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With the lonely skies shoving down on his shoulders and the dust of a continent taking his throat he left his brand on the front tier of our history eyes squinted ahead into savagery. Civilization dogging his heels and we give him to you who can take him straight. The American caliber. Player. Yardley. Why yes I'm here to the end here. Prime on desert. Trial your. Request the same choice like you have a car myself. Here's my. Stance against the story. Are you saying you know the show him go I hate boys.
Same old virgin many times all over. Don't you feel like the suit all over that same old tired Radio-TV the University of Texas presents the American POW book series of programs reflecting the true place on the floor of the significant historical figure in this unique view of the American cowboys produced and recorded by radio television the University of Texas penal under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters with. Today's program not laughter and love and love are you not. Is there a law. That you do are. That. You know why I'm saying it all right now our choir members gentlemen and Feller citizens the verdict of this court is a jug wide be
cleansed of his sins by being thrown into the creek with a 200 pound rock tied around his neck and on our poet me and arrested in his camp to see the descendants of the coort is carried out pronto. Oh on there a minute. Yonder I'm pleading for mercy for this poor miserable offend on what grounds. First of all on the grounds that this poor feller's a victim of mental tuberculosis meaning what exactly. Meaning that he didn't go to waste the time and offend the sensibilities of them here present with the story ever cowhand was to you don't from infancy upwards living like he has with mostly horny toads and centipedes for company. He don't know old story from a new and well that being the case and everything took into account as I mock America this kangaroo court. I order that that's rolling into the creek. Continue but the 200 pound rock they held back until such time as the old tender young wife forgets his last and
tells that wore out o yarn to somebody else again some time to that creek everybody a party in polls you know the sound horse. Yes OK. Just as Don H Biggers in the old time round up mirror the broad and rambunctious high jinks of the kangaroo court favored institution of the cowboy in play a symbol for those not enamored of kangaroo justice. There were other jovial joy in the coming together before General Brown. You're right. It was anything from a singing convention to a theological argument from a wrestling match to a Bronco busting Congress there was an unrestrained reign of conviviality the frolic before the RTR let use here boys. Well I'll be a son of a gun if it ain't no Muley Davis. You're just in time to help us out merely elbow baits here was dead set on staying in the char John F behind me.
He knows all the words but the K nobody rightly recollect the way the tune go. I don't know that Dune but I got another good him. How about singin Sam Bass nut. That's one will do. Lead out get the hang of it and we'll all follow along. Alright boys here goes I am biassed age of seventeen young Sam. He came up to us. Look out for do be kinder hard to feller or you'll sell about Manvers. So the strong long veterans kero the memory of Sam Bass bellowed a tribute to the trail a war aboard the Cowboys dying declarations and the author of cattle range to Cotton Patch registered his reaction to their musical and better. I have heard hundreds of coyotes howling at one time and run dozens of steam
whistles screeching and bells ringing on New Year's night. I've heard thunder road or the lightning crash and the stampeding heard rolling over rock legends I've heard thousands of cattle bowing in battle waves and hundreds of lost scared calves we can get around us but I have never heard any volume of sound. Our musical uproar equal to those commencement exercises no count. And scientists are going to want to overtake and so the Cowboys plunge into song reflected his headlong zestful surge into all forms of recreation and amusement by the rioting roping hunting dancing a pranking bursting with noisy animal spirits armed with strength and speed in health. He purged himself of the danger the monotony the hardships and he dispelled his giant loneliness with laughter in proportion laughter that was big and bright and boisterous. That was the.
