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Fairly recently a study was made of four hundred and seventy five girls and boys who dropped out of high school. Most of them had below average IQ. The median was eighty seven point two. Most of these children had failed at least two semesters. Only 25 percent did satisfactory work in school. Almost half of them failed their last English course. One half of the four hundred seventy five children had a greater to better than B while only 8 percent had one or more grades of a one half of the dropouts were not living in the same house with their fathers during their school days. Of those living with their fathers the fathers were unemployed in one house out of every two most of the families were on public assistance rolls. Of these four hundred seventy five dropouts from school 40 percent were known to the juvenile court. The majority for delinquent behavior the others was dependent on neglect cases. The most frequent reason given for dropping out of school was to get a job. Of the 100 and 12 interviewed in person only 40 were employed at the time of the interview and of the 40
only 15 were employed full time. In every case the job held would be regarded as unskilled and low salaried. When I asked whether they would like to take advantage of training programs most were rather enthusiastic in agreeing that this might help. The boys would be most interested in mechanics especially automobile mechanics appliance repair and crafts. The girls showed primary preferences for training and becoming nurses aides secretaries and hairdressers. Statistical information can be impersonal and easily forgotten. See how different it is when you listen to one of the children in this study with a story in depth and with a child's monogrammed personality emerging from the data. Here to preview the features of this case history is Father Duffy. Growth toward personal and social maturity involves adopting new better more rewarding and more satisfying values and behavior patterns. This helps us become
stable without becoming inflexible. From a position of adulthood maturity security and sanity adults I feel can analyze and evaluate the actions of children in trouble without disliking or disapproving the children as persons. We do see some rather alarming attitudes among problem children. What we have seen might lead us to hazard some challenging generalizations just to take one problem children are rather sophisticated their negative and critical of adult values of balanced living and serenity. They tend to be too precocious. By this I mean that there's a time and place for everything. Among them there is time displacement. There's a time to smoke to drive a car to leave school to get a job to get married. Disturbed children tend to anticipate all important events in life when they should be drinking milk their own carbonated beverages when they come to the age to enjoy them they're already on intoxicating ones. Some begin smoking at the age of eight or ten. They seek employment when they should be preparing for it.
In school they often displace or reverse the normal patterns of meeting others of the opposite sex. Dating courting getting married having sex relations and parenthood. But Reddit is such a child. How organs grow. That's pretty good. And you haven't left and how you do in school. People eat and do you. I just went about a month ago and I mean you know for quite good I wasn't there long enough but I got a lead on what I want sounds very promising Don. Do you hope to keep going and finish high school. I don't want to go back to school because I'm like if I'm awake now or maybe even if you if you came to the worst you could go to school or finish then have school. My thing and the woman is present but we expect to go to women's prison. And what we what we are in for this
time runway. From home if you go through school. We don't have to run away. You know you can. You're free to come and go as you please pretty much right where girl service you know you have to be and to be there sticks and six bits of Asian food I'm going to say and you make it. And you've been working at that time. That's what I wanted to do because I was going to finish John's going to go to no practical and I think a marriage would be pretty exciting work. Nice work. How much would he tell you in a place like that where you went where you were a number that is there. You went there one day. And I finished. I think it's about $20 every two years and you take off right away from there. I mean wait near to the truth before this time what we are in for last time. Know your way of thinking. Twenty two.
Do you have a lot to drink or a lot of problems. You will hear now what what were some of those in my family mostly. Your mother and father married several times and now my mother is living with a man she has protein children my father that in my eyes. Anyone think that I think that I may go with him because he is not married. Does he have any other children. My sister is staying with your mother and father were married before they married each other. Well they were very thorough. Their bread of my mother's womb of another me and my father stand by for me as my sister my mother half not just 14 she's 14. You get along with her. I have seen almost 8 years now. Did you ever get along well. What would you think the trouble was here a messy life and who are succumbing to the manse you know what he drank too much and he couldn't get no work and
he always began on herd of working on form. She supported him. You're probably wondering too. I hated the thought of going and could think of you that in hospital with us are you talking and do you get sick. What kind of volume you drink out of a day or a week. Are you doing an art sitting on every day and night. But it didn't bother me that I think after. It kind of creeps up on and the time before that you hear what we have for the 14th time I've been in your most times I've been you're running away and drink and are gaining Kang right that kids. Know. You. On who you. Think is run around together bunch of boys. What's something you remember from when you were a little girl. My aunt and I never knew my mother died 11 11
years old and then. I found out my mother was where my mother lived and I want to go if they were. For me and for me she took me back to that my mother was a no good night is gonna find out why the past 15. Then when I got them when I thanked them for Modi and got out of there and things she told me she want to have nothing to do with oppression right nation income thing and I don't want. MUCH GOING TO YOU worst is when I move in with Korn Coleman sister she don't know why I hate my mother because I did a thing thing my mother said that she thought I mean just like my mother and I are right. Oh and I can't hate my mother I think I hate her backing later. Well I think the tie between mother and daughter is pretty strong. And I'm afford more than that in my mother could come from Perth with him and he crushes you to one way street.
