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Oh. And I'll part two of the BBC World Theatre production of The Life and death of King John by William Shakespeare. Oh no no no.
Sad. And I agree. Oh yes your majesty we owe the much within this war comes the creditor and with advantage means to pay. And my good friend my voluntary lives in this. Give me thy hand. I have nothing to say but I will fit it with some better. But I have been here but I am almost ashamed to say what good respect I have of the much bound to your
Majesty good friend who has no cause to say so yet but I will shout and creep. Time now so slow yet to come for me to do the good. I had nothing to say my lord but let it go. The sun is in the heaven and the proud day attended with the pleasures of the world is all too wanton and too full of gods to give me audience. If the midnight bell did with his tongue and brazen mouse sound on into the drowsy of night. If the same were the churchyard where we stand and our possess it with a thousand wrong or if that's their spirit melancholy had braked by blood and made it heavy thick which runs tickling up and down the veins making that idiot laughter keep men's eyes and strain that cheeks too I do admit them and a passion hateful to my purposes.
Or if that thou could see me without. I hear me without rhyme. And make reply without a tongue using conceit alone without eyes. And harmful sound of words. Then in despite a broadside watchful day I wouldn't buy because I'm a pole. My thoughts the things I would not. Yet I love the well and by my troth I think God loves me so well that what you bid me undertake though that my debts when I talk to Mike By heaven I would do it. Do not I know the words good to you that you would throw by an eye on your young boy. I tell people my friend he was a very serpent in my way and I so I had this part of my doc tried he lies before me.
Just understand the keeper and keep him so that he shall not offend your Majesty. I did not agree. He shall not do it. I could be made in here but I love you. Well I will not say what I intend for the. Remember it. Yet be rude Vimy father cardinal there's nothing in this world could make me joy life is as tedious as a twice told tale fixing the dolly out
of a drowsy man. What have you lost by losing of the old days of joy and happiness. If you had won it certainly you know when Fortune means to men most good she looks upon them with a threatening to strange to think how much King John had lost in this so clearly won. Are not you grieved that Arthur is his prisoner as hearty as he is Jerry. Your mind is all as youthful as your blood. Now hear me speak with a prophetic spirit for even the breath of what I mean to speak will blow each dust each straw each little rubble out of the path which show directly lead by foot to England's throne and the muck. John has seized us and it cannot be that while his warm life plays in that infant's brains the misplaced John
should entertain an hour one minute nay one quiet breath of rest. That John may stand. Then after needs must fall. So be it. But it cannot be but but what shall I gain by young office for you in the right of Lady Blanche your wife may then make all the claim that and lose it life and all as Arthur did. How green you are and fresh in this old world. John lays your plots the times conspire with you. But he that steeps is safety in True Blood shall find but blood is safe and untrue this act so evil a bourne shell cool the hearts of all his people and frees up their zeal that none so small advantage will step forth
to check his reign. But they will carry you see he will not touch young of his life but hold him safe in his imprisonment. When you show here out of your approach if that young author be not gone already even at that you if he dies and then the hearts of all his peoples will revoke from him and kiss the lips of unacquainted change and to pick strong matter revoke and drop out of the bloody fingers and of God and he thinks I see this all on foot and or what better matter breeds for you than I have nay then noble doctrine. GO WiTH ME TO THE KING. Tis wonderful what may be wrought out of the discontent now that our souls are top full of
offense poting let go. I will wear tongue like a old old soul. It's hard to stand with any advice but I stuck my foot up on the bottom of the ground. Rocks fall behind the boy. What you feel fine with me. Foster the jack and some watch. I hope to learn from to have occurred this group was not to do it for a young lad. I have to say with you good morrow royal prince prince having a great time to be a
prince as maybe some dude I have been better. Me me thinks nobody should be sad but I wasn't. Young does not want to buy my Christendom so I was out of prison and kept sheep. I should be married. So I would but I don't. My uncle practised to me. He is afraid of me and I have him. Is it my fault that I was Jeffrey Sachs. Just so you would love me Hugh but. If I talk to him in this and pray he will await my mercy which I stated that I will be sudden and dispatch.
