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Now resuming the conversation with Mr. KHATCHADOURIAN here is around Parsons. Mr. KHATCHADOURIAN I believe that you have been a professor of composition of the Moscow Conservatory since about 1950. I would be interested to know what is required what is required of a composition student to complete the course in the conservatory. You have produced so many world composers there at the Moscow Conservatory. If it is very good you just take it but I have said that with the chords. Yes I still see yes but still. We have two children milk affordable here small for peace. You
see my link you hoarding is. Small business. Really what should it become. But it should be different than not there for them at the mall because you can be forgiven for this or better by that. If you steer or going to
find you. Thank you. So much. Thank you for such young.
Left. I'm sure you have a. Pick up for us. Two three years for them even though I had professors themselves to do such as they want to work for that hearing what I knew was the point you consider being wasted the group doesn't want you
to become big and you should sue for you. They have already seen from you in more that how often wonder. What one has done in this five year course about the performance of the students compositions. Do they have a chance to have these performed as they write them. For the. First course you but for the present.
But for year a year the children spent. Almost got me. How large a composition class was to go to jury duty can you see that.
Yeah yeah a lot of people and you know he will teach us in the course that he has 10 people. He also attended a nice does business you can hear this is that he is away here at the moment but I want to surprise the mother of the new mum so cold that I do I just ask out of this is much because every bill at least an hour that each of us have or something to I mean you know it's a good thing. The number of large companies you since you have
to realize explain the question that occurred to me a moment ago. When we speak of the students works being performed is this by the conservatory a student orchestra or perhaps by their students. But I'm responding to questions just which you knew which in that case is because you know that it is a lot of more use than you dust in a lot of young composers very much. Of composers
copying the parts of a case I gather from the jury and speaks of his students. He enjoys teaching. The fish which each human the first man used to helping young people. MO My you from. Have my fans with us over there once a week. SZISH is six hours.
I would be very interested in the composer's Union. These young composers who are graduates of the Moscow Conservatory are then eligible to become one. If we bring in Stuart the BRP no more than half the market watching their members to become a member you have to be. But. The company goodness knows will only last two years but even much younger being
published by the union. So in this but the union of composers is helping them even more than that it has a special cemetery wombs homes and their homes especially can do so for a war veteran says when everybody gets a room with a balcony where they with paper and nobody goes there for a month or less. He is and I do think everything is provided he says but the way that everything search for helps young people also becoming official members.
I believe Mr. cacciatore and was instrumental in establishing these composers. Hola guessing you moves from the West to post and I need to hear that man to watch you play. Yeah no huge screens of me have them. Many of them are my teachers. That's true. I'm curious about something else. Maestro mentioned a moment ago that there are some among these young composers who are writing some very good modern music. Would this be of the type which in this country we generally refer to as the add
on guy. With West which is everywhere. I'll be there. Oh my God you might hear him yelling to you. Well what we have right here as they progress. But you know you know the names of the West. What about one of them. That's another possibility to understand meister.
You have to listen for just music with us. Unfortunately we have too little opportunity in this country. So stick with what we know of course the works of cacciatore pre-coffee of. Hold it. I know the older kids are really awesome. Yeah but but not the young ones Not only thing is that so we always fall into this world. This is true. I say I think it is our loss that we don't have this opportunity happening Stephanus the King of you know what we. Are going to see this for us all. Certainly certainly this is true but will the governor of Georgia. I mean you guys get a little corny.
I love America. I buy it I. Know but i wouldn't it be marvelous if we had the opportunity to have tapes from your broadcast. Sure give them a view of the families that. You think this is possible but in this country it is immediately being from God like. I thought you were. Yes they've picked up by somebody here somebody will stop sending me money. What human organ. I would love to send you these things for you if I could be
nobody else. Which of course you know this is beyond our power to do. But I repeat it is our loss that we can give him we should give us. Mr. Carter Dorian is no Shostakovich. Dmitri Shostakovich many many years. Could he tell us about him now. What is he do we know is that because it. Was a building. Up for us to get you to go on with. Teaching. Yes which is
but not now the only. One. Close the door but he stopped No. Good re-ask about Mister culture Turion and opera. Interested in melody. You know all of his works. Why not an opera. Stanhope's. Libretto.
Are you working on a composition at the present time in the chimney with or with. US which will be on the second ship which is going to be called. But you completed your finishing touches me I mean you can simply log when you hear in this country for the crew to go along you know just to. Ask him something out of the way you know because you know I have happiness. Rebecca Hart Yes exactly which is your life.
I have an appointment to meet and discuss with you just like. A song and the company. And many other things. Do you do you find it possible to work at composition when you are as you know are doing travelling. Yes it was physically impossible. Yes of course. Creeps have
got to join his own his first American tour as a conductor I believe. As a better player. I wonder how he finds American audiences as he travels from one city to another. I mean people believe me if you. Can ask the pc game the very best people you. Wonderful public you watching get actually very warm but you view my thinking this way in which American public was not and you see me out of history because I'm your brother I would assume yes but I think you know I was conducting here
or one of many only since you have to be shown because I was there. Yes the rushing thought I already was. We're saying Washington because that was a very good one. Well chicken she got rid of you. I didn't have to sit out here so I wouldn't say today that you come soon for this is one of the greatest American beer will just go MIA that she should least do it even the first time during my days I have a little bit of time left which I get now. You're killing me to be the source. Of my great satisfaction that I think is that really can I ask the rules the wielder like to do was look at that atmosphere with me is
excellent and then I'm going to remember this up just for the U.N. years I'm going to be a lot of years the years the bill would be just very touched. I like I love this office because I used to be able to but just by the reach of the yeah I mean. This is what. Particularly to say he wants to take this up but then if you do think me by saying give it there will be no misters are already here will not be able to come to this country. I want my old I saw Mr Rove would like to thank you for your courtesy in arranging this interview. We wish to thank Mr. cacciatore on for giving us all this is with us of them of this
opportunity to know a little more personally now as Moses was one of the world's great composers. And we hope this will not be his last. She got to watch them. Now I want to say something to you but I just get to my YEAH THIS IS MY orally and discuss.
Professional approach was that in front of competent people and people who know and like you know. But I will look at that to thank both of these two gentlemen sort of look at my wrist my good I think yeah I got out of the right to express my thanks to listeners.
Music lovers and at the end of my concert. Listen to my. All. Sure great patience by listening to this interview. Look at the life of my happiness. Best wishes of myself to every one of you. Lasix to you is to go for this interview this is the most informative I think you get me. And I think it has brought us closer to you to the music as
it were. This has been a conversation with our own Khatchadourian Soviet composer conductor and teacher. The New York impresario who arranged his recent American tour Mr. Joseph H is a real bitch was the interpreter participating where Aaron Parsons professor of music at Northwestern University's School of Music and program annotator for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and George St.. Program director of Zenith radio corporation's radio station WEAA FM this program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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