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From. Music Hall in Cincinnati we present another in a series of concerts by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Now in its seventy fifth season. Recorded during performance by WGN you see the radio station of. The University of Cincinnati. These programs are made possible through the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. For today's concert. Max Rudolph music director emeritus will appear on the podium. To conduct an all Beethoven program in honor of the second centennial of the composer. We hear the Leonore overture number two. Symphony Number Six in F Major the pastoral. And the Concerto in D Major for violin and orchestra with Edith Heinemann as socialist. Program opens with Beethoven's Leonore overture. Number two Opus 72 a Beethoven's
only opera was originally entitled Leonore. The title changed to Fidelio over the composer's objections when the opera were first produced in 18:5. Curiously enough Beethoven wrote for over it years 3 called Leonore. And one called Fidelio. The Fidelio and Leonore number three overtures were composed for later revisions of the opera. And as for the land or Number one it's still uncertain. When Beethoven wrote this work or for what occasion. The listener wrote your number to which we hear today. Was written for the opera's premiere. It's a work of mammoth proportions. More like a tone poem than an overture and it sums up the plot of the opera about a Spanish nobleman. Florestan who is unjustly imprisoned. The work opens with a slow section picturing forest and gloomy dungeon
and quoting from his act to Aryeh in the springtime of youth. The trumpet call and the Allegro S. announces the arrival of the forces which will liberate Florus Dan and land are his faithful wife and the overture like the opera and triumph in our next Rudolph walking toward the podium. In a moment. Welcome back. The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the land are overkill. Number two over 72 by batal.
Go for. It.
For. It. To. Get.
It for. You. For. Like. It's. Not. For it.
But. For. Her.
For. Her right.
Back. For. For.
Her or for. 8. 8.
8. 8. Year just turn the land or over turn number to 72 a by. Beethoven. Played by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under max Rudolf.
Crudo music director of the Cincinnati Symphony has been recently named music director emeritus. And this is last year with the Cincinnati orchestra. Next year Mr. Rudolph will continue his career as director of the Opera Department of the Curtis Institute. Will hear next Beethoven Symphony Number Six in F major and Opus 68 the pastor of. Beethoven's life was a series of quarrels and misunderstandings with his patron his brothers his publishers and even his most devoted friends. But with nature he felt at ease. No one loves country life as I do he said. It's as if every tree and every bush could understand my mute inquiries and respond to them. Beethoven expressed his
love of nature throughout the Sixth Symphony even to the extent of imitating birdcalls Brooks and a storm. A symphony was written in the summer of 18:8 in the countryside near Vienna for its first performance in December of that year. It was listed as Pastorale Symphony or a recollection of country life. Each of the five movements was given a descriptive title. But Beethoven asked that his music be considered more as an expression of feeling than as a musical painting. Anyone who has an idea of country life he explained and make out for himself the intentions of the author without many title of. The first movement Allegro man on Trouble is called cheerful impressions awakened by arrival in the country. The second movement andante molto Moto is by the brook. And the last three movements are continuous. The third and fourth both Allegro are titled merry gathering of country folk
and thunderstorm. The final movement telegrapher is Sheppards song glad and grateful feelings after the storm. Next Rudolph just appeared onstage and in a moment he will conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the symphony number six major Oakers six feet eight the pastoral by Beethoven.
You. Know. What. Make it
go back out. There. That. There. For. You know us. You. Who. You. Make. Sure.
You. Know. It. Like you know
it yes. You like to go out go.
Back. So what do.
You. Think you know you. Were. Or you were. Are you. Us.
Were. You. And. There. Are. Other. Us
out. There to for you. For. Her. For.
Her. Do. You. For. Her.
Or do. You. For like. You. For who.
You. Are. So. Look. Out. For. For show or
go at it. Like for. Her. Sake don't go out no.
More. You know. Were you are you are you are you are like you.
Look. Like you. You. Go or. Make. Them go back to our. Are.
You or you are like it or. Not or. Not. So. You know. You. Are like. Are
like. Go for it or. Go for it or. Look.
At. It. You. Know. For. Us. Or.
Just. For work. Or. For. It. So. Far.
So. You. Do it for you for you look out for it. Out. There.
For. You. Or. For.
It. It. Is. It the right. You.
Do. It. Or. You know most of the time it is the. Case.
It. The. It. The.
New. Issue. It's the. It. It's. The.
It. Were. So. The. You know the.
It. No. No. No.
No. Not. Know. It. So the show
you. Know. Who. You. Are. Like for. You.
To. Take care of. It like no it won't go out. For
it so it go out go. Out. Or. Take.
It for it go for it. It. They're not sure. If you. Know
you don't. Know or you were. Like. To. Go. Out.
No doubt. About it. So it.
Didn't. Work. Out. So what we're. Like.
What. Do. You get. For. We. Were. At.
For. 15 or 16 F major opus 68 the past drawn by Beethoven played by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under max Rudolph
the first performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on the 22nd of December 18th in Vienna also on that same county behove and was premier. And the same program. Beethoven played his Piano Concerto Number. For. Public appearance as a counterfeit pianist because of death. Listening to an all Beethoven country. The symphony for the orchestra conducted by Max Trudeau following the intermission here. Be careful be made here for a while and the orchestra. Will either find him on.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1970
Ludwig van Beethoven, part 1
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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On the first reel of the fourth installment of this series, Max Rudolf conducts a number of Beethoven compositions. The soloist is Edith Peinemann.
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This series features live performances from the 1970 season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .
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: Rudolf, Max, 1902-1995
Performer: Peinemann, Edith
Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Subject: Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827
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