Oh you are sick. Q But you know I would you were a little sick. But I mean I DO WHAT I WANT AND I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU DO ME. Just to take possession of my bosom. But radio ya got there. Oh no. Foolish woman turning to spit is tortured out of door. I must be brief. Mr. solution thought out of my eyes and tell that woman here can you not read it. Is it not fair Richard to thank you. You must you with hot irons burn both my eyes. Young boy I must I will. You and I will have you have a heart.
When your head did but ache. I need my handkerchief about your brows the best I had to print just roared at me and I did never ask you again. And with my hand I midnight held your hand and like the watchful minutes to the hour still under cheered up every time. What lack you. And where lies your grief. Oh what good enough may I be for you. Many a poor man's son would have remained a never spoken loving would do you. But you had no sick service had a prince. You know I think my love was crafty love and call it cunning. And if you will if they have him be pleased that you must use me. Why then you must. Will you put up I don't
think he's honest. But never no never shall so much as friends when you have sworn to do it who work hard times must I burn them out. If an angel should have come to me and told me you should put my knife would go to her tongue. But you. Won't. Always like we do or don't. I saw how even with the fierce look something you might do you might give me the eye and I say I'm fine to me. I like what I need you. Please don't boys. That's right. I will not hold up. I was gunned. Down. I haven't thank you but let me not be oh. Can you but Dr you know why. And I wanted as quiet as a lamb. I want Donald winch to speak a word. I look upon the on.
I don't really trust but these men away and I have to give you whatever torment you do put me who I go stand with let me go with him. That's the story from David. I then have to chip away my friend. He has a stern look but a gentle heart. Let him come back let his compassion make you live. Do you scum boy. No remedy. None. What delusional eyes. They were in New York. A grain of dust. I'm not a wondering how any annoyance in that precious sense then feeling what small things a boisterous tank must needs seem horrible. Is this your promise.
Tom let me not hold my tongue. Let me not. But if you will cut out my tongue so I may keep my nice oh spare my nice low to no use but still to look on you. I might try the instrument and would not hike on it but you know in good sooth the fire is dead with grief being create for comfort. CEOs yourself there is no malice in this burning coal. The breath of Heaven had blown his spirit out and strong repentant ashes on his head. But with my breath I can revive it boy. And if you do you will but make it blush and glow with shame of your proceedings. You would. All things that you should used to do me wrong deny their office only you lack that mercy which
fierce fire and I can extend creatures of note for must see lacking uses. I will not touch my nice little treasure that I don't close yet. I might sworn. When I did purpose boy with this same very iron to burn them out like you just peace no more do you. Your uncle must not know but you are dead. The Phillies dogged spies with false reports and pretty child sleep doubtless and secure that Hubert for the wealth of all though not a thing. I thank you for sighted us you know.
Go closely in with me much danger do I undergo. Pembroke handload souls but God Save the King. God save us all in John before my throne. I need to ask what you would have reformed that is not well and well shall you perceive how willingly I will both hear I'm grant you your requests speak Pembroke first that I was wanted on the tongue of the John Noble Zoho and for myself and I'm full of souls but a request in French is one of AFCA whose restraint does move the murmuring lips of just content to break into this dangerous argument. If I didn't risk you have the right to hold. Why don't your heroes which is the steps of wrong
you up your kinsman to deny his you know Richard got your good exercise and diet milord would add Pembroke's. Let it be my case you that you have it doesn't ask his liberty that it be so. I do commit his youth to your direction. Finally here but what. Mark you last saw her. Oh he does turn to you but this is just the man to do the dirty deed. He showed his Wanted to a friend of mine. The image of a wicked heinous haunted lives in his eye that coste aspect of his do show the mood of a much troubled breast. And I do fiercely believe he's done what we so he did he had a charge to do the colors of the kingdom come and go between his purpose and his conscience. His passion is so ripe it needs must break. And when it breaks I feel. Willis you dense. But how corruption of a sweet child's death
we cannot hold strong. I'm going to go on. Or go my will to give his living. The suit which you demand is gone and dead. You saw me speak with you both even though he tells us. Arthur is deceased. Tonight we've cleared his sickness was past cure. Did we have that hard yet his death he was the father the child himself felt he was sick. This must be our. So do I get out. Well hence why do you bend such solemn brows on me thank you. I bear the shears of destiny commandment on the pulse of life. It is our own way and he is saying the great destructo grossly operate so thrive it in your game at all farewell. It's all very go with me. Yes might not be enough for this great house had been in indignation.
