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The following tape recorded program is a presentation of the National Association of educational broadcasters. The Literary Society of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst presents New England anthology and expression poetry of the American concept of the free man by writers who make use of the New England scene background or heritage under second program in our series. We should present David Morton and Frank Prentice Rand both poets and both teachers. Both have been closely associated with the New England town of Amherst and with its college and the university they are read from their own poems and will talk as well about the town of Amherst making a special use of its poetry to express their individual conceptions of freedom. Dr. David Morton and Dean Frank Prentice Rand have long been prevalent. Let us now consider with them the honest love of life and people which is always made poems in colleges and
towns and nations and which will one day make a world at peace. Dean Rand. We're going to talk about our math in the parliament here along with the right a great clock to strike. And Adam and daffodil. Within the tile and a ram of the eye would sound shying filled. And the spring comes back to Amherst to put it on in the green room anywhere a Lutheran terminal upon her breath the she would rock the death of a. Gypsy but a Queen Latifah. When I heard Rod Liddle describe the New England village in Greenwich and biology is being recorded. They did you know it would rattle the door I was running out quite an hour when he was here and
Imus were running riot rooms where they only run from a goodly company around much point to Rambam. And Willie Dickinson and Robert Ruff Certainly Major I betted schools really didn't like being heard in this anthology readily minor and there were others who were like Well Eduardo nerve not only in their songs. Do you feel for example who in Chicago remembered the little ship that was one of the world I knew of. Then the meeting harm upon the hero bring me on little beacon Packard the general's mother planned the rent you know like they only want to conquer in my quest that surpassing the
gold in the area of less than 100 Jackson who a matter Laurie October bright blue weather and John are asking who would have a local cemetery. Let us go up to wildwood a violinist wearing one by one beneath his name. Man we know life still well as the shadows touch them and the rest from it's read in the fresh September night the mist creeps over there. You gotta walk in wildwood. I don't want to be living trees beneath the stars and touch earth with the breeze the tender ready to be taking the bread and
tremulous it to without reaching it but you to us. Then I go up to wildwood and think and we knew from the peace in the lying brother Andrey I don't sky you know through the quenchless drone and walk to keep us true. And I have a question to Frank. There were music choir and they made Grace and certainly some of these in the dramatic rather appropriate time. I must must come through the area as a place of conventional restraint and brought her to a compromise.
We are likely to forget that freedom is not something which we inherit but something with my FB achieve and that is frequently I did that when I had seen the power of Emily Dickinson apply to whiten went on but really it's been a gifted Web site that was well you know in the night she was moved up was never. And the higher you know the garden had machine room where no expert Oh I've been going to rush right through the kind of freedom which the typical crowd could neither enjoy reading out and then I tried to express this once in a book or on Dr. Ben of butter you know. He came to visit his mother girlhood home.
He watched John and John McNulty and and the humus love him. He didn't care what he said it wasn't wrong he wrote the people her God and among the books of cloning He looked across at 100 you know now you know two of them or and he didn't appear on what letter. No it wasn't going to save a little like his mother held so dear. But when he came to Auburn upon it he ended with a he didn't care now put out and and it wasn't with and for when he went from darling to Iraq that very night and he did not leave the hunger the moon the Beechwood thing like he was a famous traveler and he had lost
his sight. Yes it's not crap going back no mention of family for a moment. Right I agree and I'm going to confession was a free spirit in spite of confinement so rampant she may have been bashed to some degree because of them it is a struggle that gives true freedom its meaning. Rapture you wanted to distance into the product and I tried to show how this may have taken place in a small way in the life of this I am a boy finding committee I think and the little blind faith in the round about the chamber on April 16th 62 and I act in the eye of the Bertha she had thought out a product. What did not perhaps a gesture of revolt an impulsive act of a brief bit crying out against it and call it a war
and particular me against a certain smugness and I am an example about even buying them and exploiting as it were the death of a local boy raises their and children act. Family ring that may have cost her a struggle. I should like to read the concluding that I'm in the poem and the scene at the supper table of the taken from the home and with the dickens and is about to tell the family rock the memorial service in which he himself played a major part of the movement on my own he would use to greet and anybody judge at the county seat of the dickens and other great RAB Whatley. But think of the amount of grey rotten in the teapot. Life would have been if their daughter had looked in the right
road to Mark made that beseeching her way with the planned police which was called New England wanted tonight for new news from the in the miscible in plenty. The mobster want to walk it's well good they should choose to talk when I've been doing a lot of our afternoon in the college chapel up on the Hill and I must have got quickly had a thrill wouldn't he tell her. Running through a mound in the air and raid the larder and the men in the street and shifted a little to get the sky keeps blue stockings. I'm at college and I'm a nineteen hundred and sixty two I had one very known problem of the dilemmas and I went and got them
out of a Dickens and two it was not a normal thing for a man to reside in a place nobody can provide and keep his stockings. So I had made her proud to be obsessed with an obvious I put on the dress and jump from the glint in his dick and one couldn't escape the Grahams and it had been a huge success. God forgive you. Yes the college he said. They don't record well conducted the meeting. Well somebody's ranking that sure do we have to write a memo snapped indeterminant blood of something out of them deadly You know how to end it had they been to the spectacular.
