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The following program is produced as a public service feature by the radio division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. With cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Illinois division of narcotic control we present logged. H is for joy and thought. Oh h is for joy. A rather curious title for a program. But then perhaps not so curious if you know what it means. And by the time you hear the last programme of this series we hope you'll fully know and understand why H is for joy. This series centers about the topic of drug addiction what it causes what causes it
how it's Or could be controlled and other factors. We intend to give you the facts. Call the places we and experts see them in our method of programming with or use tape recorded interviews and statements by those constantly fighting the war against drug addiction. Addiction to a drug has poetically been called living death. However there's another definition to be considered. The medical definition. States that drug addiction is a state of periodic or chronic intoxication detrimental to the individual and to society produced by the repeated consumption of a drug either natural or synthetic. That was Joseph ADORE-L. He served 27 years on the Chicago police force and gained much practical and down to earth experience in the field of drug addiction and narcotics. Now retired he lectures to numerous civic and church groups. If you were to attend one of Mr Federals Illustrated lectures you might hear him tell the following story.
It's not a pretty story with the usual happy Hollywood ending. No it's not the type you would tell your friends but nevertheless it's true. Listen closely you'll hear words you've never heard before and if you continue to listen to the series you'll learn what they mean. Addicts do not call themselves dope things that are known as pop or junkies adds junkers birdcages Kokomo as Jabbers Galahad vipers and the main liner and what is a mainline or a mainline or is an individual that will prepare the vein. And then inject a drug into the vein. Instantaneous results. I've seen many of them when they lost the needle. How can they possibly get an injection without the needle. Watch them as we have in the narcotic division.
Pick up a bottle and smash it against the wall and with the jagged edge of that bottle tear a hole into the vein deep enough and hear them pray. You need to fix. They'll tear a hole deep enough whereby they can inside Sirte the eyedropper directly into the depressed part of the vein shoot the drug in there that filthy piece of cotton and hearing to that spoon is then taken out and placed into that deep depression in the vein and they keep right on walking. That's one way they'll use razor blades. They use knives they use needles they use pins anything to dig themselves a hole into the vein. We will hear more from Mr. Foote or later in this broadcast and in future broadcasts. But now let us turn our attention briefly to another phase of the problem of drug addiction. We will assume that anyone who would dig a hole in their vein and insert the mouth of a dirty eyedropper containing an illegal drug must have a very strong reason for doing so. Their desire for the euphoric feeling produced
by that drug is so compelling that logic common sense and even the physical pain are ignored and purposely shunned. If this compels So what will a drug addict do in order to obtain his dose of powdered joy. And veges he used drugs often steal from their family and their friends on all their clothes and many other things which leave them destitute of resources interfere with their work. They probably know me before they start using drugs. That people get arrested. The drug is upset at us for using drugs at that. People that are of a does that friends of their seniors don't have lost weight and have lost the Test that family that has a family. All of these things certainly not normal behavior. And it's reasonable leave that to the average person well adjusted educated women just family and community
is not going to turn towards this type of behavior as is normal behavior. That was doctor ratio game so the medical superintendent of Riverside Hospital in New York City this hospital is the only rehabilitation center in the United States for teenage drug addicts. We visited Riverside Hospital and talked at length with Dr. Graham So you'll hear all of what he said later in the series. By now you should have established in your mind that there is a drug addiction problem in the United States for many years people have been working with this problem. Federal and local law enforcement agencies psychologists sociologists and medical doctors have been struggling against some of the most secretive organizations in the world organizations dedicated to the sale of illegal narcotics so that they might live in luxury. Federal and local undercover agents and even addicts have been murdered because they dared to buck the organization. They knew too much. So you see
