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I mean this whole business of you know 2 a.m. smoking a peace pipe. You know what. Can you talk. Coming to your beat with smoke. I mean that's a good thing. But actually they were doing was having a ritual. They were trying to live the fight or actively fight. So one of the little things that we're suggesting for one of the rituals that we might do a great deal to help people of the world if we could do some simple little peaceful rituals of your humanity
all of the other people. What we have all we want. So I'm glad I was around I was a little bit about it. Who was it. Korea. World War 2. You know I probably program with the girl. So war hospitals. Who are we where are you going to get far right. Where are you going to do it with. How do we have a humane society. And we think there are bad evil people in the Alltel obviously. Well we have the same question about humanity. We have a moral judgment can we have humanity that we think is bad or evil. The Old Testament tells us about. And the
evil of his try because they practice. His wife out of curiosity. Turn around. They played in which turned into a column of stoners. Let us consider the so-called evils in terms of history and contemporary thinking. The Greeks practiced sodomy their camp followers particularly the conquering groups for young boys. They were attractive and intelligent and they were a comfort to the great men to the great warriors. And those were the ones who could afford to indulge such customs I'm afraid persisted until quite recently and perhaps even today in the Near East and this is primarily because of the social ethical and moral conditions placed upon a young woman. Who was never available to a young man as a companion. Why they couldn't even go out for an innocuous pleasant luncheon day and so we have this
problem. Are we forced to say that the Greeks are bad or moral because of sodomy and because it does not conform to the Judeo-Christian Christian tradition. Can we really love humanity in our tradition in this Western world that abrogates what we can good as a moral standard. If you want to talk to him. Well the hindus have a tradition which used to require that the wife be burned when her dead husband on a funeral pyre and perhaps those of the lower caste do not have to suffer. But of the higher certainly. Now are you going to be writing only people I mean you have. Do we consider a criminal who made a succulent meal of his work as bad or immoral or one who do not love humanity already and
who sacrifice you to placate their God and to try to get some rain where they back even more OT they hate humanity or the creed they wanted. Grecian main virtues to put into the K with the bowls in which they will surely kill because these are the signs of fertility in pro creativity and therefore create with live again. But they way you look at there are look at their sculpture. Look at the love of their own people. Can we consider them. Such as those who had no human or did not humanity then to go on with just for a little bit. There are some Melanesian who have a great fear of being poisoned. The wife sitting in her kitchen and watches over her partner and her so-called which.
In fact they will sometimes marry into another truck. Because of the challenge of it. And she will watch over her so she will not be poisoned this is a common occurrence and a man is very aggressive and I will kill on the slightest provocation. The raising of an eyebrow at a number of precious Mon. And may well have been the slack I think of this is normal behavior and this is necessary for self protection. And also as in also as in this one as well. There are arise the outcasts of the group the so-called what we call today perhaps or in the last century the village idiot in this society. He is the gentle man the pleasant man. He will not go out and kill. He will be gentle and he will laugh at all these occurrences and the other man the red side will laugh at
him because he is an absolute anomaly. Did you hear all the really general who will now grow your hero of the week. It is but just one person. Go up take care of family home cooking or whatever he was you know you hear this years of course and so people think you're of a family leave them alone in the corner or wherever. And this is the man who was gentle none of them commit murder. You know everybody else. Nice gentle little character. Just like to well be a minor one I look like a little bit to do.
