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Will is Paige conducting the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra in Samuel Barber's essay for orchestra number one Opus 12 to conclude tonight's Eastman School concert we're going to hear Willis paid to conduct the Eastman schools and for the orchestra in the Symphony Number two of Howard Henson Henson's romantic symphony. This is undoubtedly Howard Hansen's best known work and one of the best known of American symphonies the composer was in the audience for this performance and expressed his enthusiasm for it. The symphony is in three movements adagio Allegro motor Otto and Dante Continetti and Allegro con breal Howard Henson Symphony Number two Opus 30 the romantic symphony. Well it's page conducting the Eastman schools and for the orchestra. Mm. Hmm.
Yes. Anything.
With anything. Wow. A.
Yeah. I am. On her. Feet.
Third. The third. With three. Hundred.
Thank you. Thought. It would.
Be. A one. Hundred. And now. I.
I. I. You. I. When a. Man with. A. Hundred.
OK. Thanks. To our thank. Thank. Ye out. Ahead. Don't. USA hell as hell Ed. Thank ye. Ye.
The old. The old. The old. The. The Bull. The. Thank you. If the T.
I'm going to. The Eastman School Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Willis page has concluded tonight's Eastman School concert with that performance of Howard Hanson Symphony Number two. These broadcasts are brought to you through the cooperation of the Rochester musicians Association local 66 of the American Federation of
Musicians. Next week at this time we'll hear performances by a Nirvana and met so soprano and John Campbell organ. Until then this is Richard Fried Wishing you a good night. From the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music. Music from Rochester has been made available to the national educational radio by Xerox Corporation. Now the station WABE be Rochester New York. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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Music from Rochester
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Episode 60 of 65
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Eastman Kodak Company
Xerox Corporation
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Producing Organization: Xerox Corporation
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