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We're old prim Yeah. But now the college radio players present the world premiere of a patriotic play by Hermann Salinger. Great grandfather was an immigrant. Today's play is one of a series produced by the Grinnell College radio players under a grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters through the fund for adult education of the 45. My great grandfather DAW Farah was a legend in our family. Maybe like some legendary grandfathers in your family. But he was a real legend as real as if he were really alive which not so long ago he was. My grandmother told me so much about in that I think I can hear him speaking to the captain of that big new steamboats. You mean the Prince Friedrich over there. Yes she's my ship I'm first mate on her. Yes. And she's kept up why why do you ask because I like it. I mean I like yeah I like it. Looks please tell me if you don't mind.
But cost a trip from here from Homburg to New York round trip. No no not around trip but only a well let me see one way from here to New York would cost you about 66 Taylor aura and money of the United States. Fifty dollars in silver. Oh I see there's a lot of money. I hope not so much. But that is a nice little sailing ship alongside you whose mere demand made you know her you know her captain I mean what does it cost to sail to America and is man made. But what does it cost. Sailing ships were cheaper and so it was Lloyd offer a set sail from Hamburg. After six stormy and seasick weeks Louis my great grandfather Louis arrived in Baltimore. Could I borrow a please to spin and to seek Mr. Clash your brother up yourself. They're all free. This is a US Post Office you know.
I may write it here at this table. Dear Uncle Carr I will send money as soon as I have a job which I am promised as soon as I can get to Michigan. But I am going out as soon as I finish this letter. I will send you the money back soon in Michigan I shall some day be rich man love. Do you mean that. A long trip west. My great grandfather Lloyd took the long trip west to Michigan first by train then by oxcart then again by train and then came the first job the first step in the Americanization of great grandfather. Now that somebody in the morning I had cakes. Yes what do you want please madam. I have something I vish very much to sell to you. Well there's nothing I want to buy and I have cakes are going to burn a fine pair of scissors. Chairman Steele genuine sold a good pair.
Only sixty cents. Scissors I got more says than I know what to do with. Oh dear oh dear me how cakes are burnt and you just wait. I'll give you something for this. Why do you wait. What are you doing out there on the porch. No way. But madame if you ask me to bake you did you said just bid you said you would give me something silly stupid Dutchmen beg pardon madam you are mistaken I am not a Dutchman I am a chairman. You catch a terrible mistake now. So you are a German and your silence is not exclusively. You see I have buttons and buttons and lovely square judge but I was right all right you may as well come in and put your back to Congress. You can easily. Jenny I want to play on here for that whole good morning. How do you do. Good morning. But Mother I'm afraid the hot cakes are burning You're afraid it's all duckies fault anyway. Him with his scissors and buttons. We have some teaser. I'm afraid it's only sassafras tea.
Oh please thank you yes thank you Miss. You must not say good to me I am only a pedlar pedlar may only be a panda where you come from. And oh well I guess you're only a peddler here too but in America even a pedler can vote for president. Just dig into them hotcakes now and Jenny bring some more tea for Dutch. I mean Mr Riah My name is Louis do it for me but you could call door for it's easier to say. Where are you bound for Mr. Dark I live just going down this road like this direction. No I don't think it's broken. It was a valuable when Grandma brought it from Ireland you know I give you some specific Didn't I tell you I've got more senses than you can shake a stick at but shall I do if you were so kind. You give me a lovely fourth only sassafras hotkey was burned one don't worry about it. Get up and get me some more wood for the stove. You'll find that their left side door wouldn't hurt you to have a partner you know foreigners that is very nice though Mother and Grandma and Grandpa were foreigners might say foreigners they
were not they were pure Irish. And of course Miss Jenny became Mrs. Lloyd Goff and great grandfather Lloyd decided to settle down in his Jonesville Michigan location. But before long there came a source of trouble. That was that he was too young for high schools. I'll come out and kick you to Mr Adams Vine today still call me by that name I have been three years in Jonesville and I have my own little place the way I always told you you're too sensitive you shouldn't mind. You're doing all right here in your store. I'm sure glad you didn't go into the dry goods business and run me some competition. By gad I am but the feed business. That's a good business you know and you're doing all right and if you don't like what young Blanchard in his gang of roughs call your grub and give him what for. Well I must get back my own gift for this Mr. Adams How do you mean.
Then I'll ask Jenny. Him in the rain. Good evening. Wait let me dry my hands before I kiss you. What's the matter with you. I can't even say I had cause to yes there is something the matter with you. Did you have some trouble trouble with Mr. Adams with Mr. Adams. Oh he's my best friend. He even told me to give him go out it's for what it's for. For what it does just it I don't know. You are a smart woman Jenny and good by and still as boys. Miss Blanchard he had his own way I've told you pay no attention to them. They'll learn to respect you know my Jenny. This time I cannot give you right this time you have wrong I am wrong. That's what I say you are wrong. You see you admit it then of a respect if they don't know I'm already nearly a citizen of the United States and I'm not. They don't respect me. I must find out a means.
