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The best understanding of America began or so it seems to us with the realization that this nation is young yet that she is still new and unfinished That even know America is man's greatest adventure. Time and space. The University of North Carolina presented this American Adventure a study of man in the New World. His values and his characteristics who he is what he believes what he lives by. American Adventure is produced on a grant and aid from the National Association of educational broadcasters made possible by the Educational Television and Radio Center. Written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton. Today's program presents Charles Kuralt as Matt. I asked.
It's 5 o'clock in the afternoon. We're sitting in the bleachers at the baseball stadium. And on the field is the platform from which the candidate for the Senate has just finished a powerful speech. We're standing applauding a man next to you says he's a great candidate isn't he a great speaker. You're not here to be a college professor but he's a real man of the people. WALLACE Not again. Notice that the cannon his wife are waving to the crowd. And you see another man a man with heavy eyebrows and grim expression in his eyes and arise smile in his face. And sitting on the platform. And the whole stadium. He's the only man who does not stand. He alone does not apply. It's strange about the one man.
I like to think of my speech tonight I thought everyone seemed to like it all right. Say I noticed you Charlie you didn't stand like the others I have flat feet you know that you didn't even apply sprain a wrist watch I lay off we have Sure forget the math. But. Is that right. My worry on the Last Night of the campaign and more speech. It's all over. Now here's the way it shapes up for the rest of the evening. Man if the train gets to the Capitol on time we arrive at 8 0 5 of a short press conference in the car outside the compartment here and you get in the car the lead waiting with police escort will take you to the city auditorium right. The radio and television programs are due to begin an 8:30. Fine. I wrote a few additional comments for the hide speak when you started writing mad speeches Seth when you stop making the people stand up and clap when it's not. Look man no arguments please not tonight tomorrow night when I'm elected you two can have a fist fight for all I care but not now not on the last night. Surely you've noticed that the people respond more now that I'm helping Matt outline his thoughts they're not his thought I'll take care of that Charlie delusion that up that is afternoon at the stadium that it seemed
like you were trying to run on a combat veterans record. You ever see any action overseas Matt. Well I believe I went out on a patrol mission once or twice. But Seth thought it added to the sincerity of the thing your sure seemed like you changed your mind on internal security too. Charlie let's not I did worry about this country was going to fall because of some verses unless you were elected. Well you don't think they're subversives in the government. I expect there are set I spec there always have been don't you. You think that's good. I think it's dangerous. I think something smart should be done about it. But I also think as Matt did when we started this cannot speak for myself John that when you start talking about national security you'd have your facts straight. And by confusing people and smearing every honest champion of economic justice as a man or a communist you be clouded the issue and hide the real subversion and where did you get this boo. Matt forget it both of you I don't want to hear anymore we're running well gentlemen. I'm gaining votes I'm going to win tomorrow. And I just don't want to hear any more.
Why doesn't meth come back and eat. He's eating a sandwich. He can't live on sandwiches. Sure he can boiled ham and politics. He can live forever. What's the matter Charlie. Did he say something to you too. Why the two honey. Oh you know Matt and I aren't the loving husband and wife team the reporters say we are not anymore. I'm sorry to hear that. Are you really really. I made a choice back in high school and I've wondered ever since if I made the right one John and you did look at me. Matts keeper his secretary his last retreat his conscience his Apollo his better self has. But we shouldn't judge math right now. Not as he winds up a campaign. This this marathon the people have tickets to by right of birth. As the great American show politics move and speak and shake hands and and stay up half the night pass out leaflets talk to friends talk to enemies talk on the radio look into the TV cameras frankly and honestly talk and look and shake hands and make the strongest man win. Or coffee man. Yes sir. Yeah.
Now. You want dessert. Susan No I just finished a coffee way to bring the check. Let me get this checks was no Charlie please. Times right. They were wonderful days weren't they high school. Yes they sure especially the afternoons when we'd walk down the long hill to the drugstore and spend an hour drinking a soda and reading the magazines from off the stand. Terrible the way we treated that story. I remember you and I and then Matt what happened to the old days Charlie as all or maybe it was us. I look at Dan and the friend she brings home from high school she's a wonderful girl I wish I had a daughter and I wonder as I look at her. How can I tell and that in 20 years she'll be facing the other side of life and her husband like some desperate animal maybe striking out to try to make his life significant. How can I tell her to take her youth and use it freely and wonderfully.
