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Now when my two boys and girls to listen to our son's wedding bring you another let's find out. Hello boys and girls. Are you ready to see some tricks today. Good. Mr. Mayor and Miss Eyre Are you ready to show us those tricks. All that's good here. Sometimes seems to play tricks. Have any of you seen air ball and I haven't either. We can't see air but we can see what moving air does to other things. Can't we. Mr. Eyre Have you ever seen Lee is moving in the air in a wind. How many of the rest of you have ever seen gas blowing down the street. Have you felt the wind blowing against your face.
We can feel air when it moves but we can't see it. Well Mr air and Miss air. Let's see if you can make a chair do some tricks for all of us to see. Are you ready. All right. On the table you have two fins strips of paper haven't you trying to thin strips the narrow ones each of you pull one of those thin strips of paper over in front of you right on the table leave it on the table but put it over in front of you. Now listen carefully. Place the strip of paper so that one end is close to the edge of the table. The part of the table that you're right in front of you. This strip of paper will stretch out away from you on the table top. All right you ready.
Now pull the thin strip of paper toward you so that one end is sticking out over the edge of the table. Just a little bit of it sticking up over the edge of the table. All right have you gotten ready. Good. No what I'm going to ask you to do is not very easy to do the first time you try it but I'm sure that your good scientists and that you'll be able to listen carefully and do it for us. Teacher will you stand by please we may need your help. Mr. heir and Miss Dare put the first finger in one hand either hand it doesn't matter. Put the first finger of one hand under the strip that sticking out under the piece that sticking out over the edge of the table. Now put your thumb of the same hand on top of this strip of paper just as though you were going to pick it out.
Have you got hold of the paper strip now on the end it's closest to you. All right now pick the paper strip up away from the table and with out turning your hand at all. Bring it up to your mouth. Let your thumb rest against your lower lip. And the paper should be hanging down over your fingers and very close to your lower lip. Teacher will you help us to see that the paper strip is held just right. We would like it hanging down and being held right. B No the lower lip of Miss Eyre and Mr. Eyre. I already. All right now don't let go of the paper strip. Hold on to it just as tight as you can. Now is the paper hanging down in front of you. Just belong here to have
good will each of you take a deep breath. Now blow the air out through your mouth. Did something happen to the strip of paper. Hang on to it don't let it drop. Let's ask everybody in the room to look at the paper strips. Now they ought to be hanging down over Mr. and Mrs. Ayres hands either way. Now watch those pieces of paper. All right Mr. Aramis ere both of you take a deep breath and brew it out your mouth. Get the paper strips. Lift up and stand straight out from your mouth. They should have. Let's try that again. Hold the papers still and close to your lip. Your lower lip. All right are you ready. Now you want to take a lot you want to blow a
long stream of air and as hard as you can not just a short puff but a long blow. All right take a deep breath. Now blow Royce get a stream of air. All right. Think about what happens when you can put the paper down now for just a minute. When you blew air her over the top of the paper the paper lifted up. Do you know why. Will you be surprised when I join you here in the room was pressing down on the paper as it was hanging from your fingers. You blew the air that was above the paper out of the right and the air under the paper pushed it up. Are you surprise.
I thought you would be. Air does push against things. It pushed the paper up when you blew the air away from the top of the paper. Let's put the narrow strips of paper over on the side of the desk now and find the ride strips of paper. Find the strips of paper that are whiter than that little thin one you just use. Lay them flat on the table in front of you. Yes do you did before Pearl a small end of the paper over the edge of the cable. All right put your first finger under the paper and you're on top and lifted up to your mouth right against your lower lip. Are you ready. Now this one is going to take a longer harder breath I think. Let's try it. Take a deep breath and blow.
Was it is easy to make the wide paper lift up as it was the narrow strip of paper. Try it again. Blow harder and longer this time. All right. Take a deep breath and blow. You can lift up the paper can't you. They have your Baber All right. Now if you haven't had a chance to see that often enough you can do it after a while and show someone else in the room how to do it. Now let's put the papers down on the table and think. Are you all ready to think you saw air push the papers up didn't you. Do you suppose that air helps birds to stay up from the ground when they're flying. Have you ever seen a bird sailing on the wind.
Air does help a bird to fly. Do you suppose that air helps an airplane to fly. Think. Do you think air could push against the wings of an airplane and help to keep it up in the air. When you talk about that after the broadcast be over. Good. Now let's try something else. Put the paper strips out of the way over on the side of the table Miss. Air. Are you ready. Miss Eyre put the dish or the saucer or whatever you have there over near you on the table put it just a little way in from the edge. Teacher will need you again I think we would like to have the saucer about three or four inches from the edge of the table from the edge of the table that's close to the helpers.
All right. Now Mr. Eyre do you have a dime or a penny there on the table. Now we called dimes and pennies and nickels and quarters coins. So put the coin whichever kind you have on the very edge of the table and write out from the saucer. Put it over there. Now let a little part of the coin stick out over the edge of the table. Oops. If it did it fall off. Well don't let it fall off. But go get it if you did. Just let a little part of it stick out over the tabletop right in front of the saucer. Everything ready. Now this is hard to do too. You will try go won't you. And if you find that you can't do it now will you try again after the broadcast. Good for you. I knew you would say yes. Mr air stooped down until your mouth is even with the
top of the cable. Wait wait just a minute let me tell you what you're going to try to do if you blow against the coin just right it will hop over into the saucer. Now once again stoop down and do your mouth is close to the edge of the table where the coin is. And right even with the saucer. We want you to blow against the edge of the combine with a long drawn breath. Are you ready. All right take a deep breath. But I know. You're going jump into the saucer. Well try again. Fix it going over the edge of the cable. You alright are you ready. Take a deep breath. Blow. Get it jump. Let's let Miss dare try that. Fix the coin again just over the edge of the cable.
Now stoop down with your mouth close to the edge of the cawing and take a deep breath. Bruno. Didn't jump. This will if it hasn't worked Will you drive again after a while. Perhaps you need to move the saucer closer to the con are farther away. You try it or you'll have to move the coin a little bit until it's just in the very right place. The very best place and I'm sure you can make air from your lungs that you blow out. Make that cawing jump right into the saucer where you drive that and miss air and Mr air when you show the other boys and girls in your room how to do the experiments that you did today. Remember the little paper strips. When you show them how to make them blow out from your
mouth. And isn't that funny that those paper strips will lift right up when you're not blowing when you're blowing down on them. Will you watch for birds and airplanes and think about how the air helps them to fly where you do all of those things. Can you remember every one of them. All right fine. Let's find out imagine night in the studios of L.A. the St. Louis Board of Education radio station. This is the end i.e. be radio network.
Let's find out, grade 2
Air tricks
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program seeks to educate children about air and how it moves things.
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In-school series produced for release in Fall 1960.
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