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Now when my two boys and girls to listen I love your science lady brings you another let's find out. How boys and girls. Are you ready to try some more experiment today. Good. Our helpers are going to show you how to fly Jet Blue. Have you ever heard of a jet bolu. Well I have you. Have you ever heard of a jet plane a jet airplane. Our jet balloon will not be very much like a jet airplane but it will show us how air can help to push things along. Air does push things along doesn't it. Have you ever seen the wind pushing anything along.
Have you ever seen leaves pushed along the ground by the wind. Have you ever felt the wind pushing against you. Air does push against things. Well we ought to be ready to make a jet balloon. Mr. Pilot Are you ready. And Miss copilot are you ready to. Well I wonder if you are standing up at the table at the front of your room so everybody can see if you're not. Get up there and stand by the table right now. All right. What does a pilot do. What is a pilot's job. He flies a plane that's right. What does a copilot do. Did you say helps to fly the plane helps the pilot. Yes he does. When out to daily Mr. Pilot is a
boy isn't he and our copilot is a girl so we're all ready to begin Mr. Pilot. Let's get our jet balloon ready to take off shall we. If you pick up the balloon the one with out the string. Pick it up off the table. Now we'll have to fill our balloon with fuel before we fly. Well boy you know what we're going to use for fuel today. Real airplanes use gasoline and oil and rocket fuel. But we're going to use air. Do you suppose air will help our jet balloons fly. All right Mr. Pilot blow air into the balloon. Blow it up. Not too big because we don't want to break it before it flies for us. Blow it into a balloon. Now not too big just that I think you ought to have it about right. Right now. So hold it tight at the next oh no air get
out. Are you pinching the neck very tight. All right now let's use the table for our runway miss copilot will you clear the table runway please take everything off. Hold the other balloon in your hand and step away from the table. All right now Mr. Pilot Are you still holding onto that balloon. All right. Hold it on the table with the neck of the balloon against the table. Mr. Pilot when you stand at the end of the table go down and stand at the end of the table and hold it with the neck of the balloon facing you. Put the neck of the balloon facing you and write down on the table don't let go of it yet. All right now are we ready for the takeoff. Now listen when I say all clear. Let go of the balloon. Are you ready. All clear.
What happened. Did your balloon fly. Go get it Mr. bullet. The balloon here in the studio flew around in circles and went scooting across the floor. Blow it up again Mr Pilot. Now while Mr Pilot is refueling his balloon Let's think a little bit about it. When it takes off this time watch which part of the balloon is ahead this time Mr Pilot. I wonder if you hold the neck of the balloon down on the table and point the balloon right straight up to the ceiling in your room. Tip your hand so that the balloon is standing on the little neck. Can you do that. All right now get your hand away lean over because that balloon Lavin to go in almost any direction. Are you all going to watch the balloon now and see which part of it goes ahead. Ready. All clear. Let it go. That was a good one here did your balloon fly through the air.
