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With. Nothing. You're. Welcome to bluegrass and bounty program of all time American music. Think. Think. Think. Think. Think. Several years ago it was estimated that 19 million Americans could play three chords on a guitar and that the number of players has almost certainly increased several million by now. Sims 3 Well Jews chosen chords are all one needs to accompany most American folk songs.
One of the reasons for the guitar is great popularity is self-evident. In fact the guitar is probably the most popular musical instrument in America today and it's the backbone of every string band since one can coax a remarkable number of sounds out of a guitar its great versatility is another factor contributing to its popularity. The guitar usually has a pleasing and full tone that blends well with other instruments in a string band and can supply rhythmic accompaniment without distracting from the lead instrument. There are scores of picks and drums and licks that guitar players use. The two most common forms of playing being flat picking and three finger picking flatpicking refers to the use of a flat pick of tortoise shell or plastic and plucking the strings individually or in chords. Good flat picking has a characteristically clear and precise sound to it. One of the best fly pickers alive today is Doc Watson. Doc Watson who taught himself to play guitar is congenitally blind. Here's his flatpicking version of Belmont rag. A tune first recorded by Smiths garage fiddle band nine thousand twenty six four of Kelley and records.
The book. The book. With. The book.
Moment rag performed by Doc Watson. The other common form of guitar picking we mentioned is three finger picking. And this style the player supplies an alternating bass with his thumb and uses the other thing is to pick the remaining strings repetitively and various patterns. This can be quite a complex procedure as you might imagine. A good example of a piece played in three finger picking style is living in the country. An old familiar tune to many perform for us by Alan Atherton.
Alan Atherton playing living in the country one of the sweetest sounding combination of instruments and old timey music is a guitar duet. I think you'll have a hard time distinguishing who's playing melody and who's playing harmony in the next guitar duet called The Road to Austin performed by Tom Paley and John Cohen.
One common variant on the six string guitar is the dough bro Dubrow spelled he'll be all role as a kind of guitar played without regard to the frets. This is done by sliding a steel cylinder up and down the strings which are tuned to an open chord. The instrument was invented by John Rudy and Ed Dapra three brothers from California in 1928. It differs from a guitar in that it has both a concave and convex diaphragm supporting a spiderweb bridge. The strings are high off the fretboard for additional volume. The instrument was designed before the days of electrical amplification to extend the unique features of the Hawaiian or the steel guitars of the day. Let's hear fireball male perform for us now on a 12 string Dubrow by Robert Taylor at. I want.
I want. I want. I woud. I want. You and I. And. The One. With the. I
was. I was. Let's hear two short pieces in a row now to conclude today's program on the guitar. The first piece is a bluesy version of salty dog three finger picked by Mississippi John Hurt and the second features of the guitar and the spoons performed by the New Lost City Ramblers. It's called Buck dancers choice number 12.
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For you girls. My. Boy.
Bluegrass and mountains
Guitar in old time music
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University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program focuses on the guitar and its role in old time music.
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Recordings of and talk about a wide variety of old time American music.
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