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The real eastern Kentucky series of sound studies celebrating the traditions heritage pride and accomplishments of the Appalachian people. This is part fun. A Kentucky reminiscence a glimpse at the past. Traditions and heritage as told by the people. I'm in eastern Kentucky and I'm proud proud of my family and my ancestors who came and settled this land proud of the early pioneers who chose to make the mountains and hills of eastern Kentucky their home. These pioneers may have come from England Scotland or Ireland maybe some of the other European countries wherever they came from they were seeking a peace of mind and a comfortable existence. And the hills and mountains of Appalachian listen to the story. An important part of American history as the voices of my friends and neighbors tell about our
heritage our past is retold in the songs and ballads the music of the people. The old time reminiscing about the early days on the frontier and the newcomer who appreciates a tradition handed down from generation to generation. We have a lot of earth or newsroom that are sort of. Some of which may be true and I don't think we're all running from bad acts our people came across they just want to go with a spirit of adventure and I'm probably tired of the situation as it. Is a. Large majority of them were on the streets of London. I know Rama Davis and my people came from what you know was and. As part of me can trace their family tree back. I know we have some scotch in now on the
camel. My mother was a camel and that's a Scotch descent. So I think an hour an hour you could say that we are. Would be a mixture of maybe. The true Anglo-Saxon people. When I would say it's a combination. Or if you go back to your Anglo-Saxon you're going back to. Scotch-Irish. And during which. WE ARE was rather proud to say that we were of Anglo-Saxon extraction. And. I think. You are. To go far enough back you would say Anglo-Saxon. But the original. Going to great for Magnum in. Scotland and I. Bet you know. Of course you run across whose names you
want to go back to England. The Scotch-Irish. Origins. And we can go back to. Some of the expressions in this section are just to write out a chart. Take the word. Trance kept of course. Happy Ruth to today's I hope. I'm hoping to appeal. By that word. For a minute. Or two is moved out of. That direct route chart. We're These are families different nationalities. I mean. When I was small range making and Scotch and Irish to settle in as man primary means. Scotch Irish and.
Nana and I beg sang. Now. People in this point I'm making is primarily a big. Lie. Sediment was after seven when you think you. Found them and I said they were the conservatives table element again. Now we have growth in the second. Yeah I mean that I really find very little Scottish. You know there are people have said you know it's so much Scottish background here but I find very little in the. Where the names really are there are few named McIntosh and some of these but markedly. I think it is English. Well for example the
yellow sandy haired children for example with a very pale complexion and I always understood with a kind of Anglo-Saxon rare Scottish trait. I think you tend to see this far more than when you do the kind of Scottish traits that you think I have tried and I've never had a rich and. Scottish heritage. Not so much scotch. Or.
We had two lanes in my race. We're migrating people on your turn here before Wayne's. Victory or the Battle of fallen timber. Now seven and five now. We are those people who are real planners ready and. All are going out and I mean family. But then after the rains were true when the valley was a clear her nose down and.
Then we had a. Conservative and more moderately well the new people like me strands our mentors mentioned them who came in had a few slaves here for a large main family who came came back for five years I'd learned Ireland ranter slain mayor. Hahn and I went back to Virginia and brought her family. And I learned something they say in America. MENASCHE layer the enemy.
But their graduate gonna betray nation. Scranton's mayor and Ayers and Ayers and I was proud and my and my O's in my mind and some other family and I was on and on and on mingling of people. The people who came here were a kind of ordinary
pioneer type. But maybe specially those who were not interested really in being entrepreneurs large landowners farmers this kind of thing but who were more the. The backwoods hunter type of person who wanted to live by and still you know I can't I can't imagine how anyone who could be who would be a pioneer would want to be in the mountains if he was not basically a person who was not interested in the community and there was anybody with interest in the community would come here they would have gone on where there could have been a town you know a large enough space for a town or where there would have been a railroad or a crossroads where there would be transportation communication and so on. Imagine in my mind.
