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Kenneth Cooper joined the Ambrose in concert for Monta that is the deal floated up a dialogue on the book of madrigals. I've written 16 14. Well Florida I take with me your memory at the window the town's Bixi farewell death Lauro my heart goes with you as a bird flies through the food of love that the dawn the day with the seas and woods. Goodbye and peace be with you. They said to each other it's. What.
After that Monta that is. We have a sacred composition. From mon to that is a great publication of the title is and it's from the Song of Solomon. Not beautiful oh my love of comely is rueful I'm terrible at the NAMI with Vanna turn away my eyes from evil they have overcome me. I am.
That was a song by Patricia clock with a group at the hopsital Nala mode hit by Donna both an antiphon second that of called with good both sacred and holy banquet in which we partake of Christ's birth and body and remember his mind is filled with grace and we are given a page of the glory of the world to come.
On. Lost in this group they could know that they need bonds not proved to be one of motivated compositions came out in the 80s to come bride of Christ lifted her in and accept the crown which the Lord had prepared for you in eternity.
With the. The the the. That was a nice bunch of creativity. And now we have a madrigal about a game of cogs by Alexandre. He would go go to premier or whoever we could to play the calming unpredictable card game put down $2 and be
reading the card quickly boy. Here they are my friend and let's agree that the loser will get a Bronco here now let's try and win something. Pong. I'm coming in. Give me the ball. I've got not a winning hand. The inventor of the game record I have it. Make a pretty yeah go ahead and go down you have and they can will. It will make me win. No no no we don't want to lose it. I am.
That was your job. The Premier and to end the program the concert being built in Ole Miss. Cool.
Ah. Missed by bitchin Pino sung by the embers in cols would Patricia Cochran Dusty look on a soprano. Surely minty who turned to Ed got beat up in a John Frost days. Director Dennis Stephens with Kenneth Cooper harpsichord. You have heard a concert by the Ambrose Ian concert recorded for w r v r by the radio station of Rutgers University the u r Su. Commentary was by Dennis Stephens director of the Ambrose in concert. Professor of Music at Columbia University and president of the Academy amount of early on it
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NER concerts
Monteverdi's 400th anniversary, part three
Producing Organization
WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the third of three parts, presents a concert by the Ambrosian Consort in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Claudio Monteverdi. It was recorded at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Series Description
National Educational Radio presents a series of recorded concerts.
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Performing Group: Ambrosian Consort
Producing Organization: WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
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University of Maryland
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Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:28:58
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