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What have you seen so far. Nothing. Where you going. And boy home well my feet are very tired. Oh yes they are. Yesenia China when I didn't have a chance to see the Russian RV American lady United States said they were too much people where you're from Montreal and you're coming back. Oh yes I got a passport and I have been here probably five six times a week. How do you like. What is the thing that you like. To see you sing. This is if you. Just. Happen to. Dream. That
this is Canada. The 67 borders there was another of our weekly look at Expo 67 in Montreal and Centennial activities from coast to coast and its third week of operation Expo continues to outwit all the computers still busily forecasting attendance figures as much as 50 percent behind the actual numbers of people going to the fair. Around five million visits have already been recorded and with the sort of reaction you heard at the beginning of today's program there's unlikely to be a laptop. For music it's more professional and not just music but every kind of Entertainment Expo 67 is World Festival of the performing arts is proving a tremendous success. Can Murphy comments on the festivals attractions currently appearing Are they great concept about orchestra of Holland Montreal theatrical new homeowner or New World Theater. The canary theatre of Tel Aviv. Some of cutbacks leading pop singers and singers composers and the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus which believe it or
not is part of the Expos World Festival of the performing arts. The theater driven mooned Canada's leading theatre company is presenting only one play at the World Festival Moliere's the Bush version on the arm. But they have lavished all their energy and ingenuity on it. One local critic described it as a production as wild as any you have ever imagined. A unique combination of comedy Adele Arthur American slapstick and the Opera Comique. This version of Moliere's play said the same critic includes choreography that seems straight out of A Chorus Line by Alan Lund and features so much movement about the stage that at times you expect a traffic cop to come out to help keep things straight. The Bush version of the army is being presented every night in one of two new holes completed just in time to accommodate the World Festival events at the same time in the other knew how the canary theater of Tel Aviv is presenting the first Israeli musical comedy. Sami grown up ones King Solomon and the cobbler in modern Hebrew. It's been
seen by half a million people in Israel was highly praised in Paris two years ago and in London earlier this month. Mr. Josiah Weinberg director of the canary theatre was asked if foreign audiences found it difficult to follow the Hebrew language musical experience they had after. The audience had its synopsis in English and we provide a very detailed synopsis in English and in French in the programme. It is very very easy to understand what's going on on the stage which with the help of the programme can be easily understood. We had similar conflation in France and after a crowd of an hour or so most people decided that they don't need it and put away the receivers have just started to enjoy the show. Well local critics agree that you don't have to know Hebrew to enjoy King Solomon and the cupboard. The opening performance in Montreal was by the way the 500. The
company has given and it came on the 19th anniversary of the state of Israel while the two theatre groups from Canada and Israel are performing in downtown Montreal. A group of French Canada's talented singers and singer composers are being featured at the theatre on the site of Expo 67. They have not been getting large audiences for reasons which I think are obvious. They get plenty of exposure in downtown nightclubs which are far more suited to the intimate nature of their songs. So there really isn't much reason for their local fans to go to Expo to hear them perform in a concert hall setting. And although they are idolized in French Canada they are hardly known to most visitors to Montreal. Maybe they should be. Maybe someday they will be. But at the moment they are not and that is that. And finally the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was there to say about that. It's the greatest show on earth you know. Says so right in the world festival program. And don't think for a minute that that makes Expo itself something less than the Greatest Show On Earth for as one official explained.
