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Peace movements in the past fail failure because. They would have been spearheaded by. Where I was NEGUS mystics intellectuals school orders who mislead on a lot of idealistic young paper. And a communist propagandist who use Peace slogans to discredit to vilify capitalistic nations as warmongers. DR No young Park special lecture on Far Eastern affairs at the University of California speaking at the twenty sixth annual Institute on world affairs conducted annually as a special feature of the instructional program at San Diego State College the institute is dedicated to the use of the free academic forum for the presentation and discussion of current and continuing issues of international significance. The main theme of this institute is expressed in one word revolution and our speaker at this session is an acknowledged expert on Far Eastern Affairs
is an author educator and recipient of numerous honors. And now Dr. Park addresses the Institute with his topic for discussion multiple revolutions in the Far East. Dr. no young Park. Thank as you see I know good and funny here in America. But in China Japan or Korea my face wore no head as funny as yours. That. I have ever heard of these two or that I will be was in a what I do with a face like mine then people with a face like yours. And that to bet. John and on will be presented one fifth of all human beings on at Osan. Just think of that. Said Chinese act inefficient. As every 50 human being in the world is Chinese confuses or to say don't have
more than four children because every fifth the baby that is born into one is Chinese. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I own I own you and I want you don't forget it. I wish I could talk to you about Confucius but he lost an old evolutionist does not belong to all revolutionary rebel with an age. For that mad I'm not much of a revolution it's Steve. I have written many books. None of them detest with Revolution. I have given many lecturers in fact I just finished reading CD is where a breakthrough. I said the University of California at Irvine and La Jolla campuses but no no then did do with. Whatever notions about the only what I would have been at a proportion of that I ever made was. My proportion of the tool change their draft age from 18. Or 20
to 60 or 65. I make that proposal because if we had up such a drafter system there won't be any wars and nor would there be any anti-war demonstrators or draft Cogburn us there would be no wars because if we win all we have going to be drafted at the age of 65. We were working like mad. To banish war. And to create peace and we'd have a 50 years to do it. There is no peace to which we cannot create nor will which we cannot banish. If a lot of us who work at it from the cradle to the way I emphasize this point because. Our. Peace movements in the past failed. Failed it because. They would have been spearheaded by. Where our religious mystics intellectuals
scruple orders. Who mislead a whole lot of idealistic young people. And a communist propagandist who use PS slogans to discredit to vilify capitalistic nations as Wal-Mart goes the mass of the people are by and large a speciated influence and people are sat on the sidelines in a very minute or Except. Giving some lip service to it. Because they Adi's believed that if and when war should occur. They won't have to fight and die in it. As if they are a young people are aware. Oh it is fight and die for them. As they have adduced done in the past. So if we should add up such a system draft system either make everybody to realize that. We're already a questionable war and peace isn't a vague question is on a life and death. Matter where or whether full pays. Are. He can't.
