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National Educational radio in cooperation with the Institute on man and science presents a series of talks drawn from the institute's annual conference held recently in Rensselaer Vale New York. The Institute on man and science is a nonprofit educational institution chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The annual assembly of the institute is designed to focus attention on 20th century technology and the human relationships resulting from its application. The speaker on this program is Dr. Eric Stein Paul of Newburgh New York who will discuss the subject the meaning of life. Here now is Dr. Stein Paul. It seems presumptuous to talk about the meaning of life. I thought that if we stop this statement but we have talked about what science and men are at that helps a physician. It's one offs of people who can play
catch sick which sometimes sexist but tween science and men. Costs a physician stain as a scientist. But you also have to listen very carefully to civilize of men. It happens to us of his she never once in a vial that is challenge by a patient. We see Stuart's Doctor what does he use for me to live any longer. Life has lost its meaning for me. It does not make sense to me in law what sends the seven life anyhow. How do they react to such an outburst. What do you oncet should you on so at all. I'll shoot you shrug off the questions considering it to be a torrent of
questions. Why do you tell your patients. Can you argue with him. And how. Now there you have to listen very carefully to a patient who after I said Keane just he says life or life in general does not make any sense to him and you don't go. If the patient feels that just he's life has lost its meaning. Something may be done to a stall meaning by the other day inching some outback circumstances of his life. If life in general has lost all sense by him then you may have to be Cecilia's neurosis. You have to face effect said life indeed does not bestow any meaning at all as a patient.
Life passes him by. Life has passed him by. Such a new almost despair happen at all ages from childhood to senility. But perhaps small fleet going to teenage and then again its a tonicization form but Giulietti to old age. You may call it then and your voice is off times ition. One baby inclined to blame all men not of the stop and service cease type of old use but as long as we have no facts to support such a theory only we have to uphold shit on subsequent logical level count Gustaf suspicious package this has studied extensively that soon you hold yourself up poaching old age and he feels that our concept of states of soft human diet has
something to do we sit at office a Sawyer on that such a new hostess may grow. Now we sometimes get a bet on the standing of our own social and cultural outcome then we conform to spawn of an entirely different character. Let me give you such a patha auto docs Hindu religion concept that's as a first stage of life and that means of course conscious life civilly ship between sea disciple and the teacher says he's not only the most person but actually the holy relationship City side now almost to east teach are complete loyalty complete obedience. He follows all his directions without
question. He sees not male knowledge but in no less a degree Molla and spiritual instruction. So he's prepared equally well practical social and spiritual life which awaits him as an add on. Then one day as a teacher we declare that's a boy is called up. He's a man now and I think to become a household on his city's soul loss cost a man busy to caste system. He followed also the occasion of his fostering need business perfection and one leap up. He met us he says used to be sets of his five plus activists selected for him by spare times he takes his place since a community he begets showdown. He leads a former life I don't. Then one
day sees phase of his life comes to an end. He's songs have gone up so yeah I think to take his place. He gives up his possessions he leaves school he takes he swayed into suffice that piece it's called He's become sort of a clue a monk he devotes his time to meditation satisfied he said. Banus necessities of life he spied me join him in his type of life. But so. It's not so nice States yet he leaves the forest again. He's faced off with Pete close to see law and cruel school under which to put a wooden bowl is his only possession. He gazes into supposed super oak as a back up. So Appalled by Saddam's which he connects with. How strange how OT on a stage that seems to us but did not Kies one state.
Foxes have holes and Sabet Some say I have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to leave he said. Now strange is his custom of autotext entries may appear to us adopt all this mentioned to explain it on account of its a particular climate of the country as a social set up which is set of caste system and see in dispute between the two which is so of a mote forms that the Western man. It still that means to be discovered. Whether it is that particular conception of states of life and surveyed is turned into practice. Yet it's not the underlying structure common to all human dive I think we're stumped psychology has made us aware of such a structure. Souls and thoughts seek went for it and do stuff you. Nazis conception can become placed into a short sentence.