What made it fly do you suppose. Well let's see if we can find out. Go get your balloon Mr. Pilot can you find it there on the floor someplace wherever it landed. All right have you got it. Blow it up again. Now be careful. Not too big get it just about as big as you had before. Are you ready. All right now hold the neck tightly. Don't let any air out. All right now Mr. Pilot with the fingers of your other hand. Seal the outside of the balloon. Does it feel tight. Let me copilot feel it too. Press it Miss copilot not too hard but pressure fingers against the outside of the balloon. Does it feel firm. Does it feel as
though something is pushing against your fingers. What's in the balloon. The air inside is pushing against the inside of the balloon isn't it. Hold it with both hands Mr. copilot and I don't let any air out remember. Now this copilot pressed carefully against the balloon. Can you make a dent in the balloon with your fingers. What happens to the dent when you take your hand away. It pops out doesn't it. What is pushing against the inside of the balloon. The air Mr. copilot Mr. Pilot blew into the balloon is pushing against the inside isn't it. Now think when you open the neck of the balloon there is no rubber there to press against is there sole the air inside presses against the rest of the balloon and
pushes it away pushes it forward. When you think about that. All right let your balloon go again. Mr. pilot goes all right now Ms copilot. Are you ready to blow up your balloon. Let's see if your balloon the one with the string and I do it will pull the little weight. Maybe you have a stick or a pencil tied to the string. Let's see if that Malone can pull that weight. This copilot spall you stand at the other end of the table not the one where Mr. Pilot is and Mr. Pilot you stand at your end of the table so that if the balloon comes along you can catch it before it falls off. All right good. You have the balloon with a string tied to his copilot. All right. Blow it from over there. Not too big remember I now pinch you tight so no air comes out. Don't let any air
out. Now listen now before you let it go. Hold it tightly in your fingers and put the balloon on the table with the weight on the table to put your hand down on the table so the weight and the end of the balloon is on the table and when you point it filled at the top the big part of the balloon is pointing right at Mr Pilot. Down the length of the table you have to change your hands go right ahead but don't let any air out. All right now we're going to watch and see what happens when we say all clear remember Miss copilot you're going to let go. Are you ready. All clear. Oh then that balloon pull the weight down the cable. Now if the string came off I wonder maybe teachers close by there she can help you put it on or maybe Mr. Pilot can put it back on. Slip the little loop right over the end of the mouthpiece of the balloon and let's see if we can try this once more.
While we're getting the balloon ready Think about that that balloon was going fast enough to pull a little weight. We had tied to it. Would you believe that air could do something like that. Now the weight isn't very heavy but it pulled a balloon to pull the little balloon Polder weight along the table. You want to try it once more Mr. copilot. Pick up the balloon and blow it up brought up. Not too big this time but big enough so that will go all the way the length of the table and you put a little more air into it just a little more. Now be careful alright hang on tight. Now don't let any air out and hold it down. And are we already all clear let it go. We y our balloon lifted the weight right up off the table. This time this copilot get the balloon again will you did this drink come off.
I hope not. All right if it did put it back on again pick up the balloon again and blow some more air in it and this time we're going to drive something else. Blow it up now. Just about the same size you had it before. Not too not too big and not too little. We want enough air in there to really do a job. Now this time is copilot. Hold the balloon so it points right up to the ceiling. Put the neck of the balloon down on the table. Keep your finger on it so neuer gets out and get your head out of the way and everything clear. Let's go through did it hop up in the air. Did it pull the weight with it. Good. Well air does push and pull things along doesn't it. When you were outside today I wonder if you will see if there is any wind blowing when you do that. Before we do that I wonder is there time to try both Blome. I think
maybe there is. Let's both Mr. Pilot and Miss copilot each blow your own balloon up again. Blow it up as big as you can this time I hope it doesn't break. Not too big when you think it feels pretty tight. Don't blow any more air into it. Just get it about the right size. All right. Now this time both of you put your balloons. The neck of the balloon down on the table and hold it tight don't let any air out now get your heads out of the way and your hands out of the way. If you have to change your hand saw that. All right I think we're ready here. Are you already out there in your classroom. Good. Now some of you are going to have trouble watching two balloons. But see if you can find out which balloon goes up in the air higher than the other balloon. Are you ready. All clear. Let it go. Oh oh goodness me Mr Pilot.
Balloon went clear up and hit the ceiling here in the studio. Did your balloon go up and hit the ceiling. The other one didn't go very high. Why did the balloon that means copilot let go. Why did it not go very high as high as the other balloon. Can you think. Do you suppose it was because it had a weight tied to it. I think so. I think you were right. Would you like Mr. copilot and Miss copilot would you like to show the other boys and girls in the room how to do this. Now youll have to wipe the neck of the balloon off won't you. And make it nice and clean if you want somebody else to do it. And will you when you go outdoors today. Watch for air pushing things along. We do that all right by.
Let's find out, grade 2
Jet balloons
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This program tells children about flying jet balloons.
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In-school series produced for release in Fall 1960.
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