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The I was going to be here present. Why is a writer. Why is a writer is produced by Radio Station WSU why under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today's programme critic of the King. Yes I quite agree. Moment Mr. Hunt. Now the last Queen Victoria and our dear century of progress. But it does seem to me that there's too much noise I suppose. Yes as a matter of fact the exact comment I was about to make where we had just asked me to take a deep breath would you. Yes that's good. Another please. I'm not sure I have two good Brits in me for a man past 70 you're in good condition Mr. Hunt a lifetime of professional
writing hasn't done you any harm at all. You have new recommendations. Oh a bit more exercise perhaps. Medium Long walks might do to stimulate your circulation. Thank you. Have I said something funny. Don't you like to walk. I like nothing better. It's only that your remark reminds me of something that was once said to me. What was it you know it's not very interesting really. On the contrary I'm sure that if you remember it it was worth remembering. Oh not in itself. Only it it was said to me in the year 1813 1813 had gone to see my doctor. As a matter of fact so William Knight and perhaps you remember him. He did say to me. By all means Mr. Dunn to exercise walk or ride you literary men must realize that writing does not exercise the entire body. Now Dr. May I put my shirt back on my own means examination is over and your recommendation as to my health.
Mr Hunt I say go easier on your political enemies. That's hardly a prescription Sir William. Good advice. I've seen your articles in that paper the examiner. Yes quite. You attacked some very important people with great ease and I attacked what I feel is unjust. You judge of that as best I can be at least a very daring prime minister last month. The House of Commons the month before last month too I believe. I'm not surprised. It makes my point even strong which is. Several months at the seashore away from all your writing worries and to support me on this vacation I am not King George's favorite son you know I must work some poetry ought not to tax your state of health. Too much poetry. Well the country goes to the dogs. Do you expect me to just sit by the sea and write about the wet sand and green waves. It might not be half so influence is trying to save the country single handed. Yes good days are where you're going already. You're not
angry with me for what I've said. I have no cause to be it's quite the truth. Would you stay for tea then. Oh sorry no. I expected my publisher. I'm almost late now. I thought of saving up to do this afternoon. Good by. Don't forget the exercise. Your tea your tea dear. Have some it's rather good. Oh TB hang what are you reading now. I will not answer that tone of voice. I see nothing wrong with my tone of voice. Well it's not serious if you don't mind my butting in I I must say it seemed a simple enough question. Marianne merely asked what you were reading. No sugar please. There you are dear thank you. On the contrary my dear fellow the question was not at all simple is that so it is so.
Maryanne here did not only ask me what I was reading but you said as clearly as a crow sitting on a post. Why are you reading that. What ever it is. When T which is much more important is being served none the less there when their own has come all the way from knowing it as the end is very unmannerly of me. Nothing of the kind. I am glad that at least one of my friends keeps up with events keeps up indeed he way to just snap at them. The prime minister has done this. The King has done that. The writer for The Morning Post is an idiot. Do you think these matters unimportant. Certainly not important enough to upset a grown man I see. And have you read what they said about the prince. As a matter of fact not yet which prince the prince of Wales England's next king. No I don't believe I got around to that part of the paper. See that's what I mean. What's the country coming to when such a prince is this is called the great men. You yourself said he to be the next king.
Do you expect the newspapers to call the next king and when I read I expect to read the truth. Pardon me where you going. No I just found something to do. Well of bottom barrel you can state if you want me to. Good you and Marianne can have some nice conversation over tea I'll join you later. Dear This is quite rude of you. You know I feel a bit. Better and I'm I'm quite a nothing of the kind you'd think I was a stranger the way everyone's apologizing to me. As you know he's not usually this bad. Wonder what he's been reading. Let's see now. Ah here it is. What does it say about the Prince of Wales again. They call him Adonis in loveliness the glory of the people. Our next king is hardly that if any of the stories about him are true. I'm afraid they are true. But I'd like to know what Lee Hunt thinks he
can do about it. Well perhaps we'll find out. But that all happened a long time ago Doctor. I must say Mr. Hunt I think I agree with the way you felt then and agreement kind doctor I only wish that were enough. But it would have been encouraging to think that I think that my wife agreed about the Prince of Wales. Well yes you did. You did and so did the Baron and Keats and Shelley is the people with me. Cigar what. Yes I will. Your prince of Wales used to smoke this crime. I wish that was the worst thing you ever did. I wouldn't have had to write about him. It was quite a daring thing for you to do. No it wasn't damning. It had to be written and I knew it had to be written and I wrote it. Someone had to write the truth.
Yeah so I remember when the examiner printed it you know I remember was your hero I did not like the word magi right. Right right thing call it what you will I'm sure. What person unacquainted with the brains would imagine in the brain that this already of the people with the subjective truth of the reproach that this breather of eloquence would not say a few unplanned words that this Congress or a pox or the disappointment of the hopes that they have done is of loveliness without Batman have enjoyed
life list for why pleasure of virtue was drawing them or a prince without firing is where I live or over here in this great fire. I become a gambler a man or with just lower class century without a single claim on the gratitude or the respect of posterity. Why go I committed no crime yet to come away and you know me of course there are other things to do. Well I have caught a bit of a stir. It's not every day that one daughter is read aloud in the House of Lords. I hope the owner doesn't cost you dearly. Where you're trying to take me. Well I do think it's about time we contacted a lawyer to defend defend against Cappy over here.
The numbers 17 and ensure a place. Where you can get the attorney general to give you what you have written that you know he probably can't win. Right there you know I have no money for a lawyer at this point like the point you made. Thank the Lord that he lied to them. The. Right Thing against the Prince of Wales Prince Regent of England criminalise stepped forward to receive the right to go against the Prince Regent.
You have been here I hereby sentence you to prison confinement to life. There's nothing to be sorry for. Nonetheless I met many of you wish we had time. Yes of course. How can we help you. The other way around. Like on the right tell you that you need to go go and arrangement that will settle the entire matter. What are the conditions of the arrangement only
that you will never again write again. Where are you going. Not so loud not so loud but. Don't seem to have better memories about it. Why should I. It was so long ago. And besides it's unimportant to anyone who remembers I don't cares about George the Fourth anyway. Yeah two years of a man's life two years are two years. There are no regrets for me. I wrote with a clear conscience. I went to prison with a clear conscience. And I remember it all with a clear conscience. Oh I wasn't thinking about so much. You know what then why the senselessness of it. How do you mean that. Very simply. Everyone knows what you said was true. As I mentioned before I think they knew it was true then in
1813. Oh yes very much indeed. But surely so you don't believe that that right always triumphs that the truth always prevails. I am aware that they don't and they walk the very reason that I felt I had to say what was true about. What is the departed Prince and may he rest peacefully. And amen to that too. Well it's a good cigar. It's too bad I never got to the point of my story. The point is I was about to say that so William ordered me to exercise just the month before I was put in jail and had no room to do it if you know I must be going fine and you will exercise a bit won't you. I make every effort. Heard in today's programme where Imus who uncocking Donal's peddling that sort of result
parado Tom Keaton and Thomas like the other junior Swanson and Fred in reservoir studio engineers. Why is the writer is written by Floyd Horowitz and directed by Larry Wall cough. This has been another programme in the series why writer produced by WSB wise I was school of the air under a grant from the educational television and radios that are distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This radio network.
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Why is a writer?
Critic of the king
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This program focuses on English writer Leigh Hunt, also known as James Henry Leigh Hunt.
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Produced by the Iowa School of the Air, this series focuses on various works of literature from Shakespeare to Twain.
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