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Sleep. My beloved salty spray glistens on the fence. The wicket gate is bolted tight and the sea is smoking and he and scooping the Dykes has sucked into itself the salty sun slowly my beloved the dawn tome in my soul. Already the mountains and the stair falling asleep and our lame dog shaggy and sleepy lies down and licks his sole teacher and the Brown she's murmuring and the way eaves trampling and the dog and his day out on the train. And I say to you whispering and then half whispering and then quite silently.
Lee my beloved the slowly from my beloved forget that we quarreled. Imagine we all waking. Everything is new. We are lying in the hay we sleepy Hades part of the dream is the scent of sour cream from somewhere below from the cellar. Oh how can I make you imagine all this you so mistrust roll slowly for my beloved the smile in your dream put away your tears. Go and gather flowers and wonder where to put them. Burying your face in them and you muttering tired perhaps of tossing muffle yourself in your dream and wrap yourself in a need in your dream you can do whatever you want to. All that we mutter about if we don't sleep it's reckless not to sleep it's even a crime. All these latent cries out from the depths it is difficult for your eyes so much crowded into them.
It will be easier for them under closed eyelids. Leave my beloved. What is it that's making you sleep please. Is it the rolling sea. The begging of the trees evil forebodings. Someone's dishonesty. And maybe not someone else but simply my own Saluti my beloved nothing can be done about it. But no I am innocent of that accusation. Forgive me do you hear of me. Do you hear. Even if in your dreams even if in your dreams sleep my beloved heed we are on the Earth flying savagely along with threatening to explode and we have to re-embrace so we won't fall down. And if we do fall we shall fall together. The my beloved the nurse a grudge. Let dreams settle softly in the yard.
It's so difficult to fall asleep on this earth and yet do you hear the love the night the. And the brown she's in the ring on the waves trampling and the dog and his day out on the tray and I say to you whispering and then whispering I can't quite see it was him my pet nothing which was a little being my speed.
Yes a little bit early but at least you know as a Border Collie he goes poorly even more to the CVS they maist eat dog ya sell your soul. It's sus. See you be my speed my you do. Who knew she was a super ego East da E.P. all snuffs her on move Chee Mon the E-Mu she was he saw he was side all say EVF to de CMR all
evolve only CM door but the CMS put the pill in with CPS a young to be cruel but the but the law school put on but the home mo age to be. He bought her more so he'd know style of outdoor chats. If songs are nice. Yuck who they say he was singing year more from the jail its short war zone who are you to borrow more. Yes yes really nice. Be nice. It's bizarre so no buts. Each saw stop let's not preach she
loves to leave me going to but this year coming year will be less. Yeah the door pretty Cina be sawing it's a real Whoa shame or you're getting a view of my old Bah do need to preach street yeah. She yeah that was so obvious not just more beach. Pearl just my blue being my needs she wore me put pee noise knifes don't you being in your way at the. Price they pay to be
bully us. Yeah that's really cool us. Yeah you'll be my. He. May not shoddy Zima norm Syberia police Yasha. Garage ya sham federal law not some you know they are soft stop nice New Years are a lot some I guess silly some are a lot sadder a lot of the y o m. It will be my. Day and you could be pushed sore need he who grows as a shield. It's in the air zus.
It's his shield akey. Slowly C D P E V E V C M were all bought. Eve all the cm tall but om. He's shims laying all of them til Vegas in that city. I entered to the show but Tom. But the pollution. Sure the Tao. But the emotional model which can be speedy. Church. It was.
A picture of childhood elbowing our way we ruin someone's being beaten up in the market you wouldn't want to miss it. We put on speed we're racing to the uproar scooping up water in our felt boots and forgetting to wipe my sniffles and stood stock still. In our little house. Something tightened when we saw how the ring of sheep skin coat coats Coats was contracting how he stood up near the green vegetable stall with his head pulled into his shoulders from the hail of jabs kicks spitting slaps in the face. Suddenly someone from the right by the hand out pushed his teeth in. Suddenly someone from the left bashed the spot with a chunk of ice. Blood appeared. And then they started again in an east all piled up in a heap they began to scream to get out pounding with sticks reins and spins out of wheels in
vain he waved to them. Brothers we're my brothers. What's the matter. The mob wanted to make a job of it. The mob was quite dead. They were raging. The mob grumbled at those who were putting the boat chain and they trampled something that looked like a body into the spring snow that was turning into my they be team up with the relish with the engineer AC Jussi. I saw how skillfully and precisely one man kept putting the boot boots with greasy tags on them right under their belt. But the man who was down smothered in shitty water their own a guy with an honest enough model very proud of his high principles was saying with each kick we won't let you get away with it. Booting aim deliberately with the most conviction and swig pouring with a red face he jovially called on me come on youngster. Be any eggs.
