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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcasts are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre we present Arden of fabric an anonymous 16th century play based on a murder that actually took place in the year 15 51. Arden of fabric shop. Gentlemen. We hope you'll pardon this naked tragedy wherein no pilot point software's did in to make it gracious to the eye for simple truth is gracious enough. And needs no other point of
losing stuff. This is the leaven to Bill and true tragedy of most ardent of Havisham in Kent who is most wickedly murdered by the means of his disloyal and wanton wife who for the love she bad one must bear. I had two desperate rough aeons Blackwill and shake back to killing. Wherein they showed the great menace and dissimulation of a wicked woman the unsatiable desire a filthy lust and the shameful end of all this. It is now the summer of the year out of out of the old fifteen 51 and the
fifth yet of the reign of our young king it with the six the law protect is the view of some is it. Heat my husband. I mean you do get up so early. Someone writes a short did you realize it. Had I been awake. You had not risen. Sweet love that we to all of it like I've often cheered the morning when it began to peep. I've often wished that dark nights per blind steeds would put up by the purple mantle back and cost out in the ocean to her love. But this night sweet Alice by has killed my heart. I heard the call on and I sleep well.
Tis like I was asleep when I named him for being awake he comes not in my thoughts but you started up and suddenly instead of him caught me about the neck instead of him. Why who was there but you and where but one is how can I miss day Iris. Now I remember we had upon each game had we no talk of must be yes tonight. Indeed I heard you'll name him once or twice and there are Canada and therefore blame not me not me. Need to leave me over. Nice group no more comfort I say sweet friend it is not strange that women will be false and wavering but to go from such a one as must be monstrous Franklyn tolerable but I what is must be. Taylor I know better of my first who by based brokerage getting some small stock crept into service of a nobleman won by his flattery and fawning is now become just short of his arms and bravely jet city's silken ground
no noble one would countenance such a peasant as the Lord Clifford he that loves not me but through his favor let must be not grow proud but where he by the Lord Protector back he should not make me to be pointed at him by birth a gentleman of blood and that injurious revolt he attempts to violate my dear wife's just live patient gentle friend and learn of me to ease their grief and save her chastity. Intreat her fair sweet words of it is the engines to raise the flint walls of a woman's breast but they have previous meetings in the town. Love letters past tricks must be on my wife nay on his finger did I inspire you to remain Wichita manage day the priest put on. Can any creature be half so great as there is in any case be not too jealous. No make no question of her love to thee but as if securely now at once take cause and live with me at London oldest for women when they may will not. But being kept back straight grow outrageous appalls from
reason you have time to try it and call it fall from straight wait take my life. Oh yes. Good morning Mistress Alice must frankly and why are you with us. My gracious Lord Protector the Duke of Somerset had given mass to Arden and is asked by letters peeping from His Majesty all the lands of the Abbey of Havisham and therefore this now must I in fact at once to London there to sign the deed. So tell me do you mean to stay there long. No longer that's when my affairs be done he will not stay above a month of me. So come again within a day or two. Or else I'd die. I cannot long be from the gentle a.. Well it's Michael fetch all horses from the field. Frankly though I went down to the quay. But I have certain goods to unload. Meanwhile prepare our breakfast gentle Alice for yet and noone will take also underway. Caught Master means to take horse and the way
we use it is that it is. And here comes Adam of the calaboose brings me tidings of my love. How do I know I don't know what is the news with you. Be not afraid my husband is now from our home your water of must be Mistress Alice has come to town and sends you word by me in any case you may not visit him not this to Tim No nor take no knowledge of his being here. Homer tell me is he angry or displeased should seem so for his wondrous sad why he is mad as waving Hercules I'll see him I know and you'll be so impatient to be gone stay I don't stay now would want to be my friend. Oh school must be how I have incurred his wrath for me these pair of silver dyes which we played for kisses many a time and when I lost my one and so did he was such a winning and such a losing dose and me and him and bit him. If he is love do not decline to come this morning but along my door and as a stranger but
look to be here this may he do without suspect or I'll tell him what you say and so farewell. Do and one day I'll make amends for all I know he loves me well but does not come because my husband is so jealous. And these my narrow prying neighbors blab hinder our meetings and we would confer. Oh Michael what are you going to fix my master's neg mistress I hope you think on me. But Michael has you keep your oath and be as secret as you are Mr title so you shall not have a week in that condition Michael. Here's my hand. None shall have most business stuff but myself. Chill serious then people why then I say I will give you my last or anything you would have me do but see you do it cunningly. Why say I should be took I wnet confessed that you knew what I think becomes must be. Michael get the gun and yet not him not any note I didn't get a good mistress.
