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You are listening to the third in a series of broadcasts of regular subscription concerts especially selected from the archives of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra produced by the University of Michigan broadcasting service for national educational radio undergrad in aid from the National Home Library Foundation. Today's concert is being conducted by Paul Parker A. Coverdale foray was a French composer who died in one thousand twenty four. For many years he was the distinguished organist of the Madeleine in Paris but he was also a gifted and famous pianist who was playing with his tell us reflected the two outstanding attributes of his own music sensitivity and sweetness. For I did not succumb to the Wagnerian enthusiasm which was at its height during his career rather he turned to French musical tradition for his inspiration. His works closely into weave melody and harmony every note is important probably for a most famous works the most often performed and best known is the Requiem. But
compositions in the field of keyboard music chamber music and the art song are equally excellent. The second portion of today's concert begins now as well for a come once again. Date for your conduct for the price of the orchestra or a composition for orchestra provide Opus 58. Your original score call for an optional. War fired. This however is not often heard of on the fifth day by reality for a. While.
Right. On the. Right. Part of the heritage or for a miserable life the influence he had on the reef rather than the country much less clear and important told the film's intuitive genius and time went far beyond much of the work for a ever produced. The final two works on today's concert on fire of our first comes the Alibaba don't trust CEOs so the work was originally conceived for the piano the fourth in a set of five pieces titled memoir of the year was one thousand five the same period which saw such works as the piano sonatina of the Allegro flute clarinet and string quartet when freely translated the title. But Radha dugouts yo so may be rendered as mourning a serenade of a jester the musical flavor is unmistakably Spanish critics repeatedly characterized the Ravel orchestral texture of the piece with the one word fabulous you know again as conductor Paul purée who will conduct the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in a performance of
Maurice Ravel's all but out of the grass you know so transcribed for orchestra by the composer from a set of five piano pieces about Otto Nuss See also by Maurice rub out. Look. One thing.
Current. A.
Atlas. One.
In the. Midst of one. Thing I knew. With. Truth. Thank. Thank. Think think think think think. Think. Think think.
Free from. Work originally. Started by. Young. Hooper. Today's concert. For Korea boy or a will be. Good luck to him other work. I look around. Love all the work is intitled a choreographic point was created in 1920 by at the suggestion of Sergey d aka left who wish to have an apathy ss of the wolves to make into a ballet for his Russian troop. But when Rev Al showed him the music he did not find it to his liking and he told the composer so. The resulting bitter quarrel caused the permanent estrangement of the composer and the impresario. The work was performed in Paris in one thousand twenty at the concept IMO and since that time has won popularity rivaled only by the composers Bolero and doctors and chloé that love us is a very remarkable work. There is little dispute. It's said to reflect a
facet of Ravel's character not prominent in any other of his compositions critics called it a bitter work whose real motive remains obscure but even so its power has never diminished. But over a comes to the podium now for the concluding work on today's concert Lavalas by Maurice Ravel which is one of the compositions recorded by the daughter orchestra for which they were honored by a Grand Prix dudish of house by Maurice arrive at 0 0.
Through. The roof.
Through with. The band.
It has. The fact. That. With. With her. With.
The for. The for. The for. The first three.
And. Right. From listening to the third in the series of programs that. Are. After. Every. Educational radio. Rather. Than. Library nation operation with management the orchestra from the Detroit Symphony Detroit Federation opposition. These broadcasts of regular subscription concerts are selected from the archives of the orchestra recorded by the 100 man organization in its permanent home. Henry until Ford
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Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Berlioz, Mozart, Faure, and Ravel, part 3
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the third of three parts, presents part of a concert that included performances of pieces by Berlioz, Mozart, Faure, Ravel. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Paul Paray.
Other Description
Detroit Symphony Orchestra concert series, recorded at the Ford Auditorium on the Detroit Riverfront.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Conductor: Paray, Paul, 1886-1979
Performing Group: Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 66-42-3 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:35
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