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The best understanding of America begins or so it seems to us with the realization that this nation is young yet but you still. You finished that even. America is man's greatest adventure and I speak. The University of North Carolina through a grant and aid from the National Association of educational broadcasters presents American Adventure a study of and in the New World a series made possible by the fund for adult education an independent agency established by the Ford Foundation. Written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton. Todays recorded program resigns Gene shank and dial emergency.
Go right on into the doctor's lounge young lady. Thank you. Now Miss Felice and I just talked to your mother and I want to tell you what I told her. The car struck your father about the hips and heard him some 40 feet. He's holding on is as well as we could expect. I hope you pull through. Yes but. Well we're doing all we can I've called in a surgeon from Duke. Are there any other family members besides you and your mother. My brother Howard and should be notified of course. Very easy. Washington. And he could be here by morning. And you pull yourself together enough to call him. Of course what time is it now doctor. Let's see. 10:00 p.m. exactly by my watch. Will father live until morning. I don't know if I go back and tell him his son will be here then it will be about a chance. Howard will come fine. Use this private phone we've got the charge of the call I'm
sending to you. Yes. Good night. Good night Doctor. You're. What is your number point seventy five to one. Hank Jones Lisa and they also knowing the number 5 1 2 3. If you're going to make a No thank you. I don't act a mystery. I'm going about 20 minutes.
Oh but he must be there he has to be tried again operator one moment. Crazy. Oh. I've got a miscreation that dime a dozen. But of course it does. The children ought to be there with a babysitter at least. Could you find out if the phone is out of order. I want my monthly. Cool. Washington I think your service assistant. 3 right. Bases in with service assistant Miscavige. This is Raleigh. I have a car awning conversion truck not five to run to three which does not answer. Would you let me know if I'm going to
travel on the line. One moment and this is very important operator I have to reach my brother I see. Does it take long to check the law at the moment. I've only called my brother twice before but he was always at home. The number checks not 1 2 2 3. It's OK but they do not answer right now. Grayson seems to be no trouble on that line. Hello. Well. Operator OPERATOR What am I supposed to do. Perhaps a neighbor. Do they have telephone numbers of Howard's neighbors do you know any of the names of course not. OPERATOR This is very important for an American because your city is one moment. Washington you're in that sort of consistency right. They fit in with their the assistant Miss Cabot. This is rowdy again. Yeah you know that street numbers on knock perching
drive 400 block. Really I found out I'd like to locate a neighbor of Mr. Howard's place in it for that one moment. We have a listing for a author when at 4:13 the number is just not 5 4 3 3 6 and we have a listing for Chernoff our botnet for what 20 have number just not 5 4 2 1 0. Thank you. For calling. Us to not miss me. All right. 4:13 should be right next door to Hollywood. Yes. That number doesn't matter. Well try the other one quickly Operator please.
This is Romney not Carolina. We have an emergency call from Mr. Howard Nathan at a North cursing drive. Telephone doesn't answer. Could you give us any information about him. This is Raleigh North Carolina. Your daddy home. Yes may I speak to him please. Get about baking. This is Raleigh North Carolina. We have an emergency comparable to Howard refinance I know misplacing do you have any information about where you may be reached. He's probably at home by his numbers listed. Somebody ought to be there. Could I take a message around my neck. Would you care to talk with us. Yes I would go ahead Colonel. This is Joe Howard Sr. and I have I may have you know you have I have a terrible neighbor. You must come to Washington I'd like to but right now I've got to find Howard. You
see our father has been injured in an accident. Terrible. He's going to die. Do you understand. Yes yes I certainly do. It would be bad for Howard to see him again. Course it was just a minute misplacing. Let me ask my wife if she knows where Howard is all right you know where that could be at this time of night. Miss Felicia now I know why they didn't answer the phone. I thought that was it you know. She says they left over a week ago without a vacation. She said they went somewhere in there on the beach you think somewhere somewhere down the coast she could tell I could on the White House and see if you left a note or anything would you. Yes I will ask around the neighborhood if you like. Thank you. Can I call you back up what your telephone number 7 2 was in Raleigh. All right I'll call you up. I'm sorry about your father. Thank you Terry. Yes I will.
Good bye. Nurse. Yes. How is Mr. and my mother in the state of shock. She's mumbling something. Two words it seems to me. Yes. How bad she says over and over you know how hard I guess it is how hard how I want she Howard and how stupid of me. Course your father is my brother. Where is he. Somewhere in Maryland.
Why don't you remember me operator. Yeah one moment. Watching good information around a calming Washington the national the backroom exchange just a moment. The number is National 3 1 2. Thank you. What God gave you operating. I have and I probably close don't think that's a.