It's out of this world. Ken Murphy in Montreal one of the things that Expo 67 is trying to do better than previous world's fairs is transportation both on the site and to it modern highways laid right into the island complex in the St. Lawrence River for people coming by car. There's a marina for boating enthusiastic arriving by water. I'm from downtown Montreal to the fair. You can go by subway train or bus even by double decker bus because London Transport has sent two of its scarlet monarchs of the road over and they have a regular run between downtown Phillippe Square and the Exhibition grounds. The tinting of the conductor's Bell is quickly becoming as familiar here as it is around London's Trafalgar Square. John Ramsey went along for a ride. And what a rollicking ride it was. Our overhanging traffic lights were never planned to allow
a double decker to pass underneath and at times our driver Ron Jenkins of London Transport had to dodge around the lights and still keep his eye on the heavy Montreal traffic. The buses run on a half hourly shuttle between downtown Montreal and the low round amusement area of Expo 67. The buses have proved popular and our crowd enjoying the 11 hours each day that they travel to the fair. Many like myself are riding in them for the first time but many more are reacquainting themselves with the scarlet coaches of the road. I asked our driver if he drove a transport in London. I'm obsessed with getting the Troy. Davis family suitable to send mechanics abroad as a bus driver as you say and even though you know I think Alan Roman knows how we got to play to maintain a process. Do you find that Canadians and the Americans who are here enjoy writing and what to them is a rather strange vehicle. He has a special the top take. I seem to find that sound. Strange to say the least.
I notice everyone flocks to the top of the bus right away they want to they want to ride on top Yeah I know if you only had a partial load would you have to move some of these people downstairs you know in the beginning to the bus sort of you know got to saw as the people would just crowd in the top deck only effect for a while. Kevin just talked to clouds. They say it was. The site of an uprising in there a lie over a fantastic brazen 70 degrees and even that will show stuff on the floor so I. Just. Thought. Only for the size of a bush but if they drag the busses we'll be here all summer and are sponsored by a leading package of T as his contribution to Expo 67. Although the tickets issued in the true London Transport manner are marked 1 and 3 opens they are really souvenirs for the ride to Expo is free. This is John Ramsey in Montreal. I mean so much for Expo this week. Canada's one hundredth birthday party isn't restricted to Montreal among the thousand and one other items going on this year
for example is the Yukon River trip for modern day adventures in northwestern Canada. The Yukon fishing game Association are sponsoring a four hundred sixty mile boat journey from white horse to the old gold dry city of Dawson. With that story here's Les McLaughlin. This joint Yukon Alaskan Sentinel adventure is attracting outdoorsman from all over Canada and the United States. It will last 10 days and will wind up in historic doesn't city in time for celebrations marking the 70th year of the discovery of gold in the Klondike. The president of the Fish and Game Association Dr. Clayton Pugh explained that not only experienced Boseman are involved in the project. It will be safe for duffers too. The idea is that we will have experienced people with each squadron of the flotilla and they will lead the boats through any of the difficult places and give information every day as to what sort of Pavel they're going to find on the river. The Yukon River is one of the nicest ones to travel on that there is.
I understand that you've enlisted the support of the RCMP which should come as a big help to you. Yes again we are trying to relive the days of 98 and in those days the knot of police over saw travel of small boats down the river. And we expect them to do it again. They are quite keen on this too. Now the flotilla is going to last approximately nine days and the total length of the journey is four hundred sixty miles. This makes the camping spots fairly close together. Is there any reason for picking them close together. Why are we expecting all sorts of boats on this trip and will necessarily have to keep the speed to the speed of the slowest boat. Do you think that you're going to have any difficulty and the section of the river I'm thinking now particularly of the rink rapid. No. We have experienced people going with the flotilla. And the water should be high at that time so that we don't anticipate any difficulties. Let's suppose a person from southern Canada or the United States wants to go along drives
his vehicle the white horse goes down the river to Dawson and then wants to continue to Alaska. How does he carry his car. We have two methods at present. One is a few volunteers for those people who would like to have their cars driven to Dawson wildly take the trip down the river. Otherwise we'll have a bus in Dawson to bring the people back to the white horse to pick up their cars and then they can pick up their boats in Dawson on their way through to Alaska. This way they'll also get the Dawson highway which is certainly a beautiful highway to travel they shouldn't miss it. But when you consider an adequate number to make this a success how many boats and how many people I think would be adequate. Hundred would be you might say ideal two hundred will be stretching our resources and any more than that is really going to give us a hard time. How many people per boat. Probably it will average at three. Most young people in particular will
probably bring their families with them. Doctor talking with last McLaughlin about the Yukon River flotilla to Rome on August the 6th. I'm not scared of the 67 for this week produced by the international service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This is Bob Harding speaking. This program was distributed by national educational radio. This is the
national educational radio network.
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