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You could almost run the theory the film titled The Great Birth control and starvation in India. Our fifth loved violet of the right wing in America. The young bird dog Ronald Reagan and the Hollywood bad. Some of you may have read the remarkable story that Drew Pearson had a little while ago about the homosexuals candle in the office of Ronald Reagan the Reagans. That was like a ghetto and then the fact that here earlier admitted it was a game and the whole thing breaking out. Around the man who came into office with a halo. In one hand and a whip in the other. I know with Shelly temple
little Shirley Temple and I thought when I heard a talk about narcotics I happen to know a lot about three or four people that it would be funny. And I had no fear of a grown up something like that. I wanted that if I had my way I would put every put through yet and probably did. Well. Let me take you them home because as I'm sure many of you know most of the push to the families on the street are them the victims of the
narcotics traffic. Most of them are addicts. Them having been loaded and kept said their conduct applied by telling the other people that you really don't want to put in jail and all the people you want to put in jail and throw away the keys to hire. And I can tell you about them too they rarely get arrested. And when they do get arrested there and the lawyers you know make cities from all kinds of political connections and you'd be amazed how many of them never the other never get there but that little boy your life you know he was talking about it sounded like it sounded as though he really had. Unfortunately he lost the election for which I think everybody to be great credit.
But she's not giving up because she's done a got a very. Good. Friend. I don't want to say one thing bothers me is violence which is growing up you know. And from the violence of that everybody is against the war. I haven't been able to find anybody who is in favor of that. I'm fine everybody you know run to people who say what we should do it hit them harder and that's the way to go. But the thing that amazes me is that you no longer find anybody in the other night I was at a gathering of the very people the intellectual leaders of education really a
fine human being someone who had a brand new idea. They said that. Then and I cannot surrender and then they're not going to because they'd all be women. The only way we could get out of the crap that we were to declare victory to be the first nation in the world to declare that we have. Sent the enemy we're fighting with 10 year old kid in the front line saying legitimately pointing to the theory that and like you like that we would not be man the final we would not and the people commit suicide in order to leave you out of it. No we would require it and we would be the first nation in the world to play.
And then we would instead of we would wait you know that actively We have way. We would wait on the playing field instead of the battle. And we would create a home by sending to hospital noir to take on the loan. And as you can imagine in a really heterogeneous group of human beings that is the heart of that party that really got it all right. And for about an hour it looked like there might even be bloodshed right there over there. People. When I was over I mention this to I hope that you know turn your living room into a riot scene and let me tell you
something today. This kind of riot is going on in living rooms all over America. How deeply people feel about the terrible agony that we're going to in their little country so many miles away. But I don't want to here tonight get into that because we get beyond that and I never finish my thought. But I would like to say that I was amused in the conduct of the world of violence and I know what a nuclear defense right off of to a living and it just struck me as being so we are going to build a missile of some kind right by that truck with a proponent and a car from China over there and I sat and tried to figure out how of China made this attack upon.
How in the name of God they could do anything else once they're done that except sit there and wait to be destroyed. Because they have no plea that I have no way of what they said we couldn't cross the Pacific Ocean with an air force plan and they couldn't supply it. I just can't figure out what in the devil China would be doing. I mean that's not remotely open a lot when they're not even bothering the thing with sitting on their doorstep. But we are defending right here and and we think we're different. Not defending at all. We're playing a political game and everybody knows it. Anybody who reads the newspapers know that how many did we not have a defense system. And McNamara thought Boy I'm getting in trouble here when I give him one more one. Now say it's not against a big company like Russia with defending that little country like kind of. So we have a defense to how about that right now we've got it made.
