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Probably Music Hall in Cincinnati we present the first of three concerts of the 1970 May Festival. This is my run but. The 1970 May festival was under the direction of Max Rudolph conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra since 1958. Retired at the end of the 1970 season. The festival features the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra the May Festival and combined chorus as guest conductors on solvers. These programs were recorded during performance by the WGA U.S. radio station of the University of Cincinnati. And produced through the cooperation of the Cincinnati music festival Association the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra the Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. On this first concert Robert Shaw is guest conductor we will hear the oratorio of the seasons by skill. There is Mr. Shaw and will be discussed by.
The end. I. Say a. Photo as. Such. Ah and thanks to it. Thank you. The main Festival Chorus was joined by the University of Cincinnati Choral Union for this concert. They're both under the direction of Albert Thomas and the soloists on today's program are Lorna Hayward Soprano John McCollum TANNER. Peter Pace items first oratory Oh the creation was
an immense success and he soon found himself under pressure to compose another speed run who had prepared the libretto for the creation. Now came to Haydn with his adaptation of James Thompson's pastoral poem the season but hadn't hesitated to begin body knew it would be an enormous task. He was then 66 and in poor health he wasn't very fond of the text but fun speed and was persuasive and Haydn finally set to work in 1799. The text of this oratory reflects the emotions of simple country people as they contemplate the changing seasons of the year. There are three soloists. SIMON A farmer who is sung by Peter her work. His daughter Hanna. Sung by Soprano Lorna Hayward. And Lukas a young peasant. This is the tenor part sung by John McCullough. The oratorio is in four parts matching the seasons of the year the course provides the
observations of country people and hunters and the orchestral accompaniment depicts the sights and sounds of nature. The first such in spring begins with an orchestral introduction expressing the passage from winter to spring. With three soloists. Describe the change and the chorus sings come lovely spring. Than a recitative and era by Simon the bass the farmer describes the farmer planting and hide and here quotes the famous andante from his surprise some funny number 94. Then a trio in chorus. Here are soloists based Peter her tonnage on the problem comes to town I'm going to have a trio encore a softer approach more seasonable weather followed by a duet and chorus Oh how lovely is the morning of this welcoming spring. Thank you for a few counter Fogarty goes straight suck thank you thank you. Thank these all of us are now in their
places. We will hear in a moment. The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Peter Howard tenor John McCollum Soprano born to Hayward the bay festival close around the University of Cincinnati Choral Union conducted by Robert Shaw the first part of the seasons by Haydn. He has. A who. Are you. Eh eh. Eh earth. The the earth.
The earth. The A. Good one a a. Hundred hail.
Thank. You.
The bullet. Wound. Above.
And. I. Will. Be. With. You.
You. Know. What.
Why. Why.
Luhan. But. Soon. Luhan.
But. Live. With. It and. You. Thank you.
But. Now. You. Know. What.
What. Now. Then. What.
But. One. Was. Leg. Length. Leg. Was.
What. Was. On the. List. Was. What. Was what. It.
Burns. But. What. Were. Bigger.
The first section in the spring section of the seasons by Hyde. We're hearing Robert Shaw conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. The May Festival Chorus. And the. University of Cincinnati Choral Union under the direction of Gilbert Thomas. The second section summer. Begins with a slow prelude representing a dog. After the three soloists greet the morning. We hear the famous chorus to the song. Then clouds gather and the chorus sings of the storm. With thunder lightning and pouring rain described in words and in the music of the orchestra. The storm ends and Twilight the sun's with the voice of the quail the chirping of crickets and the croaking of frogs. The church bell sounds in the distance
and the chorus welcomes the evening star and peaceful sleep. In just a moment we will again hear Soprano Lorna Haywood. General John McCollum and peace Peter Haro or. Robert Shaw conducting the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra at the May Festival Chorus and the University of Cincinnati Choral Union. As we hear the summer section of the seasons by Haydn.
Oh. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Eh eh.
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Yeah you know.
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When. Was. The. What. The. Show. The email. Was. Leaked.
What. WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT. I am. In awe of. Him with. Him. And. Found. Him with. In. The
e-mail. The earth.
What. On. 0. 1. 0.
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Hey. Wow. I. Didn't. Oh.
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Why. I'm going. To.
We're. Going to. Meet. Him. And. And and. And and and.
No. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh ooh. Ooh ooh. Ooh ooh ooh ooh.
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1970 May festival
First concert
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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A performance of Haydn's oratorio, "The Seasons."
Series Description
The 1970 May Festival from Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. The festival featured the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and other performers.
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Composer: Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809.
Performer: Haywood, Lorna
Performer: Shaw, Robert, 1916-1999
Performer: Thomas, Elmer
Performer: Harrower, Peter
Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 71-19-1 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 01:02:18
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