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The Wayne State University improvisation chamber ensemble was organized in 1966 by Dr. Ruth Wylie. The group was originally conceived as a teaching aid but soon it was receiving enthusiastic reactions from concert audiences during the past year Dr. Wiley's Chamber Ensemble has performed in several states and an entirely new idiom of musical performance has been developed. But the performances still maintain their experimental character. Now I'm here with tonight's program of improvisation is Professor Ruth Wylie of Wayne State University. Thank you and good evening. This being the last program on our series of free improvisation and structured improvisation concerts by the Wayne State University improvisation ensemble. We have contrived to write a piece or I should say I have contrived to write a piece which is larger in scope perhaps than any of the others that we have done on this program so far. I have attempted to write something in the nature of a concerto Grosso although I call it
concertina and this consists of a prelude. And three movements fast slow fast the prelude is is quite strictly structured which is a little unusual for the works that we write and it has a pretty strict quarter no temple all the way through of pairs of chords pretty much all of the instruments of our group are involved in this. Prelude movement. The first movement proper after the prelude is an Allegro Vivace. And in this movement I am using the flute and trumpet as a small group and the piano double bass and percussion as the larger group giving a concerto Grosso like effect. There are solo passages and different combinations within these the these groupings of as I have just indicated them to you are not always used in that way. The next movement is a slow movement. And in this movement the flute is featured
in a solo capacity along with the trumpet and we have a piano to go with each one of the solo instruments so that there will be flute in piano in a softer grouping and a trumpet and piano in the other grouping. The double bass plays freely with both groups pretty much although it is structured also and is not completely free. The final movement which is supposed to be vigorous and in the typical concerto Grosso like a fast manner. Is for. Trumpet and double bass. Piano 1 and piano 2 and percussion and as in the first movement the flute was featured in this movement the trumpet is featured in a solo capacity and there will be no flute here. The performers vary of course since the grouping is different on all of this I will be playing the flute. Frank Buchholz will be playing the trumpet in Dun Lewandowski the double bass but our pianist own Jim Hart way will be doing the prelude to
the second movement. I mean the first movement of the middle movement and I will be playing piano in the last movement. However first since this will not completely fill out the program we plan to do a free improvisation so that we can end up our whole series with the larger piece that was written especially to this last program with. So now we will endeavor to do a free improvisation and then the concert afterwards. Whoa
whoa whoa. Whoa. Thank you.
We have just finished playing a free improvisation with which we have opened our
last program on this series by the Wayne State University improvisation Chamber Ensemble. And No. 2 to finish out the whole series and to finish up this last program we will do the my concertina know which consists of prelude Allegro Adagio and Allegro hibachi. Be.
It was.
The rule. I am.
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. This concludes the last number on the last program of our series of
improvisations by the Wayne State University chamber improvisation ensemble. We have just performed a concertina of mine for the five instruments with various combinations during the course of the individual movements. We again let me say that would be we would be most pleased to have your comments concerning this series of programs. We might even be interested in answering any questions that you might have. It has been a great pleasure playing on this series and I hope very much that you have found some enjoyment and perhaps some greater understanding of 20th century music and we hope that once again in the future some time will be able to play for you again on DVD E.T.. That was Professor Ruth Wiley with the Wayne State University improvisation Chamber Ensemble. If you want information on this group and samples of the design plans for several of the improvisations send 15 cents in
stamps to music. W d e t f m 5 0 3 5 Woodward Avenue Detroit 4 8 2 0 2. This program was produced for national educational radio by w d e t FM Wayne State University Detroit. The engineers Charles Nairn and David Pierce producer Lauren hood. This is the national educational radio network.
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Improvisation Chamber Ensemble
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Producing Organization
Wayne State University
WDET (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features live improvisational music, as well as a spoken introduction by Ruth Shaw Wylie.
Series Description
Series of performances by Wayne State U. Improvisation Chamber Ensemble, which was organized in 1966 by Dr. Ruth Shaw Wylie, as an experiment in teaching contemporary techniques to advanced composition students. Refer also to blue spiral book under 67-29.
Media type
Performing Group: Improvisation Chamber Ensemble
Producing Organization: Wayne State University
Producing Organization: WDET (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.)
Speaker: Wylie, Ruth Shaw
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-29-13 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:28:45
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