Then I would have. Grown tired of our neighbors know them have an egg or two
with the women and have been cleaning and all the women who come in and have nothing more than women come in and help their neighbor but we have no honor and I have a house where I want to read tomorrow. And I was a cop and you are a bit of a moron. Native alcoholics. And Jordan. The verdict is in if you're all over
around here you can remember plenty so well. We all made a great spring for Daniel Boone. Found a dog's brain and think he ate and he and William here sat down and went and all one of their own had to do was wait for the animals come down to lick that altering and killer meat you know. Well. And then there was that other software and over on the river side. Were soem brand of naturally erupting out there had to be more than made and saw every plane they were in Clay County had Well. Been a few years I learned to drip up and back on the track and saw wells were drilled about 18 20 and they supply Novello some other people and then one time to. We had an
enterprising man and I'm in any. Mode and went from here to voice my thought to the Saudi Valley and boated saw life. Their tradition of a strong family you know that and I'm sure that they were the trait that within a back number generation here people who still have a
very strong family loyalty where they care for one another they keep in contact with one another they take care of people. For example people know they are welcome. And the young people know that they're welcome to come and live as long as they want to you know be part of the family and not the generational gap. Really and I would think if you want very They want you know when you are really in our society no more. Separate than me who had contact with me. Thank you enjoy the right number.
Frank and President Yeah you know I think you bring your lawn and green growth from. International law our man I love great though we hear many most of the I-man he had to move the mountain lion. He went on the beach. Yeah why according to a young man I could name the people who have done the math and I don't to my credit. When and when they were dedicating and railroads in rivers
the first the moon had even penetrated Xander out in 1830. We are as de-motivating very same. Thing. It was the last frontier and. So we never had any great cataclysmic events and it was a war. Nouns are working we are on the ballot in history in the battle of mimicry in the battle of. And. Finally though if the Union forces. Succeeding occupy this section ever the guerrilla written land. Cry. Out Laurie But you know the later the union the better men. James Garfield a writer weren't pregnant. One interesting traditions of the culture in the. Rack
a rating a man by what he was very refreshing in could be in this culture and be taken for what you are not for what you own. I think this is probably one of the long tradition of the mountain. I'd hate a feedlot. Hacker they sever already or when we had an awful lot of murder. On that lorry for about 25 years up to about the 1880s Now that's when the kids begin to erupt in a saving about 18 in aid of a few of those kids at your origin and so war like I had to be on the call. But they were carried on not so much of civil war paintings but were carried on the guard. For good reason I don't think historians have ever discovered too much. For instance you
take a family like they had beers or lived in a great long back and love chat log cabin sentiment night. They were essentially a very energetic aggressive people. With a nerve vision just beyond here. They had it in their inner consciousness they were well and they were aggressive to be some outlet for that emotional and mental. Characteristics of the taper sales manager. Sometimes these early. Feuding families raised their mission with good quarter. Just to visit and he was considered an honor to be a star witness and Mirka people had to have an. Energy that was built into
the race. And I found it in you. And Amanda and I was if I was a member there was
a suspected man rarely but it occurred right around and made to touch the car and here it is. He was considered Galileo. Now that was. A No thank you because you're under the circumstances. You. Were a judge gaily and you had a trial never ever again. You know that in my lifetime but I've heard my mother tell me. One thing I cherish is just being and I'm proud of my heritage
and. I hate to see a bunch of these cognition you favor me in your affair to sign my brother or their very worst to the illiterate people and. Rat the storage and lead the public to believe that we're all that way I don't believe in them and then they you know some of these people have actually been told they're paid to get up here and. From the TV in order to. Some company TV company to make a theme and get a lot out of it you know when it's really not air. We report people in the Mannlicher the way Rand painted people in. The time of night it before you might think because we have we have a pizza man that you don't see in some of
these horrible flowers CDM not say anything for them but I think we just get people. This is my land and these are my people who are proud of my past proud of our ancestors proud of our tradition. Today we keep the story alive by conducting folk fairs and festivals fry children and the visitors who come to vacation in this beautiful country. Today our mountain culture is undergoing great pressures and change but in our understanding and appreciation of our ancestral past we retain the identity as eastern Kentucky with a rich heritage a heritage worth preserving in story and song. This program was produced by Morehead State University in cooperation Corporation
for Public Broadcasting in the studios of WUOM K-Y FM Morehead Kentucky. This is the national educational radio network.
The real eastern Kentucky
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A Kentucky Reminiscence
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