And in no time. War would be op re-iterated from the face of the earth. Therefore my pope or several of the resellers are some kind of some sort of. Wet or should I say fresh issues. Rather than the CD use. But if they add up to it in order to bring out all that were a disco revolution the world has ever know that we have one option to banish all our wars and create peace for millenia. You know if I were a native born citizen of the United States I would be like to run for the presidency of the United States on this platform. I think I can defeat all of the other candidates but this is not my subject so I would like to return. To the revolutions in the Far East. When Dr. generalise asked me to speak speak on that subject I just surveyed the history of the Far East. I found the Lithuanian fower was in the
zone. Of evolution but there was no matter what I was because all of the Oriental countries had nothing but absolute good to dictatorship which left a no room for peace for change it wasnt. The only way to bring down the two then it becomes a prisoner governments Wassa through violent revolution. And therefore revolution wason not only excusable but it was unnecessary. When it is in our. United States we can change everything. By peace remains. Therefore. We have one option is neither. Necessary nor an excuse. Due to limited time I would like to. Comment on why not do whatever notions in the Far East the latest on one of. The communist revolution led by most of them
I like to. Comment on it because I think it is the video appropriate. Is that property because Argo would have one of these throughout the world including those who want to destroy our United States. Actually copying Mahler and his strength. Of what I want to put it very briefly. Mahler's own started his the revolution with only about a dozen. Where. Should I see a suitable intellectual errors. Who made up. The Communist Party. Because of the fact that these men do not have a profound understanding of history at all political science there me a weeding of several of communist books easily led them into believing. That capitalism would push sans dying feudalism Communism what is present is the wave of the future with their fanatical faith in the I to me triumph of communism. They turn
first to the peasants for the asacol. The peasants who have suffered. Mystery poverty for centuries without mama without protest because they thought it was their fate fate to suffer. Which they could not change. All they said was a male wasa male Fox which expressed same idea in a popular song. My stay to Saddam would be we would be. Now of the communistic a mentor these presidents. That it was not their fate but it was a tad selfish. LEN No more step called up to nationalize their government. Which made them suffer. Misery poverty and tyranny and despatches. So all of these ones to me the timid docile peasants. Suddenly met them all forced. Into a braver code ages a world years to what they did to fight a few
years the Revolutionary War. What a communist call us. Especially because my words don't promise to give them their land. Their land which belonged to the land you know it's. But Marg Joan did not think. That the support of the peasants would be sufficient to make his reputation a success so hey turn to the Chinese in telling us because in China as well as in practically our other countries excepting perhaps. You know all and civilised the United States. The intelligencia has always been on again washed. As King or man in front of the human race. Was it on thought that with the aid to begin to lecturers he's the revolution would be assured of success. Without it the outcome would be on such. So hit time to our Chinese intellectual others. Who received education
up at all. We turn to China but like poorly drafted to treat us as they somehow did and not fit into the family like a Chinese society. So they became satisfied discontented Missa fits in society. So I'm always going ton tour then. I appeared to them they are through their pride and patriotism. And they hate Ganda their support. Support. For the cause of a communist revolution. In the name of building. Up power for progressive China which could command the respect of the entire world. Now with the support of the peasants and the intellect to understand how Stone started. Here's the way I want to. Just as she used it the so-called Red Gods to spearhead his trainer with evolution few years ago all. He used his
students students who had been exposed to these radical intellectual years as a vanguard for his pistol network. And these students went out in the streets you know death message meetings. Delivered a fiery speeches fanning it should they get stage step which the government and the lead they used to to meet. Me peasants and farmers. And head to street demonstrations are denouncing at checking the nationalistic government and separation then that's why they were doing this in the city used the communist takeover just went about the country. Countryside. And much good points. Motivate the heads of the village who are still well and then you know it's and created I would say in about 10 or throughout the country I think. Left alone John Russia could have handled the situation where
but he was not. Stahl mean jumped into the picture. Good to show him he did assault because in the spring of 1946 Stalin proposed to form joint a scene or a Russian corporation to develop China as a resource fish. In total exclusion of American interest. Headed John docs Schick said yes I'm sure that he would still be in power in China. There's no doubt about it whatsoever. He dared to say no. That was enough. For starting to come in. And to help them to destroy him. Curiously enough are the writers on this subject. Said the Fred at the almost I'm nothing about the Russian populated in this Chinese civil war. But according to my findings some of which were published in code and history of that period
the Russian pod was a tremendous in fact a milestone himself when went out of his way to tell no one. That without Russia in the header. He could not have won the war in China. Even with the Russian help I suppose most of them would have found it very difficult to defeat an extremist because John Nash it was firmly established at that time had our United States continue to support the national years but Mauer's don't successfully joy all the way between our United States and then as China. He did this all by spreading cleverly the communist propaganda. That John Nash It was a cold upt inefficient and we actually had a fascist want to be kicked out of China a dozen miles home last and not a communist reality but I demonstrated what he and what he formally independent of Russia who wasn't dedicated to building democratic
progress in China. I don't bring them out don't put hap So in this kind of pink appears to American people and government so successfully as it did without the help of. So-called experts unfought used in that fashion at that time. Who almost without any exception. Willingly play a dodo or not a communist a propagandist. So all with that kind of fallout. Explodes and fires done that fast in that period. And. Well. He easily sold his. Communist propaganda to our United States in fact saw success we'd be. Propagandized his. Communist party line that almost in all time every Tom Dick and Harry including our own will have it. Gobbled up communist.