Time when a lot got thrown what I thought we boys would Bush we lacked at Dot I laugh and see him queue and mob crawling at paino bronc and hit him with a cord and the next thing he knew he would roller in the dirt. Were you stand bellied squash headed Hey hook and corn crib and 400 foot you know unscrupulous source of creation. Oh yeah. That sure sounds like you might put out that oh yeah right. Back when a cowboy took a tumble moral or physical the normal reaction of his friends was not shot of sympathy but belly shaking laughter for the cow business contributed our brand of humor is peculiar to the range and is characteristic of it as cowboy songs. Thus speaks Jack thought through Neil Clark McCulloch in his book partner of the wind cow punching was a hard old game but always a certain number
saw the funny side. The humor of the cowboys grew out of what they knew. The days work ranging around up happening was cow nature horse nature and human nature. Any feller with unpopular habits made his own bed on the range and generally had cactus in it. Maybe he was a chronic borrower who had long since worn thin the open handed generosity of his fellows. When I look in and look at them panted I wish he would. Well there sure is some seldom about I'm all right. Would you did where I'm out of work you know. It was a severe and no match WADA and I'm not out from under my head while I was taking a snooze in my bed LOL. Well reckoned the poor thing was starved herself. You want to be a good GM a few sweat flavored chunks out of my only pipes all my I was in your only pain place sure was. I don't never have but only one pair at a time. Extra dead to waste the money on the way out Luke said. Say that's
right. Well that's right hard line pardner and you boys got a extra pair of breeches Achan barring how bout you Curly you got in your war bag you can lend me no not me bitch you got a parrot bar you no non-pain I look at Exeter duds like you do what I'm going to do you reckon you're going to have to shake loose and buy another pyre. Yeah but while we're going to our new me time well the way I look at it turnabout is fair play at old steer barge year bricky legs. Now you own wrote Roulette borrowers got off pay back or quit Bahrain so why don't you just put it up to him that under the circumstances it's only fair for him to let you borrow a piece of his hide. Humor in fact solve far more range problems in the six gun ever did.
Big talk as a rule was and pooh poohed ridiculed are shot out. Instead situations were invented where the big talker either had to put up or shut up. We have Jack Thorpe's word for this and we have a point from the Denver Evening Post of July 19th 1899 to bury him out my Lord in the Bronco. He was a fiery Brit. Who bore a title and. Took two lines and many of them. Wrote about cowboys and Indians and the buffalo watered at Colorado Springs. I came out to this country to see the bloomin show brought his title along with him for ballast don't you know. The Cowboys gazed upon him in wonder most supreme and sharpness Berty each other to see Vittoria dream grin when he addressed him in words drawled beastly slow.
Side project I won't sit down he said that as a writer of time I set the pace beyond the many a frightful chase and if me on top bolted I'd teach him of the crop. It was long enough said Paget. SEE was up. There all bone Bronco bunched up in the corral and then but pole phase that anything but I'm going to bowl five from mine to go and back up beastly Creek Scheffer I can't I don't you know your Christian cowboy has told him and gave him great pain. Our third bread says vaid known ranges away but if with condescension your backer Brock we'll choose a bet that ain't so stylish but great on the amuse horses seemed about half asleep. It's as quiet as a sheep. And when my lord was about it he said he'd never make it on time. Stupid.
Stood a moment in every muscle and begin to throw in or the playing side of the ball. Returned a lot of single and double somersaults. With tender hands the Cowboys wore that astonished Lord were his title body had battered up those for. Whom his wonder and sense return. He muttered no such bloody Boston was basely don't know. A mite of a man versus a mammoth wilderness. The cowboy went forth like David facing Goliath girded with youth and bright bright and against this towering and hostile force. He flung the hard sharp felling stone of his laughter.
Laughter loud and long radio and television the University of Texas has brought you program number nine of the American cowboy. Today's broadcast is based on source materials from the Texas History Library of the barker History Center. That time when Bob got throwed from partner of the win. A bibliography is available on request. The American cowboy is produced and directed by Bill Burke from Scripps by Mary D Benjamin under the supervision of Robert F. shank. Original music by Eleanor pay. Now writer is Horton Wayne Smith Dan Langfield speak. Laughed loud and low Les was produced and recorded by radio television at the University of Texas under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center and is being distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters.
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The American cowboy
Laughter, loud and lonely
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This program focuses on the "jovial joys" of the cowboy.
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Documentary series on the American cowboy, produced by the University of Texas.
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Announcer: Langfield, Daniel
Composer: Page, Eleanor
Director: Burke, Bill
Narrator: Smith, Horton
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Benjamin, Mary D.
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