For both. They don't own their own courts. Mother I wish you'd come fame me insane or. Three years. Well she's kind of rejecting you. You think. I'm going to watch you do that. I think of because me and them with down on one her to have nothing to do with it because I'm too much of a bad influence by a kid. One whose wife is better than you and your mother. They're not married to each other and hang on my faith. But actually love them is not and I don't. And she just so wound up and you know I would say she gets her own children and go but hamburgers but you know it's not very fair. I never did and I never knew my mother really. Now I am with my
father and he when he was working I think any of you have much time and he never had time to do nothing so we're there and I. Remember just but I've been around he was drinking or anything. And I knew everything much better than they were she was. We had never much time to move you or talk to him. We got some time to drink. Talk the boy down there. You think he didn't have the time or he could have found it if he wanted to earn that they were going. Do you have any friends are not really friends. Read any one friend. Well they really have friends they call your phone call or your friends. They know your friend the funny face right behind your back to talk about you and you get much nagging it when you live where you live before you went in for the juice into the night you live how you do that
I never did it or. That I do things on my own if I wanted to go hard and I don't have to do it. Even that was maybe your way of getting back at them for the relief. Or maybe they were nicer to you maybe you'd have been a better behaved girl do you think. And how were you in school then there just continue this kind of math you were treated in school. How about Tommy and about 100 Do they make you feel different from your girls not many girls up there must be hard in the case that there was an institution and I knew that I was an institution so every time anything happened I think they campaigned on me that I just pulled them up and then do nothing but I did my work and everything handed my work and whenever we had f I didn't but I did get magnanimity gyrus I was not that was not the player he was a column and you've read and seen and the panic of the thing there
and you know it's a nothing because he knew it was in life nobody else. Not turning. The finance on about. What with the institutions I was in when I did a good thing. And went at it with it until you can accept teaching a face she told me get up on him I think Wanna HONE I didn't do nuffin I thought I wouldn't come from laughter. This is the death your way of getting back that it's a way of getting back to people that you know that that's right. Mike People come in with. What in another thing. That and I can if I want to kind of worker and I don't I would you do. I know you want one of what I'm getting of where Marion the women gays and he's a coward way and you going he's in your army now you need to do anything for me on an ankle he Ari told me at. And he's the one he actually begun play with me come back on here time I thought tonight he see me he brought me back on to have ghost
of current Omega when Anyway the entire not going to join in at me and and he said for me to come back and he said this is the face. So now I might be pregnant actually the long way and I can get in touch move is on the way thing down and he's the one involved. I don't know if I'm praying or not Jep it I think if you are I'm going to if I am praying I hope I hope and pray I am. But there are no I don't know who he is they know the name of June and a middle name they just met and he's based in Texas. And you are going back to the army. Was he married before. But when you go to college. How is that you can't get in but you also wonder when he ever dare to be on time because you never know. I had to write was I me one time when I was in that I never went with my people I wanted to wipe away the my whole life and I was going to carve
her way you know about the rate here would be six more I never thought about it and I never even seen me for the first time it came in goodbye when a friend and first happened to me you know if in fact I'd started on how this happened and you have anybody with you know we're walking about 12:30 I was coming from my girlfriends and I was baby and meaner than it would have paid for and we thank you for that matter. Thought it was and I walked by myself and when I was 14 years old I went with my money and sample and I went to the park and you know all the kids left and everything and you kids are no where I work and I never I mean I left on a parking lot when I was younger now but after that I thought I thought going on it because too many kids are getting in trouble finding one on one park when it's done with going on with them.