No no no no but to do let me please you must not do anything violent or even rough. Remember you're a foreigner so that's it. So I am a foreigner. And what's Blanchard. His father is an Englishman and American boys and MLB knows. Were they all foreigners who I called him limeys unmixed. I didn't. Not too good until I came to JONES Now Louis you drink a little of this rhubarb wine and use your pipe it will calm you. What do you love. You know today in Germany of it half a saying to put a book Afridi in somebodies hear videos see below. See. Ya ya she should use against a store of endo this time it gets dark early no no no see as of on right outside my door.
I've got you know never done I leave already. I know my hair. Yeah yeah. Fun Town. How many more to go. I know you're reading that's me. Oh right here we go I mean Mr Gurr And your tour of Cuba should see the reaction of my God. I knew I did a bunch and caught a bunch was left early enough I do not think your other friends will help tonight Mr. Black was far from what you might call a little guy who did not think you were on to me. Oh yeah he'll be an epidemic of Soria is tomorrow and for whom tomorrow's Rose will be good. Yes that was my great grandfather. That was Louis doff our. Great grandfather grew and prospered five sons Worthen mayor of the town. You see this all really happened just as did this episode many years
later. Oh how sweet and strive to be. Jim you don't need to. Maybe that's what you think you're the mayor of this town now and you're a rich man. But every penny counts when you have a wife and seven children and I have five of my own and I'm turning back my salary as mayor to the city of Jonesville and I said you don't need to. I meant something else I promised and value of it at seven cents. Well I just had a telegram and the price is down. No matter how much it's down. Yeah so you set the time drying at the price I promised you last a Big Man's of good is his book ass just like you do but I'll split the difference with your young kids when you can take care of some girls take it to Toledo if you have one but you to use sell to me at a price I agreed to our last big deal was off. Hold your temper Lou you don't need to get angry. Way to go to rob you of your weight and I'm damned if I can see why you want to pay more than it's worth. Oh here comes that belly controlled.
Good morning Mr. I wouldn't call it a good morning Mr. Mayor. Not at all. Grain prices going down and profits is going down with Oprah chose to make something on your crown. You simply held out too long I forgot your last visit in Germany where I come in. It's interim and in Germany where I come from like I was am. The government takes a hand in these things now all Bismarck is a wonderful man a lot better than Garfield ever was or ever will be. Didn't you vote for a cocktail Mr. Schull go Yeah sure I voted for Garfield I always vote for that party and I don't. But he's president now and the other thing my own girl writes me from Germany the business is blooming over there and they're turning out machines you never dreamt of in this country. They've got an army that beat France and beat Austria and even beat the daylights out of little Denmark. How long have you lived in this country Mr sure. We do want to years I'm an American just like
you. Yeah it must have cost you a lot to come over from Chairman A into printing of life and poisoned and even a lot of furniture. Mr sure should say it did cost me nearly $800. Well around 760 Mr Schultz but you mind stepping back from the counter. I have something for you though what he writing Mr Mayor for you Mr. Schultz. You you are. Be careful it still fit. This is for me you missed it our first seven hundred and sixty dollars. Oh and for my to like to go back to Chamonix whom read. Oh yeah sure old how about it. I think Mr door has got a good idea. Oh I wouldn't go back to Germany if you paid. It's exactly what I proposed to do here do you take this check and buy your passage and your bias and your boy's passage back for you came from Will you stay in Jonesville and quit saying the German is a better place.
As I say great grandfather daughter is a legend in our family and what I have told you about him. Those things really happened. No no this is not a heroic story but it is a story which multiplied so many times by your grandfather and your great grandfather and the great grandfathers of the couple who live next door. And it becomes then the story of the United States of America and it carries with it the brave hope that we like our immigrant ancestors will cherish and build and dream and do for this USA of us all. Grinnell College radio players of world premier ard great grandfather was an immigrant by Herman Salinger great grandfather was an immigrant was directed by Herbert Prescott. Great Grandfather louis d'or for him today's story was played by Robert start. James Leavenworth was the narrator. Others in today's cast included Charles Haynes
Sally Osborne Joel Prescott John Tomlinson Jim Stuart with Nancy one felt as Jenny production was by Dick Armstrong and Robert gallops engineered. Great grandfather was an immigrant was presented by the Grinnell College radio players under a grant from the end he be sponsored by the fund for adult education of the Ford Foundation a special theme music for the series was composed and played on the Eric chapel organ by Hoyle carpenter Tom Reed as your announcer reminding you that this has been a Grinnell College Program. This is the ne e paid network.
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Great-Grandfather was an immigrant
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Grinnell College
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
"Great-Grandfather was an Immigrant," by Herman Salinger. Meet Great-Grandfather Dorfer, the man who conquered America and let it conquer him as well.
Series Description
A series of 13 patriotic plays by professional freelance writers as edited and directed by Herbert Prescott with the Grinnell College Radio Players.
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Performing Arts
Immigrants--United States--Drama.
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Actor: Weinfeld, Nancy
Actor: Prescott, Joel
Composer: Carpenter, Hoyle
Director: Prescott, Herbert
Funder: Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
Narrator: Leavenworth, Jim
Performer: Byrd, Charlie, 1925-1999
Producing Organization: Grinnell College
Production Manager: Schmidt, Karl
Writer: Salinger, Herman
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 54-1-5 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:24
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