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European or give us the day we visit the church of Santa Maria. Let us get some facts of musical and historical interest. Music composed by man were contemporaries with its build. Organist for Nando Tiger Beat me begins today. Bypass the church of somebody a bad guy that day and I said only when two couples are lighter on the markets on a. 16th century organise to vote or die do let us get 50 60 votes on a fifteen forty two when he was only 22 years of age published a considerable quantity of music very a long formidable title usually reduced to the first word which is in the volatile. Music Les this is a most important milestone in the history of composition because among
other innovations it contains the first examples of the polyphonic richer car of the 16th century and to Ken's own as found in it marked the beginning of an independent cum Zona literature or for the keyboard. Here now from Don in Devon. Ah the hymns lusus great outdoor update MA and ob a modest step live by John Alamo Cup at Sony played by organist of an antoh title of Eeny. Mm.
Hmm. We have heard two compositions from interview on a tour by John IMO covets
Sony. The instrument of todays broadcast of ancient European organs is a one manual one pedal organ of 17 stops erected in 1751 by Pietro in 1980. The next two compositions are by a Constanza and Jaap De an Italian organist composer. They lived his entire life in brush up. He was born there in fifteen forty nine and died in 16 24. He was descended from a family of organ builders and served as apprentice to his father. In 15 84 he was appointed organist at Bray shook at the draw between the years 17 51 and 16. A quantity of his compositions was published in Venice. Here now live to a richer condé by Constanza 000 on the new day. Oh.
Constanza on the yacht days do a Richard Qadri.
Probably the most interesting composition to be heard from the church of some time already had a daughter that day in Venice Italy. It is by the late 16th century Italian composer organist The Autons old must get up. It is the law school of short compositions or verses as the title indicates in which we have an excellent opportunity to observe the tonal variety of this ancient organ and the various ensemble possibilities of its 17th stops are set up by feelings of mascots played by phone and OTV Nate. Why.
Set by my scout in conclusion will he have another
composition by this late sixteenth century composer organist who like Constanza day was composition was heard earlier was organist at the cathedral at Bray shot in Adelaide in 59 before I must get up published a volume of instrumental canzone at gratia volume which contained some of the earliest examples of ensemble canzone with sections organized in terms of repetition. Do a COMES ON A by Enzo must get out of. Who.
Do a canzone buy a few rounds of mascara.
I'm listening to another program in the series ancient European organs presenting instruments erected during the period from the Middle Ages through the middle of the 18th century. Together with facts about them and the structures in which their. Music which was before and on them by their contemporaries. Today's broadcast featured an instrument erected in 1751 by drug Marchini in the church of Santa Maria dad in Venice Italy. The organ has one manual and 17 stop. For these programs recorded by members of the European Broadcasting your today's program
having voted by your talk radio and television. Program most prepared and written by one of us and produced at the University of Michigan speaking and inviting you to listen again next week at the same time for another program into European markets. This is the national educational radio network.
Ancient European organs
Santa Maria dei Dereletti Church
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University of Michigan
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program features recordings of the organ at the Santa Maria dei Dereletti Church, Venice, Italy. Performances include works by Cavazzoni; Antegnati; and Maschera.
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Recordings of noted organs at various locations throughout Europe.
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Host: Fidell, S. A. (Sanford A.)
Performer: Tagliavini, Luigi Ferdinando
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Writer: Welliver, Harry B., 1910-2005
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 68-7-19 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
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