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What about John Kennedy. Don't we care. Doesn't this country care. Did a man in Congress really believe that was a moment the fact that he had anything to do with the assassination. I don't claim to know by now that he was an employee of a Central Intelligence Agency. That voice belongs to the most outstandingly persistent critic of the official investigation into the death of John F. Kennedy. New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison has attracted international attention through his personal investigation of the Kennedy assassination and his strident challenges to the report of the Warren Commission. This is Amy our Washington forum a weekly program concerned with significant issues in the news. I'm an E.R. public affairs director. Vic Sussman. Jim Garrison spoke recently at American University in Washington D.C. the same school where President Kennedy made the nuclear test ban proposal last week on this program we presented part one of Mr Garrison's address last week Mr Garrison concluded his address by charging that Lee Harvey Oswald was an employee of the
CIA. Now to develop further on that charge here is part two New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. That would be so easy for them to find out. Don't they know that he got his preliminary training and intelligence at surgery and is later training at the Marine base. All they have to do is look at the manifests in his testimony in the Warren Commission and they'll find one of the major slips in the commission's handling of the evidence one Amanda for some inadvertently describes one of ours was grades in his on ferocious Russian examination. I was in the army five years in the war and I never took a Russian examination. This young man was an intelligence agent who worked for his government and risked his life for the government. He was a company man. And the men in Congress must have some suspicions of this by now but there's only silence.
There should be some curiosity about the United States having become a country which can take a young man who works far and brand him as a assassin and allow him to big to fail if indeed it did not happen and killed within 48 hours. Isn't there any curiosity in Congress about the fact that I was questioned for 12 hours but 12 hours after his arrest and I was not one single sentence of transcribed testimony. And there were FBI agents present and Captain Fritz of the Dallas police force. Dallas police force had a bad weekend and there were Secret Service agents present 12 hours of questioning and not a single line of transcribed testimony. And don't you know that if I was what it said one time I did it they would have had it on the outside in front of the Warren Report.
Of course he denied it because he didn't do it. And when he passed the passon had a chance he was being framed it was Patsy and the federal agents present knew it. Every one of them. And what was their reply when they were asked when Captain Fritz was asked why is there no transcribed testimony from this man to kill the President and Captain Fritz's reply was that the room was too small for us to nod off. Now how soon do they think the American people are just another first in Dallas and not that big. It happens to be one of the richest towns in America and they could have rented a room bigger than this very easily. The problem was they were getting ready to set out the D
car and have him. Ours was autopsied So those needle marks in both cylinders and confirms the suspicion but shortly after that he was kept heavily doped up until he could be assassinated by the patriotic nightclub owner who in due course was also remote. We are supposed to believe that these are just a series of unfortunate coincidences which began with the assassination of a president and ended up with a long string of murders. Them intelligence type assassinations which are still continuing across this story is not true. We have to go back to what President Kennedy was doing five years ago and put him in a context of what was happening say what the reason for his assassination was and then I think we can understand it better.
What was he doing. He was ending the Cold War. He was this man playing the war machine and he was dismantled. Now who had the motive who had the motive when you find a murder. And there are some an exploitable facts about it. One of the things you do is find out what the victim was doing. And in this case the victim was trying to end the war machine and bring peace back to the country. In fact this particular man was concerned about peace for the world as well. So that's what he was doing. Who had the motive for wanting to do something about that. Didn't I turn around warehouse employee who could not sit at the side of a barn. Was it really true that lay eyes will find the magic shot from behind the president which somehow struck the present. In the front of the head and kill them.