OK more of often off beat me my love. It was big when I said I thought not a word or two sweetheart and then I will tease yet but early days that I need not fear. Where is your husband is now high water and he's at the key. Let him be. And forward no me not. Is this the end of all I saw in the Houthis have I put this given these so many favors as incurred my husband's hate and just me to break up my not up I sick. Does those same henceforward no me not remember when I locked in my closet what with my words and my. Did we not both create too much to heart the have nots can witness in the world can tell before I saw that full sort look of that I thought I was tangled with my taking speech to me was Do you know when my soul I shall be still so good. On dates haven't they but it's not a by conquest I mean he got
my witchcraft on me as sorcery for what has vowed to countenance my husband who is descended of a noble house and Macht already with a gentleman whose stuff undone is to be and so gentle and unkind Alice now I see that which I have a fear out and find too true a woman as a lobbyist as a lightning flame which even in bursting forth consumes itself to try thy constancy. Have I been straight. What would I have never tried but lived in hope. Any third try me who never yet found faults yet. Pardon me for love is jealous. Solace to say that the man had sown so look the traveller to the passages I am content or to be reconciled and that homo will be my overthrow because I an overthrow first let the world as all must be let me still enjoy by loud and HAPPENED WHAT. Well I am resolute. My saving has been hard up bags of gold to make our children rich and how is he going to unload the goods that shall be valued and he and
Franklin go to London straight into London Alice. If they'll be ruled by me. We'll make him sure enough a coming that rude we crowd. I happened on a fellow yesternight the only cunning man of Christendom for he contempt upon us and with his skill what such as might be. Put into a proper computing taste not to be found to do the very same and you had to have it for you. Who put out a gram of this into his drink or any kind of broth that he should eat and he shall die within an hour after shush and good times he will my husband comes and move to break in with him. You must you must be asking the question yourself. Master was right. Being at London yes the night the Abbey lands right off you are not possessed were offered me on some occasion by green agent for Santa niggers land I produce the lands yours has any other interest had it must be that question was decided on. That is going to make you ready my breakfast you know that I miss friends yet your breakfast will be ready when you and as for the lands must be they are mine but it has papers from his Majesty but I must have a mandate
from my wife. They say you seek to rob me of her love. Villain what makes now in our company she is no companion for so based on what I thought not how I came to be but rather than I pocket up this wrong what will you do. Revenge on the proudest. If you both know you said you were not aware of a sort of a statute makes against deface I was there for I'D TAKE YOUR someone from the start. So now you shut tailor's Bodkin your Spanish needle you're pressing on. But this shall go with me and Mark my words you will Goodman tailored just to you I speak the next time that I take my house instead of rags on make the call on stumps and you have injured me. I do appeal to God and to the world that I didn't say the word to Taylor once measure me what I am not what I was lie about art thou not a veteran of it run church teachings children based on good I didn't know I was belched and vomited the rancorous venom but I miss Well in heart and in the presence of my good friend Frank can hear me but speak as I intend to live with God in his elected saints in heaven.
I never meant more to solicit and that she knows and all the world will see. I loved her once sweetheart I'm bugging me I could not to beautify my heart but time has quenched these over raging codes adn though I know frequent the house tis for my sister's sake oh waiting maid a not for hers Miss now enjoy how long I swear an oath. Hell fot unlawful vengeance light on me if I dishonor all in Jersey with these type registrations of bio's the deadly hatred of my heart's appeased and I want to be friends. If this prove true. As for the base terms I gave you late forget the muscle I had cause to speak when all the knights and gentlemen of can't make common table talk of her to be who lives that is not touched with a slanderous tongues then must be it was to the speech of men upon whose general brute all on a hangs full bet his house.
