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Within a single lifetime our physical environment has been changed almost beyond recognition. Yet there's been little corresponding change in how we as individuals relate to the world and experience reality. New tools and techniques of the human potentiality and presenting to us an exhilarating and dangerous frontier renewing in our minds the old questions what are the limits of human ability the boundaries of the human experience. What does it mean to be a human being. Seminar big surgery a series of discussions focusing attention on the front tiers of human development produced by K x K x FM in San Francisco in cooperation with the Institute of Big Sur California Center which studies those trends and religion philosophy and the behavioral sciences which emphasize the potentialities of human existence. This week we present a third of a series of discussions from an excellent seminar led by Dr. Rollo me on the unconscious This week we present highlights from the session on language of the dimensions of
consciousness. Here now is Dr. Rollo May as he met in session with his seminar at the Aslan Institute. Well I wanted to talk about it. Very very important to me and I hope that we can talk about it together because we're going to talk about how we live in the middle and then the net with the word method on the part of the Spectacle Man write the book that the point that we're going to write about the errors of the foreign policy in the paper. But the net meaning it now I think
they're working their way and have our own language and the language as an expression of the blocking ethic of the life the public. Now if I were the experience of the mention of my life that I want to do more than talk about the one thing then in court I would
already have lost because I would be putting it right and I would have been a total experience. Rational to her till the rafters are clinic up and do then I would have lost. I wouldn't be able to communicate it because I'm talking in an unconscious level are you. You were carpet in order to even if you were going to go to every talk about creativity and can we talk in. The language by which I can express I'm conscious experience and that experience of the language by which I can express that and
that the thing which I can't do interact with. The myth of the language in which I talk about the actual thing that you can do in order to talk about here and our whole culture carries over to the phenomenon that an individual whom I can identify with the word that you don't have to but the nation of Iraq with the Atlantic idea I think that. I had a very important when that collective level and
that particular kind of an air we're making from our collective level. Do have architects and they have central pattern their language for others experience the language and math. To work together. The Greek word meaning will lean to drawn together to throw together and the meaning of it in ancient Greek to do with the coin that you put together and bring it you fit together and the thing had meaning only when all that part of the language drawing together. An individual social and family in
one word or an object like a symbol of the cause of Christ. Now there in him were put into a drama which then act out human experience in him will really be in the same breath. But the minute speaks more broadly and in terms of human action. Now. Through naging out of the mess because they think it's purely subjective and I think the mistake. Surely it's clear that the poor of our own women lie. But at the same time the main objective in that it represents a way of life that we have to deal with in a real world. I've been reading a lot of things along the line of mine.
And I had a delightful time the first time I ever read the creed. I don't know if you've read the Creed and the nature thing I believe. I look in the same period we feel that he can have really great Greek myth at the beginning of the road and what we talk about math during the classical period in ancient Greece you find very little and you find them you make or break in at the top of the thing you make a hole here but without any pride we know what we believe in and we know what we're fighting for and there is no struggle then with the like of the myth took place.
The myth took care of the neurotic and normal and then the person in front will see in a moment to death. Now then there was a deterioration in civilization the great along in the second century of the globe with every kind of sacrifice Epicurean heathen if you read the literature that you see people all over the place and then the great poem to be the next upon the top of the man the myth and pinnacle of beauty because of the form. But your own emotion when you want to get political. And
we would think when you're in love with somebody in the other they don't exist. I don't know what but he doesn't know. Now you have to call me because fire comes from life. That was the one that wrote the beginning of the thing down to turn to brain. There are NO NO GOD. And in doing so beautiful that love which is the other most of the demonic when they come with I gather and drank a drop. Didn't you look. This represents the myth of the empirical man. We're
going to explain everything we don't have to have any that were any good with the earth and I don't believe it and never believe this about the guy but rather part of the human experience. We push the rock up and come down with that over again. We don't get to play. But in doing that. Going to incoming growing and returning for the normal man through the NG. Is that the method that can say that you're lighting that bad better than you do with what to bring new civilization to the
guy who will be going to push that take it out of the net and have it mean to the person who dug up his pension that night. Doing good will to create and produce the mess were given to the Athenian. And I would like you to get picked the perfect grammar which occurred with the Will likely to be for the home. We won't quite do that but. Then it's anyway. When the Greek winter rheumy were about to be there and in the spring with the news
everybody in Athens for the 30000 people that was. Crossed together for that between the two that their shoulders and shoulders and whenever a shadow it was by one of them the whole thirty thousand. But the moment of the drama was the office but the drama began early in the morning and went for three days. And of the drama and a great deal of music that was the point. And on the acting and the other we after the drama with the religion and the philosophy of the
day he read me. There are bound to get there. And this work of art that then was communicated to. The whole the whole community rich man and well planned to let the present comfort those wonderful men that now then experience that one of which I want to talk to you about this when the communicating of a Mac that can help get the thing and the importance of the Bible very
much. The people were so moved by the drama in Greece that Plato got worried and he thought they stir up too much of the irrational fear that he would grant them the most. This writing came shortly afterwards and I think that the drama really does to the fractious where the drama brings out the deep emotions of terror and integrate them into an emotion or harmony. Now the example the drama played out with the down of a man that woman killed her husband then you know this is not good for the path that maybe a woman killed her children. And Plato couldn't but he played it was very much.