And it threw me in a time when a foreigner would happen in there and you lose consciousness. After why that is. Boys a boy is a cowboy here and he's in jail now because they got out I was with money that he was want to rape me but he wasn't and he was on to me. When you're going to marry him I want him to have anything in jail now. You didn't go to a doctor but my mama took me off the next morning after she found out what happened. Then after after that she thought he wanted it and I told her whether he thought a raven and I had to go to court for it or you know. You told the truth in court. I thought and enough and I mean and they sent me you know now I want to do that as a reason for that. He wanted your happiness and when you're doing try to get him out. There was nothing I could that I wouldn't bring about I thought it was. And here I am
letting me do it and now I can. And the court room did you probably won't like what I thought and letting me know what a bunch of idiots means I was crazy you know that I thought he probably would do because he was car now like on he probably would do it I think oh I thought it was a card I made there were because like I would I want to go would need a soap and I said it's a shame I feel with the same just because John and I did there why go going to car war because they're not due to prejudice and prejudice. OK but you were going on when I was still a permanent problem with a lot of words I live in your district and I live and I would now that's where it goes and now you tell us is back and I am I hearing next. There are things you don't you don't even know I'm here. He thought I would get Ivan. He thought I would have to come there and you will where have you been up. First you were with him you you with your mother and father and then your mother left and
they were not here and I went oh I thought they differ there. When whom to where what was her home what then. One of them. Then I went and ran away from Mary. I mean I'm either they differ they ran and I ran away. I think the governor they after 17 months there wasn't a city night I got when my mother stayed another six months they let me go mother. And I thank you I ran away they set me up which I was I was at their premier for when I and they are I think they're running away and I don't know artist and they are they took me back to court because they're going to was from that I think back to my mother the same day I was home I mean why I want to know a mere 12 o'clock and I say my 10:30 I mean with around because my stuff was
really that he would kill me and I didn't get out in 93 in a way. So for them again there until April 17th edition and then you went from there to my girl for whom it was from one of their wonderful ran away last thing. Now that well you really think there must be something wrong with you know what what you are you are name was they to make this one point. Of pride because nobody anything and I like. When you like. Now I think there's more bad to me than good because I have been too much trouble for what might be part of what that means is unique and special. I never even got normal to make any but I never had anybody really talk to me. Funny thing in Europe they had to base it on things I didn't know but it would uni in a hurry to get out of something.
I used it as you think you are. What would it take to bring bring out a better price. One thing I need some ways it's like a mother thought I knew me before I would say no. Never heard one thing under it and I think if I went off what there was I'm against that or go back to deal with them like that one and I think I'll stay now I'm going to London now and one three nefarious to start another deal to me because I've been knocked up all my life mostly and having everybody get tired being in jail all their life. Did you ever talk to anybody like this before. I didn't. I'm going to talk to you with quarter of an hour for America Draney a good 7 as a factor sided in with everybody thought to me a mentor thought I deserved a better break them and you know. What you think parents should be like. One thing they should get aren't short of a discipline whether when I die because I never got in and I never had to beat him out all night.