How do you tell your daughter that life sours with age like milk sours be quiet. When you get to Washington it will all be different. Is Matt going to be elected generally. Very possibly. He's running on the ticket of an archangel. Senator Blake as the opposing devil in a red uniform and they let him get away with it. Here's your checks or Oh yes here you are. Thank you. It's wonderful to have something like old times today. The speech strongly is written it's band sounds like a professor Alex when I was a political science professor know what you want to do is ask more questions like why did Senator Blake become a director in Americans for Peace a communist infiltrated organization. All right put it in shore put it in. A love child. I didn't hear your calls a compartment door if you're going to talk like you're talking. Mind if I set out.
Of course. Now. In answer to your question Blake became a director at Americans for peace because he believed in peace. After the Communist communist infiltrate every or worthwhile organization they can including the US government. By your logic set this would mean that only a collaborator of the commies would run for the Senate. And that's what Matt is running for. I was thinking about you while you were eating Charlie I was wondering if maybe you were a pink or even a rebel or cut that out where you said what did you decide. I didn't reach any decision. How would you go about deciding what is a communist. You mean who is a calm I mean what is one. Well he's not American either is Churchill. He's a snake so was punch just pilot. Well I'll tell you this when I see a communist I know it says you would know a communist if one came to you with a red flag on his chest and his party membership card taped to his pardon. The chances are you'd like him pretty well because he's accustomed to the same tactics. Now look here Charlie. Shut up what goes on outside I want to talk to Charlie.
Sure. Charlie. This is terribly hard. I'll make it as easy as I can Matt if you want me in no longer around my own sense of course I want you around but I'm trying to tell you is that. Hell it's hard to do what I have to do to win. Some people can't understand about winning but I've always had to win Charlie. And we debated together back in high school. You remember we lost only to debate. I remember I just had to get away after we lost those two debates. Yes I noticed. You know why I never understood that. I was. I was afraid I was going to break down and cry. I can't lose Charlie. I love the fight I love to win I want applause I can't be laughed at you see perhaps as best I can I do. Ten years ago I started getting ready to run for the Senate. Taking reporters to dinner picking up the checks phoning political leaders when I went through a town. Making contributions at the right
time to the right people making news and getting it printed OK Matal then the campaign started and I got you to help me with the speeches they were good. I was doing well. All the editors were pleased I was saying significant things but I wasn't women. You see Charlie I was way behind Senator Blake has made a great record and I have perhaps he did have. You're looking at the man right now is big. Hands down no questions asked between him no matter what I've done I am. I'm winning. I have to wait. To see Charlie I have a right to fight hard to win don't I. When I go to Washington I'm going to change. Going to be the kind of senator you thought I'd be. But but I have to win first don't I Charlie. Matt. You know tonight you can get much of what you said the last several days are going to be able to change. Your view. Because it will come back in a dozen ways they'll be more success because of there will be more times you have to win the bad way. Maybe you can still
win and maybe you can win honestly. Maybe I could Charlie but I can't take the chance. It's 7:40 and we're already 10 minutes behind schedule and. Haven't cancelled a press conference at the Capitol. Right there are a couple reporters on the train now you might talk to. I think I should. Have seen from him there two people in the car outside who want to see what about contribution. Now we don't make a report on contributions left the voting said they want to make a contribution and come down where you. Are A. Cinema and I'll talk to them. Then do the reporters write the worst Charlie. Who knows Matt who cares. Come on into the compartment please Mr Ms some sun. This is Mr Matthews Mr Simpson How do you do. My pleasure sir. This is my wife. How do you do. Want to sit down. No you know it will take only a moment. We heard you on the train. Yes and we
decided to take this opportunity to give you a gift to help in your fight against communism once you get to Washington. Well fine for some years I've opposed communism. I was a Lutheran minister in Czechoslovakia for seven years one of our daughters is still very icy and my wife and I are both happy to find a man of your background and enthusiasm to step forward in leading this fight. I appreciate all that. Here is our checks air time. Thank you sir for this country. Say a. Thousand dollars is quite a large amount for preachers and yes it is here for you do hate communists don't you. I don't hate sir. As best I can I am a Christians there. But I know they are wrong. I know that they does neither the existence of God and denying that they destroy the fundamental dignity of man. Please use the money wisely. Good nights or. Good night.
Hey Seth Yeah what's the matter. Keep. Keep people like that out of here. You make me nervous. All right how about that. It's. OK quieting down Clinton down one of the time when our budget go first or do you think your campaign has been a fair one Mr. Matthews or you reporters know that it has been I've had the uncomfortable task of exposing Senator Blake for what his record shows him to be and what is that sir. Well inconsistent shall we say. Have you always dealt honestly with that record. I don't care to answer questions like that. I don't think he's suing me as a secretary isn't has it. You said the secretary was a communist. I never said anything of the kind. We reported only two days ago I believe I said I don't think Senator Blake's secretary is at the moment a card carrying member of the Communist Party. Yes. Don't you see I'm saying the secretary is not a communist member. But aren't you also trying to imply that he once was or that he is a communist though not a member.
