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With the lonely skies shoving down on his shoulders and the dust of a continent taking his throat he left his brand on the front tier of our history. I squinted ahead into savagery. Civilization dogging his heels and we give him to you who can take him straight. The American cowboy. That there's a Texas man a real cow dog by the looks of him. How do I know whether Drew Jewish voters that's how he got that coming up the trail riding on three joints of his backbone. Radio television the University of Texas presents the American Council. A series of programs reflecting the true place and picture of the significant historical figure this unique foci of. The American cowboy is produced and recorded by radio television the University of Texas under a grant from the
National Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcast. Today programme three cowboy on the trail. It was early summer 1865 the Civil War was over. The battered boys in blue and the grim faced boys in grey were going back where they came from. And when Johnny Reb of Texas came marching home on horseback or on shank's mare or using his rifle for a crutch. Yeah there's a prize awaiting for him because while he had been off a fight and the cows had stayed home of Britain. And that Yellow Rose of Texas hadn't just stood by wringing her hands. Her mother and her sisters and her cousins in Iran she had been busy a brandy all the new calves that dropped. So here was Texas Johnny.
Back home and stony broke. With cattle thickest bluebonnets on his ranges. Here was a defeated surveying his spoils. Look at him look at Johnny aren't they a sight to see. Yeah. Picture a man could one only thing is we can't afford to just sit here and look at it. What are we going to do with him. Salim who too and what's more there's bound to be somebody that eats meat. It's got money to pay for our day. Yes sir. Ray there is a whole passel level fell I was telling today they're given eight to eleven dollars one hundred pounds for cattle and beef going at 25 to 40 cents a pound. Myers beggin for be just reaching out their hands with dollars and then they reach far enough that's the trouble. Them or Us One guy has the money in the markets way off up there in Chicago or Kansas City or some such and us and our cows are down here in Texas lucky to get a
dollar here and if we can sell a durned blue Bentley Yankees blockading the Polaroids Damis up like a resume. Well they got legs haven't they same as they had before the blue bell as you. Know Johnnie the cows seems I thought I heard some folks trying in the matter via telephone in the even New Yawk. Seems like I heard some folks getting shot scalped thirst in the death while they is at it no worse than drowned in beef on your doorstep. Anyway we travel everywhere else. Welcome to welcome to grass. What's to keep us from going into money. So they walked on money the long legged sway backed razor shank Texas Longhorns to the dollars in the north. Five million of them in 15
years. But Frederick Jackson Turner was to call the greatest pastoral movement in recorded history. Stretched out traveling hard up the trails from Texas and the Texas cowhand on his wire the Mustang with them. We ride we go. DRUG.
Store of high renown. Our own red river jumping off place on the famous western trail. Growers could take on that way to the west on a trail through the Chickasaw Nation. And so and you can. Take a whack at the Chisholm Trail crossing the Red Sea by one train to another then Walter Prescott Webb cattle swarmed taking meat to the giants of the north. The first time to re ban the north and south after the Civil War. What's to keep us from walking in the water in the dry land. The hot sun in the cold snow and not the least. Those tricky treacherous men sweeping cattle sucking rivers.
The banks ever. Heard in ours is accounted for God ever heard of a crow some more the Reverend bacon like a founder not hide your hair. We could throw down the ropes and never thing else we could open up and grab a whole body heat and am going to be a fool if I told Joe wants. I told him a plan to take off that hardware. Before you hit water with a single pound. Couldn't swim a lick but you need a six shooter rifle. It's dirt Spurs leggins in home plate.
What do you expect to get out of the medal. Mary get her tail down and under they go both up. Just like that. Wait a minute here. Who. Won A. Grasshopper leg. Joe Joe Joe you were you Ben. That's where we thought you were gone. There you see. What did I tell you. White and water don't mix. I reckon this will learn you to get rid of that luck in the next time you hit the water. Well you can just reckon yourself another reckons. And where in the world can't myself down to the bottom. Talk to me about. Wait wait a minute. The rivers cross the trail so they cross the rivers. The markets wouldn't come to the
cows so the cows went to the market. What's to keep us those first Texas drover said. Though they knew some of it whatever it was they went across it through or under or over. And sometimes when they intersected the first problems of civilization pushing westward they had to go around. Don't believe I'd do that again. Noises like that get to the stairs like Parker was warming up. Trust that my trail goes through the air. Force. Not like you grab whatever animal there is healthy. For yourself. We push these predators 900 miles was. Such fun. Why was.
Texas was Hazard filled miles behind the cow towns bone weary weeks ahead. And in between the hardworking herdsman sun fried. Hey Laramie what you're studying about just trying to recollect tad felt the Spirit water logged. What's money trail could spend it all on hats. Wow I want five already this trip. Fan and white buffalo chips trying to get a far gone cow encumbered well-water the stock downstream why don't we. That way it ain't all roiled up for the grade. Maybe that way US writers could get us water without having to chew it for hours. Hired hands who learned from the trailer's tough teaching how to be top hand who came through trial and error to the savvy their traveling cows better than most men understand their wife. What you do not get a fur serenade my partner not you has got to go out of
your letter I got to make a lot of federal music for that. Grow your blues bands is nothing lately. Not known or a class act critter like a few courses the Red River Valley. 18 hours a day in the saddle. If all went well 32 if it didn't. After a few hours rest in his blankets on the ground up again before dawn with the cookshop. Lining his flue with Beith and Sal belly syrup and sourdough they are not always favored by flair. Never saw baskets break like that before. Looked like a gang. The common rest was a commodity he couldn't afford. Sleep was the thing he dreamed about with his eyes propped open. Robert a banker and kid bashing in a whirl. Don't get burned by
what they don't close around your brain. Thus the cowboy of the long punishing drives. The first of them headed just up north. Those who came later aimed at Abilene or Dodge City Caldwell or Newton or Oglala all go up the trail. But AFAIK Jamerson ravin 15:00 Junction City. How much point to you got yourself ion. You got yourself a hand cowboy. The unique the proper traveling companion for this product that bushwalking itself to market. Now this cool way you now she big guys up to the brass cowboy wants Mister Tabasco she says Dad. Nah you boys must have had a good time
on your pony. Very well Brad he gave her a look like he's just a rabbit polecat this hot rock he says the cow trails up from Texas and he says there was no boys nor ponies to it. There was houses. Cowboy on the trail radio television the University of Texas has brought you program Number three of the American cowboy. Today's broadcast is based on source materials from the Texas History Library of the Parker History Center and the western publications True West and times edited by Joe small. A bibliography is available on request. The American cowboy is directed by Bill Burke from Scripps by Mary Dee Benjamin under the supervision of Robert F. shank. Producer RCU Norman's
original music by Eleanor page. Now writer is Horton Smith. Student production assistant. Alan Page Daniel Langfield speaking cowboy on the trail was produced and recorded by radio television at the University of Texas under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center and is being distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the end AB Radio Network.
The American cowboy
Cowboy on the trail
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This program focuses on stories of cowboys on the trail.
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Documentary series on the American cowboy, produced by the University of Texas.
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Announcer: Langfield, Daniel
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Narrator: Smith, Horton
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Benjamin, Mary D.
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