Gobbled up communist propaganda lock stock getting better and then we suspended our aid to an extra child that was in the end of John gushing I must add that in the closing days of the civil war all our United States who knew our aid to the next 10 years we did last tour didn't tour late to do much about. So Mahler's you don't easily wonder about China. Wow naw but malas don't like all the out there. We haven't finished in his story. Why so much more efficient in destruction than in construction. Had it been as efficient in construction and created. That. Better society in which to live. I think not only the Chinese people but the entire world where you don't have a stool just going to be hind him with God it is clear that he was a Communist or Fascist fascist but
unfortunately he failed to create a better society. In China. Why did he fail. Listen look at his equity Adian program very briefly how much you know he won. The backing of China with the aid of the pensions he wanted in support of the peasants by promising them the land. But no US OH NO watch the wall all of us. Then he confiscated the land. For an active lifestyle and asked if that was not enough. He created the so-called communes and herded of these farmers like Heather into these communes so the farmers and lost their incentive to work. As a result of the economic deteriorate. But for the generators generous supply of wheat from Canada and Australia. I think my wisdom is the government. Would have. Collapsed. Long before
this. Then tomorrow had the crazy idea of making China our great industrial Apollo by taking on what they believed forward and so he ordered the building of less funny SS in every village and forced the people to produce the steel and there was talk busy producing steel to take it up to farms and so I got to cut you up photo dictating a rate without being able to produce any steet. It was no bar the corridor with a Russian made them so man. That the Russians cut off all their aid. What he called all Russian technical experts from China. That of course of course the complete claps almost dooms the investor program. Worst of all he made the Chinese people the good natured hard working Chinese people working like a brother to the ox let him stock.
Why wasting billions of dollars in promoting would have an option in Europe Africa and many cars a share. But today in Ireland Loma in Indonesia everywhere and everywhere history we have mentioned adventurers. Would have started in these sisters of defeats. In the face of these repeated defeats and failure there's even a cautious and still she Somalis who don't begin to question the wisdom. His infallible so Ma had to do something. To save his name his etiology. His prestige his revolution his place in history he could and I trust is a pot. He cannot trust his army so he started the Soul Train whatever which are spearheaded by the sole Cornwood gods. The Chinese Red Gods are nothing like the Red Gods we saw in the early days of what ocean
whatever notion they were no at dogs they were kids kids who were born and what did. Since Mars it only took China. Since Marvin took over China these kids were heavily indoctrinated just to assure you. How emotional in fact are they needed. These kids. I would like to tell you the story of. One little boy shall we say his name is Lee. Five years old. We spent a few years in milestones nursery. Kindergarten. And he lived with his parents in Kampong. One day his mother. Took. Him with them to prison. Her sister. Mattered a sister living in Hong Kong. I roost in Hong Kong. The boy did many things which actually betrayed the method of milestones indoctrination program. At the
Y. Well you know while supper time you know a delicious Chinese food dollar parade raised on the table. But nobody yet sat around the table and there's a boy. Why I just started eating the food. All by himself. Just like a pig is the mother was very much embarrassed. And so I explained that in communist China everything was being saved up for the building of the socialist state therefore food was scarce. Wait upon. This boy. This boy broke again. And he said. Well. I am a young man like me he will be the mysterious future. He judging by that my was gone has been feeding these kids and not only food but some apple or souls. Now then everybody sat down on a table or started eating one of those fries came with.
