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That was the idea. Well go out of the way look at it yeah they've done he said he's done plus quality for opposing selection. Miss Peters will be heard in one of the most tragically dramatic scenes in operatic literature. The mad scene from Luke. Leaving her lover Ed good to be unfaithful she consents to a loveless marriage with a friend of her brothers. After the ceremony Ed go suddenly appears and announces her infidelity and that night the bride goes mad kills her husband it appears raving among the wedding guests. The famous mad scene she sings of her early joy with her lover and then of her tragic marriage. Once again this robot Peters. Ooh.
Robot if PBS has concluded Uppal bombings will run ads in London as it is up ready to tear the lovable Arab of the goggles. Rescued as dogs come to urban audiences to call evil mosquitoes which grow and his years once again I urge. To close this first concert of the season I will conduct this Internet a
symphony in the Rhapsody Espanol. Oh.
On two. The thing.
With. The Rhapsody Espanyol of Maurice Nobel brings to a close this opening concert.
Of the 68 season of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Now Mr. Murdoch returns to the stage and signals the orchestra to rise. And acknowledge. The next concert of the Cincinnati Symphony. Will feature the young American pianist John Browning. The program will include the overjoyed to ḥasan of them. And the American premier performance of the Passacaglia for string orchestra Opus 73 of the NL talk us. To talk us is a member of the faculty of the College Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati. So is John Browning will be heard in the concerto in a major four hundred eighty eight of Mozart. And oppose the concert. Mr. Rudolph will conduct the
orchestra in the symphony funtastic Opus 14 of burials. This program recorded during performances at Music Hall in Cincinnati by W.G. U.S. FM the University of Cincinnati station. Was made possible through a grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters. And with the cooperation of the Cincinnati musicians Association recording engineer James at hot junior continuity by Carolyn Watts production and I rationed George Brown Gold This is the end E.B. Radio Network.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Donizetti and Ravel
Producing Organization
University of Cincinnati
WGUC (Radio station : Cincinnati, Ohio)
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
Roberta Peters performs a piece by Donizetti. The Cincinatti Symphony Orchestra performs a piece by Ravel.
Series Description
This series presents performances by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra from its 1963 season.
Broadcast Date
Media type
Conductor: Rudolf, Max, 1902-1995
Performer: Peters, Roberta, 1930-
Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.
Producing Organization: University of Cincinnati
Producing Organization: WGUC (Radio station : Cincinnati, Ohio)
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 63-6 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:27
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