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A nest of singing bear three centuries of English with a doctorate from just. Romeo and Juliet and the sonnet tradition Romeo and Juliet was obviously written by a man interested in sonnet writing. There are three sonnets in the play. Two of these of course are spoken by the chorus but the third and most important is in dialogue and gives the speech and action of the two letters when they first meet. If I prefer being with my own with these two this holy shrine the gentle five years through my lips to blushing pilgrims Ready steady and smooth that rough touch. With a tender kiss. You know hand too much which man's devotion shows in this. Peregrine's hands do touch and palm to palm is holy pan Minsky's not saying slips and Holy Ghost that they
must use in prayer and do it saying let lips do what hands do they pray. Ground to the left when you turn to despair Saints do not move. Though grant for prayers see you in my prayers in fact. I tell you we might consider the presence of this and of the two choruses a somewhat obvious formal link between the play and the sonnet tradition. But there is another more organic possibly less formal one and it's obvious enough in a way. Listen one son to my life's day gives true light one moon dissolves my stormy night of woes one star my feet and happy fortune shows one same eyes.
One shrine with vows I died that was the first quatrain of a sonnet by Henry constable number one of the sixth decade of the collection known as Diana. The thirteenth line goes like this. My son my moon my star my saint my shrine he says my son my moon my stone and I see my shrine. Romeo doesn't call Juliet his moon but in various places in the play he uses all the other to soft white light through yonder window breaks. So it is the east. And Julian it is the sun. Her rising heavenward through the area reaching the streams so bright for birds when seeing him Frink it were not nice.
My name is saying it's hateful to myself because it is an enemy to thee. If I prefer name with my own will at least hand this holy shrine. To say that your lady's eyes are like the stars was common enough in love sonnets are those two stars is my life's light. Gone and two lines further on. And am I left distressed to live alone. That came from the collection called lists you. And again it was normal to say that your loved one was the son of your earth. He has an example in another sonnet from last year by Giles Fletcher. This time. Number forty five hero Sharna comet and it was full West. I thought preceded what it did portend. I found it threatened to my heart under arrest
and might in time my joys and comfort and I further sought and found it was a sun which day nor night did never used to set it constant stood when the heavens did restless run and did their virtues and their forces let it. The world did muse and wonder what it meant. Our sun to shine and in the West to rise to search the truth. I was strength and spirits spent at length I found it was my lease ears eyes now and never after. So shall live in darkness that hath the hap. This western sun tomorrow. I suppose it's fairly clear by now that we can expect to find in Romeo and Juliet many of the themes and images conventionally used by summiteers. Here's another. The
lady is an angel. The glorious portrait of that angel's face made to amaze weak men's confusing and this world's worthless glory to embrace. What pain. What pencil can express her to. For though he colors could devise at will and the kids learned to hand at pleasure guide lest trembling at his workmanship spittle. Yet many wonders things there are beside the sweet eye glances that like arrows glide the charming smiles that robs from the heart the lovely plea songs of the Lock the pride cannot express it be by any hour. A great craftsman hand that they add to that need that can express the life of things. Indeed.
Oh speak again Bright Angel put out just glorious to this night being all my days as a when you can listen to heaven and to the white up to meet wondering eyes of mortals that fall back to gaze on him. When he strives the lazy pace in class let's say you suppose the bosom of the air. In Sonnet 61 by Spencer The lady is both Angel and saint. He starts by calling the glorious image of the maker's beauty my sovereign seeing the idol of my thoughts and a few lines further on he says that she is divinely wrought and of the brood of angels have been born and with the crew. But I should say it's broad as we have heard. Romeo also calls Juliet his angel and his saint. Another of the obvious themes of love sonnets is the poets lamenting his separation from his lady. They must. You are the first four
lines of farewell by Sidney. All have I'm using it. But now at length I find why those that die men say they do department the word so gentle to my mind Weekly did seem to paint death's bleed this sonnet continues later. Part of my life to live the part to me lives to impart my breath. But that good part where in all comforts be now dead. Death show is a death is worse than death. Death parts both Will and journey from joy. I'm still living in the not only by annoy he means utter desolation. Now the first party of Romeo and Juliet is not so tragic. Could.
It. Casting is such sweet sorrow that I should write the poets have much to say about exile from the ladies or with their poor forsaken Wil-Dog to go from sorrow and I know distress when every place presents like face of world when no remove can make my sorrows less. You had to go for sake and leave these woods these planes leave her and all and all for her. That leaves the love full on and both disdain and of both wrongful Deems and ill conceived. Seek out someplace and see if any place can give the least release and to the degree convey the from the thought of my disgrace. Steal from myself and B that I care for you.