I'm trying to make a simple statement should we print a retraction. Make no to trucks. I thought you just said he wasn't a commie I don't know whether he is or not I don't have contacts within the Communist Party. Why don't you ask Senator Blake do you think Senator Blake has any contact within the Communist Party. If Senator Blake doesn't wish to try to clear his own secretary why should I. But don't you think that so far as you know his secretary is loyal and honorable sir. I wouldn't care to say as to that. You realize you're smearing a man's reputation Mr. Matthew I realize only that I've made a few simple statements which I hope are not misinterpreted but which are easily misinterpreted I've had a difficult task in this campaign something many people evidently some of you and others on the train don't understand. I've had to reveal Senator Blake to be something other than the angel everybody thought he was. Now for that I expect to be smeared by sobs. There are always those in politics who play with mud balls when they run out of arguments when they have no defenses. But my position is clear your position is totally unknown Mr. Matthew Noah. What's your stand on the labor question. I have taken a stand against every kind of subversion.
You're running against sin Mr. Matthews we know what your stand on foreign aid. What time is it such a feeling about farm supports Mr. Matthew how about the U.N. Mr. Mackey said. I'm sorry gentlemen Mr. Matthews would like to answer all these questions but in 20 minutes yes to speak over a state network so that when you answer the questions in your speech tonight Mr. Man that's all man I'll move out of the compartment please. Let's go. Well let me congratulate you Mr. Matthews on winning tomorrow. I had didn't think you liked me. I don't but the publishers of my newspaper news. You're pulling into the station mad and there's the band out there. Wonderful. Ready. We got to hurry. Sure they were Susan I got a picture of Susan. We got off the train she's sick I mean sick she's not going this time that's all. Where is she. In a compartment. YOU PANDORA head and join the motor club Matt
Matt you don't have much. Susan. Hey Susan what do you want Matt motorcades waiting there. I'm not going to let me get this mask by don't need any aspirin. John he said you had a headache I do a sharp one in my mind Nat. aspirin doesn't soothe the mind. What do you mean Matt please go on please let me alone. Susan and you you and I have come a very long way together you know that don't you. All the way fight Annette and you beside me please go on that far and I'll be a United States senator elect and you have to be beside me. Think what it would mean if you weren't you mean. What would it mean politically if I wasn't. What. What would it mean to me. And to you and to the children and to my parents they're very fond of you. Please Matt Go on go on make your speech. I know I've broken one of two rules I explained that to Charlie but tomorrow night I'll be a senator elect in spite of everything in spite of everything. Get on with him now.
You mean it don't use it. Yes. Fun ensues and I'd give up the election for you. Is that what you want to. Say something where you know the talking that. You say something. All right. All right I'll say this. When I go to Washington as I am I'm taking Ann and Tommi with me you know how anxious they are to go how glad they are that I'm to be a senator. If you think you can. And leave me Susan and take the children with you. You're wrong no matter what now. Come on Susan we have only a few minutes to get to the auditorium. That's a nice looking state 48 phlegmatic. What do you think of that. Are there many people I looked at a minute ago it's packed. It's good. Nervous. Yeah.
I don't know if you've got a light Charlie. You're. Her Susan she's over there sitting down in a dressing room I brought her some coffee. Charlie I don't know what I'd do without her. You'd get along. I just told her I'm mad and I'm telling you I don't know what I'm nervous naturally so don't pull anything. I'm sorry about that but I'm telling you this. If you go out there and add to the already muddy series of speeches you've made of late I'm pulling out the only way to morrow for all but I can't wait until tomorrow tomorrow is the election. I've got a speech prepared What do you want me to do that speech you have there is probably all demagoguery works it shouldn't tell the people they clap they applaud I don't do a minute still broadcast time Stand by stand by Matt. Look Matt I have another speech right here. Matt I rode on the train a while ago. Thanks Charlie. Thanks I know you mean well Matt Listen please. The people trust you. They don't understand that a Professor Colby did beat it. Let's go now to the sting. No no man I got it planned differently this time. Yeah you go out after we're on the air. First there's an announcement then you come in from the wings here and the people
give an ovation right. It sounds all right when you think about that Charlie he'll wear a string around your neck are not one minute don't broadcast. What about the TV cameras while they take pictures of if I'm not out there I got one camera shooting the audience while the announcement is on the camera to shoot them to their than camera one thinks up the wings here just as you come out from pans left with you as you walk onto the stage and then the other chemical pick up the crowd going crazy say yeah I got a group picked out for the cameraman up there. Sounds effective to me. Thirty seconds to broadcast here is Susan. She's right there. Hey Susan Susan get ready to go out all the lights Matt See you later Charlie. I hope so. Oh yeah here's a pencil mantel needed as a prop in the speech remember oh yeah I remember Thanks stand by Matt I hope you realize out there you're under the American flag be quiet. Washington Madison Monroe Jefferson and my flag of Lincoln. Good evening ladies and gentleman from the main auditorium of the state capitol where several thousand people have gathered to get a final campaign speech of the next senator from the greatest of state. OK let it
be. Matthews was a little plastic was not right. Come on she was with you. To to with me thinking that it must be a gentleman thing but I realize that this is only one tiny fraction. Of the fuss through which to morrow would go to the polls and I vote for a new different government to represent this state in Washington. I I feel like. A gazelle before I go into the US which perplexed this nation I want to continue what policy we have maintained through all this kind of thing I would like to introduce to you.
