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LOUIS The following program is distributed by the national educational radio network. The old record box. This program consists primarily of selections played from cylinder record sound. Edison phonographs frequently called talking machines. These records were issued in a period extending from the late 1890s to 9000. 29 Your host is Fred Harrington. Ancient wars were fought and they were won or lost on the battlefield. Recent conflicts have seen more importance placed upon the secondary support
supplied by the home front. Likewise there is a second line of war songs some of which provide today's programme. All were popular in their time leading off is an 1017 product of Irving Berlin who like Mr. George M. call and was one of our most patriotic musicians. This is let's all be Americans not sung by Adolf J. If. I am
pretty rare here. I am. A Maraton of some distinction Mr Johnson. A fellow gives us this stirring challenge.
We already have. Oh I know you're right. Right. We already know we are and we are a man. Right.
RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. I am oral. Albert Bunn tells are the prominent musical family of that name gave us. What kind of an American are you. Your song by a popular Soprano all the time. Helen Clark.
I'm. Frank. Thank. You for the United States entered the war in 1017 loyalties were divided between the European contestants. Then there were those who believed earnestly that this country should stay out of European quarrels. Many readily approved and saying what is probably our greatest passive a song by Alford Bry and Al panda Dosey. I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier soloist again as Helen Clark is.
3 0 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0.
In this song by tyranny the reference to a musket on his shoulder may have been an answer to the preceding selection. A chorus joined Soprano Gladys rice in. We.
Gave you. Thank you thank you.
Both are returning soldiers in the songwriter's had a kind word for their courageous predecessor of the US old Arthur FiOS sayings. This tribute to the Salvation Army. Right.
Yes Man I'm very angry. You know it was right. For me. I know how we are. Thank God. Yeah yeah. Water Van Brunt sings the most popular number. Before we were actually engaged in war. Don't bite the hand that's feeding you. Oh OK. Oh OK.
Say. My friends. They are firing guns. Thank you. You know I find where you want to be in right here. You know if you fight those were stirring times while patriotism may not have been more
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The old record box II
Home Front
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For series info, see Item 3389. This prog.: Home Front. Let's All be Americans Now, Wake Up America, what Kind of an American Are You?, I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier, It's Time for Every Boy to be a Soldier, Don't Forget the Salvation Army
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