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We're a program in the serious ways of mankind presented under the supervision of Walter Goldsmith anthropologist at the University of California Los Angeles by the National Association of educational broadcasters a series designed to show dramatically how human beings live together in different times and places. World renewal is the last of four programmes prepared to offer you with the experience of living as your rock Indians lived within their stone age culture. Dr. Goldsmith Iraq Indians of Northern California sought their livelihood from Forest and stream without benefit of farming or herding a rich environment made possible a rich life in the small towns along the banks of the Klamath River. The Iraq people worked hard because they thought I don't this to be evil because they want to be rich. Those who had wealth were important. They own fishing and hunting places and also the sacred goods for religious ceremonies. Rich men lead the dance. The Iraq war a proud people. Pride can lead to
suspicion and this to Quark's the Iraq took no insult lightly nor could they always live up to the strict rules of their culture. Sins were committed. New York believed that sins form a cloud of pestilence and that they must perform the world renewal ceremony to drive back this miasma of sin. I was tense during the ceremonies tense in the remembrance of the hatreds and sins that made the ceremony necessary. Tense in the rivalry that existed in the display of wealth by the rich. Tense and the fear that some fresh outbreak might prevent the purpose of the dance. And who among us can say they were wrong. Preserving the ritual meant successful cooperation and the resolution of the conflict. This may indeed be a world in your. I am Up With whom was created of the word God to be your people. The land beyond the sky is my home. The land where the great from the beginning. I walk among
my people. They cannot see me. I know their every move. I hear each word they speak. The shout that rises when salmon enter the fish traps and the whisper of a man to his wife. It is I who favor the hunter with luck. I answer the cries of my people for money and warn them when evil approaches. But there is one task they must perform themselves. When the sins they have committed form clouds of pestilence that threaten to cover the earth and the world is bowed down. I can watch and hope that everything goes well. But only my people can reign you with the world. I stand at the top of the cliff overlooking the sacred grove of what tomorrow.
My people gather for the white deer skin dance. Only when they dance for 10 days and only if they do the right thing and do not let the evil spirits confuse them. Only then will the world be made new again. It is quiet now in the grove. The young priest and his help make the ground holy. With this hazel branch I sweep away all sin from the world sweep away all sin from the world. Now I tremble to make the world live well make the will lie well I rub my shoulder against the oak tree so may all sickness be rubbed off the people. So may all sickness be rubbed off to the people I place the sweet angelical root on the fire to purify to purify purists. Humorous.
Way before the arrival of my people. I know the scene they come to dance away. Some of my people have eaten their meat and salmon at the same meal. A father and son have allowed bitterness and hatred to drive them into separate houses. Many have slept in the family houses with their women instead of in their sweat houses. Women who have not lived alone the full 50 days after their children up on people have mentioned the name of the dead. Before the year of mourning is past a man jumped into an open grave and stowed entail his dead body. A grievous sin they hover over the earth and threaten to destroy it. There's nothing the matter with the priest this young boy like that. How can he remember all the things a priest is supposed to. He was with his father only Tom the old man was alive.
I'm sure he knows only has to Quanah. I wish the old man was still alive. He was a good priest. This bone OS but it's not going to be a good dance. I can feel what I wouldn't be surprised if that boy had drunk water today. Oh he knows better than that. If he's drunk water the whole dance is bad. You might as well go home before it starts. I'm sure the priest hasn't drunk water and everything's going to be just the way it should want to hear. Maybe so but I don't like it. I don't like it at all. Where are you. You're like right here grandfather. Take my boy. I don't see so well anymore you know lead me to a place where I can sit down. We can sit here grandfather. It's good to get off my feet. But I like to be near the dancers when they start. Now we're close enough to like I think so.
We need the fire. You taught me to dance in front of it. Are you excited boy. I remember the first times I went to high I was excited when I see everybody keeping away from that space back of the fire grandfather. Nobody sits there. It's not allowed. That's where Bob comes and watches. He ordered us to have these dances and we've always done it. Long time ago that was back in what they called the well Gay Days. Was that when you were young. Long before that boy. OPA kumu saw a big cloud coming all filled with sin and sickness and he made the world the people dance to the cloud was gone. It took 10 days. Did you have food at the dances like my mother left back cooking over there. Better or I had more of it. They had acorns and salmon in baskets big as our sweat house at home because that Hezzy look sharp boy how are the dancers coming it know grandfather.