Because if you look at the cause of death certificate made out by Dr John McClelland at 4:45 in the afternoon on November the 22nd 1963 before the federal government had a chance to begin implanting official fairy tale you find cause of death due to a gunshot wound of the temple. They were unable to change back and they were unable to change the testimony of the park and hospital doctors. But not only the gunshot wound of the head came from the front but sort of a wound in the neck as was overcome by sheer muscle and by an avalanche. Chance of a relevant testimony calling and directing everybody's attention over to another part of the force. Now I want to suggest a way in which you yourself can
affectively more effectively understand the assassination without the tedious inquiry of digging into the evidence. One thing that makes it tedious is that you have to spend almost a year going through the Warren Report the 26 volumes. And since most of that is false or contrived or misleading that's it. That's the year that you have to wait in a sense you have to go through it in order to find out what did not happen. And then you but that to the side. If you look closely with the attachment at the ambush of John Kennedy which occurred at 12:30 on the 22nd you find a classic intelligence agency and books. It's a standard in books by a very strange coincidence. The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States government
has courses in assassination and instruction in assassination and regards assassination as a technique for disposing of paper. Problem Now that is certainly a coincidence because in 1963 the position of the Central Intelligence Agency and the military establishment in the United States was done magically opposed to the position of John Kennedy who was trying to bring peace to this country. The position of the military establishment and the Central Intelligence Agency was not to work out an understanding with Cuba but to take care not to bring troops back from Vietnam but to send a man not to reach an understanding whether Reisa but to keep the current going for a great variety of races. What a strange coincidence that the military establishment and
especially this agency which specializes in deception and clandestine agencies. What a strange coincidence. But there should also be present in this military structure. The equipment for assassination. The name of the Intelligence Agency gives their status a nation of an individual of major importance is an executive action. This takes the sin out of their only saying it is not doing your job. In the executive X believe it or not this is happening in this country and this is the language of 1984 in which Up is down and down is up and in is out. This is what you really have in the Warren Commission. You've been furloughed. And the reason they food you is because their interest in power means more to them and your interest in truth. They couldn't care less for your interest in for
what a strange coincidence that this democracy the foremost democracy in this country we like to think has an agency even now engaged in assassination. How can a country which presumably considers a human life important have an agency which is in the business of assassination. Many many individuals by now some inside the US and some outside the US have been assassinated by our Central Intelligence Agency. We get the language of democracy in the major media but it doesn't operate that way underneath the surface. How much does the CIA get every year for its assassination projects. Has Congress inquired Congress is afraid to inquire. Is there any
control there's no control. We only know what's in the billions in the billions every year and there is a genuine possibility of a way to the point where the Central Intelligence Agency is as far from as the rest of the government combined. It's no secret by now that major witnesses one by one by one are dying or have been killed in this case. And no intelligent man who is trying to bring out the truth in this case once again knows what he is fighting can expect to live forever because there is a degree of involvement of the United States intelligence agents of a Central Intelligence Agency. And that's one of the reasons I decided to come here because I don't have much time to make talks. But I came here first because I was honored to be
asked to speak at the same place the President Kennedy did. But I Secondly wanted to have a chance to say in Washington that the Central Intelligence Agency is in the business of assassination not merely of assassinating people outside the country but of assassinating American. So you can't help but fail. But when the president of the United States is assassinated in what appears to be a professional Ambrois. But there should be at least some inquiry into the one organization in the country in the business of assassination since I finished ours and a question. But there's no inquiry at all. There's only socks and there's a cover up by the government and we can't help but notice that many of the files hidden possibly until the year 2030 9 concern the CIA. Does
that mean that the entire CIA is involved. I seriously doubt that it means that a segment of it clicked off it may be involved. Does that mean that the president of the United States is involved in the assassination. I seriously doubt it but it does mean that he participated in hiding the evidence from the American people and he had no right to do that. None of these men had any right to arbitrarily decide on their own that interest was national security. But what it consisted of and secondly that it could be given priority over truth and justice. But put it this way if you look at the assassination and apply a model to it if you think in terms of models if you would like write a business machine you apply model to it. First thing you realize is there was a preexisting organization because of the smoothness the coordination.