And here I would like to know. Wouldn't that what I wrote when he was a rat infant a run to going I DID YOU KNOW IT WAS YOU and that it will lead anyone better truly gracious and random thoughts about one opening couldn't you know one of them have none but I have something sublime something to pray to do something about. What about beauty that struggled in the writing of infinity not another's. What about love. I'm going to do. But what if you said nothing. I'm going to bed really really for the moment at least.
Many straight men who just had a quick humanitarian you know will be relieved from the dirt the little who'll be rude to us and he will. But that's something that would not be good about something that cannot be known after acting and think of the right to be playing and to be willing to be power grab and rocking the way that I want to be like God for me and I run to imagine and create a kind of life and love and that you know that. But since when with only a B I don't know name drop a lot in the government. But you haven't that let up he was white as a writer director slip
on out to the garden and up by the post on the resolute rank it was gone. And even there I love math and not my morning and don't touch my meat the mild number of the resurrection wrapped in a sack in the post. Oh now you owe me that. Do I drink from I don't have friends Frank. You're three minutes and run from that they're not never really raw I am but I am going to Emily to believe that freedom is meaningless except I think that she was expressionless through mastery you know and not an escape from the restriction of
pattern writing. Significant way and you know at the end like obedience to law is liberty and I don't mind I spend my time I got used to revert. I once wrote a little note about Reavers. I called it clutter. You know to your green and white beauty it will come a bird in flight and are you in the living like a cloud in repose and then will you I mean any rate gatherings of the plank chicken wire broken that is ripe with dead wood couples don't think we're going to wager all about and in the latter not going to report really Chanukah to background mood Bagnet that he bought a lot of corn
to make curry and stuff like that and in the latter my memory would be to bravado he sacrifice I will plead a letter you know for the gifted with wherever they go and have it in flight. You really are green and white. Beauty of. Right a little bit of damage right from a quarter of a century. I don't look to you not very very good for doubting in typos here I suppose I have what I'm about to offer would be
entitled Never saw four New England homes on the green and white of course green earth was under the snow sky my dears the man would stand staring I'm going to be like rotten The man is in love with the green light in the sun. My habit of motherhood is the falling away of on enslaving meanness and smallness within himself and something like union with the finest of his beloved. So it is with the love of this land I think these heroes are history and these men are as great. That doesn't mean that these are his landscape. They were just so obscure communicating the symbols of his habit to each from three men who chose
strength rather than weak grace rather than ugliness and evil. Now a lot of it is ice own in the presence of these reminding symbol such a man sent him to do that daily that Daily Beat confession like this I think right. Biggest names have been in for a long time now. The substance of my hunger these streams from the office of my that not more no more than he knows these you know long since became my confidence that morning. And these no matter my evening shape under the general. The sky is the shape of a hive to my breasts and I accent the problem I speak it is not
likely now that I could leave this land for another let them go out and be oh oh maybe there is no way I know to leave behind and hung out in the shape of a Hottentot breath in the way of speaking you know when going from a bad new that been good to. So that had been part of his awareness of his father's habited is his sense of their presence on these anchors around them men who have stood where he is founding now. Who not this land in their day as he lives it in here that have been somehow present to his awareness like another and I don't have like nearly visible to the physical eye. He will make a note of this as afraid as it is not of Psalms saying the countenance of this man and not of it for its beauty. Yes of womanhood
is an awareness of this love. Part of its beauty now is that its people understand that the green hero the feel of the Buddha would wear something that is fashioned out of some human good something not and not tree something that they can only see something like a love letter here that could be all right again and the element has created his own village in a quiet hour. He feels the presence is near and watching and he said you know names I hear. And the 0 4 not to know that doorway of housing the night was you know the way the light fell and it is not clear in the elm shadows if it be are south of us here