What say you Frank it must be for bad my house now a rather let him frequent it more the world so see that I distrust him not here it is my house must be it and I pray you and with a name also be think you what to do. Rankin to warn him on the sudden from my house but to confirm the rumor that his groom. And your breakfast will be COO got Master must be. Will you sit with us. I cannot eat. But I was set for company soon and I go see all horses be ready and I have drunk this process. Has been my policy. Why do you not look well there's something in this box that is not wholesome. Make it happen. So I did and that's the cause it likes not you. There's nothing that I do can please your taste. You are best to say I would have blazoned you were gentle mistress has cannot be but you will accuse yourself Franken has the box of Mr. Tate.
Or take a little to prevent the worst. Do so thank you good friend. Give me a spoon I need to get myself full of poison to the brim. Then should my cousin troubles have an end. Was it the silly woman's or to a woman to be patient sweet love. I mistrust not if God will revenge it adn if thou dost thou never woman loved her husband better than I do I know it's we got to complain less that in tears I answer B again. Let us await a horse or bear to wound me with that bitter would go to London in my mind to depart yet I must go to London. Leave me here. Oh if they love me gentle ardent stay if you wish it. It is not my business to be of great import. Go with Wilt. Oh there it is a bus ride from London to me every week every day and stay no longer there than the US needs. Yesterday I thought I was right out of the every other times and so farewell
sweet Iris to me next farewell husband seeing you have it's my cold all season and muster Franklin seeing you take him hence in hope you'll hasten him. I'll give you these kids. And if you stay the hotel not the mine well and see you keep your oath. I hope he is not jealous of me now after Think of me as your greatest friend and so farewell. So I caught the horses. I'm glad he is gone. He was about to stay but did you mock me then how I break off. I listen it was kind of me before and yet had eaten but three more that had he died and I loved going to high so each helm has be be it he live. It isn't possible if I have sworn an oath never had after to solicit the All Whites to live once more importunately showed no need I will import to be bought.
Shall an oath make people sick my love. Tosh must be both the words and words is winded wind is mutable then I conclude it is childishness to stand upon an well approved Mistress Alice yet by all evil keep Io's unbroken while still live I do and spare not his time is but short. But if thou beest as residences I would have him nodded as he walks the street in hand many alehouse Ruthy INSKEEP Which as I hear will nod and go they should be as silently fee to pay him out of what's really comes Yana him must be to God as one that comes to put in practice are intended to. So I will return along. Mr slug you are well met. I'm sorry the child husband is from home when it is my purpose journey was to him What is it must agree if that I may or can with safety. I will answer you. I heard your husband have the grantor blade confirmed by letters papers from the king of all the lands
of the Abbey of Faversham generally untitled so that all former grants are cut off where I myself had one as I am agent for San Antonio. But now my interest by that is void of his old mistress Arden is it true or no true must agree. The lands are his in state and whatsoever lease is well before void But term of Master adn like no you don't you know you have the ground under the chancery seal. Pardon me Mr. Harden I must speak for I am touched. Your husband ducked me wrong to wring me from a little and I have my living is my life and only that rest of the remainder of my portion of wealth is endless in his mind and he is greedy gaping still up again nor cares you know young gentleman to beg so he may scrape the hoard up in his pouch. Then tell him this from me. Be revenged. And so as usual wish the opulence had rested still within their former street car lust poor gentleman I pity you and will always me that any man should want.
God knows tis not my fault but wonder not to others when to me. Oh I must agree. God knows how I am used. Can the crowded church you want to kindly respect the natural birth your honorable friends know what you brought. Why all your parentage and what you are asked to green. It's spoken in secret here. I never live a good day with him alone when he's at home. Then have I for all what looks hard words and blows to mend the match with all you know I might content as good a man hear Deathy keeping it because trials when he's weary with his jugs at home then writes you straight to London that pursuit he wrinkles it among such filthy ones as counsels him to make a way his wife missed the slip by daily and continual in sorrow so despairing of addresses every day I wish with a hearty prayer that he or I would taken forth the word now. Trust me Mr. Silas you agree with me so fair a creature should be so abused.
Why who'd have thought the civil service for Sal and he'd look so smoothly now fired upon him and if he lived one day he lives too long. But frolic woman I shall be the man's will set you free from all this discontent and if the child and I my interest and will not you or my lease into my hand bury him home what ever happen to me. But speak as you think I gots my witness I mean plain dealing. But I had rather die than lose my life and then must agree be counselled by me in danger not yourself. The subject. But highest cutter to cut him short and his pin pound to aged him with a hole in his did you should have 20 more in the lands we have my husband is possessed shall be entitled as they were before. Will you keep promise with me to be false and perjured whilst I live. But here's my hand having so dispatched to London straight I'll do the post and never rest till I have company.
