocion Valley. But to be pointed out and rightly spurned as one who had betrayed our friend. People might say worse things than that. The worst an evil mind could think of to enjoy that I had wished or even caused your death to benefit as husband of your sister by my inheritance to win your throne.
Such thoughts are frightening but worse my shame in your imagining that I might leave you if you meet knife and flame then so do I. I am your friend and there's no more to say. How can you be my friend and yet refuse me the load I bear can never be laid down. When would you add to it by likening yours all of the contempt you imagine from men's hearts and tongues flowing on you would first learn me in my own heart from my own conduct if I liked the service you have done me bring you harm. What has faith left me of my life to cherish but a good ending. As for you. You have the blessing of your fortune the blood to make you wish to live. I can but pray that by your living solace may be brought to my ill fated family Pillot is one's home again with your wife my sister Electra. Give me my happiness by having a son in whom my name shall live and through your children
build up once more the House of Agamemnon. Go back I say and make my home your home. You will be there in hell as on the shore where our guide horsemen ride. Give me our hand and swear to me that you will build my two who said memorials in it and will ask my sister for a lock of her long hair to lay with them. Tell her tell her that I was led before they sold her by a gentle hand. A woman's hand. A woman born in August and her last my blood was purified of pillage he's been gentle to my sister. And so good bye my best and closest friend. When we were boys we loved sharing our sports. You rode the heroes with me and now in manhood you are the one who has shared the take with me when creator is Phoebus through his oracle first lied to me then tricked me luring me far from home lest watchful eyes in hell is see that guards as well as men break promises. I've costed him with all my
faith in Will. Even at his command telling my mother. And in return he has forsaken the arrestees. I shall obey your will though not my own shall build your tomb in hell as. Your heart knows that I shall love your sister all my life and close to you in your life. My hearts knows that it will hold you even closer in your death if death it be gods in mysterious ways never explaining. Mask the face of life behind what looks death. Disguising life and then revealing it. The time is gone when God's my child the news comes. Here is my little safe within these foods but I have one dead. A man who
has been in danger when he comes out of it forgets his fears and sometimes he forgets his promises. Might it not happen that your friend intent upon his own concerns again might forget how very much this letter means what would you suggest to his solemn vow to take this where I say and when you make a vow balancing his to do whatever I'm doing to make sure he be allowed to leave this deathly place could he keep a small one. What makes you think the king will let you stay and I can persuade the king and will myself go to the ship in single friend a boat. Then word the vow as you would have here make it you promise the delivery of my letter and I promise the delivery of your letter. I promise you the king will let you. In whose name do you swear by Artemis here in her temple and implore her hell and I by Zeus himself by heavens King And what if you should fail to keep your word then may I never set eyes again on August and what if you should fail in keeping yours. Then may I never again set forth on our guess. But we forget one possibility which might affect the keeping of your vow. How
could I keep my vow if this should happen if we were wrecked by a storm torn by a reef if we were sunk and everything went down. And if my life was saved but not the letter if that should happen how could I keep my word. In any plan two ways improve on one so I will tell you slowly line by line the contents of my letter which if need be you are to tell my friend. Then he will know. Either you will place it in his hand in the written words will speak to him or else if they are lost your voice will be their echo that is a sure way for both of us. So whom am I to find for you in August. What shall I say to him. Say this to him. Say to arrestees son of Agamemnon. A greeting comes to you from one you think is dead. Tell him your sister is not there all of us but is alive. If such an idea unless the dead come back again you are looking at her
now for I am she. But let me finish what I ask of him. Oh brother come and save me from a lifeless priestess in a loathsome ritual. Save me from dying in this lonely land wherever my piller days whatever I hear it is the memory of me should always haunt you. The name you must repeat it is a restless God. You hear only a woman I hear a woman and I hear a god let me hear more I hear of a miracle. Then tell him. Artemis put out her hand and spared my life at all is even a dear to bleed instead and tell him this. My father not looking when he is struck believe me dead. Artemis brought me here. No word was ever easier to keep Lady keep yours are not. I keep mine now. I give you this letter arrestees from your sister. How can I look at lovers. Let me stare at you whom I lost. Let me touch you with my hands and prove that you are real and hold you close close. Well if you were
my sister you are my father's daughter and nature will not let you turn away from your own brother give him back to you. You would have me think that you are he is this is not. Reason the sister not in August I am here to bury it was your mother's for many years and my father's grandfather was peeled off. Do you. Could I believe you by asking me more questions about Jose anything say anything you know you Electra an actor used to tell us about the truth about how they came to court like they had over the good tapestry you made of it yourself. You have wrist he's. Really not the tapestry you made of Helios changing his course. Have you forgotten that I can remember every single phrase and the bath perfumes a present for your wedding sent by your mother to all of you remember Live each moment of that day. The lock of hair you sent back your mouth I meant it for my own memorial to mark a grave where I could never lie to keep sake in your room. Do you remember the ancient spear the one peanuts had used and you know made us when he won from him
hippo Demi as a bride from Pisa. You did this. This is why it's come to me from already. You have. If you remind us and I have you in mind. Whom I thought dead. No wonder that our eyes out blind with tears. Tears of joy not yet of sorrow to. Be lifted to watch me. Oh no Still goodbye. I know I saw a reach I would have come to me. Strolling to comfort me. How could I tell my joy.