That's why I'm there and then we have building something for nothing because it costs money but it delay of keeping one part of the government happy so they won't be nasty to the other that is our. Problem is that you know all of this kind of thing we're tearing apart the fabric that we talk about because when we look at it think what it means something of the Libya life goes out and we have some right words that we can use for that good. We don't say why that blankety blank blank and lying in peace. We say there is a credibility gap in Washington. Everything is becoming terribly mixed up to
heaven in hell and right and wrong. Life and death when we should die and when we should live it is so confused that I think one of the best examples of it is to listen to two virgins one saying let's go out there and kill more people. And the other thing to kill more people is against the Word of Jesus Christ. Now. Those are human but let's take it that one of them and they both leave with that. But in a world where the leaders of both men and right rule the amount of time a lot out of a good ought to get that haven't they got to wear it and they can make it up now online whether you go on a few people or whether we bring out a fourth of the way
people at the ranch. And the truth is that what we are dealing with. Is a new situation unlike any that. We the world. Has ever dealt with. That is why it is so hard to understand in the modern world we are in the middle of it. That. May change. I dont mean the metaphysically I mean the very real that we are in the middle of a change because socially economically politically scientifically we have attained a new level of London and we are on the look of that. We no longer believe that God strike the dead wood like
we believe you. Let them work too that we don't under stand but we know now that we can learn to understand that there are no gods sitting on a limb in the press. No forging new weapons with which to bother putting new tree in the Garden of Eden to try out new techniques. Tempting. We are in a in a period in which the pack rule and there have been much of the present. Has been the model. What we are at the gum of. The road that we have the aberration and that the left part of our culture. Is only are here to take our government. At the present. The reality that the multiplicity of the captain ended by which the world will get around
that is. Yet this is what. The past is not merely a problem of someone with the past. All right. The final curtain. When I. Go. Home. Now. We are in a kind of internet. The characters walk a little bit like don't leave. We have a. Pretty cross namely on a dock and waiting for somebody to give a director somebody to write a line with. Oh. I know that pretty hopeless
and I'm sorry because it really isn't that. There are two possibilities with mankind look that one. Is the possibility of trying. The other one the possibility. Of a nobody. You know I don't want Foreman in which we can all take part. That will be quite right never quite unlike anything we have and the other could be one of melodrama which could be a takeoff on The Book of Revelation winding up with the total destruction of my own. I want to give time a good picture of the world where we could achieve all the things that are possible with what
we have that I have not. I find giving you know I rebuke a can of realty that laboratory that communication. I plan to protect all that we know today about psychiatry and and the exploration of the human mind and in our own universe waiting to be. All of this is available and yet it could be a triumph of management over what we call the mobile phone. All of the various books of that we have lined up and for a little. Almost a year probably in comparison to the world that we live. Or it could be a total of the kind that is yet in the report that I mentioned at the beginning of the book. Where
is the end. With light because of the weakness of fault. One of the great lie with us all. And with what we do is human beings. We must learn to overcome the you that marching. You must learn to overcome it. So I opened it up with a story about. A book that just came out. I would like to vote Tory about a book that would never read the book I always wanted to write one of those. I never got around to you know never. Really one that I would like to tell you just a bit about is only taking the name of the book was to be W.. Please don't talk about it because I might really like
WW and the whole world war and the idea was that once in Washington I would like a government report like the one I bought one in Washington that it covered that there was a fissure in the middle of the earth was going to put the Earth apart and low level bodies and they were all very excited and I called meetings and they have these initial without because they only have a few years left. There was no reason that no time to plan the kind of plane the pilot. So. For four years they lived in command and they are going to learn that reflexion people had fun and you didn't work and the world was really a magnificent place to live it was full of love and kindness and people traveling everywhere. And then one day
and they really you know they stopped building Army Navy. And then one day they got the forces that were running the world with WW that there was no real issue in the Middle East there was no danger. The well was not about to be blown apart. And everything went that way and they started building then and now and all the rest of it although. I don't want to and on that lonely you know I didn't write that book or that old and wrong I'm. Posting I want to say this and going oh. Oh oh I did. But there are many things that we have that we can be and about. One of which is that all
of us. I think we will hold that. Little time through Da'ath intimate life. You heard author and radio television panelist will ostler as he spoke on the topic. The age of our discontent. This was another programme in the series. Peace love and creativity the hope of mankind. On our next program author and columnist Merrill Stanley Rukeyser will discuss the economic implications of war and peace. These
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
The age of our discontent, part two
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This program presents the second part of a lecture by Will Oursler, author, radio and television panelist.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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