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Jack was of the class. Welcome to our knowledge of jazz classics from the private collection of the money came from. The old 78 rpm recordings are now a collector's item and here to comment on the music and play some of the records for you is Lenny. Tonight we're going to have a show first to two parts on the great pianist Art Tatum and longs Tatum an equally shining bright on their instruments are Sam Stuart and tiny Grimes and of course slam Stuart is a bass man who bows his bass and homes with it. That is in his solo capacity and tiny Grimes plays an amplified guitar. And these men in the mid 40s had a very exciting trio and they recorded for all time some number of records. And we're going to play those tonight and we'll start how we're going to play a record which of course will sort of give you
an idea of. The time that it was made because of course but you were he was very popular doing it period of time. But fortunately in this case why it's got to take a dim genius behind it. And it's very it's really a very exciting record so we're going to book you again. Now another record from this same date that this trio made. And of course in this
case it's a record that was originally made famous by the Benny Goodman sextet. It's a beautiful song. And here Tatum Grimes and Stuart played very beautifully too and it software ends. All.
Right. Thanks. For. This.
Boom boom boom.
It's really beautiful the way that they at the end of a selection seem to just sort of go hither and yon over hill and dale for any amount of time that they want to on this particular on these records of this session and that next record we're going to hear is on the sunny side of history. Will.
Now the next election we're going to hear by the Art Tatum trio is one it was
later on. From the time this record was made which was in the mid 40s made into a big hit to millions out our Buy Causey Cole in an orchestra and it might be more familiar as a tune but it's certainly a good tune is called Topsy. And.
Now we're going to hear another selection was recorded on Comet label with this same trio
and it's a very famous Gershwins record Gershwin record of the man I love. We're going to play one more record by Art Tatum. And on this side he's not with
the trio but rather he's playing solo. And of course these sides that this particular record came from these six selections were done for Decca and I thought it would be appropriate just to put this in. Sort of diagonal way at the end of this first of two programs. And we're going to hear this very famous record that the Tatum produced of about 1940 and its get happy for. Well that concludes tonight's show and of course the great Art Tatum
Toledo's gift to music and certainly the world's gift to jazz. Well I will be looking into his work next week at morning and of course until that time when I keep listening to the bit amusing. Next week at the same time money gets old again so like several recordings from
his private collection of old 78 rpm jazz classics he'll play them for you on jazz of the band. This is the University of Alaska Broadcasting Service. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Jazz of the past
Art Tatum, part I
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KUAC-TV (Television station : Fairbanks, Alaska)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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For series info, see Item 3397. This prog.: Art Tatum (piano), Slam Stuart (bass), and Tiny Grimes (guitar) play Boogy Woogy, Soft Winds, On the Sunny Side of the Street, Topsy, The Man I Love, Get Happy (Mid-1940s)
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Producing Organization: KUAC-TV (Television station : Fairbanks, Alaska)
Producing Organization: University of Alaska Fairbanks
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