I know that you know go backwards. Think that's what it is right now Caroline. We're trying to locate right here right now because I don't know why nobody ran to him and I am the night watchman for this and it just happened that I could talk to him operating right now. Hello. You know I'm calling from North Carolina and I just don't let a lady that I just happen to be on this floor there's nobody I see. Do you know anybody in that office though. I just said that nobody in this office let me. I understand but aren't there several desks. Well would you look on one of the desks and give me the name of the person who uses it. Ma'am you can look on some of the letters or perhaps an engagement book or ma'am I don't know what you're trying to do know. My brother works here and his father was struck by a car earlier this evening. An hour or so ago. Do you understand him. And I have to find a friend of us some pray and not please look on a bit on one of the larger
desks perhaps in one of the private offices if they have them and please help me. Are you there operating yet. Let me thank you. I don't want you to go away. No I want to be imagined to call me and oh yeah I think I got a letter. Most Irish Jackson national tobacco exchange. Horace Jackson thank you. Thank you very much. Operator OPERATOR That's right. Would you get me Mr. Jackson please. Horace Jackson in Washington right now McGrady. Watch internet connection. Ronnie calling Washington the Horace Jackson resident I don't know the address is it emergency call. Just a moment.
We have a heart. Jackson in Georgetown won an ion can be genuine third in the spring. Now let me offer the numbers and the 3 6 6 7 3 cats that I want seven eight you know 7 3 3 right. You know it's a residence of Mr. Horace Jackson of the National Tobacco exchange efficiency speaking. Go ahead and listen. Hello Mr. Jackson. Yes. Is this Mary I know this is Howard's Leeson sister in Raleigh. I believe your name is Joe. Yesterday How are you. I'm terrible. Well I've got to follow
and Howard father is about to die. I'm terribly sorry. Where is Howard. Do you know I I know he's in Maryland. I think it Ocean City Ocean City Maryland D.C. What if you sent me a card from one of them that we think where is the car. I don't know young lady. I'm terribly sorry it came into the house if it had come to the office my 6. It would seem perhaps your wife my wife. Well I'm not married you know. But it was Ocean City and I think it was a hotel. HOBSON a large tourist caught Ocean City Maryland you say. Yes thank you I'm sorry but I think you can find him easily enough in Ocean City. Thank you. Reebok operating Yes nicely and. I guess I want the police department in Ocean City Maryland. Why not me.
Ocean City information by calling Ocean City Police Department grade the number in fact 4 1 2. The police department Gilman's banking rhotic aren't going to agree because Governor Romney Narcanon at one moment but he won't speak to anybody. Grant Administration officer yes my my brothers fathers about to die and we're desperately trying to locate him. He's at Ocean City. He's at a hotel I think I'm speaking and it will be his sister Lucy Howard fleecing and so him What's your name. Jones Lisa and what are police and they travelling with any one man his wife and two children of their own. What their children two boys. Could you call the hotels in tourist courts I'll call it as again tonight ma'am. There are tons of tourist places on the beach but I'll do what I can. But what's your phone number in Raleigh.
Seven five to one in Raleigh you can call me back collect Yes ma'am we'll do what we can. Oh officer. We are not there. Operator I want to speak to someone in Ocean City Maryland or someone anybody I want every hotel and tourist court call now I can't wait for him to do his best. I want every single place call this minute do you hear me run on a crane. I should be calling Ocean City your and my service assistant right. Service assistant responds This is Raleigh North Carolina. I have an emergency call from Mr Howard and they send in care of the hotels and tourist courts in Ocean City. So Howard let me then ask when Mr. Grayson is travelling with the family with what his family the police department are also making
right your number operator 79 right I'll call you back. Thank you operating. Yes thank you. Right. Mother don't you worry about the phone. No ma'am that was one of the nurses buzzers will hear the phone and would ring for just across the hall. Did your son or yes mother course. He's coming. Yes. Thank the Lord. I was afraid you'd be off somewhere on a vacation on a vacation. He wrote me some time ago he was going away this month but I'm glad he hasn't gone. Where was he going mother. I had dreams of him out somewhere
where we couldn't reach him. Well there were no phones. You know how I do. Yes mother. Did he say you might go and then when he found out his father was dead and maybe Bill Read how terrible it would be for him. Yes. Not knowing where was he to spend his vacation mother. Oh I don't believe he ever said Joan. You know how how it is he never told you anything. Yes mother. Does the phone Miss Gleason. Excuse me. You can come through here Miss please and thank you. Good luck. Hello. Yes this is she. Yes. Yes. Yes. Did they farm. He said he was at a hotel at Ocean Beach three days ago and left no forwarding address.
