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Father tell me please what were you doing in there anyway. Nothing to do with me personally. I met a friend downtown and he brought me here a little while ago to act as his legal representative of what forward I'll explain it to you. Some women live here who are not very well-off. Well I don't think you know that. No no no no no no no no I'm sure you don't. They only moved in a short time ago. What about a mother and daughter. No this has no father that a friend of mine is a mayor next of kin. The law says she must marry him. What's the matter not nothing it's all right go on. Well well you know he's come to take her away. You see he lives in Turkey. Take the girl Well that's right all the way to Turkey. You say he hears Oh I feel sick. What about the girl her mother I mean what do they have to say. What do you think they'd say. Nothing worth repeating. The mother gave me some story about the girl having a child by some other man I know no but she doesn't mention it in any way. She says that he has the prior claim and that the girl shouldn't marry my friend as well and I
don't think that's right I mean because after. No no no no please don't say no. You're really going to take away from your interest why shouldn't he take her away. Father you've acted harshly without any human feelings. What's more if I must be frank not like a man of honor Why what a question. How about that poor fellow who was a lover first who for all I know is maybe desperately in love with her right now. How do you think you feel when he has to stand by and watch or carry off before his very eyes. What a terrible thing to do father. Well how do you figure that the truth. Who gave the bride away. Whom did she marry anyway and when I ask you who asked her guardian for his consent. Why did the boy pick a girl his family didn't even know well is a girl her age Zippos who just stayed around the house waiting for a relative from somewhere to come forward. I mean father that's what you should have told your friend. That's the side of the case you should have been all killers. Well argue the case against the man I came to represent. But how does all this concern us as
consumers. What if we got to do with all these people. Let's be on our way. Father. What's the matter. What do you sell King about. Father please this is all I ask is he. I have the whole story. You all about it. You see I love you so whatever you do concerns me very much. I hope I can deserve that love as long as you live. Well that's why I'm so terribly sorry to have done the wrong I did it. I'm ashamed to look you in the eye I believe you but I believe you have to roll I know your character you're a decent boy but I'm afraid you are too careless and it will in the world you think you live in. You said Joost a good you had no right to raise a finger on that was the first wrong you did was serious one. Well you're only human. Yeah you could lots of others good men at that have done the same thing. What after it happened. Tell me didn't you think over the situation. Didn't you think ahead to what you were going to
do and and how you were going to do it. Well how was I to learn about it if you were ashamed to come to me and tell me yourself and why you were making up your mind. Nine months went by so far as your part in all of it is concerned. You have betrayed yourself that poor girl and your infant son. What did you think anyway that heaven would work wonders for you why you took it easy. That should be delivered right to your bedroom door without you lifting a finger. You wouldn't like to find you that careless with the rest of your life. But cheer up you're going to marry him right. Cheer up I said. Father please you're not making fun of me now I make fun of you who why should I. I don't know it it's just I'm afraid it can't be true. I want to do my own home and say your prayers before you go to get your wife. Go on my wife. Now now now. Right now this minute I swear to god father I love you more than anyone in the world that more than her. Well
just as much that it kind of you see. What about that. Always did. I mean he's left got aboard ship. WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE. What are you waiting for. Father you father you say the prayers for me. You're so much better man than I am but Heaven will be that much more likely to listen to you I'm sure. I'm going inside to get things ready. Now if you've got any sense at all you do is I told you. What news Bob. He was my brother my best friend. Oh you'll love it. How can you help. Losing. Has made me not to snip and do anything. Doesn't one. Simply stand. I've learned my lesson. I'll be on my guide. When my wasting time here for I don't want to be holding up my own well. Being walking till I'm exhausted.