or rather it will be for the elms have an air of knowing they were before us. They listen to our fathers talk. They've been coming and going in their own name and meditative was the man busy with the young to love the whispering in the privacy the patients don't attend to the spread on this down this doom street. The grown ups know the grossness recognition without surprise seeing us leave out Ojeda seeing us as again seeing us meet in the new morning hearing us repeat what the gossip heard from earlier and that no matter what the towns and the sand looks down along the streets
green arcade seeing the meditative and seeing the friend meeting with Fran and home and the love of spring in the meadow is not sure if this be seeing what membrane time be present or Mons down unbroken. Time is when we ourselves cannot. Now you know of the names of the old. Not alone have I suspect that that's what Jonathan had in mind too. In the passage that I quoted about and again you know I think quite likely Frank. And we all know that the love that sees his beloved as the hots apotheosis of everything is innocent invention Oh and
it will grow no corrupt in a moment of seeing the spring the landscape. It is only the poet in giving it as No indeed and I couldn't somehow survive the coming of evil into the out and why shining here of a forehead so you know sad with it's not a flower but make a need to know this afternoon right to you might walk through the on the clock towers in happy innocence of Bane or of the I don't know can out of what had gone before. Not any of what may come here I forgot both of the heavy names label and go on that knowledge. Then love and laughter. It might be say or it seems it might be said that you might rub the ground out of a right out of there yet is out of the mine
over the windows and under these sky naming a new thing has been there in heaven. You know I don't know the name of the love. And in moments of trouble the same will go out and move on to some favorite hymn and rest in the midst of those healing ministration that he had known before and saying this perhaps in his my life from a different day. A difference from some random and they are recession and must runs into just such a man as a soprano not an anti have him in just this way. I think he may have felt himself forgiven him for what
he was whatever that had been. Sensing like me out Anonymous have been around him and about him and within and seven rows up blocking the light's decrease. Well things changed about the evening and south from the proper amount of the home on such a road as this which needed a way to bring him to a door that took a man as many times before. Such a man I think refined his mouth sometimes standing and pressed no turning sometimes symbolic the heroes of his eye and hide him on the other hill on the other meadow then to comment his deeper consciousness
there was qualities of character which the free man and the good man cherish a part of his legacy from Freenet and good man who went before. At such a moment he would speak to his own hot ex starting up to prove where they have this attitude saying they had a treaty on the last you know learning how to be alone and still learning how to live alone. Drawn on the good play on point whims or rather the right to be drawn and liked about tree on the last you know. This man is indeed yourself sensitive and gracious but you say one more sonnet about him from encounter what would he hear his mind proclaiming.
Who rocks with be HA has no need to fear Saddam and the others keep pace with him. And there's a risk that reigned here and time itself grows beautifully dim right here oh about keep the footprints of the new that came away and I shot him secret out one star. Well keep the largest being the remembered Beauty is my immortal flower. Who takes of beauty why and daily bread. Well no no no lak friend betray you being the brimming cup as I am the feast is spread the items as his eye as if seeing order for his hunger and the third he's like the why of
beauty and the bread he breaks loose. We have been pleased to hear the voices in forums of Frank Prentice Rand And David what this program was presented by the Literary Society at the University of Massachusetts. It was produced for the deaf. The association of educational broadcasters under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center. This is the second in a series of programs untitled New England anthology. And expression poetry of the American concept of the free man by writers who make use of the New England scene background or heritage project supervisor was Robert Tucker production director Anthony's ates introduction was by Robert Tucker. This program is produced on the campus of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Your narrator was Arthur needed. This is the ne e
New England anthology
Frank Prentice Rand & David Morton
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This program focuses on Amherst poets Frank Prentice Rand and David Morton
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A series featuring New England poets who read and discuss their own works.
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New England--Poetry.
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Narrator: Niedeck, Arthur
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Performer: Morton, David, 1886-1957
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