Till then farewell good fortune follow all your forward thoughts and whosoever does attempt the deed. A happy hand I wish. And so farewell. All this goes well. I must be I long for you to let me know all that I have contrived on holidays. What's news such as Look at that. Be well sweet maybe they'd be so good that I most love would draw it before I can begin to tell my tale. Let's hear them that I may laugh for company. And Alice let's in and see what you know you keep. I hope not master Mr. Holm you give me leave to play your hospitals part of the you know who is master of my heart. He well may be the master of the house.
The way from Havisham to London would seem long but I'm not happy provided of your company good master Bradshaw. A moment Master green. Let's stop the horses. So you then that comes yonder up the hill from a very well terrible crawl roughly and with a sword and buckler the other with the great stuff on his neck. Pray tell me Master BRADSHAW Do you know the one I know not but he seems a knave chiefly for better in the other company for such a slave so a rogue as he lives not again upon the earth. Black will is his name. Back when I tell you Master green at Boulogne he and I were fellow soldiers when he played such pranks as all the camp cleared him for his villainy. I warrant ye bears so bad a mind that for a crown he'll murder any man if it is he for my purpose Mattie and that is a way before Black will do overtake us. Right you're all right sure. Oh well. Well times have changed. No fellows
now though we were once together in the field yet I'm still my friend to do the any good I can. Why. Bradshaw was not done when I had fellow soldiers and loan but I was a core group based mercenary groom no fellows no good because you want to go join have a little place you know job you would get to call me fellow will and with a cat sitter the good ones good corporal what I stole from John of Atlanta and domineer that amongst good fellows in one night. I will but those days are past with me. But they've been out passed with me for I keep that same honorable mind still go grad show. You know I too proud to be my fellow but worry not as I see more company coming down the hill I would be fellows reveal one small and share Corolla. You'll talk to us and tell me whether you go to London Well I've got a piece of service when it happened how most
pleasure me. What is it. Of late a lot Cheney lost some plight which one did bring in so did my shop saying he said. Said Anthony Cook a search was made. The plate was found with me and I am bound to answer at your size. Now Lord Cheyney solemnly Val's law will serve him. He'll hang before his plate so I'm going to London upon hope to find the fella. Now I know they're not acquainted with such companions. What manner of man was it a lean faced with a knave who nosed in very hollow wide with mighty photos in his stormy brass long hair down his shoulders curled his chin was bare but on his upper lip. I'm a charter which he wound about his ear what a para lady a watch it set up at all to talk on the inner side to bear the great to show a pair of threadbare velvet toes seen Brant stocking bent about the shoe a livery cloak but all the lace was off it was bad but yet it served toward the plate just now no such a fellow will I would encourage him I came very near in your spirit Rog.
So things that I remember since we drove a boat of Sittingbourne here where I broke the taps to the head of a lot of the cudgels very very we'll. It was with money that plate was sold for. Bread joy. What will give him that can tell the whole play he's a crown for I could use we'll do i pretty good. Why does one Jack fitten he's now i know get for stealing orse and she'll be arraigned the next a little change the seat Jack putting forth for all back and tell him you robbed him of his plight. Cheers my heart most agreeing all of you but I must to the Amish people speak and so farewell. Well here will another cry. Don't put like good you see that little bread your pick. No war just of I think no green for so I am going to show we have your company to London they stay
says a little more I need your help. And in a matter of great consequence what and if you will be secret and profound I'll give you 20 angels for your pain. Give my fellow Georgia shake regen me 20 angels wait G.I. Joe Without have bio father slain. I'm a student and it is land. We'll kill a movie not Georgie Gregg and I mother like July brother all like well the cities have a shim a highly wrong me about the Abbey land. No revenge but will you have to kill him. Here's the angel's downs and I will lay the platform of his death. Let me know. Platforms give me the money. I'll kill him. We're easy. He's now at London in order to be condemned by Act of Parliament will learn our bags we're used here is £10 and when he's dead you shall have twenty more. My fingers used to be at the pace observers mind to shag bag. Let us be going and we'll break at Rochester when we give this fellow again honest slack