Cyrus you can go straight to heaven. You and your directions. I drag myself all over town all the way to the town gate had the watering pot you have and there's no cop and then not a soul I talked to had seen my brother. My mind's made up. I am laying siege to this house until he gets back. Tell them we're already here is an issue it's a I've been looking for you. I've got news for you. More major crimes of that fine young man of your new ones he's a capital offense. No you simply don't know what kind of a person is in charge. Wake up I'm not talking about that chorus this time it's an offense against a respectable guy. I know you know you know and you're not doing anything about why should I go you're not raving mad you're not going to raise the roof. You're not just girls had a baby. She hasn't essentially been the man who marries her gets no doubt. What are we going to do now what the situation calls for of course the good will move
from here to my house. My idea is that the way you all should do what you do if you really aren't upset by it or at least act like a man shouldn't pretend you are already betrothed into the good everything's all set. The wedding is being arranged to have removed everybody's fear is that's what I call acting like a man. You pleased with what's happened. No. Not if I could change it but I can't so I'm just taking it in stride. If life is like a card game if the card you really need doesn't turn up you'll use your skill to come out ahead with the doll. You know I just grated coming out ahead of you and that skill of yours threw away ten thousand dollars on a chorus girl that you got to get rid of as fast as you can whenever you can. If you can't see it you would have to give her away. I do not have to get rid of the door in my own interest. What are you going to do with it and keep it in the house in the name of Heaven. Horn a respectable married woman together under the same rule by law. And you think
I do. When I see how crazy you are so help me I'm convinced you're keeping that girl just to have someone to do a song and dance why not run the new bride. She's going to learn these things to actually enjoy doing the cancan with the two of us here tonight you good idea you can join us if we need a photo my God my God I'm sure your son's getting married and forget about being angry now. Put out a smile to suit the occasion. I'm going to speak to these people here I'll be back later. What a way to live. What Marv's madness that's what it is. But wife without a dowry coming into the house. A chorus girl already dad household costing a fortune to run. I ruined by luck driven an old man off his rocker. I tell you the good Lord Himself couldn't save this family if you want to do. You're talking mighty good care of yourself. Did you see him soon. Good one.
And now. Since I've had all I want didn't I. I decided to take a little cute shingle out here. Listen if you please to that shiny example of this man's got back what's the matter old man would you saw a lot happier down. Now now my my little vom do you need wisdom you know you're wasting your breath around here. If you belong to me you know you've made immunity I'd make an example of you for every slave alive. Why what did I do what did you do. Mess involving a highly serious crime whose solution can hardly be called satisfactory damn you. You go and get drunk as if you had something to celebrate. And I had to come out here. A serious test for want you inside me. What did you say Tessie FONTES No no listen you must think I was testing for inside there watching that feller saying oh that's a different test if that's a test of
scroungers for living a very short fellow very wide hips don't you know I'm going to find out right now oh no you don't like but would you let me go let me go don't take your hands off or do you prefer to get your head bashed you know. Their egos are not exactly the most genial companion devotee above you especially for deceitful. Well you know until this mess gets settled the best thing I can do not is to find me a quiet corner somewhere and sleep off this jag. Well that's just what I do. As I said. Everything's ready on our side test which up whenever you want but you know who would look good in speaking that record to rights or what's to become of me. What can I do what can I say. Rick and I who knew were on earth
knowing this you know your in heaven. He's found out that's what the show is about who that's the end of the fight to the finish no to the rescue. Look the genius of both. Please get rid of yourself and try to I've got hold of myself Diane and I'm skipping the recrimination. Now let's examine the facts that we agreed as a matter of fact it was YOU who suggested it and that you would be my son to me and that I would be beyond to you is that right. That was the agreement. I can't deny what you doing in your house now. Where was you getting drunk then why did you buy him a mystery. Why isn't it fair for you to observe my rights the same as I do know you I'm leaving your boy you receive my right for you to speak that way. You know after all you know the old saying that what's mine is yours and what yours is very.
Yes but isn't it pretty late in the game for you to talk that if you don't mind it just listen to me for a minute. In the first place if this is what's really eating you that the boys are spending so much money there's something I want you please to keep in mind what I said at the beginning. You raise the two boys on a tight budget you did because you figure that your estate would be enough for the two of them that way and because you were naturally expected me to get married where you just go right ahead and stick with the system you're used to. Scrape the slaves to leave them as much as you can. This is your ambition in life. Stick with it. But let them use my money which after all is a windfall for them that you never counted on your capital won't be diminished by one sandwich simply consider everything that comes from me. Well so much extra if you will be just willing to give this some real food to me or you will spare me and them and yourself a lot of trouble never forget about the money usually it's there out we're giving me a second I know I was
coming to that. Every person provides enough clues to let you make a good guess about his character anough so that you can often say of two people who have done exactly the same thing. This fellow we cannot get by with it but not that fellow. Not because what they've done is different but because the ones who have done it different from what I've seen in our boys. Well I'm confident they will turn out. Just as we want them to see that they have so intelligent and self control when it's needed they are devoted to each other. You can recognize that in my mind in character that they're really decent boys. Any time you want you can get them to fall right in line again. But you're probably worried that they're a little too careless where money is concerned. The older we get the ways we get about everything except one thing. There's only one vice that old age brings to men. We all think about money more than we should sharpen them up on that score.