What is it about man that arouses the motions of kindness. You feel kind of want to write of your empathy for understanding what is your understanding of one man or another human species. Apparently I think you're a troll or whatever but occasionally everybody walked on the street and see somebody. Whether they're bombing them before I would drink walking along and which they have some feeling of human kind for. But usually people do. And this is one of the rare thing which occurs to people sometimes people never do anything about it. We can't take all the baby things about
the only thing. I think all these things will be so beautiful. Let them be love the way to go. This was a great loss and wonderful art social organization. All kinds of things. Where we are really really great and you know what we're going to go along with it was a matter of fact they were
slave owners and the decision of the great democracy free people and then made them for the benefit or for the traction of everybody. They would gather in a marketplace and get with the apathy the scope of vote and the that was in the near real amount and well you know the judge was used and a man of the poor didn't then why don't we work with man. And he must have been a strong man to. John over the years. Very good for the love of God of War Rooms or war. What about a world where your great thought they had a love
for humanity despite that slavery because they saw that I love was a compassionate for and an obligation or responsibility to assist the oppressed. In fact this was the assignment I thanked God but was so busy with other affair that he could never take care of. He had his lady friends but they were more or semi gods and he was constantly and her pet Yulian and other gods had to come to the assistance of the mortal. But the more who were able to game the system were only the great people of the realm. And so not only did they come to the aid of the other mortals but they left the job of compassion and taking care of the people to the darlings of the gods like additions and killing. Ed appears you had his very rough time of course.
And these were the favorite morning and in fact because they went by the guy they had to come to the succor of the oppressed. And these favorite Go had their favorite darlings and the favorite things are great mortals have their favorite. These were the life and the animals and the friends of the court and the running back there. Well because I want well taken care of but nonetheless I will play ever for them in the Times this was in a comparably good light. Three others who were not as favorite live much more difficult. But you know with the growth of the population and it at the moment and it's trading in Greece. The great philosophers would say it was Aristotle. He had to take advocated the
good and the path of life. This was one which is a happy life. He meant a life of contemplation thought and meditation as opposed to when you say good luck to later as I suppose one would say that and their ideas or other their ideas were one of pleasure and nothing else to sort of open to morrow. They're not. They can't be invoked from our history. Certainly they can help. But our ethics cannot be determined nor can they be determined. Inductive logic Damion through the growth of man and his understanding of the briar is coping with the need
to develop a new criteria of ethical behavior is that there is no more soothing. And this is really good. This is really they're part of that repair consideration. We have the solution really. Can we let me manage it it is not conforming to our style morally and ethically. We have gone around to the Greeks through the birth of the beast to do this question. Again we lover him out of the floor. All right these were for three concerts. What was wrong with people. Millions of years of humanoid to physically psychologically and culturally. It was one of those what are we
doing. We know. I would call to complain. Some of the most who got some awards most would jump out of their fathers world because we can communicate very rapidly. Our communication is as fast as the speed of light. And that we can reach other people and I can reach. But we must be able to reach them and we must be able to accept their idea. We must put this into I want and I must put hours into there. Thank you and oh well let me be more practical for a moment.
Let's look at some of the great things that everybody thinks you know that I'm sure everybody in this room everybody on the radio everybody thinks that's lovely and I'm delighted. Better off everyone I hope everybody else and everybody should share something to do or they should be doing. A large number of different things but you do it do what we have to do. Somebody has faith hope and charity. I don't know what faith is it seems to me that I think there's really an insecurity of mine. And it's a dream
is a dream. I'm not so sure I think it's a very practical thing I think it's my security it's my fear perhaps if we may think this way to cross the river Styx. Oh come on no I think it's a great deal more that you know everybody hope it will not go again next year. That's what we hope the church calendar right on our consciousness. We have a large number of lines like this. Sometime whenever humanity to be superbly considered as a work for TV in every room we're not even talking about those things. Some people think you're going to do great things with great we would love you I think the greats had a love for people. Yes but I've had enough of people. They had 11 a very strange way because what they did was take one man and I and several men and
idealize him into a guy and the guard was a great man and so they loved humanity in terms of beauty whether that was perhaps we did in this country they say in the south we took care of us. Well the Greeks did bring it down to modern refer to that as well. Mary No. And one of them are a problem in the things that help them revolt believe get their own car help build might be this one just one. In this case if you manage to manage my room won't get this thing.
OK here or do we have a revote. Got nothing for one of the lower you might think. Well family I don't like Carmichael. And I'm certainly ruling against social problems and errors of the time. Of course they perhaps are doing that on just one side but not the way you mention of your great man that you see your I think almost everybody feels some of the people there are don't mention Jesus with passion or Lyman throwers. Now we go. Remember that's nightmares because it does not have the same connotation. Moses was a people in liberated them from slavery. He had a love of humanity for his sake people.
