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From Music Hall in Cincinnati we present another in a series of concerts by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Now in its seventy fifth season. Recorded during performance by WG you see the radio station of the University of Cincinnati. The programs are made possible through the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra of Cincinnati musicians Association and the national educational radio. The conductor for this concert is Max Rudolf the music director emeritus. The orchestra will place elections from works by Ricardo Wagner the overture and Bach and all the way from time highs or dawn Siegfried's Rhine journey and funeral music from care to Demerol preludes 2 x 1 and 3 from Lohengrin excerpts from ACT 3 from the Meister singer for Nurnberg and Prelude and Lee bestowed from Trieste on when he sold the program opens with the overture and functionality from the opera toys for the
work as we know it today was first presented at the Paris Opera in 1861. And earlier production in 1845 had not included the knowledge which is a ballet scene. Wagner added it for the Paris version to satisfy the French public who demanded a ballet in every opera. Unfortunately the only conceivable spot for the ballet was the opening scene. But this was much too early for many of the patrons who dined late and didn't arrive before the opera was half over. The members of the Jockey Club a group of young men were especially irritated since they attended the opera to see the ballet girls. So they decided to organize a riot of protest and at the second and third performances their antics were so disruptive that Wagner withdrew the opera completely. Now Microsoft you're on stage and is walking for the podium
in a moment. We will conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra overcurious and fucking away from the opera. One boy 5 3 5 5. 0. You are. Why.
When. You're. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.
Oh OK. Were.
You. Elaine. Eh eh. Eh
Okla.. CLA. Led. Lib. LU. Lu Lu Lu Lobello.
The buoys. Yeah. Yeah. What. The ear. Absolutely.
Eh eh. Illinois earlobe leg. Loaf.
Leg. Loop. Eh Lou. Lou. Lou. The old the old. The old. The only. Way to own. The Olu. Clue playing to. Get. Get.
You. You. Lose your lose. Lose. The end he. Says he witnessed. Live. Going. To.
The elevator to. Clean. The endless. Lip. FLG. Live. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Eh eh. Eh eh.
Eh eh. Eh eh. Eh eh. Lick. Lick.
Lick. Lick. Lick lick. Lick. Lead.
The red lead. I am.
The boy. I am. Now. I am. The enemy.
You. Think you. Are. A.
Iraq. You know Richard. Bach and Olive. Oils are. By. Wagner and his many Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rudolf. Aleut on the Yser was defeated in Paris. Many people seem to Wagner's defense you know the French composer said would that God would send me just such a defeat. Young lives are had the distinction of receiving both the best and the worst in the way of criticism and Raj Hans like the famous Viennese critic praised it highly but Wagner himself in later years referred to it as his worst.
For. The next selection from Wagner's opera with her drummer on. The twilight of the gods. You'll hear Dawn Siegfried's Rhine journey and funeral music. With her Demerol Angus one of the four music dramas which are called collectively the ring of the navel on. The entire production of the four Ring operas took twenty eight years in the twilight of the gods the last of the four was written between 1867 and 1874. The idea for the last music drama actually came first in 1848. Wagner began the libretto for an opera to be called The Death of Siegfried but before he composed the score he decided to preface the work with another called The Young Siegfried. These two eventually became the twilight of the gods the fourth opera. And Siegfried became the third. Having gone this far Wagner then conceived the VOC theory as the second
music drama and the rhyme called as the first. It was only after the four librettos were written that Wagner began to work consistently on the music and this time in forward order rather than in reverse. Jack Rudolph has returned to the stage of music offered to conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in Don Siegfried's Rhine journey and funeral music from good or dumb around the twilight of the gods by Ricardo Wagner. The inner do.
Work thinner. And thinner. Thank you.
Clint. And when.
Iraq. To it.
The old. The
old. The air. Above. Us. The bird. The bird. A.
What. Oh. Live. Live.
Live. Live. With.
With. With. With. Oh.
Thought we just heard orchestral excerpts from Wagner opera in the twilight of the gods. Don Siegfried's Rhine journey and funeral music has infinity Symphony Orchestra conducted by Max Rudolf. Many of. Your friends tried to discourage him from attempting such a large production as the ring leader long but nothing no one could dissuade him only did he complete the great work. But he had a theatre built
especially for producing the fest. And. Byron for many reasons the production of The Complete ring became less and less frequent. Then in 1953 came the revival of the fresh new ideas as they were under the supervision of. The composer's grandson. Second. Time for. Your prelude. You write. One. Read. From. Lohengrin excerpt from. Act 3 from Michael Singh are numbered and Caillou and leave if. You.
Feel it. Intermission time now in Cincinnati is music hall. And we pause for station identification. This is the national educational radio network.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1970
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#10 (Reel 1)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This series features live performances from the 1970 season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .
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Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
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University of Maryland
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