Well I think it would be sort of a place where he was a very spiritual man. He hadn't had any votes that he couldn't. Separate himself and even I don't think that's really what I think at all but. I don't think that's really what went on but I think now recall either with his or epic collapse of Asia Minor was threatened in the stuff with irrational tendencies within him that he controlled by his own that scared him. Now when are you going to put on me to draw and I could do that and then had for the Greeks in the Big Foot the still have
and for learning well that people who know that when the woman killed her children that they were black and bad and only went in there that terrible and term battering the fathers and the. By Oedipus and the evil now of the damage that is every play there is nothing to be ashamed of one of you were telling me about the fact that you know you don't have the guilty party. This is what was coming out of a question
that I don't have one of the things that you have the universal everybody. You don't need to be perfect. Well maybe perhaps but even if you don't need to be your depression I don't remind me of some of the things we are now doing in Russia. Think of the rainy Repton idea either because he thinks we're all going through and a lot of the students who come to him come to him with the feeling and the reason they're anxious that they think they have met them drive enough to get a frantic and just barely controlling it and I
think he's right that most people who do feel that there are that many do that them because of frantic in the office if you can you can act crazy without being. You can bring anything you can tell how you hate your wife or your mother or your children and it didn't mean you have to do it now this is what the Greek dead to their normal means of drama. I could see somebody else in the Oedipus killing a father and I'm grown I could have a look you reckon with this that this is in there that mean I am outside the human payoff because I have experienced. Them. The men and women. When and when you have men in there
and grab what you don't have in a society where the men have gone to hell if they haven't we no longer have any. Then you have to at the end of the Greek period to the end of the medieval period. And it's true it in our period the end of the beginning. And fairer than that we could be right in the end and the health struggle with the idea of a period in which human beings because of certain developments in the culture could they handle their pollution. The mood here including the thing and the philosophy in the part of the prayer that he went back to the Greek and the core
psychological problems I think he misinterpreted the editor and not about one another. The butt of many who and what you rock all the way through this I must find where I was born and then the next thing they describe what happened to be things that happened to the show or portray the emotion of Martin went back to a degree that rewrote the story of a couple of minutes when doing in
a drama free to the net to call the one of the I think the best thing to regret is the struggle of the human individual trying his place in the world. Quite poor one I think and I think the myth of the creative and I think more by the method in which to me is a very impoverished method. You don't need it and then everything to be broken pipes are in Washington and that's where it can be handled by
whether pragmatically work there that we do not have. You have to learn the separation from his own reality. The really good and I don't know what the dram of that or the lack of communication. The real question is that important and terribly important to you when you're gripped by that great
group. If you get out of the norm then in a world where there are other people who have hope. I left the group empathy in New York and things were happening very event. Going on with this human being living in the four women who were. In Struthers and who are you and we can know each other for the very language has temporarily
gone Pinker example. When I meet a very polite kind and it turns up a book and a couple of other book and back in it and then they talk a little more and discover the book and then it. For there it is going to live at the moment and hide it in the attic and. Neither have the three that you do. Have to make but a new rabbit and the thing that the picture in the American life
to go and then the struggle that surprising of it because here we have people married 20 30 and we have an authentic experience and then the human world under there we go through we can find the cure. They were. Taken up with the
magnet with the weapon and the light coming home and the mother.
Seminar: Big Sur
Language and the unconscious, part one
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This program, the first of two parts, presents the third portion of a discussion led by Dr. Rollo May.
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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