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Diary of SIMON Well peace and historical entertainment. Produced by radio station KC You are FM love the University of Missouri at Kansas City. When peeps began his diary and 16 60 he was a poor clerk at the Exchequer and man of all errands to his great Cousin Edward Montague as an admiral of the fleet. It was Montague who brought Charles second home to England and peeps was aboard the ship as secretary to his cousin in appreciation Charles made Montague Earl of Sandwich and a knight of the Garter through sandwich peeps received his position as clerk of the Acts of the Navy in which he was to become the greatest naval administrator Anglin it ever known. He lived with his French wife Elizabeth and their servants in a house provided with his position in seething lane next to the Navy office. His diary which he kept faithfully for nine years is the most evocative history of the restoration period and the most honest personal record of a man's daily life in
existence. When I read of Samuel peeps Chapter 10. In which Sam's wife Elizabeth dines with Lord and Lady sandwich the peeps is watch royalty at dinner. And make a trip by barge upon the Thames. To teach the class of 16 60 65 watches to the wardrobe a great deal through the house. But then he added it to my Lord Sandwich had bestowed great cost upon it. I found my wife making of pies and tarts to try an oven with but not knowing the danger of it did he did too hot and so a little over Baker things but knows how to do better another time. Fifteenth dove ember
as dinner was coming on table. My wife came to my Lords and I got her carried into my lady who was just now hiring of a French maid that was with her and they could not understand one another till my wife come to interpret. Here I did leave my wife to dine with my Lord. The first time he did ever take notice of her as my wife and did seem to have a just esteem for 20th November Mr. Shepley and I to the new playhouse near Lincoln's Inn Fields which was formerly Gibbon's tennis court where the play of Baker's Bush was newly begun. And so we went in and saw it well acted and here I saw for the first time one moon who is said to be the best actor in the world lately come over with the king. And indeed it is the finest Playhouse I believe that ever was in England. 21st November this morning my cousin Thomas peeps the
turn and sent me a cup of lignum vitae for a joke. My wife and I went to Pater noster row and there we bought some green wanted Monterey for a morning weskit and after there we went to mystic aides to choose some pictures for our house. I pope said L.A. and bought me an egg and have to knife which cost me five shillings. At night to my violin the first time that I have played on it since I come to this house in my dining room and afterwards to my loot there and I took much pleasure to have the neighbors come forth into the yard to hear me. 22nd November. This morning come the carpenters to make me a dollar the other side of my house going into the entry. My wife and I walk to the old exchange and there she bought her of white whiskey and put it up and die a pair of gloves to Mr. Fox's who did receive us with a great deal of respect. And then to take my wife and I to the Queen's presence chamber
where we got my wife placed behind the Queen's chair and the two princes come to dinner. The queen a very little plain old woman and nothing more than a presence in any respect nor garb than any ordinary woman. The Prince of Orange I'd often seen before all the princes Henrietta's very pretty but much below my expectation and her dressing of herself with her hair frizzed up short to were ears did make her seem so much the less to me. But my wife standing near her with two or three black patches on and very well dressed did seem to be much handsomer than she. 26 November my father come and dined with me who seems to take much pleasure to have a son that is neat in his house. I heard that military baton had given my wife a visit the first that ever she made her which pleased me exceedingly. December
1st this morning observing some things to be laid up not as they should be about my go. I took a broom and basted otoshi cried extremely which made me vexed. But before I went out I left her a pea sized second December Lord's day to church and Mr. Mills made a good sermon. So home to dinner my wife and I all alone to a leg of mutton. The sauce of which being made sweet I was angry at it and eat none but only dined upon the meadow bowl that we had beside 3rd December. I rose by candle and spent my morning in fiddling till time to go to the office. Come in my cousin snow by johns and I had a very good capon to dinner. So to the office again till night. And so December afternoon I went to the New Theatre Killigrew. And then I saw the Merry Wives of Windsor acted the humors of the country
gentleman and the French doctor very well but the rest very poorly and Sir J for stuff is bad isn't it. 7th December to the Privy Seal when I signed a deadly number of gardens which didn't trouble me to get nothing by. 11th December my wife and I up very early this day and though the weather was very bad and the wind high yet my lady bet Minute Maid and we two did go by our barge to Woodridge. The lady being very fearful where we found both said Williams and much other company expecting the weather to be better that they might go about weighing up the assurance which lies their poor ship under water. Only the upper deck may be seen and the masts after dinner but Lady being very fearful. She stayed and kept my wife and I and another gentleman went back to the barge. Very merry as far as white all in. Mr Moore had persuaded me to