Men's goals status in his life chose that stage of developing an ego that maintaining and expanding the ego and that off announcing his ego but what you see is I can not give you a definition of CEO just as I cannot give you a definition of electricity as false of cavities but I can describe SAA functions of C equal to the ego ice two main functions long is set of unification. It unifies all biological purchase. Our instincts passions all emotions our tendency to self preservation and publication need ALL DA to unified cease. Often these cut down to contentions. It has to Tommy needs him and in all that to dominate Zen
it has to make it said fully aware of them. So the development of a guys who wouldn't hollowing on life and the development of an ever in douching consciousness was split seat beside each other that is killa told install I also fall in Genesis that I don't send a session is a competent buy set of consciousness there is a function of sequence adaptations of men and to his environment and eco posse to have it two ways each shapes a person so that he does not come in conflict. This is environmental and it ties whenever possible to change. Since I haven't meant the advent of sea eagle to change the environment I guided by a decent western civilization has been shaped most a bicycle
elective ego of Western men using Lisa as its tool as a customs officer a man and his collective eco influence. Despite claims a super eagle so development in Western society. Having terrified to some extent NHL CEO you'll realize how appalled it is to develop the human ego puppet child talked to teenage I don't talk you know is it is difficult work and sometimes a BET THEY PICK A Oh yes time ask an innate weakness of a few second op psychological nature unfired all the circumstances a disturbed family life an unbalanced public atmosphere the seesaw feel yes kind Smeaton the fear he said puppet development of say human pop up develop and the eco makes
all of a human being a person to be a person is a task which the human equals settle down to it. I don't what does it mean to be a person it means to accept responsibility and calling responsibility. It means to have knowledge and to increase its knowledge. It means to have a good contact piece of world good indication into social life family community nation mankind that oughta. It means to become fully aware of so the HMAS notes of features of life it has been told of Christ that he increased in we stop it Stacia and in favor of his government cease to Skype's the ideal groups. Also Fox so good. Once a man or woman have a chief I doto do stuff at all it's a can be expected. All set up on it can be demanded. Men should rest on men going to fess up
if you see Nady nice nature that should be a first of development compared to some hard to say custom of all the doc's intuition to pick on the tongue of a clueless find in the Bega. Countless half human opponents. Great number of his patients were many last years if I don't look at it's a first stage of old age. She suffered from you or disturbances and this young democracy of a hot one among San whose public ultimata loss not of a little spot they see some thoughtful menu of all sorts of transition time sition from adult life to old age. Some off Sam had never heard the Dunlop papa had never gone. But US US could not be a lion. I thought that she had been fully developed persons and their problems. Boss Not you said Eagle because a development obsessed self to
develop one self that is a set step man has to take in life. Once he approaches hold each others as self. Again I cannot give you a definition I am also aware as a disparate difficult for me to describe to you is a function of the South that are two beasts. So one is a problem of time ie Knology its attempts ego and self have been. You'll stay in touch ancient book. You see a man that is self seeking then me I treated means that he's equally seeking seeking advantages boys personal relationship with whom they go ascend like Inception. Like I was supposed to have same meaning and so on. Severson even equate appalled that I showed you his consciousness and peace peace now to send you slink to the superconscious in the simulator to events which are beyond police that cannot be cast by the ego molds of biological and on
not sheet two columns. Yes a tenet often told one has sworn an oath to seek and to and have a bomb but in all the depths of self to be very well be one of two people. Oh it's a relationship of a face for the skies to see. Eagle represents if you want a social personality but the self stands spots of fullness of life cease fullness of life and places a conscious spell as a super conscious and unconscious parts of our nature. But this is conscious What does it contain. First of all it holds all supports the style body of which we never become aware. We may know about some in a general way but we do not experience having to read when it wakes up some movement of cop whistles blood tests to subconsciously says Superman Floyd Teddy So that was a toile past experience of an