That. Each of you probably feels he knows how to fix it. I hope that each of you will do. I hope that each of you will in a quiet place and in the depths of your you will try to decide which of the candidates is best qualified. Represent a great state in the most
important legislative body in the world in a time of crisis when a hundred problems perplex us when our nation is be set with strange tides of power from many directions when we are hurled toward world leadership from a myriad of isolationism. I hope your choice will be thoughtfully and rarely made think you or don't you. Sometimes when I hear my wife speak 368 when she regards me your problems are heading for this country or one to your newsreader. Honestly you want to know as I have fixed them in this campaign it really bothered me a bit because I want you all to confident when she describes your cause but I think I've seen from a bit of my loyalty and I was excited it wasn't going to let my opponent from his record
has no right to be external promise. But when I have something to watch for when I will go well before we do something or to go basically run for both thoughts thanks to Reverend Stang I will represent you honest we gone and of American history my wife thanks to Woodson trying to be the younger guy. Well they just in general there are problems there are problems as my wife is saying let's fix and that is one of the problems all of us followers of all your mother was alive. And I've of course as you would say you are so why is it a problem. Ferdinand got up as of what planet fears for America.
I'll be concerned about the possibility of all those English make through the fall. I mean I saw I could remember crawling into a temper foxhole and bikes with a flashlight handle or a small pencil. I still remember that and here it is. Let me move over here and I've got a couple different cameras photographing the folks back home to get every man you know is really matters that wasn't even in the script about the TV camera and I see this pencil I would scroll all the letters to the parents of the man I know what I thought they died for this country. Who kind of doll. My. Boy. I conducted loyalty. Anybody would walk over the graves of dead better and would walk over anything and the cops they are leaving town your vision with good violence where you go and I don't know.
I'm going off my mare and going to break them up after you wins exist on it. I like shoes. Old time quicker and less crazy to walk on and you know how that is going to be elected. You could get a good job in Washington evacuations that you think is going to win don't you. I think you is the people out there that are still listening on. That day. Yes sir they give the devil in their search. That is the devil in them Mr.
American Adventure is written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton and is produced by the communication center of the University of North Carolina. Earl when Director these programs are produced on a grant in aid from the National Association of educational broadcasters made possible by the educational Radio and Television Center an independent agency established by the Ford Foundation. They're intended for use by educational and commercial radio stations in this and other countries and by schools for any listening purposes. They are in almost all cases based on actual events. Today's program the demagogue presented as Matthew Arnold with Bill Johnston as Charlie Sands as Seth and June Ashe while or as. Others in the cast were Zimmerman Downey and Ryan Thomas Holtz
and Jack Spooner. Cast members of American Adventure are students professors and townspeople of the university community. And American Adventure are the following professors University. You know I. Learned age boy charm and Department of Religion. John P. Galen professor of anthropology. Lecture am Green chairman Department of History. Everett W. Hall chairman the problem of philosophy. Frank W. Ahan. Professor of Law. Clifford P. Lyons professor of English. The late Howard W. Odum chairman Department of Sociology. Well you may be assistant professor of philosophy. LEMON summer professor professor of art history. American Adventure is produced and recorded in the studios of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Tomoya new speaker.
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Unlike other programs in this series, "The Demagogue." is purely fiction. It tells the story of a mudslinging political campaign, replete with aspersions of Communist sympathies.
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This series studies the values and characteristics of notable figures from America's early years. It is written by John M. Ehle and directed by John S. Clayton.
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