the problem is complex. There are many facets to it. There are as many as there are to a cut diamond and each facet sparkles not with a distinct clarity of color but with a muddy fusion of hue. Dr. gamma so put it this way there is a desire to oversimplify the problem as as we would like to have a quick and easy solution. However it cannot be simplified. Why. Why can't it be simplified. This is just one of the questions the series will try to answer. Now to move on to give you another sampling of what this series will cover in the weeks to come we intend to discuss the question why does someone become an addict. What makes him turn to narcotics. I'm thinking particularly of a situation. Where this addict got up in the morning and sat down at his breakfast table. His cup of coffee was placed before him with just a light amount of sugar and cream. The mother was still feeding him a
formula. He was given no obligations at home. He never had to make a bed you never had to go out on their runs. And she did not give him any opportunity to think or act for myself. But a small one that a person like this when confronted with an adult problem and not being able to face a problem because of the poor planning will use drugs to escape from that problem. That was Mayor disk and supervising parole officer special narcotics project of the New York State Division of Parole. This is an experimental project attempting to successfully integrate the DE toxify drug addict into a normal life in society. Within this project some new and unusual methods are used. What are they. What are the results. Good bad. These are more questions this series will discuss. That's far we've spoken very generally about drug addiction. It's definitions the physiological dependency drugs produce causes of addiction and the overall
complexity of the problem. Since we recognize there is a problem is there also a cure. Can someone who becomes so dependent upon a chemical substance to be persuaded and treated to leave this form of creeping death. Mr. Diskin has this to say about the knowledge of treatment for drug addicts. Our knowledge of the treatment and cure of the clout of the as well fully and that of what. A recent survey by Columbia University one of the clout of hospitals revealed that within a three year period after their discharge from the hospital no more than 5 percent managed to abstain from the use of narcotics less than 5 percent. A very small fraction of 100 percent. And yet some experts believe this figure is encouraging. But is it does this indicate there is a sure cure. We asked Joseph ADORE-L if he thought there was a cure for drug addiction. In my years in this field I have yet to find a
cure and addict while attending the federal narcotics school in Washington D.C.. We had asked many of our instructors who were brought here from all parts of the world whether they had ever heard of a cure being affected and all the answers were in the negative. Myself I've never found a cured addict. I have found those that can abstain for a short period of time and then they revert back to it again. I would say in caps that there is no end o cure for drug addiction. Once you become addicted to the heroin drug you are lost forever lost for ever a slave to a chemical substance found in a certain kind of poppy plant eventually lost to death. A byproduct of drug addiction. These are only some of the topics that will be
discussed on H is for joy. We would like to urge you to listen to each of these broadcasts. You never know how close a problem is to you until you're able to recognize it by its leopard like spots. Next time our main topic will be the nature of drug addiction and you'll hear Joseph ADORE-L say most people know nothing about the marijuana weed. You take one of these little seeds and throw them anywhere they need no cultivation and no care. There are very very hearty weed. Next fall you'll get a plant that has grown to a height of 12 to 16 feet. From that seed growing wild in every state in the union this is also known as a local weed. The stairs chew and I go mad from it. This is also known as hashish in Egypt it's made into a cake candy in a gum form they add opium to it one can become addicted to with there. Here we only brew it as tea or we smoke it as a tobacco. This is also our native hemp during the war thousands of farmers were
committed to raise this upon their land. We have a shortage of roping from the Fiver's we got our rope today only a licensed farmer is permitted to raise this on his land. Mr. Foote there are always speaking of marijuana a drug which is perhaps one of the most insidious and dangerous of all growing wild in every state. After the correct processing it can create for its user visions beyond his wildest dreams. It can also create a life of unearthly torture and misery. These then are some of the topics eight years for joy will cover in the ensuing weeks. We ask you now will you listen. Will you give us 15 minutes of your time to tell you how you may be able to help correct some wrongs even prevent a horrible life for some over inquisitive teen or perhaps simply become more knowledgeable about a topic on which there's too much confusion and sensationalism.
Just 15 minutes of concentrated listening. That's all we ask. So that you may learn to know the true meaning of H is for joy. Script by Edwin a production by Bill Oberg.
This is Ted speaking the preceding tape recorded program was made available to the station by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the Radio Network.
H is for joy
Introduction to the problem
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This program presents listeners with an introduction to the problem of drug addiction.
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A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.
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