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Ladies and gentlemen this program is produced and recorded at the University of British Columbia Canada under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters using the border in question or a trial. If I didn't miss maple Canada stands indicted that she'd be docked several and diverse international affairs. Such international affairs prostituting international prostitution. Contrary to the form of the custom in such a case recognized and against all national Practices Act dignity Miss Mabel Canada otherwise known as Johnny cannot. Having heard the charges against you what say you guilty or not guilty not guilty. Gentlemen of the jury the prisoners down is charged by the name of maple Canada.
She had been arraigned and upon her arraignment she had pleaded not guilty. Your charge therefore is to inquire whether she is guilty of the offense where she stands charged or not guilty and to hearken to the evidence. Before we began I would like to make some preliminary remarks concerning this truck it is a special truck an ad hoc hearing related to updated legal procedure much as one of the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials. The program a criminal trial this is a trial. We're out we may regret that this defendant to somebody name it kind of is the first to become embroiled in this type of job. But we must not permit our natural sympathies for a beautiful lady in distress to clothe the bride to be going to doctors nor obstruct assert control. Whatever they say about him our letter talked on that exercise I have love the finest Southern Methodist University better toss the rabid dogs. Truth shall make you free. Thank you my life.
May it please the court the prosecution will have to use evidence supporting the charge of international prostitution brought against the defendant by a shy grin the worm community with decision documents will be presented which will prove to be defendant in spite of her young and innocent opinions. Consciously puts you out of a series of shady international relations which can lead to one conclusion namely that the defendant Miss Canada is an international shady lady. But this isn't documents to be introduced to show that she carried on a shameful afoul with one Jonathan book during her youth but she thrust herself on him even while he in the decline of his vigor and while attempting to disentangle himself from the relationship and that to business day she frequently displays the symbol of his relationship with Jonathan Ball from every flagpole in hot house. The prosecution will also introduce evidence to prove that when it became evident
even to her that Jonathan Ball could not longer be expected to pay for her favors she event began operations flotation with a neighbor one otherwise known as Uncle Tommy. We will show that in return for the bond and they have us in her house. This neighbor this Uncle Samuel was ultimately intimate with her. She having the system be wooed Letty. And so there's a dis relationship and return from a higher standard of living the good life gentleman cash GENTLEMAN Oh Mr. Hugh I don't know what to do. To. Hold those who hold the truth you and I do you know the law is really a bomb. Philadelphia Pennsylvania seventy put the phone down where we were residing in 1776 type life back to the idea until revolution broke out.
It worked revolution. The backward revolution of course. Well now with this I suggest what you are referring to is the glorious American War of Independence and all of our preparation objections to it but I feel better about trying whatever the 1776 come pleasantness is called This is hardly relevant to this case. Don't for the record and I submit it is relevant. As you pointed out this hitting is being heard around the world to say nothing of all Americans and the word revolution is today repugnant to American is that particularly when they themselves are the alleged revolutions. Frankly I don't care. And did Mr. Candidate ever object to this relationship. Ruddy likely you know there by the bed a few lovers grown up and just I love us Johnny and discounted it with love as everybody does that and did the defendant Mrs Maple Canada ask and receive anything in return for this
access to her property. Oh say the old lady a quest to give Jodi a key to a tabor save return for this trade preferences for his protection. Thinking of all the responsibilities after shoulders sort of a tit for tat about say doctors certainly might say we all witnessed an arm of the law. You said in direct examination that the young and lovely woman who is now on trial at one time entered an illicit relationship with one Jonathan Ball and that she gave him the key house except eccentric such a that the absolute truth about me. I don't doubt that you are telling the truth as far as you know it but I wish to ask whether it ever occurred to you that the sweet to an innocent lady standing and blushing in the dock whether she Johnathon bull worth the time in fact properly and I'm legally married. She used to tell Uncle Sammy that you know to keep who I am but I don't for fact
that she only wanted Johnny so long as he could keep her. Of Betty's attire Johnny complained that it was a story day for him but he dragged her away from the French for the place of a middle order rather than proceed further with this witness and with my learned friend's permission I would like to depart from procedure and introduce evidence which will eliminate the necessity of the prosecution assuming too much of the defendant's legal status. I have with me the surrender documents of the French interest 1759 which under the law was in effect at the time automatically made miscounted done Jonathan Ball man and wife. Whether or not the defendant was not in the city who knows does not make the prosecution a lot of what we cannot introduce to the documents which clearly revealed of the defendant ended the marriage such as it was. These documents are here with submitted the first you will see is the British North America Act of 1867 which gave Miss Canada certain