There is no show of one dish and certain blood know certain life achieved by others. Death lead Kusum. What is the word to your proceedings. A fearful either. Where is that blood that I have seen inhabiting those cheeks. So far the sky clears not without a storm poured down by Weber. It was all in France from England never such a power for any thought and preparation was livid in the body of the copy of your speed is learned by them when you should be told they do prepare. The tidings comes that they are all right. I was told I speak a location with me till I complete my just contented cousin under whose contact come these powers of France and of the dog I have yet you do not see it just struck my head with more of what it is. But if you'll be appeared to hear the worst. Then let the worst unheard on your
cousin. But I was amazed. And of the tide. But now I breathe again aloft the flood can give audience to any tongue speak it of what it will. As I travelled hither through the land I find the people strangely possessed with room was full of dreams not knowing what they fear but full of fear. And here's a prophet that I brought with me from the street to pump it in my hand with many hundreds treading on his heels to whom he sung in rude harsh sounding rhymes that ere the next ascension day at noon. Your Highness should deliver up your crown. Bring him to. Me. Idle dream start right away with him prisoner. And on that day when he says I'll show you my cross let him live in just under what I missed.
My gentle cousin. Here stop my discontented lords from me. My liege men's mouths are full of it. Besides I met Lord Pembroke and with eyes as red as fire and others more going to see the grave of Arthur whom they say is killed tonight. On your suggestion go interest myself into their companies have a way to win their love bring them before me on your suggestion. So let me have no subject. When I first thought it was a dreadful pompoms to make haste and fly like thoughts from the spirit at the time shall teach me to speak. I tend. Is the false prophet safe in prison walls. Yes my lord. But stranger things about and they say five moons were seen in the sky tonight fall fix it in the fifth. What about the other four in wondrous motion. I
own men and dimes in the streets to prophesied upon a dangerously. Young as death is common in them and when they talk of him they shake their heads and whisper one another in the ear and he that speaks to write the hitter's wrist must see that he is makes fearful action with wrinkled brows with nods with rolling our eyes. I saw a Smith stand with his head by the US the West as I landed on the anvil with open mouth swallowing a tailor's news. Who with his she isn't measured in his hand standing on slippers which is nimble he stood falsely thrust upon contrary feet told of a many thousand warlike French that what embattled and ranked in Kent. And other lean on watch doctor who cuts off his tail and talks of his death by such stuff to possess me would be here. Why urges thouse Hoff Junge author's death. By hand has murdered him. I had a mighty cause to wish him dead but I had none to kill him No my lord.
Why did you not provoke me. It does not press our kings to be attended by slaves to take their human lives for a lot and to break within the bloody house of life and on the wintering of authority to understand the law to know the meaning of dangerous Majesty chance its problems more upon you than advice just respect it is your hand and say go for what I did. At last to come to Earth is to be a witness against us to damnation. What sort of means to do evil deeds deeds done. That's how not being by a fellow by the hand of nature Mark quoted and signed to do a deed of shame. The smirk that I had not come into my mind but taking note of the iPod aspect. I didn't believe it for bloody villainy apt liable to be
employed in danger. Real quickly of Arthur's death and thought what made it no conscience to destroy. That's not what made a pause when I spoke darkly of what I purpose said or turned and I have dumped upon my face and bade me tell my tale in express words. Deep shame had struck me dumb made me break off and those that I might have brought me. But thou didst understand me by my signs and did so in signs again. You know without stop let die but consent and consequently my rules and to act a deed which balls are tongues held vital to a name. Well tonight's X and never see me and I state it is brave. Even at my gate the ranks of foreign powers in the body of this freshly that in this kingdom this blood breath hostility and
rain between my conscience and young I thought it was death of you against your enemies. I'll make a peace between your stories you know you have slandered nature in my form which howsoever wrote exteriorly as yet the cover of a fairer mind than to be butchered of an innocent child. Young Arthur is alive. Oh he stopped us. From this report on that incense and rage and make them take their obedience. What gives the comment that my passion made upon my future. But my rage was blind and follow imaginary eyes of blood presented the more hideous them our people answer not. But to my applause they bring the angry lords with all the expedient haste.