unpleasant experience which we discount this disagreeable but reach B a price out of super conscious use of vengeance a newbie I use disguises and create havoc. They show us how good stuff you'll Miss Wyatt conception and this assumes that besides all personal super conscious people says a collective subconscious which how US experiences of mankind these experiences out there. Not much has been a stock options stock options which DD said basic events in human life Young called cease functioning stock just advocate types which appeared to be I guess currents of human history and cultural development beyond just small arms. Serious my exams I could type of secrete muscle a goddess worship in many probably most religions see Easy's of Egyptian religion. So Diana leaks so that should me against a Christian face so
unconscious is also a side from which secrete the forces of men emanate and said I can show you that action and can act as you know it is possible to explain a few by you I'm Sebastian completely mad about the OP's injection explanation leaves you empty of emotion he does not touch you does not move he doesn't and choose you and that is to love all creative work. But I can convincingly I wish it was your knowledge you have said how the fall I've been even most improved in striking when I set the question to which no Vashon answer is given by a just tikus exist. By Cosco glimpse of Texas and that leads us to the point sets a self a sickly you see faults in men he says. All Gumby switchmen he's in touch. We secrete the falsest of life. We Scott always act as it's called by disputed some of the TOWIE Chinese
philosophy men he Suku always eager. He's equal haste to die to get in touch snooping is touched in that cock. He's got one me baby distinguish between to settle fists small s supine a human soul bad got to spend and it's a self is a capital letter which is just and also work forgot that its master a cop it's a job and he sticks to it. Just so as I told you before escapes definition and it's all B cannot be stated this we do not know and all that it has. I visit any boundary at all. We can talk about how obvious the skies when he speaks of us attention I hit a feed also a pearl of great price for which a merchant sold all his possessions. Now seven cents is conscious spite his keeping the Phoenician into a few who seek to talk to us in the National Bank which makes him sad never seen less known
in dreams fantasies and accidents which when he commits an seems strange to us and not connected we saw equal in creative individualists by which we tried to keep in contact. He says you know the South Sea kingdom of heaven you know US is calling high school days and he said create a set of Fabio on smile island on life. Now posses self we have to strive to serve state to fall live if you have to let our ego go and have to realize our self a failure to do so. The best playing us disappoint we have to begin to doubt the sense of life sense of all personal life as well as life. Inching up that the 6am in me problem almost a pleasant state of American civilization on some aspect of Sistani's stages of life. So development of sea eagle is a development of suppression now that it's a development of the south as we did here was a problem to a whole separated tied to beat us
a critical point to emphasize that negative aspect to this child to the theory has been given fleeting that children should develop in a fleet and inhabits a man of the Spirit it will disappear as a child on the Woods a payouts in step 5 Sparrow stuff chewed on Kobol. I mean its abundance of mechanical toys. Thing is left to set imagination as a comic strip and see no need to stop television if it plays to 50 years of old fairy tales have a very important police development of the human soul. They might get to question and you see the man fashion aspect of life. Children caught in an environment which lacks a strong cultural action and its a lack of strong tradition who we tie to implant social ideas in mind of children but it's not idea of conformity which is emphasized most and not that of personal responsibility covers just told on the football field but nothing community life then
it means to have to come much conviction Malk training he's neglect to parents tried to pass a book to school to such churches advice special. Religious education is neglected in Plymouth that people don't know and involved the significance of religion. Sen. Benedict's a fond often off monks aura around trade and work in cities caution about play it and screwed it up yet clear on it. That's what's new on the standing of all of us affects a C small to us not just a pious nicety but the Fed to one of the PC law in men's work that men spec misspeak balance by devotion also via the sleet to all cities all of us which we notice at question in our economic life and even law if self-assertion it's not based first on devotion he spawned to end up in this Talk to us. How many guys and all that sort of philosophy. What U.S. practice which