limited freedom. The decree nice side if you will the second document does the Statute of Westminster of the 1930s which computed the separation in the decree absolute due to a lot o things Gerri which we also have three documents in the Peace Corps also after us not with them. I. Promise you told the truth the whole truth of what I do you was was not 20. Yes the snot is from my maternal grandfather side comments from my parental grandmother scythe and all firstborn sons of the small twin communes and named after this. In my case it's become something of a family joke. You see our country is state
is it me. Fascinating story. But we are concerned here mainly with your extensive and long experience with the British colonial service so that yes that you were the secretary of the Colonial Office before during and after the defendant Miss Canada and Jonathan Ball terminated their legal relationship most certainly was assuming that this marriage was dissolved. Did a defendant then ever solicit Mr Bull's attention after they were separated. Was she most certainly did what I can still remember her lying in the sun on the other side of the water. Toronto in her huge resources and her home three million eight hundred forty five thousand one hundred and forty four square miles simply quivering with desire for Jonathan. Yes did she begin to propose and write. She gave herself to John Bull shamelessly but now it was Mr Ball the only person she offered her favors to where she said
she wouldn't be the gossips of the community that she is what she was being intimate with Jonathan. She was flirting with a neighbor who was a man named Samuel. Uncle Samuel even while she was in bracing bracing Jonathan. Oh yeah she talked about entering excuse of a union with Samuel. Why didn't you talk about why did you talk about entering a union not with her neighbor. It's no secret it was simply because Uncle Sam was richer and Jonathan was getting poorer. Samuel was getting stronger and better looking and poor John was going fat. What you are saying then is that this defendant is now sitting in the dock was unwilling to stand on her own. Preferring to sell her soul to the highest bidder capable of exchanging loyalty for gifts incapable of accepting the hardships demanded by it national dignity and honor. I think within her relationship the Jonathan Ball and her neighbor Uncle Samuel appeared to the best of the community to be acting like
a hussy. Thank you for your witness. You have made some serious charges. You said that the legal relationship between Jonathan Ball and Miss Canada was terminated or missed the balls initiative but wasn't this relationship ended as a result of repeated quarrels that virtually forced the decision or missed the ball. Wasn't his influence bitterly resented by Miss Canada and didn't go on at least two occasions this resentment lead to open rebellion. Oh hardly anybody was killed in those old rebellions. Besides the British North American Act is an act of the British parliament. Yes an act passed because John Ball realized he couldn't hold miss Canada by force and because it was the only legal way to end the relationship. Is that true I suppose. Keeping her role down in the second world war or sumpin she behaves quite badly in private. Uncle Samuel and Jonathan Ball had to let her have command
and control room now in this case he didn't distinguish between the two. And she maintained a discreet friendly independence from each paying her own way loading money on materials assuming full responsibility for her own war effort. I suppose some people might say thank you. A lot. There's a lot I would like to re-examine this witness not a point which developed during cross-examination. There's a fair few of us to better talk to Congress a vote on last year's Arlo good rule I would pull through. Have any of the other leaders of the world community so willingly given themselves to this uncle this summer. None that I know of and what did the defendant ask in return for getting such an important part of her person through and on to her neighbor of the usual things things that Jonathan used to give her fiction comfortable standard of living protection from those
big bullies around the block. But mostly affection. She hates not to be noticed and to be taken for granted. And when all the people in the community point these things out to her what does she say. How does she react. Just the way that women like her always act. She complains that she was to do just kind of in the least so to hear oh you think that. Mr. John Baptist. We're looking for where I will or will be a bridge missed about the East. What is your relationship with the defendant. Miss Canada. Oh without me she is not Miskin either I heard over yes such Can you describe her relationship with Jonathan Ball since he took up by conquest from your ancestors in 1759
miscount other was having an affair with Mr Bush. Continuing until quite recently Dan when this affair with Mr Bull ended. Did the defendant then follow that straight but difficult part toward dignity and independence as befits a true international Layden are soon as the affair ended with with Mr Bush she jumped in bed with her neighbor on the cost of it. You know men shouldn't get intimate relations with Uncle Sammy yet that is what usually happens when people go to bed mad he didn't get back yet want to hear what has been your reaction to this new lives on. Well I tell you we a French say to misc and I know this whole business has gone by now. Join NOW ON GOOD same yet unless you stop this sort of thing we will succeed. French will set up their own house and by God we do it too if we don't stop.
Thank you. We all witness the Marquis. Just one or two questions first. Are you more interested in your own personal welfare or the welfare or dignity in future of the big pendant miss Canada who for four centuries is going to the UN as ignore us but I have to make up English. Do not starve us this through our culture. But we have resisted and we will but talk hasn't missed kind of made important concessions to you predict protected your French language and culture and religion. She had to because that is the law. But she said it is wrong or go back to the reason that you fear closer relations with Uncle Samuel even more when you hear of her relations with John Bull. It's because her concessions to your culture language and religion might not be respected by Uncle Samuel.
