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You're listening to music by Don give us. This is done give us saying Welcome to another broadcast brought to you each week by the national educational radio network in which I have the honor to be your host and to introduce my music to you. And at the very outset let me say that there is to be a program change from that which was announced last week for instead of the Rhapsody for harp and orchestra I decided to schedule for works involving chorus and soloists the harp Rhapsody will be included on the program two weeks from now. So you'll still get to hear it if you'll be patient for a while. Actually I haven't written much for a chorus that is for choral groups independently of course in my operas there is a great deal of choral writing and in such larger works as joyful and triumphant. The coming of the king and can Tata called the crucifixion but only a few short pieces for chorus directly
on this program. We're here for works. An excerpt from incidental music to the birds of their stuff a nice section from Mike and Todd at the coming of the King. The Patriotic can tighten. This is America and our program begins as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sings hymn and prayer for peace. You're.
Richard P. Condi has just conducted the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the hymn in prayer for peace as the opening number on this the 11th broadcast of music by Don Gillis. Next we'll hear music which I wrote on commission from the University of Michigan for their broadcast series of classical Greek plays which were produced by Jerry Sandler at station WUOM in Ann Arbor. I wrote incidental music for two productions of his series the arrestees and the birds by air stuff and he's from this latter production we're going to hear a brief section recorded under the baton of Dorian Dali with a group of eight soloists and singers plus a smaller Kestrel combination composed of flute strength quartet piano and a
most unusual electronic percussion instrument called the sideman. Here it is now into the music from the birds by the knees. Him and. You. Thing.
You. May. Say yes that was 50 feet. Yes. It was.
A Eat Eat fish. Eat. Eat Eat healthy. Bring. Us the week day week
week this week this week I think weighing things. Being weak this week was this week. Was. The such and. Such. There.
Was. That one man bit a. Little. Run run. Run. Run. Comes. With. Me.
To eat. The. Load saying the
air said. What you just heard was incidental music from the birds composed for a production directed by Jerry Sandler of the University of Michigan and conducted by Henri and Dolly. Music by Don go is continues now as we hear an excerpt from Mike and Tonto the coming of the King. This work based on Norman Vincent Peale was delightful retelling of the Christmas story uses biblical passages for its text and this recording we're going to hear was made with a gothic choir conducted by Ralph hunter with Ashley Miller at the organ. Getting the work week the Yod.
Week. What a let it. Leak out. Will. You. It.
Was shit. Music from the coming of the king written by Don goes and sung for us by the Gothic choir
conducted by Ralph hunter with Ashley Miller at the organ for the major work of this broadcast we're going to hear a patriotic can Tata. This is our America the score was begun the morning after Pearl Harbor and its first draft premiered at Texas Christian University in 1941. The score was revised and recorded in 1050 with Ray Middleton in the Rexford singers with an orchestra conducted by the composer. We'll hear it now. This is our America. To go. May I am. Can you. Can you see the Can I am
the. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. A. Police. State.
Yeah the.
Way I Am the. Way the. Was. United States. Rich.
Yeah man. Now. Manny thinks I'm a man I mean I am a a man. Every day I AM I AM a way
that I. Can be free. Yes I marry this I marry
a. Male. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it. Can. And I. Know that it wasn't a carry on.
OK OK OK I think. Are you OK. Can. Can can. Yeah they can. Now. Can. I am. I am I am. People 60 million Americans
right now think I am I am. Thirdly hey. This is our America with Ray Middleton in the Rexford chorus an orchestra under the baton of its composer Don Gillis has been the final number on our broadcast. Incidentally this is one of my favorite compositions because it's text represents a personal credo of my belief and love for my country and I scored it for both band and orchestra in the hopes that its
use would be widespread in a reaffirmation of faith. Earlier on our program we heard the hymn in prayer for peace. Some Into down music from the birds of Aristophanes and an excerpt from I can thought of the coming of the King. Next week we'll hear five members of our fair city from the Atlanta sweet blues from my six symphony Bogun brass from my opera pepper prairie sunset from Portrait of a frontier town. And I said a variations on the NBC chimes called Bing Bang bomb. You almost cordially invited to join us then. Music by Don Gillis is produced for the national educational radio network by Riverdale productions under the technical supervision of John Corbett. This is Don Giller speaking. This is the national educational radio network.
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The music of Don Gillis
Works for chorus and soloists
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features several works by Don Gillis for choral groups and soloists.
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This series features the works of Don Gillis; hosted by the composer himself. Most of the performances are conducted by the composer.
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Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Host: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 64-24-11 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
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