Everything I have to tell it. There is no joy like this. There must never have been better love it. Will did. I cannot think of what I should say. I cannot think of anything but your own. Except a fear that you might vanish as you are. Argh. My heart is full of my beloved because of everybody who belongs to all of this and of my brother. More than bread in August to be a living light honoring our guests. How could that happen. We were both born for become our happiness and happiness began for me when my unhappy father lifted a knife and drew it towards my throat. I was not yet helped play nice. Do you see what I remember. The treachery the misery the shame. After the trickery the vanishing of all my
dreams. Not to Achilles arms I went circled with songs but shaken with sobs I felt the hot flame from the altar stone in the cold water trickled out my hero desolate daughter of a desolate father. See his face I see is haunted face that wifey appeared if it appears it was man who caused all of this as might have caused today your leaving your own brother to the grave. So God prevented it but I came so near my hands and nearly set the final seal that still lies shaken so you lay here David. We have seen the beginning of America. We found each other. And my hand was spared from signaling your death. How can we now filled America make it complete. How can I save you from some other hand and speed you safely homeward from this place. There will be many hands and many swords for you to
face how could you match them all. A Giants task too much what any man. There are no weapons possible but with us and yet I see you stand there. Good for them when they followed you escaped them on an Indian wooded trail or dashed through breakers by the way would you be safer trusting to the trailer to the ship. Oh I can see you losing your way on land risking a thousand deaths. The countryside is full of savage men. The ship is better. Even that sharp cleft between the clashing rocks. Yes risk the sea. You've challenged it came through it having once met it invested it you can again and so let fly your oars. Yes risk the sea take to the ship. Orestes it was natural and right for you and for your sister to compare old memories. But surely it's high time we think of nothing else but our scape from this grim place and how to manage it. No man when fortune beckons him should wait a single
instant. I have way more than half way. Since every god helps him who helps himself. But first I cannot wait I have to hear you tell me just a word about my sister about Electra. Tell me about Electra. This is the husband who has made her happy pill obese man over the ocean the son of stroke and he is a true scran Sunny is your cousin my one friend was even born when I left home to die. He's the son of stroke he is an old age. I welcome you my sister's husband but mother you have not said what I said enough. I said she killed our father you have not told me what I do not ask me. May I not ask if you were talking about not killing the tax on millionaires is king when you most needed Amy drove you wild not he not he the Fury's the avenging fury on that was on the beach it was a fear anyone seeing me might think it mad still chasing you because you killed him. Try to choke me with my mother's blood. What brought you here. Phoebus his oracle.
This place let me tell my better narrative from end to end. After my hand I have given punished my mother's I give over. My head here is the nameless. Then. He persuaded me to Athens that I might explain to them. The beauty and sanctified Harries when she answered engine charges. When I arrived. None of all my friends receive me. They avoided me at first is one unclean. When just a pity you food in the same room with him. But at the same table where they let my meal be said of them as well. Sent me a cup when their level was passed. But then would turn away and would not look at me nor speak to me. Because I was a mother I thought of the things that I care about sad and lonely when I thought of her whom I had killed.
I drank up bitter cup.
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Classical drama
Iphigenia at Tauris, part 2
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This program presents the second part of Euripides' "Iphigenia At Tauris," in a translation by Witter Bynner.
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