These were not concessions. They are our rights. I think we understand that's all. The prosecution's last witness Martin is Mr Cash of New York. Formal. Truthful but. I do. Mr Cash. You are acquainted with the defendant. I surely am sir. Fine looking young lady. Do you have first hand knowledge of the relationship between the defendant and her neighbor Uncle Samuel. I certainly do sir and I was in most of it. Would you describe this relationship how it began and developed and what it is now. Well now that's a pretty tall order but let's see. Well I guess you'd say that it began way back in the 1800s when she was keeping company with Johnny Bull. No Uncle Sammy had his eyes on or even then so when Johnnie and her began arguing scrap Sammy started thinking. Then one day he just came right out
and said it. Honey he said it's Uncle Sammy's manifest destiny that you and I enter a union. Now she's a stubborn little gal and. She said that she didn't like the idea at all. Well of course that didn't stop her from talking over the back fence borrowing things you know asking favors of course that fence between them wasn't very high and once in a while Uncle Sammy went over and visited. But that's about as far as it got with her because you know her heart still belonged to Johnny or JOHN BULL. Well pretty soon she and Johnny broke up. Modern type divorce you might say with no hard feelings. And around about 1937 Well she was completely free. She handle her own foreign affairs if you'll excuse the word and I was beholden to no one. Course Sammy has been you know biding his time and just as he figured when things got a little rough she turned to him. After all it is right next door.
Let's see. There was a treaty for the joint defense of the continent around one thousand thirty nine. Then after the war she began to bore a lot of money and pretty soon she invited Sammy into our house. She says it needs fixing up developing if you come in and do the job well. I'll be nice to you. Oh well you know Uncle Sammy. It's a red blooded American boy and you know as a prop. Why here is one. So he does and she does. Then came a lot of other treaties exchanges of government groups defense agreements like the North American Air Defense agreement very cozy and then something happens to all of us and she doesn't like it anymore and one day she jumps up screaming right. What do you think of her accusation that she was excessively raped or seduced first by Jonathan bull and then by her neighbor Uncle Samuel. All I can say is that she rapes easy poller a pollie.
Finally did the defendant Miss Canada solicit her neighbor's attentions. Did this neighbor pay her for her protections and favors. Reluctant as I am to say such a thing about the beautiful lady I must say she saw less of the Uncle Sammy and that he paid for whatever she gave him. Thank you Mr Cash Thank you. You may cross-examine him. You said that the defendant's neighbor known to us as Uncle Sam only showed an interest after in your words she and Johnny again to argue and scrap. That's what I said sir. Is it not a fact however that earlier in fact during the American rebellion that this kindly. I'm just interested neighbor actually invaded the defendant's property and all that wasn't really anything that you know wasn't really a serious invasion. Having been rejected on this occasion did this neighbor then make another forcible
entry into the defendant's property. In fact at a time while she was recognized to be the position of Jonathan Ball. Well now you've hit the nail on the head. That was in 1812 and the only reason Uncle Sammy broke into Miss Canada's house was to get out Johnny. You see Johnny and Sammy didn't get along in those days. But again Miss Canada rejected his neighbor's attentions. In fact literally threw him out of her house for the second time. Johnny put her up to it. If Johnny had kept out of it how could she have resisted Sammy. Let's continue with your statement that the defendant rapes easily. Isn't it true that a few years after tossing Uncle Samuel out of her house in 1812 that this kind of magnificent benign uncle failed to prevent or even allowed Irish hoodlums to rape her house from his territory. Oh yes many in raids. Now you can't blame Sami for those Irish lads just because they came over use the soil to launch those attacks. They were man a
Johnny Ball and Miss Canada was the easiest way to get Adam from America. No Uncle Sammy didn't have anything to do with that. Uncle Sammy didn't have anything to do with another incident in which his soil was used to launch attacks on the neighbor. I suppose I must object. I don't know what my learned friend is alluding to. Nor can the court and the public be aware of what is referred to. No no no no one can know what meaning is behind that question but I'm sure your watches will agree that the Cuban invasion is irrelevant. We have no idea. I do it all. What's that if it goes well with us they were going to Iraq. Very well Mr. Cash. Allow me to ask you this. Is it not a fact that this neighbor this Uncle Samuel has for centuries proclaimed publicly and privately that it was his manifest destiny to possess the unfortunate young lady now standing in the dock.