But yet I want comfort shall I hear by again bearing the wound I needs must feel the pain that was by Samuel Daniel and now Spencer like as the cove on the buried bow sits mourning for the absence of her mate and in her song sends many a wish for for his return and that seems to linger late so I am now left disconsolate morn to myself. The absence of my love and wandering here in the old desolate seek with my playings to match that mournful joy of all that under heaven and earth can comfort me. But her own joyous sight whose sweet aspect both God and mankind move in her spotted Pleasants to delight. Darkie is my dad. While her
Fairlight I miss and dead my life that wants such a lively place. Now something from Sydney when I was forced from Stella. Ever dear Stella food of my thoughts. Heart of my Aunt Stella whose eyes make all my tempers clear by Stella's laws of beauty to depart Alas I found that she with me did smile and I saw the tears did in her eyes appear. I saw that sighs her sweetest lips to her hand and her sad words my eyes sad he'd sent Steve here for me. I went to see Pearl scatter. I signed her signs and waylaid for her yet so I mean Joy. Such love was in her seat. Thus while the effect most bitter was to me and nothing then the cause more
sweet could be. I had been vexed if vegs I had not been all these poets are metaphorically exiled from their ladies. But Romeo is literally exiled from his in the play. Tis torture and not mercy. Heaven is here where Juliet lives and every cat and dog and little mouse every unworthy thing live here in heaven and may look on her but Romeo may not more the liberty more honorable state more courtship lives and carrying on flies than Romeo. They may seize on the white wonder do you truly its hand and still immortal blessing from her lips who even in pure Vestal modesty still blush as thinking their own kisses sin but Romeo may not. He is banished shared this mayflies do when I from this must fly. They are free men but I am banish it and say yet that exile is not death. No no poison makes no sharp knife no
sudden mean of death don't is so mean but banish it to kill me but I mean is she. Oh oh friar the damaged used that word in peril howling attends it herself being a divine a ghostly confessor assume absolved I and my friend professed to mangle me with that parish yet. Parish aint hang up philosophy unless philosophy can make a jury at this plant have to reverse a pretty face to meet helps not. Prayer is not. Taught no more. There Rumi who denounced patients. It can do him no good. And this same sentiment was expressed by Sydney in one of his son its high school of patience. Fry. Your lesson is far far too long to learn it without book but a whole week without one piece of luck. I think I should not your large precepts missed when I might read those letters of
bliss which in her face teach virtue I could brook some part by letting councils which I took as a friend that meant not much of me is. But now that I at last do want her sight but just I think that I can ever take and I could stuff a phlegmatic delight no patients if thou wilt my good then make her come and hear with patients my desire. And then with patients. With me their and my. Now we come to a great difference between Romeo and Juliet the play and Sunit tradition. Romeo and Juliet the lovers are married there is no natural normal reason for them to be separated but they are separated because disorder exists in Verona. They married lovers have to separate at dawn because of the feud between their families.
Civil war in this play is evil and the lovers save their city in their love even though they themselves die. Juliet inspires her lover who becomes her husband. She's not like Lodge's Phyllis. No Gloria makes me glorious and no pleasure to pleasure me to no comfort can revive my senses. Nor hope enfranchise me with one repose nor in her absence taste I wonder light nor in her presence am I welcomed. It was never time gave turn to my Despite no joy the dried the tears in my lament nor hold I hope you're we'll in memory. Nor have I thought to change my restless grieve nor does my conquest yield me sovereignty no hope no confidence relief for why.
She sorts her frowns and favors. As when I gain or lose. I cannot know. And here's another girl like that I wage the combat with two mighty foes which are more strong than I ten thousand for the one is when my pleasure I do lose the other when I person I behold in seeing the swarm of lovers confound me and cause my death in spite of my resist. And if I see the not die I want death wound me for a nice sight my comfort doth consist. There was only me continual care created the other occasion my desire. The one the age of all my joy rebated the other makes me a phoenix in love's fire. So that I grieve when I enjoy your presence and die for grief by reason of your absence. But Juliet gives She makes room you know bless it.
Oh she does teach the torch used to burn bright. It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night as a rich jewel in an Ethiopian beauty too rich for you too dear. So shows a snowy trooping with crows as yonder lady or fellow show. The measured on water place of stand and touching her nose make my head. Did my heart love to forswear it sight for I now saw true beauty till this and. That last night is on my face. Else would blush to paint my cheek for that which that was told me speak tonight. Thing would I drive on for one thing my wife spoke. But how come. Does that love me I know that I would say I and I will take my word yet if
US Wistar may spring felt what love was but is this a job loss. Gentle Romeo if that dust love pronounce it peacefully were things time to quickly one. I frown and be perverse and say the same of our room but it has not the word. In truth Fairmont AQIM to found and therefore thou mayst think my Hevia light. But trust me gentlemen I prove more true than those that have more coming to be strange I should have been more strange I must confess that I was aware of my true love passion. Therefore pardon me and not impute this yielding to light which the doctor might have so discovered by yonder blessing the tips which serve only three times not by the moon the inconstant that monthly changes in his circle told us that the not through likewise variable What shall I swear by two months or at all. Or if thou wilt swear by thy gracious self which is the God of
my idolatry and I believe. If my dear love do not swear. Although I join the I have no joy of this contract tonight it is too rash too I'm advised too sudden. To like the lightning which have ceased to be I one can say it lightens sweet goodnight. This badass laugh by someone's writing breath may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet. Couldn't goodnight. Has sweet repose and rest come to life how does that within my breast leave me so I'm satisfied. What satisfaction counts the have to meet the exchange of guy loves playful about hormone get in the mind. Before that it's requested and the hive would it work to give again or was that withdraw it for what purpose love. But to be frank.