and so much. Here to night and. I have written such a net as will touch Mosby's sister Susan and Mistress Susan hoping in God you being in good health as I Michael was at the making of this is to certify you that as the turtle true when she had lost her mate sort of alone. So I mourning for your absence to walk up and down poles till one day I fell asleep and lost my master's pen topples Mistress Susan think you upon Michael who drank with the dregs of your favorite bass hopes you will let his passions and interests. Rather impart trait where see on your meat cans and yours Michael. Or else not Michael thank you for
my business crazed decenter friend Michael is very ill knowing I must have no more but you know I dislike his business for your own. What is that letter said I let me see it. So you Master Frank and here is papa stuff. Susan my maid and my men all in love. So let me hear no more of this nor for my life one's right to her word but felt that it was so base a trouble. Tis must be sister come I once at home I'll rouse up from remaining in my house. No Master Franklin let us go walking to work that way. The first is on and that's his man the other is Franklin did his friend kill him you know. Next has touch not his man in any case the foolish knaves in love with must be sister and for her sake the villain a sworn the slaughter of his master will question him but he may status match how I go with are you going my master have you sucked and I am going to prepare his chamber where sup master rotten at the Nag's Head had the eighteen pence
ordinary My Grandma I call most to strike back. Or black will cause you know I'll be gold a Miko you may not escape us so I called. I know you love your master Well well so I do but wherefore I do that because I think you will love your mistress better. So I think not I but say faith what if I should have been put in place Michael. We have a pretty loving family. Well I have only two or three What's that to you deal to my limit at present. That's a tease. There's no to us that you love must be Sister we know besides your 10 year olds to Fred I must be your mistress bed and kill your master for his sister's sake and I was a coward and yourself was never fostered and I quote step can't. How comes it then that such a knave as you dare swear a matter of such consequence. That's no more but this system has sworn Michael. We dad is
all and heads after it. We have devised a lot and. And whatever will be tied to any of us. Just send the roundly devil out of jail and therefore the US I am the very man marked in my birth by Destiny's Child given to life on it. The knife whose age might search the closet Emmy's Gray's family offered to appoint a price and trying to tweak my temper for me when occasion but devised with us in what way we may conclude is death will win. I cannot but confess that you have me so apparently that I have by my last post and to him I will deliver to you hands this night come to his house at his gate the
dogs I leave unlocked against you come. No sooner shall enter through the ledge over the threshold to the inn a court but on your left hand. She you see the stages that leads directly to my master's chamber take you and dispose him as cheaply as now it were good we parted company. What I have promised I will perform. You deceive as it would go wrong. I will accomplish all I have revealed. Let's go drink makes me as dry as a dog. Bass feeds the lamb securely on the Dow whilst through the thicket of an ABA the hunger a prize and takes advantage for to a home is on how it is done that vast by gentle life isn't it.
If the fear of God or common speech of men might join repentance and how wanton thoughts no question. But she would turn them into a sort of dissolution. But she is rooted in how we could know some stubborn not to be prickly to her faults I think I've painted in my face for every such NG I read his name a scandal unto Mine is deeply treasured in my blushing brow. Frankly I think this is my heart's grief is worse than the conflict of the art of death. Gentle and leave this sad lament she will amend and so your griefs will cease or else you'll die. And so your sorrows and if neither of these do happen yet let your comfort be that others bear yobbos twice doubled all with patients I house arrest then state with me in London. Go home then that base must be done. My room makes his
triumph of my being dense. I told one not at home when I'd be here he added frankly and he had it allies but we're not out to Richard OD and die. Forget your griefs I'll buy a yacht comes your man order cock is it similar Michael POS to you see see how rotten the way that we are at a time right. I pray you go before I'll follow you see. What I. Held his frightful jealousy What pity moving muds what deep fetched sighs what grievous groans and over leading woes accompanies this gentle gentleman. Now really shake is Caddo press it head in fixes sad eyes on the sullen earth ashamed to gaze upon the open would know what he caused his eyes up toward the heavens looking that way is what address wrong.