What you got there to hold her happy to tell you guys what else this is a negative side of the world you should let them get away with murder but I got away with murder. You think maybe that's probably some of your trouble. You really nobody around you enough to step in and say don't do this and I think I should learn the hard way. They said they thought I think I should get a monthly with a bullet present they don't die 21 years five years from now and then you'll be real my sweet mother I think I'd be worth it. Why I really would. Well you know I think you would but I think so in other words suppose or something that you like and I think you know what and who's never got this well to deprive you of it more and further and longer is not going to give you the thing you need anyhow and when you put your finger on it you really needed an operation mother and father who number one one of you before they had you they all want one of you who like you who are going to listen to you who are willing to talk to you. And at the same time to
guide you pretty firmly. Never have either of you but I know where I think if I get my thing I am pregnant and I'm getting my baby because I'm finding a doctor trying to get my day because Ali and I will go our going to Vegas I like to go in and they're never going to meet found out who they were they even I I do get in my thing who never get it. So they I think it is getting one Internet know how and I think that will baby will be the first one you've ever had to really want yours. You do get some love and laughter and that's why I have to work in a hospital because they have smart or not. When did you last one and that you want to give up about two or three times a week and the further I went there I mean I got a long way toward a no thing but I would on Monday I went to work and to going away now but you know when you
are not there but with something connected with I familiar and aware with some to connect with the situation where you are connected with the situation around telling him all and I thought I would get back to him you know what I got that I never would have been would have been already afterwards ornamented at many of the now. So in a way you really very much like your mother and my mother they won't be able to find another way than if I was never going to Connecticut. Think of that committee on their way for when you died a trouble maker I mean drank wine or they don't like my mother she drinks like a fish. Did you try to dominate him. Once. She drank it I was money but she fought for him for our dinner about it and she couldn't stand him and probably couldn't because she loved the training as I would got
mine off unless she liked to drink a fair wife and take another thing. You know very pleasant company for yourself. I like my thoughts. Well nobody has to like you and I have trust and confidence because you'll never get me someone you don't have a soft start and it's pretty hard when you don't see anybody in your side except yourself and you look at yourself. You know you cite either you know for your life and you prove yourself in other ways. You don't like the way you look now you like you wait a narrow way too much. You know like you hear that you try to change that. But I was sleeping. But I mean the change the color of it and it. Was one part of your life. When I asked. You you would begin to tell me what you think parents should be like and use him discipline while
I say that I learned in the run of a life that they really are and they will parent or how you think you're going to be a good mother if you never use our own good money to be how you have to live in a match I would never do anything because I break its neck of the things I want to play try to make you wish for what you did to me when I am not now but I think you know what I did. Oh well that's that's even worse I think in a way you can do whatever you want and no one paying attention to you know they are going to be like them. It's going to be to target for their own end. Does he know about the chat he was having but does he write. Keep in touch with I don't know where he is that he knows where you are. I hear you know what he thinks are there with one to vent you don't know the number of it. See he's either not a writer but a coward and I don't like copyright that have occurred.
GONNA CRY I think I can get in touch with him as his brother and his brother go with her when I don't know with last name his brother Their names are there they have different fathers and of their mother's damaged kids to be on the dole family is very nice because I was an adult every one of them could be if you want you lot are going to tell them to go. Well he could write down their number and I would I want to do with this single brother and all. And I. Don't know where to Annette and your brother that was in my english in my homeroom class and you body anyone can get his brother their dress for me and I can get in touch with his brother for you know what happened. Just you just know Texas going to come back with a gun and you know nobody in Pittsburgh for the first time ever kind of how do I meet him there that I've been going. And you
want anything I wanted and I care and why me and you buying me so I made it and you became pregnant and left who would you want to marry. Now I feel that we must be a terrier. We recently heard tell of a woman said to be involved in arson while drunk. She was just wondering what would happen if she held the burning match near a curtain in her apartment in a sort of temporary dissociation from reality she lighted a match and held it closer and closer to the curtains. They caught fire and so did everything else in the building. Then she knew what would happen. Lorena seems to be doing a similar trick of dissociation sort of wondering what people will say and do and now she knows because she's on the way to a woman's reformatory she's uncertain and apprehensive but she retains all her anger resentment and
defiance. This may be a mask for her fear and uncertainty and indecision. Her last holdout is her unborn baby. Nobody's going to get it by method of adoption. She plans to be a good mother to her baby but we may anticipate that the baby will grow up to resent the fact that he was born in prison. He may also resent the fact that he's half white and half negro. We don't know how he will receive these penalties and they are penalties in our present society. We don't know how mixed his feelings will be towards a young mother who is so strong in the area of decision but weak in the area of judgment. You have been listening to exploring the child's world. A program in which the child speaks. Father Francis Duff a professor of sociology at Duquesne University has conducted the interview with the child and to find the outlines of this world in a summary that followed.
Exploring the child's world III
They won't get my baby
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Loretta is 16, and a school dropout who stole, drank and ran away. Now pregnant by an older youth she is on the way to a state reformatory.
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Interviews with delinquent and disturbed young people who are encouraged to discuss their experiences and express feelings. To protect individuals, each program is a re-creation of an actual interview using different names and places.
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