Now back my no street still at the dressing place hey. And you see how many white deer skins there are there rooting them up on polo. I had scored it means a rich mans outfitting his first dance. Be careful there are snark. Tell your dancers not to let those deer skins touch the ground. Take care of your things. Better tell them all the same. Don't let the deerskin touch the ground man. You should be a happy man. Lending such fine things for this dance and all of you have given as well. My best salmon and acorns as big as your finger. Then you should really be happy. Everybody here see what a rich man you are. Yes my house is rich. And I only wish I could enjoy it. Why can't you. It's my god after he married he would
live with me anymore. When across the river and build his own house I heard about that something about the marriage price he paid for his wife was just a little misunderstanding. Maybe if it could happen all again. Excuse me I see the priest giving us the signal we'll have to start dancing soon. We're about ready men. Now be sure you circle of fire just the way you are supposed to nobody. My friend Mable grandfather he's going to sit with us. Come closer boy let me see you. Where are you from the house I was like I live in your town clock. Your father and my son know make hunt together. My father is leading the first dance is that song. Yes to me here says you've called him all about how the dances were in the old days. Will you tell me to. Would you like to hear how all the salmon and deer were once locked up by evil spirits.
I will set them free so we'd have food coming the datas are coming and the priest is going over to the fire. Quiet boy quiet. Don't talk when the dance is about to begin. Silence be quiet all of you. We've come here to dance and drive away from the world to make the world new again a place to live in. Now you people know how heavy the cloud of sin hangs over the earth and if we don't dance in the way bad things are going to happen. Remember the rules live by them. Nothing can interfere with our ceremonies. Remember not to step behind the dancers who is there watching the dance. He wants to see the Europe people acting right. He wants to see us get rid of evil thoughts and angry feelings. Ragab is putting on this dance. He has furnished the five white deer skins and the food we will eat
later on. Other men will lend part of their wealth for other dances and supply the food. This is OUR York way. Now let us begin to destroy sin. Let us purify and renew the world. Let her sing begin. Let the pebble strike the board. Let go first. Don't speak in. Public. I'm watching with pleasure as my people dance away now on the evening of the fifth day. It is time for the new fire ceremony the priest has gone down to the river to light the new fire which will keep all fires pure until the next dance at a matinee. Only the priest and his helper can look at this fire. If another person looks on it he will die. The people wait in the grove talking quietly together. But the
heart of one woman is just like. What's the matter. You problematic if you seen him. Wasn't he sitting over my back and I can't find him. Sick or not there's nothing to get excited about. He's probably around talking to someone he's not have looked you know how old he is he forgets things. If he goes down the river where the priest is I'll go after him. Be careful. Father stop. Who is that. Oh it's you know maybe I was just Father do you know where you were heading down to the river. Have you forgotten about the priest and the new fire. Yes I guess I did forget. Come on father let's go back. Thanks for coming after me so bad as my eyes I looked at the fire not ready to die yet. I'm overjoyed that a man was concerned about his father
and kept him from seeing the new fire. It is good that a man should respect and love his father. But now I see danger threatening the ceremony. I see a woman coming up from the river. An evil spirit stirs inside and I know that the moment the breath of trouble will move among my people. Do you know what I saw. When I was down at the river this afternoon I saw while tobacco plant. It was only as high as my knee and just now I saw it again. The same plant higher than my head and leaning into the river. It's a bad sign while tobacco's poison when it grows so fast it can only bring even. This dance is no good I thought so from the beginning. A young priest this dance is no do you know what a wild tobacco plant reaching into the river and strangling a
salmon and hollow the priest was watching and didn't even resign. This stands as a bad sign. For somebody. Think about it this afternoon and from the river today. Nobody's ever supposed to drink from the river. A priest isn't supposed to drink water and all that or if we go home now all of us. I'm an old man and I want a good dancer as much as the rest of you. If the priest drank water. But we've got to find out if you really did. Let's go and ask if you don't have to go anywhere. I'm here. Did you drink water this afternoon. I've had nothing since the dance began but Finn ACORN soup we heard you drank water from the river. Yes I'm sure you did. This is the kind of rumor that
sweeps dance ceremony the kind of lie that can only end with evil. This is the foul water dripping from the cloud of sin that covers all people do you want to face the world to follow with sadness. You want the deer and Simon to hear of our folly and desert us forever so our people starve. I did not drink water. Word is good enough for me. No more talk about leaving the dance. EVERYBODY GO GET SOME SLEEP OK. While Oh who's that. It's me. No make where you sleep. You know I was thinking about what those people said tonight. Don't let it bother you. It's not good no make. When people accuse the priest of not being pure it's a bad sign for the ceremony. What did you want. It's about the dance tomorrow. Laimbeer was supposed to lend a pair of obsidian blades as well and all the excitement tonight. He took his
family and went home. You see it's a bad sign people are already leaving the dance will never finish the 10 days. Here's the only one who left. He's a rich man but he only thinks of himself. I think we have to do is get a pair of obsidian blades before tomorrow. How'd the night's half over. There was one man who could contribute. He's given a lot already but maybe if you talk to him it's worth a try. Well our hero has something to ask you. We need to Obsidian blades for the dance tomorrow. What about main pair giving up. There's been a little mix up. You mean he went home. That's what happened. Well we know you have to find read obsidian blades that you inherited from your grandfather. And we thought Try should I outfit another man's dance. I worked hard for the wife I have denied myself. I'm using my wife to outfit my own set of dancers giving plenty of food to we know that but we can't have a dance tomorrow without obsidian blades.