He did not like the Egyptians and perhaps we didn't either. But he did like his own group and liberated them and brought them and tore them. Oh I don't know you like that man what would you do consider these people to religious fanatics. They deserve what they were you know what what were you. But I don't think Moses was a religious fanatic. I think Moses was but you would say a rather rude and clever person who could lead his people despite what he thought was their previous corruption. Well we have a horse breeder who rules over the water on this platform and on the other and one of them a very rude person one of some boys for his morning work now but he did this for the people because he would not have had anything from his money.
Well all right I want Abraham Lincoln. Great Abraham Lincoln he was also a very shrewd politician because he was able to do something. Unfortunately this involved a civil war. But whether history cannot tell had there not been an Abraham Lincoln we might not have a civil war and perhaps the slaves would have been freed a hundred years later or perhaps they never would have free a lot of historians for the Civil War in 10 years or three and the six under the War would have probably been more well he's a great human. Oh I think Marx was a great humanitarian. I think that he was a great social philosopher who developed an economic social philosophy and because of his thought and his idea and his feeling for people then went and even advocated that go ahead
revolt whites or nobody don't agree. If I were to verify with you one of the things why different customs like I'm not you know that we're going to watch a great but I don't know what your medical historian what your record of medicine back 50 years. Broker this particular Of course I don't I'm sorry I don't think anything could have set the course of medicine back in Africa. But I just wonder if he might not have done more for humanity if he had remained a great organiser rather than a doctor working in Africa. The amount of the we have is a terribly difficult thing to this. We will drive it from every angle from the verbs and the greetings back and forth. We have tried to do to get him to
think about several of these different ways it's very good we get up separate ourselves from it. If we want peace love and creativity we cannot hate our neighbors. Doesn't matter whether our neighbors live in the next apartment when they're thousands of miles of way whether in China Japan India Vietnam. We must understand and accept the cultural background and the conceptual approach to humanity. Although their definition of such love is similar to their expression and a parallel relationship may differ and we must understand we must try to understand the differences and this relationship and their expression of the relationship. For instance it is difficult for accept for us to accept a Buddhist philosophy in which man and other creatures can at the same time be different and yet have a
oneness and be it gentle with other creatures and other parts of the world. We have to understand that philosophy and their approach and we hope that with time and with this wonderful communication education they will understand. Of course no one advocates that we use. I want the last piece to the same level of thinking I am reacting to Haiti. But we have to realize that we must understand and that we are humanoid and that I actually of the same species and essentially we all have the same aims and hopes. We all want clean. We all want love. We all want create and we all want to feel that we have a great love of your love. We feel we have a great your mother earth. We're probably killing off more people haven't killed before. History was part of our great humanitarian deal. We're probably hampering of more
social reform and praying has been suggested from our Russian friends up and down for a long period of time. We all know about our great man that we believe in the growth of humanity towards a more equitable solution. If we do we have some more great man to leave alone the love of humanity that to rely on so was a function of the greater human it is stronger than the right you know. The people you know. And the members are born of the human condition and under suffering. And then to attempt to do something that. We could quite easily have. No such thing.
Do you think the review. I think is one of the things wrong with yours. Think little or or the room free zone. Were we in the room or right like Illinois. You heard Dr. Johnson yfere child director of adult education at the Cooper Union as he spoke on the topic. Love of humanity. Earlier Beatrice Fairchild a bio physicist at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons was heard on the same topic. This was another
program in the series. Peace love and creativity. The hope of mankind on our next program William Barrett Professor of Philosophy at New York University will discuss existential man. These lectures originate at the Cooper Union in New York City and are recorded by station WNYC. The programs are made available to the station by the national educational radio network.
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
Love of humanity, part two
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This program features the second part of lectures from Beatrice Fairchild, biophysicist, Columbia University; and Johnson E. Fairchild, geographer, social philosopher, Director of Adult Education, The Cooper Union.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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