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But I'm sure that between the two kinds of activity in the creation of poetry of literature of painting and many other things the art however because one in which you create a product is real is the part of the standard. To me a conscious reasoning and the conscious integrated the boundary line there between and under activity is more blurred. Never in a friend who was in the band. Can you describe the feeling and light in his painting he's talking here about drawing from the living model.
I do repeatedly drawing different from the red which does not look like an ordinary goody but is more typical and has more feeling. How do you that I can express something of this kind. It is because we're already taken form in my mind before I start on it. It is not by accident but because of wheeling and purpose. And here again we see the interaction between a conscious goal and the war of feeling and emotion that guides the painter to the conscious creation of the form which he found we don't think needs as expressive of his enjoyment.
Time now to speak to you more specifically from the standpoint of my own discipline psychology and I go in and I should like to point out that the unconscious as I want them in this talk and I generally do not run to Freud's views especially his conception of function. I'm conscious the memories experiences which are not immediately present in consciousness but which are of a conscious mind to a greater or lesser degree when conscious will or intention upon this great reverence
for the unconscious with consisting of with him. Which were not acceptable to consciousness but which were always being for expression and would therefore had an effect on consciousness and found an outlet for example in dream land and irrational behavior. Because of the nature of the influence on conscious activity on transit as the dynamic and I become common knowledge that was wrong and the psychoanalytic system of thought regard as repression are forbidden instinctual in a sexual I mean aggressive nature. The death of
a dynamic conscious with a great creator on Freud part and it added a new and valid mention to the understanding of the human mind. But to me and perhaps because the discovery had its origins in observations of the abnormal individual the mind of the in-thing has given a one picture of certain human phenomena especially of creativity. For the Create an innate talent and capacity it is a reprise empowered by man expression in turn
both to the individual and society. That would not be acceptable if they were in their original form for the actual empowered toit exhibition. It may be sublimated in the theater. Won a Grammy maybe sublimated in the creative therapeutic work of the examples are gross oversimplification. Nor should I do it could mean that or merely exhibition or that merely the important point for our purposes in the discussion of creativity is going out to create
exclusively. A by product of it. Think your drought especially when the Enterprise and the nature of a line which finds expression in me activity of the human one namely I don't do the work. Unfortunately it is officially now all because of it. Fundamental differences with Freud had a great deal about creativity especially in the Arctic and Argus. He's the creator. In a year or two it has created will which is the characteristic of the biological life. It is of the individual
freedom of dependency and to find expression for his own unique being. To have for the expression of the will be proud of creativity. How many in the artistic product that is in the work of art for the individual to create is a purpose for immortality. This is no mere vanity of the individual but deeply can make provision for immortalizing the species who propagate it is the will of the individual in the individual ego of the life force and provide the motive power for the in the creative and.
As wrong has so profoundly pointed out takes place within a social setting within a given cultural milieu and at a given period in a particular form which is by the influence of the culture upon the individual. The product of the individual is introduced as a new element into the social media and influence with the further cultural development of the society. The interaction between the creativity of a unique individual and the social setting in which they found themselves and in which they function. That's been described by
myself and my husband in a book called ego and evolution and the dynamism of psycho social evolution. It's the interaction between order and environment in biological evolution and the interaction between unconscious and conscious creative activity which we have already. The importance for human creativity for human progress should certainly emerge. But prerogative of Beyond the Sun or the inventor. There is the opportunity for each within the city and with the cultural setting in which he found himself to be creative in
the sense of creating a new. But in that he can make a create your own life to the art of. What it means to logically be. Meaningfulness don't lie and integrate with them of you with me and with the capacity to love the other harmonious structure of one with only in the south a creator and a creator. I'm ready for such creativity that it is a rare occurrence that one would hope for and is unfortunately never
particularly important. Such try to remember what is capable out on the positive and what is actual capacity and potentiality for creativity. In human interaction the will and response of one individual to another and the Will synthesis of being in accordance with the awareness of the creative act of loving like the work of our weather girl really having become part of a changing and evolving social media. So create an active loving project into the social setting where it becomes a form for the creative response of
other to the creative personality through the creation of a network of acting and reacting response which are continually and mutually influencing one another. Create and produce the opportunity for more creativity. The creative and free interaction between conscious and unconscious activity has the opportunity to participate in the psycho social evolutionary process and to becoming in the constantly moving of creation that is the life. In conclusion let me say a few words about creativity in the field of psychotherapy. In my own field of work
I only know about the practice of psychotherapy as a creative activity for another human being to a more harmonious source of conflicting parts of his personality is an art.. The practical application of scientific knowledge to the treatment of the personality or for that matter the body of an individual. Sure. Friday we deal with an individual. We enter an unknown realm in which our knowledge is only applicable in broad outline but in which we have a wonderful opportunity for creativity and for creative productivity from the mind of the people which he thinks
can own and understand the personality of the patient is an X made of conscious and unconscious function. You know Wright wrote a widely read book called Listening with. But really with that kind of love which comes by ordinary conscious attention to what someone else is playing with that sort of free floating attention that is consciously alert to the implication the consciously heard word the implication is a word for a new relationship between idea and thought and fantasies recorded by the patient. It is the creation of a new relationship in
which the belief of the inner life of the patient can be understood to the role of conscious knowledge and experience but only upon the reservoir of his own unconscious experience which contains among other things empathic emotion which give him the clue to the understanding of the patient before him out. The like the artist uses himself and his own inner unconscious life to create for the patient a more meaningful understanding of his emotions and behave like a creative mathematician. The form which is creative product is a new combination of the ideas which the patient has
presented which he then give back to the patient as a new insight or understanding. Perhaps such a description exaggerates the intellectual and fact of the interaction between patients and in actuality and precisely because and truncheons activity is involved on the part of both individuals. The emotions play a very great role in the activity of the south to the creative potential of the patient. Just as the creative work of the pingers speaks to the creative capacity of the observer the patient has the opportunity to use the new synthesis which has been offered him the new movies of himself and took
voluntarily through the application of Will implemented in affecting change either in his behavior or his conception of him or his interaction with others. He is going to run at how creative activity opened the way for more creativity of how the free interchange between conscious and unconscious in one individual by the creative or product which can help another person to a new lab or a grow period which I would call creative. You heard Esther Medicare adjunct professor of psychology at the New York University Graduate School of Education as she spoke on the topic. Creativity as conscious or unconscious activity. This was another program in the
series of peace love and creativity the hope of mankind. On our next program artist MEGO Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University will discuss creativity in science. These programs are recorded at the Cooper Union in New York City by station WNYC. The series is made available to the station by the National Education o Radio Network.
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
Creativity as conscious/unconscious, part two
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This program presents the second part of a lecture by Esther Menaker, adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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