And if the ceremony doesn't finish How about it. Why are people all up and down the river will hear of your generosity and speak about you for many dances to see how much I do in my blades. They're in my town. That's a long way upstream. I'm an old man. I couldn't possibly go get them and be back in time for the dance in the morning. No Mick here isn't old he could go get them out of the question I had and I reckon anyone know where they're hiding. Not even your son Trey got. We haven't spoken to each other since we got married. You could speak to him no I can't go to him for Anyhow I don't think it would work. You understand how important this is. Why don't you try i try i try. It's great I wake up. Oh it's you father. What they want. I have a favor to ask. Your memory is short. The
last time I asked you for something you turned me down. I wouldn't help me by my wife. I had to get the money for it and I was myself. Well whatever you want now you can do yourself not only from me. It's for the dance. What about the debt. They need my read obsidian blades by tomorrow morning. Will you go to Lac town and get them. How would I know where they are. They're hidden. Yes. Between the two spirit rocks downstream from this White House and I'll go out and I track covering my ass. You trust me enough to tell me where they are. Oh my side. Would you call. How can I refuse now. Sure I got. It's not good for a father and son to be apart. I want you and not come back to my house to live. No father I can't do that. But maybe now we'll come visit you once in a
while. Well I'd better start if I want to be back by morning. It is good when the hatred and hardness between a father and son begins to soften. Like the deer skin under the tending stone becomes buckskin. I went to Como tried to teach my people to turn their minds from hate and greed. I want them to live by the runes to show each other the proper respect and when they turn from the wrong way of doing things. This is good. It is morning now and Trayvon has brought his father's obsidian blades to the dance grounds. The ceremony will continue yet although it is quiet. The evil spirits do not sleep. Come on Cyclone Lets play the animal game again. I wonder what you like is haven't seen him around for quite a while. He's with Mabel
around somewhere. Come on I'll take the first or I don't know. Maybe I should go look. Come on. Close your eyes while I make a print in the sand. Alright. Which animal sport is this a rabbit. And how did I make it with your thumb and first two fingers this way. Right close to you crying about. Well they wouldn't do anything like that one which I thought a good lucks going to get away. Are you sure you wanted to die so I treat neighbor picked it up and when I asked one hears me and he called you Father coyote he won't tell you just wait young man I'm not going to have you lying about my son.
Be quiet. So he said we were coyote he said you were a pair of coyote tunas probably was richer than mine I have to apologize to me and he will not I'm sure unable didn't say any such thing. You all songs all lie as easy to see where your son gets as many as calling people names are you going to make him apologize I was not. We'll see what my husband has to say about that. Your boy has got to be taught a lesson. If there's any teaching to be done it won't be your husband. I've come about your son I was like What about him. You never were older he would have to pay me for what he said. But since he's just a boy all I want is an apology to me and my wife for what for calling us names and who says he did that. Maybe your son's a liar and she called you Coyote. Maybe he was right. Why you don't think you enjoy lying. Not today you want to. OK you
cut my price and I'll do it again if you want this. Stop it right now. Keep part of the squad now. Pay me a lot of money for cutting me like this. I'm not paying you anything and I will get my relatives together we will kill every man in your family. Both of you. Do you want sin to overwhelm the dance ceremony. You. Know make the night and you insulted me you will have to pay I'll just hold on. I know the law. You're heard all slug gnomic will have to pay for that and if you insulted him you'll have to pay too. But that's something an arbitrator will have to decide. I'd like to decide it right now. Not while the dance is going on when it's over you can pick an arbitrator and settle the whole thing. I want a promise from both of you that you will wait us luck. Right. I'll wait but just till the dance is over that's all I ask. It'll only be to.