I. Think you try really. Good ground. And. If they did this ship voice. Disguised to be quite. Right. I could. Break into house and she could get away. And.
Keep. Our safety I mean must embrace this gentle off out of the perilous time who brought that letter from the car to know the company. I know what a lot of France was private with me of the Dolphin's lobby is much more general than these lines import tomorrow morning that is me once more today. KING By Me request your presence straight. The King at the possessed himself of us we will not line his best stain a few are on us not a tenderfoot that need a print of blood whatever it walks. I turn and tell him so we know the worst Whate'er you think good words I think are best. I grieve so not I'm an Assyrian now but there is little reason in your brief therefore to a reason you have man as my patients I think privilege.
Like. Me proud with Princeton. Had not a home to hide as much as hating What himself has done to John revenge. Good. Luck to you. You do that. Not bloody work. But graceless action of a heavy hand. If it be the work of any hand if the to be pissed off shameful Welcome Hugh what's happened to practice on the purpose of backing from whose obedience I thought. Kneeling before this ruin of sweet life and breathed into his breathless excellent incentive I hope never to taste the pleasures of the world never to be infected with delight. No conversation with ease. And I don't wish to lie I have
set up good already on days and my giving it up wash a perfect shot. Just words. Well I don't force. I don't look pretty sick you. Don't leave the key you have or I want the whole hate fulfill and get the garden. Must I rob the last. Your thought is bright so I put it up again till I see that no murder or scandal started by close operate. It's not like I said and I think by some of the stuff as yours would not hurt you or forget yourself. Don't tempt the danger of my true friends. Oke yes or no not for my life. But you can't do it if I might you know. Right because the emperor now like to murder to look through me so yes I am not touch it will appreciate the piece I said Stand by Eiffel golden Falcon wrench I'd better go to the devil it's always been about front on me. Or teach my hasty supreme to do me chain. Strike he dead.
Put up like thought of the time. So more you want your toasting on that you think the Devils come from hell. Well it will Cargill Renata welcome bids second dog that I don't know about Rob nor Pirbright none killed those presidents. To go to since I left you more of. My own to Tim. Love to whom we might date of life wrote for his life slow trust not these cunning walkers and his eyes villainy is not without such a way with me. All you will love must lot out but I am stifled by this man I know. You are good with. Your word. Knew you of this. Work. Beyond the infinite and boundless reach of mercy.
And I did this deed of death there not by a damn do but hear me say what I thought happened as black as. Nothing is black. More deep dam than Prince Lucifer. But he's not yet so I'll be a fiend of hell as lives rugby about its kill list child part of my soul I did not consent to this most cruel act. Do but despair. When I once took cawed. The smallest thread that ever spider twisted from her womb will serve to strangle Lee. Or Rush. Will be a bean to hang the on one which is not drowned myself. But a little water in a spoon. And it will be as the ocean. Enough. To stifle such a villain. I do suspect the very grievously. If I in fact consent all sin of thought be guilty of the stabbing that sweet breath.