put out £250 for £50 per annum for eight years and I think I should do it. 12 December. My father did offer me six pieces of gold in lieu of six pounds that he borrowed from me the other day but it went against me to take it up and therefore did not home and to bed reading myself to sleep while the wench said to mending my britches by my bedside. 18 December all day at home without stirring at all. Looking after my work but 19th December. This night Mr. Godin sent me a great chain of beef and half a dozen of tongs. 20th December all day at home with my weapon that I may get all done before Christmas. This day I hear that the Princess Royal has the smallpox 22nd December went to the sun Tavern on Fish Street hill to a dinner where we had a very
fine dinner. Good music and a great deal of wine. I very bad it went to bed my head aching all night. 23rd December Lord's day in the morning to church where are you all covered with rosemary and berries. Her home and family life and made with much ado had made shift to spend a great Turkey sent to me this week from Huntington church. But not at all roasted. And so I was fain to stay till two o'clock and after that to church with my wife and a good sermon that was. And so of twenty fifth December. Christmas Day in the morning to church home to dinner where my brother Tom who this morning come to see my wife's new mantle put on. Which do pleased me very well to be good shoulder of mutton and a chicken. After dinner to church again my wife and I had where we had a dull
sermon of a stranger which made me sleep 27 December. About the middle of the night I was very ill. I think with eating and drinking too much and so I was forced to call the maid who please my wife and I are running up and down so innocently in her smock. Twenty eighth December stayed with it all the afternoon evening at my looked with great pleasure. 30th December Lord's Day being up I went with Will to my Lord Sandwich calling in to many churches in my way. There I found Mr. Shepley in his Venetian cap taking physic in his chamber. Mr child and I spent some time at the lute. I to the Abbey and walked there seeing the great confusion of people that come there to hear the organs. Thirty first December in Paul's Churchyard I bought the play of Henry the
Fourth. And so I went to the New Theatre Killigrew. And so I acted. But my expectation being too great it didn't please me as otherwise I believe it would. And by having a book I believe did spoil it a little. That being done I went to buy logs where I found him at cards with some persons of honor. My boy taking a cab home with him from the Lords which said I had given him for my wife. We being much troubled with mice. They ere 16 61 at the end of the last and the beginning of this year. I do live in one of the houses belonging to the Navy office as one of the principal officers and have done now about half a year my family being myself my wife. JM and women my girls brother myself in constant good health and in a most handsome and thriving condition. Best be almighty God for it. As to
things of state the Kings settled and loved of all the Duke of York match to my Lord Chancellor's daughter. Which do not please me. The queen upon her return to France with the princess Henrietta the princess of orange lately dead and we into new mourning for her. We have been frightened with a great plot had many taken up on it and the fright not quite over the parliament which had done all this great good to the King beginning to grow factious the king to dissolve it. December 29 Flast and another likely to be chosen speedily. I take myself now to be worth three hundred bombs Clarin money and all my goods and all manner of debts paid which are none at all. January 1st sixteen sixty one comes in my brother Thomas and after him my father and Dr. Thomas peeps. My uncle Fena and his two sons and the news only child dying this
morning. Yet he was so civil to calm and was pretty merry to breakfast and I had for them a barrel of oysters a dish of meat tongues and a dish of and show viz wines of all sorts and north to ale. We were very married till about 11 o'clock and then they went away. At noon I carried my wife by coach to my cousin Damas peeps. Here I saw first his second wife which is a very respectful woman but his dinner a Saudi poor dinner for a man of his estate. There being nothing but ordinary Me Didn't Mr Ward and I went to Mr. Pierce's supped with them and Mr. Pierce the purser and his wife and mine where we had a cab said carbon. But it was Raul. We couldn't eat it. And the good end. But she is such a slut that I do not love her victuals. Second Judge away
below did give me many commands in his business OBE today when I filed told my sister was gone but I just let her sit down to take it with me which I did with this is too little to expect it is often from me. In Chapter 11 of the diary of Samuel peeps Sam arms himself with sword and pistol to help put down an uprising of fanatics. With the other Navy men such as guards at all the Navy Yards and takes an unexpected trip as a guide to Lady sandwich. The diary of Samuel peeps was edited by Gloria Scott read by James Hogg was produced by Radio Station Casey you are FM of the University of Missouri at Kansas City and made available to this station by a national educational radio.
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The diary of Samuel Pepys
Chapter ten
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This program presents dramatizations of portions of the diary of seventeenth century naval administrator, Samuel Pepys.
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This series dramatizes portions of the diary of Samuel Pepys, an English naval administrator who provided invaluable writings from the English Restoration period.
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