OK Rally station Jenkins beckon Mr. Jenkins. This is Joan please please. Yes or my father was hit by a car on Highway 70 about three hours ago. Yes ma'am I got a report here. I need some help Mr. Jenkins. Yeah I've tried every way to locate my brother Howard from everywhere here. Where is your brother supposed to be ma'am. You know I think yes but he went on a vacation to Maryland. Would you help me find him. Was he driving a car ma'am. Yes but I suppose we can help you. What kind of car. I don't know. The collar. No no the license number of course. No I just know he and his wife and two sons went on a vacation and left Ocean Beach three days ago and my brother loves to fish. Well I'll tell you what I have to do ma'am at the radio the Virginia patrol to look up the license number and description of your brother's car. Then radio the Delaware and Maryland patrol to start a search. We'll do it. But it will take 10 or 15 minutes. Thank you. Would you would you radio Cape Hatteras. My brother used to go down there to
fish when he lived in Raleigh. We don't have a station on Hatteras Island ma'am but I radioed the Coast Guard there. You're a very kind officer junking. But I've told you this is mostly just Mr. Jackson in Washington. How do you do jokes. I found the postcard I found it. I've been looking everywhere it was on the hall table where I always put the mail when I get it. Oh and here at 3 am I just located it. I even went to the garbage can. And I was right you know it is ocean beach as Ocean Beach written on the front and the postmark is Ocean Beach. It's a card showing a rather poor picture of a restaurant called Patersons where evidently unique seafood caught by Captain Patterson and his own fishing boat. Leave it to Howard to
find Captain Patterson. Yes Patterson the card reads having fine time here but fishing has not been so good this week. Staying at Silver Spring hotel if you want to reach me Patterson's does it give their initial No no it doesn't fly. Thank you Mr. Jackson. And not a lot. All right you all explode. Get back. Long distance I want to speak. Operator 17 quickly. One moment please. Long distance operator 17 please hurry. One moment please. Operator 17 is this the same operator I had a moment ago who are disputing Jones Lisa this is an emergency call. One moment and I'm a free operator I want to call the Patersons Ocean City Maryland. Do you have the initials in the pattern. I don't have anything about them. You see they run a small restaurant where Howard ate dinner one day last week
when I'm hungry. Ocean City information around the coming Ocean City the residence of the Patrick Patterson. That's all the information I have. What operator. This is an emergency call the Patersons operator restaurant. That's all I know. Fishing fleet operator and fishing fleet ocean. One moment please. We have several Paterson's list listed including this is J.R. Krauss and prouder of Protestants restaurant. Does Mrs. Patterson have a record and telephone. No but we have a resident telephone for Mr. Jay our products from the number 8 7 1 2 9. Thank you.
Let it go on and ring operator It's 3:00 a.m. in the morning so give them time to answer. Except the residence of Mr. Gary operatic. Raleigh North Carolina go ahead. Mr. Patterson I'm Jones Leeson in Raleigh who one time my brother Howard Gleason 8 in your restaurant last week asked Mr. Patterson This is Mrs. Anderson. Oh do you remember Mrs. Paterson would you help me please. This is an emergency. What kind of emergency. My brother my brother Howard Gleason 8 in your restaurant last week yeah. He was probably with his wife and their two boys yeah. Do you remember in a.. Mrs. Patterson Do you remember a family with two sons who ate in your restaurant last week. No. Two boys with extremely blond hair walk blonde hair you know Robbie's about five an hour
Junior must be seven. Robert did you say yes Robert staunched Gleason. Life is a mean little heart that Robbie broke my ketchup bottle two days in a row. Then you remember that cutest guy you know. Yes you know I remember that. Family sure are coming here every summer. But I didn't know their name. They were here just to get your cocoa. Do you know where they are just a minute. Let me get my husband out of. No I mean would you please take but a minute. Yeah yeah. You're like hello. Your brother was in three or four days they told me it was late and where was he going Mr. Patterson. So he was going to the best fishing ground in the Atlantic coast. Where is that. Fisherman says differently but it seems like your brother has been with Garland.
Thank you thank you. Fenwick Island yes operating and I think a run moment for a good a great operator. Then we got a Marilyn Ripley one moment there is no friend of accounting Marilyn kind of town in Delaware P3 Georgetown Delaware. It's probably a very small place operator. Yeah. My brother's always finding out of the way places and maybe a national operator interacting. I have an emergency car from Washington D.C. for this number where you take the car I beg your pardon. Is this operator 1750 special operator and interacting with an American
car. But this number from Washington would you take. Who is it for operator. It's a special distension car ladder. But I'll take it of course. Go ahead Washington your car is ready. Your call to Raleigh North Carolina is ready here. Thank you hello. Hello Mr. Leeson. Yes this is this is kind of. Well hello Carol. I'm your brother's baby remember that retirement Delaware. What do you think of it. Well I think I think that's one of the neighbors told me they got a card yesterday for power at this place. I couldn't seem to look. Through the telephone I see so I drove on up you know I found your brother he's right here. You know John Howard's got a boat and told me about Danny and then add driving that kind of taking the boys back out like can't you take a plane I can get there quicker driving at this hour I believe I'll be in Raleigh and six hours to a standstill.
Alright yeah I'll be there by 9:00 a.m. honey get back to. Your mother. Why what's the matter misplacement. An. American Adventure is written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton produced by the communications center of the University of North Carolina. American Adventure is a study of man in the New World. His values and his characteristics who he is what he believes. The series is made possible by the National Association of
American adventure
Dial emergency
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A study of neighborliness. The story of a young lady who must find her brother "somewhere in Maryland," and the people who help her.
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This series studies the values and characteristics of notable figures from America's early years. It is written by John M. Ehle and directed by John S. Clayton.
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