Let me tell you what pigs are not to torture me. Hi left Jim well. Go. Home in nine arms. And amaze me things and lose my way among the thorns and dangers of this world. How easy does that take England. From for this morsel of dead royalty to life the right and truth of all this room is fled to heaven. And England is left to tug and scramble to park by the teeth. The anode interest of proud swellings date now over the bare picked bone of Majesty doth dog war bristle his angry crest and snarl in the gentle eyes of peace from home and discontent at home meet in one line. And vast confusion wait
as doth a raven on a sick fallen beast the imminent decay of user. Pomp. Happy he who is cloaked can send this tempest. Better way to speak to the king. A thousand businesses and heaven itself. Here is this cake again. This is holding of the pope your sovereign greatness
of England. Keep your holy word. Go meet the French. And from His Holiness use all your power to stop and go discontented revolt people quarrel with obedience swearing allegiance and the love of soul to strangers blood to foreign royalty. It was my breath that this tempest up upon your stubborn use age of the perp. But since you are a gentle convert tight my tongue again this storm of war and make your blustering land on this Ascension Day remember well upon your oath of service to the pope. You two make the French. LADY. Is this Ascension Day. Did not the prophet say that before Ascension day at noon my crown I should give all. Even so I have your nose will not hear you but I'm going
to offer service to your enemy who will not return to me again after they had young Arthur was a lie. They found him dead and cast into the streets an empty car skit where the jewel of life by some damned hand was robbed and taken away. To me he did so on my soul he did for he knew but wherefore do you do. Why look you said. The great actors you have been in thought Let not the world see fear distrust govern the motion of a kingly I. Turning is the time the fire with fire threaten the threatener and face bragging of the pope being with me and I meet a happy peace with him and he has promised to dismiss the powers led by the dolphin in league upon the footing of our land. Send Fairplay orders and make compromise insinuation parley and base truce to arms invasive shall a big boy
wanton brave. Mocking with colors I spread and find no check letters my liege to arms. But you cannot make your peace or if you do let it at least be said they saw we had a purpose of dissenters have the turning of this present time. Away then with good courage. Yet I know our party may well meet her proud of. Let this be copied out and keep it safe. But I remember it's return this treaty to those logs again and the end of college money that they and we know these notes may nowhere for we took the sacrament upon this altar of some Deadman's but here and keep our faiths and inviolable and never
shall be broke and noble dolphin out of one until the zeal and I know urged faith to your proceedings yet it grieves my soul. The sons and children are born to see so sad. This this. When we stepped up to the stranger mark upon her gentle bosom and fill up enemy's ranks. A noble temper just now showing this. Lift up eyebrow down its Soulsby and with a great heart. Away this door but I shall thrust by hand as deep into the purse of rich prosperity has problems. So that knit your sinews to the strength of mind. And even then speak. Look whether it comes of peace to give us one from the hand of Heaven and are not actions set the name of ripe with Holy Breath. Noble prince says. He has reconciled himself to
this spirit has come in that so stood out against the Holy Church. There are life threatening wind up and the savage spirit. Why is your grace Pardon me I will not back. You taught me how to know the face of right. Acquainted me with introduced to this land gay for US based enterprise into my heart and you know to tell me. John F. made his peace with Rome. Which is that peace to me. By the arm of my marriage bed. After Young off that claim this land for mine. And now it is half conquered. Must fight back because the John has made his peace with Rome and I Rome slaves what Penny has been provided with munitions sent one to prop this action. If not I have the time to go this charge. Who else but I am such as to my claim I'm liable Swit to this business not maintaining this wall. Have I not heard these. I don't know what those I have banked at times have I not here the best cards for the
game to win this easy match played for a crown and I now give over the you'll get sacked. No on my soul it never should be said you look good on the outside of this work. I will not return to my attempt. So much be glorified as to my employer. Just because someone else was going to let me have. Him sent to speak first took kind of room my whole a lot of Millan from the King I come to learn how you have dealt to him and as you were on some I don't know the scope limited under my tongue with the city and will not temporize with my untreated is. He flatly says he will not lay down his arms by all the blood that ever breathed. The youth says Well.
Now he has his rotator speak in me. This unmannerly approached the mosque and advising revel in his own boyish troops looking to smile at and he's well prepared to whip this dwarfish wall the pigmy arms from the circle of his territories that hand which had the strength to control you and make you take the hat like Victoria's hand be feeble here that he gave you his mint. No. No I'm like an eagle. All his two sons annoyance comes from this.
This is just fine. For the great supply that was expected by the dolphin here three nights ago in this new book. But even the hundred times. This week. What can the French your misbegotten devil Faulconbridge in spite of spite alone up shaking because left the field revoked
when we were happy we had the names you know who you were talking John and before his feet. What if the French means to recompense your pain by cutting off your head what made this possible. Have I not. He is within my view. Watching the world should make to see. Him win the day. He is. Black Knight. WHO'S BLACK contagious. Read books about the burning Chris people and.