is interesting philosophical and logical system but they are least I'm jealous not personal attachment to teach and to side with the teaching is not allowed to feel a sponsible voice decide except to disappoint they process accept nation and makes a good lead. One does not need a festival set textbook and I am a machine. We accomplish a CTC so young people have no outstanding examples on which he can put himself. Cleese and it's obvious to CA to gauge its evil as a whole what was going on the generation in later time so it has all been in clique OTS these kinds Christianity save at least by scenes of the trip. So then a sauce of it's a life of plate meant as an example a lot time except he departed he almost bought us average high school and high school girl project today on celebrities but this being able to sing from Einstein to a gangsta forms astronauts to the Hollywood called
one project on whatever gets into the paper has a headline he's out this commission. What about Adams Well his ego and child to the joints a teenager's poorly developed we have dispositions meets every day an immense number of adults and that joys he maintained by two conditions first of all I said. Tendency of the past are not easy in our society I must call chop and Sukkot division of the masses. Man becomes a social security number a case number and hospital services specially Setian covered in all weeks of life which prevents a good wholesome personality leading man in said field. Even though Part 5 speed us up to make the announcement in Paul Vince the self-life beyond Suffield of the action of a touching childlessness if not united to all touch with a slight lead to promo rolls of personality of some innocent and it's on it's on its way out. A pool of developed ego a
pool of developed personality no one that sees leads to logic problems. It's the second half of life. Also Maw has stepped from full adult life to old age. He's not taking a beating that enough could see that the task to be accomplished. He even sees conclave people up to 70s and 80s yes call the choices a boyish it's a girl's sense kicks away sure. She is a go. We not give up. See in wild way it's not embarked on detachment it's not practiced when he's not ready to give up the ten thousand six of which Budaj speaks one drinks to live so the life of the eagle. One fashion civics affectionately Sue Gus speaks as a book selection of sea eagle when he's at a loss to understand said he disassembled and Nazi eagle which Mr X said this actually is of the lefse problem which young speech species and beach manifests itself he said to the MPs their fantasies into actions
futile silly actions you could see so many deeds so iching dismissed man leaving his family and I think away the second time and she's fallen off some ice or cage football and mall security and Fede said he stopping It's a beach stuff plenty all takes a tired who would not let go who was a family his eye on hand calling and if this is the breaking spirit that we saw in cities Joe Jackson us and perhaps even bought such types of manual nor sits in a small two knife when a demon when no it's a self but he's an able to reach it to make it come alive again. He suffers to tell men self-help if all of this is self would open itself to him he would feel in heaven I said it is life in general not only his life which just might make sense to him an email cease I don't see how situations reach a phage But are you going to do about it. It's a question concerning the sense of
life is an abstract question. It's a sea of ethical question end up stuck at sea of ethical questions can only be answered. It's a framework of definitions but life like God is infinite it is infinite in essence. So moment to define life in any way you define a particular part of life which you can do in between all the time for practical purposes like something defined in our life we can define the past according to the social Pesh professional existence. We can define him according to some of the symptoms. We can. Never get a total image of his personality sees total images beyond opulent to comply and and Dexys own the false eyes of God when I sit to fight to try to find got that all this ended up by creating god into image of man went back to the men he's created in the image of God
that in the chicken of cops which is small to default least for life or to much that he's you national. I asked you before to question my author. I guess the question demonstrates a paradox it's not getting to a knife I think. Send with this sustains question which inflicts on the society puts and you switch types and you like he says now also sent to makes him fully aware of nationality. Live on the mental but piece of chalk which affects what's of sad life as scientists and all that make any pockets of us which we have to move in systems. Yeah all mental tools again mastership of nature but life in its totality beyond what we do know that life life. You heard Dr. Eric Stine fall of Newburgh New York as he spoke on the subject. The meaning of life. Dr. Stein Vols lecture concludes this
series from the annual conference of the Institute on man and science held in Rensselaer bill New York. These programs were prepared for broadcast and distributed by the national educational radio network.
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