I only hope that this honor system and sweet reason of yours doesn't ruin all of this talk it won't take orders from me today wipe that fro now. I suppose considering the occasion I have there is code for tomorrow at the crack of dawn I take that boy back to the farm with me earlier it's alright with me but until then I want to see a smile on your eyes once more I'm taking that chorus girl with me out there too. That's half the battle won. That's the way to tie your boy down there for good but just make sure you keep her there. See to that all right. Oh yes. Cooking and baking and she's one massive ashes and when she's not doing that her outside clearing stumble at high noon on the way. White skin will look back at them cold when I'm done with right now I'd say you're making sense. I make that son of mine make love to her even when he doesn't want to. What a blessing to have a disposition. You know my idea here is I don't know I'm
stopping right this minute to come on inside. Let's spend this day the way it should be spent. To go. When it comes to life. No one knows if it's in circumstances we're always bringing something to make you realize the truth. You knew what you always thought you were sure. To make you give up. Once you've tried them out ideas you miss dizzy Olympos. This is what's happened to me today. I lived a hardworking life up to this minute. Even though I miss far long years. I'm giving you. Because I found out when you get down to cases that the best single men can do is to be easygoing and good natured. Anyone can see the truth of this by
just comparing me and my brother but he's always had a life of leisure and dinner parties. He's the amiable type neighborhood or so has a smile of everybody spends his money on himself and everybody loves you. Everybody has a kind word for him and that could mean Alice teens steal I got mad what misread it was I had children or trouble when I was busy doing all I could for them I frittered away the best years of my life in the struggle to make a living who now was most of my life behind me. What thanks do I get from him for all my hard work. They hate me but me without lifting a finger enjoys all the pleasures of being a parent. Oh they love him and run away from me. They confide in him a shower him with a picture and I'm with the moon. There's just no denying that they wish him a ripe old age and can't wait for me to.
See the children. I worked all of my life to bring up. He's made his own expense. I get who. Gets to. Write. Write offs Fort see how good I am at this business it is smiling sweetly and doing favors. I want my children to love me and to make a fuss over me. If giving things away and never saying no is a solution I can play that game as well as Nick's men did. Here goes the family fortune. Why should I worry that I'm the. Brother says Be sure and stay out and whom do I have the pleasure. So Iris my old friend how are you. How are things going.
Oh that's just fine. I just added three things I never would have said before. My old friend how are you. How are things going. Cyrus Yeah you don't act like a slave. It would be a great pleasure for me to do you a good 10. Yes yes I see I have it's true. Oh you will find out for yourself before very long. I go next door and find out how soon they're coming for Pamphilus. Oh he's dreamy. Glad to see you sir. Would you mind telling me your name again. Yeah I realized today you are an extremely valuable man as well. When a seventh cares for his master as well he's proved himself to the hilt so far as I'm concerned. So if I can never be of any use to you it would be a great pleasure for me to do you a good 10. I'm getting in some practice on this business of being affable and it's
been fun. It's very kind of you didn't think so I was taught to be careful capture of the kitchen crew must be out to make this wedding the holiest on record they're wasting the whole day just getting ready boy it burns me up. Oh it's the matter. Oh father I didn't know you were here. Yes my boy I am your father not only in actual fact but by God in spirit and I love you more than anything else in the world. What's holding things up. Why don't you bring your bride. No I want to go but I've got to wait. The musicians and singers aren't here yet you want a word of advice from your father. Yeah look at the whole way waiting much position lights musicians just have that fence that separates the backyards knock down this foster care and connect the two houses and bring your bride in that way. Bring her mother bring the whole house. What a wonderful idea. Father you're the nicest guy alive.
I'm cool. My brother is going to have a house with the street running through it. You have a mob in the house it'll cost him a fortune. What do I care. I'm a nice guy and people are beginning to like me have the creases come up and have attained Cyrus what are you waiting for. Get going. Get going on knocking down that fence of course to the end you are my friend. You will go and bring the women over. God bless you I can see that you care for my people from the bottom of your heart. You do it and your family. What have you got to say. Oh I'm all for it. It's much better than making the poor girl in her condition Come Around by the street. Father that's the best idea I've heard in ages. That's the way I am. Here comes Michelle and my brother's orders where is it Jamie. Oh I do have a mind that got to me or did you give that order. I did it yesterday and what's more I'm issuing orders that he never thing else as well.