Oh. My God this is just is this. Mind this deep. The more I give to the the more I have. Thought in this play. Shakespeare has transformed the convention's Knight protects good mount evil kings that you tell me and raffle the orchard was a high and hard to climb and the priest death considering the thought of any of my kinsmen find the here with love's like wings did I'll purge these will for stony limits cannot hold love out of what love can do that is love attend my kinsmen and no stopped me to see the they were mad at the fact that lies will peddle in by night 20 get their swords grab it sweet and I'm proof against that and that I would not for the world a song with the here I have
knights cloak to hide me from there its day is the enemy of good. It's gone. It is not yet needed it was the nightingale and not the law that he is you will hollow. I knew. Nightly she sings in young punk on the tree. And leave me like that was the nightingale it was a lie. But her old of them all know 9000. Little one and use drugs delays this having seen you on the east lights candles burned and Jock and the Stones tipped all the misty mountain tops. I must be going to do most of the young knight is not daylight. I know the time. The meteor that the sun makes needs to be to be this night the torch bad I'm like the only way to mend to you. Matt for stage yet it's not to be gone.
Let me tell you let me be put to death. I'm content so that I would have it so. I'll say your growth is not the mornings it is but the power of reflexive Cynthia's breath. No that is not the notes to beat the ball to happens so high above it. I want him to stand will to come down and will look up. Judy it was so. I was most searched it is not new to this. It is. A. High hence be gone away. It is the luck that seems so out of tune streaming harsh discords and on pleasing shops. Some say the luck makes weak
division this the thoughts who she divided us. Some see the lock and load the tow chain guys. Now I wish they had changed voices too. Since I'm from that boy stuff us a fray. Hunting the hens with hunts up to the day. Now become more light and light it grows more light and light more dynamic and of course Juliet dominates with her integrity. Juliet is like Spencer's lady more than most fair. Full of the living fire kindled about unto the maker no lies but joys in which all powers conspire to the world know what else be counted Dear through your brite be death not the blinded guess shoot out his darts to base affections wound but angels to lead frail minds to rest in chaste desires on heavenly beauty.
You frame my thoughts and freshen me when you start my tongue and teach my heart to speak you calm the storm that passion to begin strong through your cause but by your virtue weak dark is the world where your light shine it never well leaves here but maybe I hold you over. Like is the cove on the buried bow sits morning for the absence of her mate. And in her song sends many a wish for for his return and that seems to linger late so I now left a disconsolate morning to myself. The absence of my love and wandering here in the old desolate seek with my playings to match that mournful day and a joy of all that under heaven doth cove can comfort me. But her own joyous sight whose sweet aspect both
God and mankind move in her spotty Pleasants to delight. Dark is my day. While her fair light I miss and dead my life that wants such a lively place. Listen to this passage from last year. Number twenty first did I fear when first my love began possessed in fits by watchful jealousy. I sought to keep what I buy favor when and brooked no partner in my love to be but tyrant sickness fed upon my lover and spread his ensigns dyed with color white. That image comes again in Romeo and Juliet when Romeo looks on the sleeping Juliet whom he mistakes for dead. Now why hoof.
That has sucked the honey of the library. I have no power yet a poem like beauty. Though I conquered. Beauty is in the same yet it is crimson if my lips and in their cheeks death's pale flags and in this play Romeo and Juliet there's not only a battle between light and dark the lovers give light and most of it comes from Juliets integrity. At first of course the conflict between light and dark is not so serious. Too with the fairy stuff all they have and having some business to entreat her eyes to twinkle in their spheres to hear it. What if her eyes were there in it. The brightness of sheen which even those styles as they liked up
alive. How dry in heaven would rue the airy regions streams of improvement birds would sing and think when not night but by the end the meaning of the image of light is very obvious and very moving. Give me thy hand. One root we means our misfortunes book. Betty the triumphant Gray you are gray. Langton slaughter you for here lies Judy it and her beauty makes this vault of feasting prisons full of light. There lie there by a dead man. Between Men and at the point of death have they been many. Which they keep is called a
lightening before death. You may call these light mean. Of. And I have one hoof. That has sucked the honey of the breath. I have no power yet upon they'd beauty. Kong. Beauty is in the same yet he's crimson. If my lips and in the cheeks death's pale flag and you have been listening to the first of two programmes on Romeo and Juliet Romeo was played by Barrie boys who also spoke some Elizabeth and sonnets. Juliet was played by Elizabeth Shepherd. Some of the others are beaten Sonnets was spoken by Jonathan. Well. This is better images of inviting you to be with us again next week.
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