The use of decoys the general him lying and was done by professionals because of the unique accuracy of the shots. And then you find yourself saying that it was a preexisting organization. What are you going to zation was it was a retired circus clowns. Reza the ALP's. Resit the Shriner's retired British officers who served in India and pretty soon you've come down to intelligence organization. So then take the intelligence organizations of the world which are capable of an assassination and ask yourself which one had the motive. Was it the case it would be lovely if it were but the victim was in the process of reaching a known time whether Russia was in the process of reaching an understanding where the forces on the other side in a Cold War so you have
a peculiar absence of motive. Was it am I 5. The British intelligence agency there was an absence of motive. Was it perhaps a click or thought of the Central Intelligence Agency. Because in fairness to the agency. Some question about whether it deserves any fairness but in fairness to the agency it is terribly kumquat matter and structured so that one part of it does not know what the other parts doing so to be reasonable about it you cannot posit and assume that there was responsibility or awareness of the top man a fact I presume that that was not was the CIA or part of it involved. What does what is your mind tell you what is the probability. What was the motivation of the CIA at the time. Was it to their advantage to do it
to the advantage of a part of the CIA to have the president nominated was it to the advantage of any part of the military warfare machine. Let me ask that answer that question by asking another. Have there been any changes since President Kennedy was killed. Have there been any changes in foreign policy. What happened to the detente he was reaching with Cuba. What happened to the understanding of his reaching with Russia. What happened to the first city was withdrawing with it from Vietnam without any changes. The answer was the changes occurred within 72 hours when a curious mind that's going to say well just where did this lone assassin theory come from. Who invented it. Can you guess where the lone assassin theory came from. So I don't weigh impossible since it was transparent man and boys with a number of
professional students. Where did it come from. Here's where it first comes out at a few minutes after 6:00. Washington time when Air Force One is flying back to Washington D.C. a new president is on it. The message comes from the Situation Room of the White House which is manned by the Pentagon. The message comes the lone assassin has been caught. There was no conspiracy. It was just one man and they thought that was a few minutes after 6:00 Washington time. But if you convert back the damndest time it's a few minutes after four and a few minutes after 4:00. There was no evidence. Any kind of against his will there was none. Believe me there was none. As a matter of fact they couldn't even get one witness to agree that they'd ever seen him up there until after he was dead and they were still constructing evidence and they
finally got one man to say that he thought it was before that he said wasn't there was no evidence of a few minutes after noon to involve him and off by the next day the Pentagon is announcing that the military records away ours will have been brought to Washington from St. Louis. When do they bring him on the 15th. How do they get him so quickly. The Pentagon Hanton up as the government establishment for the most part had to know that this was a young man who had worked for the government. The most casual inquiry revealed that the Warren Commission with all its attempts at concealment reveal that inadvertently. For example when the Warren Commission sent a message back to the State Department we got the letter of attachment which which you sent us but we didn't get the
CIA enclosure marked secret place and the letter came back. Sorry but this was actually that way burned up on the thermal fax machine on November the 23rd. They had a lot of spontaneous combustion in Washington D.C. after the assassination. I just had a few points there but I think that I think you can see easily enough that there are questions that exist here which the American people have a right to know. Is it possible that Congress is afraid to bring them up. Are they afraid of being assassinated by the Central Intelligence Agency. Don't they know by now the marks of an intelligence assassination when they see one. The standard use of a declawing ritualised rifle. All right. The gratuitous rifle laying there waiting to be found in a furnace with a radio cause facts which don't add
up. Does this sound familiar to you. Does this sound familiar because it should because it will be more Sasa Nations and will be more assassinations because the government has done nothing about the assassination of John Kennedy. And from the point of view of the people involved why shouldn't they continue to assassinate when they can do it with a preemie in this country now. One of the number of individuals involved in this assassination and I have not mentioned what group these individuals were connected with before but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't. Now there's an organization in the United States at least across the southern part of the national states rights party capital N S.. Are they an SRP is the American equivalent of the Nazi party. And don't kid yourself there are Nazi forces at work in this country