I would have joined this family to us as closely as we can and cherish it. He didn't make it part of this father please. I think so too of course. As a matter of fact it's our bounden duty now in the first place. This bride has a mother that's right. What about today. She's a fine respectable woman but she's we're past the age when she can have children. And she has no one to look after her. She's all alone. What she up to anyway or now you want to do the right thing and marry her. Yes yes. And US could resort to see to it that he dies we get married yes you me yes you crazy if you will stand up to him like a man as good as he'll do it. Ask a nurse. What are you listening to him for don't be and I'll getting no where you can't get out you're off your rocker mother please do your mad leave me alone. Come on do it for the boys in your right mind. At the age of 65 I'm suddenly to become a bridegroom and marry a broken down old woman. Is that what you want me to do. Please promise
me will you promise to listen boy. You're pretty generous with what's not yours. Know what he should ask for an even bigger favor. No such thing mother boy I don't spoil you and say they want me off when you know not to do you say yeah this is them who compared Michelle B a sorority would ask me. It's a mistake it's silly it's ridiculous. It's against my whole way of life. That if you do it that much who overhype it. Thank you thank you all for other things like this that make me love you so much. Isn't it the truth. Now what shall I ask for now I don't want to quit while the going's good. Well well miss yo there's still another matter. Yes he is the nearest relative and now he's an indoor but he's not well off and it's only right that we do something nice for him such as what you've got that piece of property in the suburbs of let's turn the income from it to a
little peace to you all right all right it's a big Saturday. And so we should do it. He's going to be a sort of father in law to ask him this here use of good men he's he's one of the family now and it's the right thing to do. You know after all Michaud it was YOU not I who said a little while ago and it was very good and wise thing to say you know you said where we get we all share one vice. We think about money more than we should have that is where this is one black mark you and I ought to have. You are right to preach it. We ought to practice father please. All right all right seeds as Canis wants it that way let he have you know I congratulate you on my brother spiritually is when it is actually down. And he's had a good dose of you know carried out your orders DeMeo you are a dependable man Sarrazin if that's true you know if you ask me my considered judgment is that we ought to make Cyrus a free man right away free just what is he don't
know he's done lots of things like Freddy so help me you are a gentleman. Why I've worked hard taking care of your two boys ever since they were children. I gave them the lessons I gave in their scoldings I taught them all the rules of good behavior I knew we conceived. He's taught them even more things than they just throw good part yet to pick up prostitutes. Oh yeah. It's right in the middle of this sort of education takes a very special sort of teacher. You are a nice guy and on top of it all he was the one who put them up to buying that color is this true. He took care of the whole business and it's only right that he gets his reward it will set a fighting example for the rest of the seventh. And finally as you know is here what do you really want. Yes. If you wanted to
come here. Right. You're a free man. Thank you thank you very much I'm grateful to every one of you but especially to you. I congratulate you very much. But how I would like to have the one thing that would make my happiness complete. If only for e.g. my wife could be free to wish years of injustice. She was the first one a nurse asking he says knew why your grandson didn't you know God knows this is a very important matter. You know if she was first seen within the there's absolutely no question about it we're duty bound to set her free just for doing that just for doing that. Just doing you know all right you can judge me for what she's wearing. God bless you and may all your prayers be ends with Sarah as you have done very well for yourself today. Not quite not you know there's one more item Michaud if you were to do your duty by him give him a little something in cash to get started on his new life. Who draws the line. He's a dependable man. Just give it to me I
swear I'll pay it back. Come on think it over. We're here to do it. This man in the rain for the nicest father in the old girl you got a sudden about face. What's all this sweetness and light. I just wanted to prove to you that the reason people think you're so obliging and so nice is not because your way of life is the right not because of what you do is fair. But purely and simply because of your complacency. And if the sense if my way of life is distasteful to you boys just because I don't say yes indiscriminately to every request whether I wash my hands yes. Spend do whatever your little heart's desire. But if however you want me to help you to watch for those moments when Because if you're going to be shortsighted or thoughtless and to hold you back or set you right all when the occasion calls for then
here I am Father we we put ourselves in your hands. You know what we need better than we do. But what are you going to do about my brother. He can keep the good but to be. Dead. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. God. Was. You have just heard the brothers by times as produced by the University of Michigan Broadcasting Service. The translation was by Lionel Kasem and used by permission of the publisher the Macmillan company. Original music was composed by Gerry belike and conducted by Henri and Dolly the production was under the direction of
Gerry Sadler Thomas kind appeared in the role of the media Marvin Diskin portrayed Cyrus David Kosen was asking us and Jerry center was heard as others in the cast were Richard Levy as Tess of all Gershom morning star as Sonny Oh Winifred Pierce as Sostrata Sherri Levy as comforter and Burroughs as he jio and outcasts as Dita. When I was the voice of Pamphila the program was introduced by the translator Lionel Cason who is Professor of Classics at New York University a consultant for this series is Professor Gerald F. else chairman of the department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan. This program may not be reproduced on paper by any other means without the express permission of the University of Michigan and the publishers classical drama is produced and recorded by the University of Michigan broadcasting service under a grant in aid from the National Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters.
This is the end i.e. Radio Network.
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Classical drama
The brothers, part 3
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This program presents part three of The Brothers by Terence, in a translation by Lionel Casson.
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This series presents full-length productions of Greek and Roman plays of antiquity in modern English translation with original music especially composed for this series. Each play is introduced by William Arrowsmith, University of Texas.
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