Even the finding of rich richer commend me with. Love him respect for them. I was an Englishman. My country Oh. My pretty. Hands from. The remnants. Of my trade. Like I'm like a baby. All of us. Great.
Speak up. Speak quickly on. The part of England as well as mine. Last thought. I would have on all has as well my friend as my tongue so well. And if I please befriend me one way. Or pardon me that any accent breaking from DI township a true acquaintance of mine has come to me when he was abroad in the black night to find you out then and watch the news tonight. Show me the video that is poisoned by poison. Almost speechless and broke
that you might be better than if you had had leisure. How did you take it who did taste and who does not leave to attend his majesty the Lords all come back to vote and vote. Prince Henry in that company at whose request the king of pop and they are all about his Majesty. With indignation and tempt us not to be. Taken by the tide. Myself have escaped conduct me to the king. He will be dead.
It is too late in life for my father's blood touch corrupted by the idle comments that it makes for. Being brought into the open of that poison which is let him be brought into the orchard at the right age patient when you left. Even within the chapel will be too strange that. I am the signal to this thing one chants a dove for him to his own death. And from the organ Piper frailty sings his soul and body to then be of good comfort preens where you are born to set a form of on that theme digests which he had left so shapeless.
I think you saw with great help them be my father his grace. Would not have had windows not doors. So hottest somewhat in my home to us. Screw form drawn with a pen upon a partition. And against its fly shrink. How fares your Majesty. Poisoned. Their. Dead. Horse or cast off. And none of you will be in the winter to thrust his icy fingers in my more. Knowledge my kingdom rivers take their course through my pull some.
Want to treat the North to make his big winds kiss my parted lips and comfort me. Much. I beg cold comfort. And you are so straight and so ungrateful you deny me that and that there were some tears that might relieve the soul to his heart. You know. And the poison is a fiend confined to Ted and I prefer to. Come down now. Oh I don't hold it with my motion and speed of your Majesty. Well I've come to accept mine I. Tackle of my heart is cracked and buttoned and all the shrouds where with my life turned to one thread. One.
I Hot have one poor string to stayed by which holds but till the news be I tell it and all this CPS. Is but a car. And do all the above come from Huntingdon Roy. The dolphin is preparing hither wood where God he knows how we shall answer him for in the night the best part of my power as I upon advantage did remove it in the watches all on wearily devoted by the unexpected flood. You breathe he's dead and in his dead really long hard. KING Now that even so must I run on. And even. Stop. What surety of the world. What hope what stay when this was now a king.
And now claim. I do but stay behind to do the office will be of revenge and then my so your way don't need to have it. As it ought to have been and still you were moving your rights fears will be mended faith and instantly return with me again to push destruction and picture or shame out of the weak fainting land. Straight let us go straight we should be sought he heals it seems you know not then as much as we the cardinal panned out as we've been addressed to heaven our sins came from the dollar and brings from him his office of a peace which kept us instantly to leave this wall he will rather do it when he sees us as well sin you would defend Nay it is in a manner done already for many cattle GZ had dispatched to the seaside and put his callers
on the disposing of the cardinal. Myself I've annoyed you. This very night will post to consummate this business happy that it brings with other princes that may best be spared. Shall wait upon your father's funeral. At last his body be interred for so he willed it so the shallot and happy sweet prince state and glory of the land to whom with submission on my knee I do bequeath my faithful services and the like subjects we make to rest. I have a kindred soul that would give thanks and knows not how to do it but with a little space of time but needful since it has been beforehand with Greece this England never did nor never shall the proud foot of a conqueror but when it first did help the.
Princes I come home again to rest. True. We've heard the life and death of King John by William Shakespeare Raymond Drake's adapted the play and directed the BBC World Theatre production with Robert Addison as the king. Alec Clunes the bastard. Maxine oddly Constance John Justin King Philip of France Trevor Martin Hubert and Ernest Milton the cardinal penned all for. The music was composed by Thomas Eastwood and the play was introduced by Ivor Browne. These world theatre programmes are produced
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