Sometimes the secret to beguile his grief until is a story with his careful tongue and comes his wife's design and his thoughts and in the middle cut off his tell you courting French sort of on his weary limbs so woebegone. So when charged with WO was never any live. Don't read it so. You'll pardon my last we desire you come to him. Is he himself already and he's begun he isn't fain would have to live to way then I would go to him good night. I go oh oh oh oh oh. And flicked from its campaign my priest awaited me with the echo of his strength and I had judged to cinch either side can give to nothing we should be putting my mostest kindness but leads to me for life with just a mind and I was granted
my mistress. She had forced me with an oath for Susan sake which I may not break. For that he's needed and I must do this. Thanks Reagan faced that up into his back window and shrank back stood in bloody stood How did you two rather rough Usenet than have been canned on my day. Define fringe mind that dreadful thing to be considered Oh. I dread to be conceited. Things. Seething with. Still having him grinning in my bust. And in the ruthless hands jackers drew it insulting all of the
with a pic of Miss He's preaching for relief. My instrument me thinks I hear him Oscar him like a computer this Blackwill crew was present for wrinkles in his file too threatening face. Well I'd like the right to school. My day to him met him and he would murder me to make him support. Oh the friend to help. Cool of the night was what we all. Did. Pull out cry cause me from my read one of the occasions of our MRI speak might all have any validity. Nothing said but as I feel asleep reading to the stairs I had a few truly the troubled me and in my slumber with murderer thieves
but trying to write from my trembling joints my feet crave your pardons for disturbing you so great a cry of another I never heard. What are the doors fast locked and all things safe like not this but I don't see myself I cannot tell I think or look to do what. Yeah trust me. Also all our lot. Face negligence not come changer for me. Michael good to debate and if you love my favor let me have no more such pranks as these come Master Franklin let us return to bed. I burn a face says yeah it is very cold. I go good night and I pray the dream no more.
You know I took the pleasures of the die and sheeting darkly so brings the earth. And with a bit of a cloudy realm of skills from your side of the world in which sweets and such as warrior and I see Minutes linger on that time as loath to give due order to that. Tilly no watchout purpose be complete in order to have a last night. For the green back get you gone and the living area them out and some have come to us a guy we will give you instance we did speak to my wish. Whose will so I says no. And so I leave you for an hour or two. Ralph when you heard Shakespeare would this thing were so heavy I can scarce go. This drowsiness in me voles
little good. I don't know what will become a priest if I didn't like to go sleep with bugs in fear she'll kill that car Geez with their fantasies while I shake my governess takes me much and runs me toward telling me of the Goddess Jarius thing we go about it should be slipped a large head for the to let They know I am no coward. I told me so but now I believe just me. What i speech be a right and a kind of feel and say bit of a weak link in spirit go forward now and that we've begun and I thought it would take me when I did every day and if I do not have them cut me off I let that pass and show me this house I shan't see doing as much as bag. This is the deal. And that's some of me thinks he's shot to the limit. Michael have to
see this. So let me see said bad. Luck with I thought perhaps the slavery here. Would not be what it is in these cool debatin offices but this school is held by his merriment as dear as ever our quest for a bought so little support and distort assist me when I need Michael Rust I can come after I have sworn I have either Next time I meet the hind not I weigh is the leg is are both. Let me never draw as sweet a guy will prosper in the twilight like when I would fleece the wealthy passenger but Leg day I didn't spit at my the guy was by any net debt from a PTA. You find out next time that I mean it's like you've got a note from all to
college fight and trample on it for this villainy. Let's go see go green. Well I know you will swear you were a villain and he would not swear in the morning at the ale house but in Auden's house watch they are coming of that for Master Mike. And let me handle here. Michael get you back to Billingsgate and learn what time the tide was about to come to us in polls I will good must come Master Franklin. We know walking poles and dying to get out of the ordinary. Then by my magic direction draw to the key and with the tide go down to five drawer shake bag for years that villain Michael asked Well let's hear what he can say. My stand Michael read milksop slave I never after I speak let me excuse myself for you know
swept like heaven and earth and all came out to pull me up. What Tosk left his door was I'm not I'm not sure I got to see the church frankly and my most were pretty late concluding in the porch and Frank you never can where he sat with certain don't need to be defeated. Being in pain he did I think itself and coming down he found it was shacked the gates and brought away the keys for which offense my most righted me and now I'm going to see what I like to tease for with the time I had my last with a way where you my friend will bring him down. A place well fitting for such a stretch of rain down why not green. Tis better now nor indeed was what Michael is this true as true as I reported to be true. If you go we've got to believe he's got that features all there. Well we will.
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