I would say that Sammy felt a strong biological urge in that direction. And is it not true that he was determined to satisfy this stop biological urge even if it meant bribery sic duction or any amount of amorous intriguing. That's my whole point. The young lady sitting over there will do anything for money or any thing up moment. As an expert witness would you say that Uncle Samuel still has I think you called it up a biological urge towards the defendant. Sir I can say definitely that when Sammy sees her well stacked resources he is actually overcome by desire for her and how will he get out. He's already got her all a now is a ring and a ceremony to make it legal. But that's only your opinion that's all. Well that is the prosecution's case. First up you have to look at this is rare but if you look at this report.
Richard this is our issue. First of all kinds because I believe my lord. But the court will be pleased to hear that I plan on calling only one witness. Miss Canada. Probably all I do now is kind of duck. We know this has been quite a strain for you so I will not make this any longer than is absolutely necessary. Now how long have you lived at your present residence. I've lived there with my English and French relatives for quite a while. But it's only been the last 30 years or so that I've really owned the house. From whom did you get this house. Well Jonathan Ball originally owned it but when we were divorced he sounded over to me as a gift you know. I insisted on it after I was born there. My children were born there. I was the one who did most of the work and it was mine so I kept it.
But it has been said that this Jonathan Ball had a key to your house that you gave it to him and that he came and went just whenever you please. Because he had a key. We were married after our divorce he just kept the key and sometimes if we have to be on the side of the water he'd stay the night. Was this before after the divorce before the divorce. After the divorce I had the locks changed although he still tried to get in. In what way. Well you tried to room. Sure tight but as liberal as you when he must have had some sort of understand of course we did. We agreed that we had to cooperate to keep the fences in repair. Good fences make good neighbors you know and we agreed that we try to do things that would hurt each other and if we don't hurt each other we'd sit down and talk it over because understanding work well I guess that works better than most such understanding's but I have one thing to rock knuckle down the thought is that this understanding was just the next step to getting me to marry him and you don't really want to
marry him. I guess not. Did you ever want any time solicit your neighbor's attentions. I asked him to come over and visit. It was right after the Second World War. They were having parties all over. Oh I got a little drunk we danced we laughed we were you ever paid for any intimate relations with your neighbor. Oh never I'm not that kind of guy ever that's all. Cross-examined. Now can you tell me if it is not a fact that even when you was suing Jonathan Ball for divorce you were engaged in an open and shameless intimacy with him. Well I've already said that I will. We were getting out of work because we didn't respect and admire each other. Do you really think that John Paul respected you. You had the evidence and passing the BNA Act which began your divorce from the English dog tax more exciting. Due respect I do not mind him but not necessarily the other way round. Is that not true. Well I was young man. You want to learn from that experience and I suggest that the object of this lesson was
to raise your prices. Oh oh oh be quiet. Didn't you raise the price of your affliction. No I mean I was going to let everybody in my house. And when you found that Jonathan Google was unwilling or unable to meet your price you immediately let it be known that you all favors might be available for consideration. That's not how it is. Oh I've always been friendly with Johnny even though we were divorced ribbit. Do you recall the witness John Baptist. He said and he knows because he lives in your house. He said that you had natural love for John but he never liked him. Does he like to own a Bronco Samuel. No I about this same witness said that you are having an affair with your neighbor. Are you paid for this. Yes or no. Well no. Then who protects you. But I have where I can. I'm sure you do. I know who owns most of your industry this most important part of your national person. My neighbor does. How did he get it. Do you know of any other international lady who was allowed so much of herself to fall into a neighbor's hand when you bought it but me and he
said and you sold it. And in other words you sold yourself now do you deny that you have never been intimate with your neighbor just as you were intimate with his predecessor John Paul. Well I don't know you don't know yet I don't know this morning when I was drunk but I was so happy I woke up he was in bed with me. Precisely he was in bed with you and you were in bed with him. That's all my lord that is the defense case and the last time those on the road reveals all I know it is time for the summing up after which we shall research whether Coke propels the story looked at if it goes on if you already along ladies. Very much. This has been a long trial and we've only
precept This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Whether that offended a sovereign international lady has conducted international affairs constituting international prostitution. Rectitude integration a couple sort of the lot. We have found that the defendant was legally married to John Blue and till 1867 when she received a decree Nicette that leaves only this neighbor friend. This this Uncle Samuel that there was a quid pro quo arrangement is set but there isn't enough to decide be exact nature of that arrangement. Who was quid for whose quote not I come to a much more serious aspect of the charge and yet I believe the prosecutor was at fault. This the charge against the defendant was improper. If there were grounds for suspicion that there was an intimacy between the defendant in this neighborhood then the child should have been a much more serious job. What this neighbor is an oak. I don't consent. I miss Canada and he are related within the prohibited degrees of
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The border in question
International shady-lady
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