I can't remember how many there were making a day in beating him up. He may have been a hundred. It may have been more but I just a boy wept for shame. And if our hundred beating somebody up howling in a frenzy even if for a good cause I will never make 100. And why do you. I couldn't see the it's the rub or tie or locked me be your fanny I
want the UGC be about Saudi cock was noble The purpose of the speech and I got bought out pretty well yeah. Well though Zach shorter probably won't even come he bowed to eat. Really this isn't really your chief thought does us a guy movie Dolly Cox to solace. I thought blue pop doff eat cup you QUINCE But you know all about Shinola are ya. Why did she go all of who I girl teach cough been cough brief cough it up for you. The looks of some good ol sack. Why would the Oaks near LA Zali people or pretty lady our guy play
such a law. Sorry your ass the billies see a screw up arms are you shoddy Ibu she's there you call Iam evil shiny shiny Yeah. In any area any and all US city on repealing Razzi. To say I'll pass. I'll not cry Charulata shit out sa doubt boggle hole use da law for us chaos out plan out here. Top war could be all up. Paula you should both are still on so Hosea up 3 you Goo. We seeing Brady rush on number Kraus saw some. Bearly so we don't cry all selection not that he deal Cox nor all the stuff he thought she's not really sure she wore but some ways Sammy he is a boss with a C when I was a
lazy chef. The Boyardee should eat us up as he she zaps side in the community. He hobble other body gains share Sanai more of the I eat share snow stool so I hear your story. Should I go over there I see audio and operate audio eat fish below Spurlock drawee will get in the I believe some book or a scholar I see your. Own theory. Nobody. But you a bone you could he go do to be promoted staw. Which most boys should be love. No you know my cheese. Who.
Says da eat ya soleus. Say what ya boy ya goat sale up. Have all the top dog. Hooves dossiers such yo la see saw early Johnny booboo each time. I. The next prime is called CMBS faire. The town of
CMBS was a birthplace of Lenin and the poem is about affair in the town at the time of Lennon's childhood. Fair sim Bierce fare better than Hamburg. Hang on to your pocket street organs are mumbling and shawls are rustling and throats I shouting by here by here in the hands of the salesmen telling tall stories. There are light sabers and heavy brocades but the policeman is watching out of the corner of his eye with his white gloves on his little sword but at times he smiles and his little white glove jumps like a little fish up to his cap when in a like cab with a nice chick he copying a king of caviar drives bars and the king like see it the way the current chiefs before him and the three cornered hat on the caps and how a lady's lips greased with pressed caviar and glitter beneath us
the bass voices of the market cry as I roaring. They trade in leather and satin crafts holy pictures rotten meat and old popular romances and having sold a bag of spuds in the grip of the home brew a woman dances to a concertina scarcely dragging her feet and she sings very provocative Lee getting tipsy holding her shore by the Energies as if she was still young. I have bee two eaten apple looking as if Gill did preserve it in these. I have tramped to the river cooked my party to no pot the gruel was bitter with karma karma. River of tea. I set out for you Ike got with my boyfriend into a skate up and
down along the streams sailing along a river of tears. I went to the choir and down I bought myself a home. Isn't that a woman's comfort. But came pouring through the roof you know. Everything is swaying her head is twisting. She wants to be young again and it doesn't come off. And now the concertina plays boisterously and now piercingly like burrs gringo a Russian as long as you can only don't drink away your soul. Sim beers Yeah. Be Many everyone who wants to be married but the woman is drunk and lies down in the mud. And thanks ladies lowering eyelashes passing by pass her by simply hottie it's such a shame. A grain dealer passing by dodging buys says from behind his beard
look at her lying there. But who's to blame students when the loss of a poor devil lowers his habit over his eyes and suffering proudly passing by in the dirt. My people you have your fate is then life so base just a lie and free in the mud. But someone took up by the elbow and quietly said Arise. There seemed beers fair in against the blue swings that I shriek send whistles and the merchants wives like beasts in a rage. A boy with a tot. A student guide to carefully by the elbow. He doesn't even realize that people are looking at him. Jesus bless you honey I'll be all right somehow I'll make it on my own. And he goes away walking by the bodies on the Volga in spring time and sadly she follows him with her
eyes quietly blessing him as if she were blessing her own child for a long time he wanders along all around. It is getting down. The secret agents run around like skittles in a cage. But how could they sniff out who is the most dangerous one in Russia all I suspect. Your agent. Listen friend. The most dangerous is always the one who has to stop. Who simply can't pass by someone trampled down. But the Volga is restless snoring and moaning birch trees over the river lights up the shadows like to meet candles put up by the earth. But those who have suffered much on earth. Russian fan setting conscience Shame on people trading glass beads up precious stones and calling people being sued by every means. You know Russian They have squandered all of you and phones you know in the taverns. But those who live and food will name Santos
be food. We're not sure you are tied and tangled but you were not born for slavery or Usher of a rising Russia of Pushkin Russia of a certain you shall not be trampled in the dirt. They would have liked to see you drunk the sobs on the bureaucrats but you are strong and even though moaning as you full you will rise again. Old BIOS or Russian or Russian. How to dice greens with TS but a boy will calm. He will appear again and with just a s he will say arise. You have. A.
Library of Congress lectures
Yefgenyi Yevtushenko, part two
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National Association of Educational Broadcasters
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the second of three parts, presents Soviet poet Yefgenyi Yevtushenko, in a November 1966 poetry reading at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
Series Description
A series of lectures given at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
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Producer: Library of Congress
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Speaker: Yevtushenko, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, 1933-
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University of Maryland
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