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From a music hall in Cincinnati we present another in a series of concerts by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Now in its seventy fifth season. Recorded during performance by WG you see the radio station of the University of Cincinnati. These programs are made possible through the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Of Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. And a guest conductor for this concert is Jorge mester. The Orchestra will play the overture to the opera. The vestry see Giuliani. I Verity. The Concerto Number five in the five major for piano and Marcus traveled for 73 by Beethoven with Gina Bach are a soloist and the Symphony Number two in C major opus 61 by Robert Schumann. The program opens with the Sicilian Vespers by Verity. Verity composed this opera in 1854 following the completion of the
Traviata. The plot deals with the successful attempt of the Sicilians in the 13th century to massacre their French overlord. The Sicilian Vespers was first performed at the Paris opera during the Paris Exhibition of 1855. And though it was initially successful the work has not survived according to a verity biographer Francis TOI. The overture is the best thing about the opera and perhaps the most successful overture Verdi ever wrote. It does reflect vividly the tragedy the gloom and the occasional fury of opera. And now here is our guest conductor Jorge Mester to conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in the overture to the opera the Sicilian Vespers by the bad guy.
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the Sicilian Vespers as played by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Our guest conductor Jorge Mester family music director A Powerful Noise. Next the picture of the number five in E-flat major for piano and orchestra Opus 73 by Beethoven with Gina Bach car as soloist. The last of Beethoven's piano concertos was composed in 89 in Vienna. While the city was occupied by Napoleon's troops. At one time Beethoven had seen Napoleon as a heroic figure as a liberator and champion of the peoples rights. When the ambitious general declared himself emperor. The composer's faith was shattered. Beethoven is supposed to have cried. Is he to nothing more than
an ordinary human being. Now he too will trample on all the rights of man and indulge only his ambition. The polling then was certainly not the Emperor of the Emperor Concerto in fact. Beethoven never called the work the Emperor Concerto the widely accepted theory is that a music publisher gave it this title Some years later to convey the power and majesty of the music. It's possible too that the publisher had an actual emperor in mind. If so it must have been His Imperial Highness Rudolf Archduke of Austria to whom the work is dedicated. Now here is our soloist. You know my car. Followed by Maestro for his master will conduct Madame boxcars. And this infinity Symphony Orchestra and the piano Thank you have a number five in the five make you by the.
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Thanks. We just heard you know about our as. Soloist in the Concerto Number five in the five majors for piano and Archer for. Opus 73 by Beethoven the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra conducted by. Our A.M. hour a soloist dean of Akbar is often called Queen of the piano. You were born three made her debut there in the 1830s think her career was interrupted by World War. 2 when she was stranded in the Middle East. For six years after the war by the boxcar began a new.
Age The New York Review in 1950 for the past 20 years she's been touring the world. Playing in over. 30 cities a year in. America alone. DAKAR is intimately associated with the Greek royal family especially with princes. I read he's been a serious pupil of Madame Bach ours for many years. Their most recent appearance together was with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in London during the 1069 European tour. Our guest conductor Jorge Mester is currently music director of the Louisville the harmonic society. Born in Mexico City has lived in the United States since he was 10 years old.
If Nestor has conducted many of the great orchestras of the world including the Los Angeles Philharmonic the Boston Symphony symphony of the air and the Japan Philharmonic. In 1968 our guest conductor was named winner of the numbered Foundation Award. This was only the second time Mr. Warren has been given to a conductor. The field of opera remaster has conducted the American premiere of opera Die. In the mid. END. And Sessions as conductor of the band. Her master has been associated with foundation for you Robert Jeffrey company and. The American Ballet Theater.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1970
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#6 (Reel 1)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This series features live performances from the 1970 season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .
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Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
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University of Maryland
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