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Well come to a half an hour of jazz classics from the private collection of many Catholic. These old 78 rpm recordings are now a collector's item. And here to comment on the music and play some of the records for you is plenty. Tonight what we'd like to put before you is another program of mismeasure now and we're going to start out with a group that Miss made a series of records within one thousand thirty eight under the name is Raul I knew you went ahead and this is a very famous King Oliver tune. And as I said last week this has led your own trumpet mezzo Internet dream in rhythm section with no piano. And so we're going to start right out with Rose Garden blues. Now what we're going to do is to play two records of the same composition and it's a
composition that is well into the composition in the name of a book that measures measure all wrote about his life. Really the blues are the same and of course the records are the same title but different groups. And will this year this first record have really the blues and it will talk about it it will tell you who's on it and get to the next one so here we are with really the blues. Oh. Burger.
The bank. Now that record was a card under Tommy lad here's a name Tom and I had here in his orchestra. And of course it had Mez measure on Barnett and of course it had the greats in the bush a under the name of pop's King on clarinet and of course soprano sax on this
record day and of course last year was a trumpet man and it had a four man rhythm section with a Cliff Jackson on piano. And now this same selection really Blues which I think is a beautiful melody as many of the compositions that Mez recorded were why we're going to hear really the Blues by a little trio that Mez got together in 1044 and it's got art Hodes on piano and Danny Allen on drums and in Mez on clarinet. So here's the same selection with this trio of. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. For.
You. Yeah. Now this next record MS made is
really exciting record in its sort of funny too because it's from it based on the standpoint of the kind of tune it is. You think it be sort of fizzling kind of mess. But it's not and this again is partly responsible for the company that he's keeping. And this is the Tommy Land your day which incidentally is about the only record date the time you had ever had under his own name. And it is Tommy Ladd you're on trumpet pops say on clarinet and soprano sax and mezzo Internet in a four man rhythm section and it's a tune that we all know from our youth is a say and even the ones who grew up today know it from their youth. And it's when you and I were young maybe. Now we're going to hear the record I talked about last week which has a vocal by many quarter again.
This is not that we just heard this was made a little earlier in the 30s and it has a vocal want to tune it. Both Benny Carter and mismeasure all wrote and it's called love. You're not the one for me. When.
You leave the bar. You don't ever or more never more. But I'm here
for me. Now for Mansong which you probably never heard and certainly didn't hit the
Big Ten in the year why we're going to go to a rather popular tune of the day that MS made now that last was May 1933 and Instinet find me to trammel was Floyd O'Brien a great Chicago trouble man in a marvelous pianist was of course Teddy Wilson I think you probably tell it from his style. And now we're going to hear a side that I said MS got together with Frankie Newton and but Freeman Willie The Lion Smith and a great drummer George Stafford in 1036 and made a melody from the sky. Ye.
Ye. Ye. Ye. Ye ye. Ye ye. Ye. Thanks. Was that.
A. Thing.
If I might mention that the piano man in those on that last record was Willie the linesmen I think he played so well we should surely give him credit and we're going to play one more side that was made on him as measure name again a great record today. And on this side we have sound of our own trumpet JCM bottom on trombone. Happy call well on tenor mezzo and clarinet any form and rhythm section which include pop foster the man that just played that nice little part on that last one on bass and here we go with
blues in disguise. Oh. Well we've had a reasonably good look at the career mismeasure at least in the 1000
30s of course he made some records for his own label later in the 40s. The king jazz label with possibly shale and clarinet on soprano sax himself on clarinet with a three man rhythm section there were some very exciting set records and of course he continues to record. As far as I know he's living in Europe at this time and very active in the jazz concerts that. Would be active would be activated by his enthusiasm actually. So this is our little hats off to mismeasure our who certainly is one of the gadflies of jazz and is a person that in his playing at least seems to substantiate the kind of enthusiasm that a Jazz me as if not the technical ability of Jimi noone why he certainly has a lot of dignity the way he plays the blues and probably
will. All of our record plain lies. So for tonight why I'll just say do. You. Next week at the same time money gets or will again so like several recordings from his private collection of old 78 rpm jazz classics and he'll play them for you on jazz up the band. This is the University of Alaska Broadcasting Service. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Jazz of the past
Mezz Mezzrow, part II
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