I read a book. Written by an Englishman who said there was no fried in China but this was one of them get away. While eating. While eating a fried him around. A little boy does or threw away the chopsticks and banged it on the table. Now there was no such appetizing. Thing. And showing his mother was very much embarrassed and explained. To the family. That in China there was anti past campaigning going on. And so therefore the boy did so and where plumbed a boy said. I had already killed the 21 debts and spent all. Of the three hundred more screen doors and free us. Just think of the patience of that boy counting all those fries. He said these things hoping that he would be very much a poor age before his patriotic duty. But no. Instead his mother told him to go out and wash
his hands and then come back and eat. He was very unlike you. So he said. Stop. Stop ordering me about like an emetic on learning. When I was in the evening the house was lit everywhere electrode life shining. And disappointment around and turning all those lights. Just as our President Johnson did at the White House. And then he said it was on her desk has been of his mother. Now you are wasting the peepers electricity people arms money. While his uncle friend of a Saudi for this boy. And thought of making friends with. And so gave him a piece of. Candy. In orchard and enough candy and he shot on his hand like fresh. But when he saw all
that evolution lettering on the wrapping of the candy. He shook his head and said No no I do not eat the fruits of the enemy. Then time go back. Well I was next morning while able to but I was still asleep. The boy walked up video early in the morning. He was singing singing at the top of his love. What kind of a song. Is them using. What kind of song and I let me see this is the song the Communist Party is like the sun. From every direction comes the cold war. We die we die face the enemy bullets needed boy. Isn't that surprising. Well the next day. And down. Before.
They left. And. His own clan asked. His son Micah. To relieve this boy with them in Hong Kong so they could show him what I. Made upon his mother said no. She said if that boy doesn't add time to the kindergarten. He's the father would be in trouble. Then she added. You might think the ways of my son are strange. But if you were in China today. You would not think about the almighty Bethany or my son. Because. All the children there are. Just like him. Bastow a milestone made his way to God's. Indoctrination through a nursery kinda guy. Grade school. High school. So these kids that came to look upon Mao Zedong as sort of a
God who is a higher than the mountain. Brighter than the sun. Model could do not to rely on their undivided simple. Soul you know somewhat of a 1966 milestone Tunder who was these kids. Who was on his enemies. So are suddenly these kids 15 million strong. Became under control of where hoodlums. Monsters Day parade through the streets you roamed about the countryside and taking action. Destroy murdering anyone indeed felt disloyal toward Moscow. So all. The pensions the workers the rest of the common people who stood on the sideline all this time. Now join together were also against these. War resh read Gods and that tactic. It's about all the country was thrown into a tug.
So all I have to call out his army. To maintain you know I know. According to the latest reports that I have. Army I understand is the order to organize or authority in the entire country. In other words the entire country is under the complete Army dictatorship. I don't know what will happen. Nobody else nor for that matter what I'm assured of one or two things first that they Somalis don't. Number is already doing more than anything. No one can tell house on his going to die if he does not die on Metro Dade assume his young wife will kill him. I hope she will. Which ever way he
was when Ma was going leaves the scene the whole country might be drawing into a turmoil you're worse than anything we have seen today and out of the turmoil. Where emoji a new China. What kind of a China. Would it be a piece for China or China laws. Or would it be are billeted into war like China. Bent on destroying the entire world with a nuclear bomb. This will largely depend on the international airport and more sphere. Who are prevailing throughout the world. If it were a policy to work together for common security create options for your political climate throughout the world not only in China but all the other countries will develop peacefully. Create peace for cultural peace for civilization. But if these
policies fail to do so and perpetuate the present state of anarchy and chaos not only China but all the other countries are way ahead after a developed warlike. And created war like war like ideas and man and warlike institutions because they should have failed to do so in the state of anarchy and chaos that would mean they are defeated and I.e. nation.
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