today. They're hidden and hidden effectively and for reasons obscure to me. Some of these Nazi elements. And it will learn some of my defense structure but to kill a weather elements of the Central Intelligence Agency one of the first things we found that was a surprise to us in digging into the Cuban aspect of the anti-Castro effort was to find the interlocking Central Intelligence Agency employees and individuals with Nazi orientation. That doesn't mean that everyone in the NSA he was involved in the assassination because I don't I don't like to classify someone just because they're with an organization. But it does mean that there are and large number. Burzum and SRP and individuals affiliated with and SRP who have played active roles in the assassination of John Kennedy
as a matter of fact if there are any newsman who are interested in this organization assuming that there are any newsman in the country that are interested in the facts of this as a nation the California Attorney General's report on the NSA will be very illuminating because it points out that of all the Nazi organizations in America. This is in most places it is actually broke some years ago. It began more or less as a political party and its But its complexity has changed completely. And of course again you can't confuse it with other states rights parties which may have no connection but an SRP means Nazi and many individuals in this organization are connected with the assassination and so on. Individuals with connections with the Central Intelligence Agency present thought preexisted the
first man that we happen to stumble on when in 72 hours of the assassination by pure accident Dave Ferrie turns out to have been an employee of the CIA and we caught him with a very curious trip to Texas. The afternoon of the assassination and we put a stake out of this house we found any nuance or that we read a lot of in the new ones and when we got back several days later we asked him why he went to Texas he said he went to Texas to go ice skating. Well we checked the weather and we found that they had won the West on the storms in many years and I thought it was rather unusual to drive. An hour's going on thunderstorm to go ice skating. So I turn him over to the FBI which said no thank you. The amount of minutes in a set is not connected in any way we have the man is a lone assassin a comic's round looking back I can see how
delighted the FBI was that we had stumbled on a member of the Central Intelligence Agency and said Here he is yours. Look what we found. They ferry it turns out in the early 60s was training pilots down in South America for the Bay of Pigs invasion and it took us a long time to find that out and find out that he was an employee of the federal federal government. More particularly the Central Intelligence Agency took us a long time to find out that the writers and other individuals worked but now I think the time has come for the federal government to show some interest in the fact that this was an intelligence and voice and in effect that the United States government has lied to the people. Some members of Congress have said well if there's more evidence perhaps we'll look into it. But how much more evidence can there be. There's no longer any doubt about the fact. The President was shot from the front.
Any thinking adult can see it was an intelligence professional ambush. The NSA on a surface search clearly that even federal agencies a month into and will probably have to admit it before how much more evidence can there be. The Congressional inertia must come to an end with regard to the CIA. If this country is going to survive it may be that just a small clip or a segment of the CIA connected with the NSA. He killed the President but nevertheless Congress should look into it. And furthermore Congress should look into the fact that this country which claims to be a democracy is in the business of assassinating other human beings and see to what use this
assassination machinery is put and why we're even in the business of assassinating Sasson eating human beings. If Congress would only wake up the country can be saved. But if it doesn't and if the press continues to support the official fiction then the country will not survive not as a democracy. Now this doesn't mean that the press itself will. But it does mean that for reasons not clear to me we race one of those points in history where the interest of many elements of the press happens to be opposed to the interest of the people at large. The press must wake up and change from this position and it has to understand that it doesn't matter whether it likes the critics of the Warren Report or not. The subject is not Garrison or Mark Lane or rice or the subject is John Kennedy. And more important and that
the subject is America and whether this country is going to survive. We've been lied to by our president by leaders of the country in the name of national security. But remember in the name of national security is the ultimate rationale of Naziism this was the excuse for giving the power to Hitler to doing the things he did in the name of national security. But final question. But it comes down to is whether or not we are still a free society. And the answer is going to be an affirmative. Only if Congress wakes up and only if the press wakes up and realizes that the official story about the assassination is untrue that it is a frog. Only in justice in this country served as a
democracy and all of it will make us free. You've been listening to an address by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison presenting his controversial views on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This was part two of Mr. Garrison speech part one was presented last week. I'm Any our public affairs director Vic Sussman inviting you to be with us again next week for another edition of any art Washington forum a weekly program concerned with significant issues in the news. This program was produced by WMU FM in Washington D.C. This is the national educational radio network.
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