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If I looked all through months and hundreds even on safety I knocked mostly cost in stock. Also three of them isn't spoken to and I don't want knobs. By Musiq least that's concept begin to cost all Poteet was on logic on a Monday so you didn't call the coast already did you see the end. He nodded. Problem the palace gardens of Vaughan's pond. We bring you a recording of the evening open air concert given during the 1967 Mozart test of performing at the City of lots books for the Monaco orchestra conductor Hans run us the choir of people there in State Conservatory of Music and this honest is Packo's clarinet. The concert begins with an excerpt from both going on the terrace moods arts opera to us you will hear
the overture to the opera the corners or sell that day because today the tenor I glad to see it and I know and the final chorus will present us you're not doing all been at the festival most army no sense was on set to sell music to New York but asked me to back to look as if you don't need to let me do it right now. It's like got out because at about two out of the music net Evans to flat course look around explained a lot better to do so develop his own down logic to set about it with a study length book they know and I know that. Any To say the most out of me know it's interesting they see it. They serve as a mostly lot of us in the concert going to release another lady leave it in a how do you know
her but I should have voted for the latter but we got it about Imus a nice a compliment to interpret the diction the hands. Right now it's about totally pregnant OK. Well that a sort of out there all day but a quarter we don't order to us and they said you are going to sit in Ottawa to leave really Saddam Hussein out of a nice who can we start to stop it at Titos is a quote Al Gore said what he said are you going to go to work. So but she said he said I'm not it's better to set a
variety all day about it in order here and I know you feel not. Why.
The One. You're. Sure. Sure. Why.
Whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa whoa. Way. One.
Way. You're.
Her. You're. Sure.
You're. Sure. I am sure you are. I am sure
I am sure sure sure sure. Sure. Thanks. Knocked him out.
Now it's because he is on top. After that performance of excerpts from Mozart's opera details the boss booked for the Monaco Orchestra under its planes the Cassation in B major for strings home Kushal number 99 of course that excluded a bit as it used to look as if you don't want you to do it. So the eunuchs around a hundred fine arts and they're quite like us your measure put miles up straight over the road going I meant it was most was just like a shell. Government is not. I could tell a fragment of it all but I did two three months out of endeavor to tell Apollo to get a feel of the money that it would have thought of the heat up in my hand right now to go to the concert about 30 that out of the money it abroad I'm a going over to Mozart wanting a lot going on in see them on my shoulder but a quote of us or Boise
cardinals in D.C. You know when they maybe was a stray dog evolved. Well the demo score if you lot of money could be good sport of kings who do I still hunt so high amounts are my order but quite of those old ways was indeed soaked.
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NER concerts
1967 Mozart Festival, program three, part one
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the first of four parts, presents portions of the 1967 Mozart Festival at Wurzberg.
Series Description
National Educational Radio presents a series of recorded concerts.
Media type
Conductor: Reinartz, Hanns
Producer: Deutsche Welle
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-43-8 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:21:50
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