Feel a great sadness for my people. A dark thread gathers above the sacred dance sentiment and the threat of violence that puts soil the purity of the white skin until a quarrel is settled it can flare up again. It could make my people leave the dunces unfinished and the band is not satisfied. The evil spirits have set the lines of his face with stone. He walks through the shadows of the evening to gather his relative. Surround him something we have to do like notice and it has to be done before morning. Gather your things obsidian blades headbands everything I thought you weren't going to watch it in advance is this year I was lucky. I changed my mind. I'm outfitting the dance tomorrow morning. No me exact feeling that one. It's already
been agreed to. Agreements can be changed can't they. After all it's known in our town that I'm richer than no big crew. So if I want to outfit dance no may go have to give in. I don't know after that fight you two had today. No make won't be anxious to let you take over. Let me know if it's what you want. Good morning no morning. I see you brought some dance regalia here. Why shouldn't I. I'm not getting this dance. I think you're mistaken about that. I've decided it will make a better showing for our town if I outfit this than you can't do it. And why not. I'm richer than you. Our tradition says that gives
me the right if I want it. Why didn't you decide this before why I don't think that's any of your business. Oh look we can't fight it. Remember the promise we made to Qual the dance must be completed you know. Where's your dance regalia. My uncle has it over by those trees. Everything that's needed. Not going to let you get away with this what's going on here you two fighting again not at all quality I was just telling gnomic that I'm going to outfit this art you're not going to let him or you will qualify. You know the law. If our Rich. Yes yes I know all about that. You are richer than no big and that gives you the right to lend your things to this dance. But you waited till pretty late to the side didn't you was luck. I began thinking that all my beautiful things should be seen. I couldn't resist showing them to our people. Well I guess there's no
way around it. Better gather up your downswings but people will know about this. They'll laugh at me behind my back and then you heard what the priest said. Take them away. You won't get away with this. I'll speak to my relatives. We will be waiting for you was like Don't forget I have relatives too. Then we'll see who the bravest fighters are. Remember no make the quarrel waits till the ten days are up. It's going to be settled now. Wait. US lock you know it's a big honor to outfit the last dance on the last day. So how would you like to do it. Don't be foolish. Everybody knows oh Tigers outfitting the last dance. He's a relative of mine. If I explain things to him I think you'll give up the armor. How about it this is the dance I want to outwit. All right but I'll still speak to Whoa take it. Maybe you know me like never mind I changed my mind again.
I look at the last dance I'll outfit. The last dance was about to begin. Remember what movie has shown us the trails we must follow during the 10 days of the ceremony. We must also follow the powers of good behavior. Remember we put bad thoughts out of our mind. We do not let quarrels stand in the way of the dance. Remember Rich men furnished the salmon and acorns we eat and the sacred things our dancers must have be like our rich man. Follow the rules work hard do not be soft. Remember everybody helps at the dance. All your rock people should work together. This is why we give the deerskin dance to Dr. Evil thoughts and bad ways out of the world. Let the singing begin.
Let the paddle strike the bow and let the dance begin. In the serious ways of mankind presented under the supervision of Dr. Walter Goldschmidt associate professor of anthropology and sociology of the University of California Los Angeles. You have heard world renewal the fourth of a set of programs designed to offer you the experience of living as York Indians lived within their stone age culture. The consultant was Dr Alfred Kroeber professor emeritus of anthropology of the University of California. The script was by Charles Israel and was
produced by Andrew Allen in the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Toronto. These programs are presented by the National Association of educational broadcasters and are made possible under a grant from the fund for adult education an independent organization established by the Ford Foundation. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
Ways of mankind II
World renewal
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This program, "World Renewal," is the fourth in a series on the Yurok Indian culture.
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This series is an exploration into the origin and development of cultures, customs and folkways in various parts of the world. The second series of Ways Of Mankind is concerned with a specific subject area and with two specific cultures.
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Yurok Indians.
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