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Swift. Sometimes royalty. To the queen. I indeed like Mr. Swift. Yeah I'm not half sorry he's safe away from us and his wit is too sharp his bites too much. I should never like to be the object of his displeasure or Alexander Pope England's outstanding man of letters. There are matters we should talk about. How do you live there in Ireland away from. Oh I suppose you keep busy enough. I even hear you say that you take an interest in Woods new age. You must know of course there's a rumor that it would bribe with the daughters of kendo to have the queen. Who is it. A commune. Dr Suess closed the door to Mr. Harding. I'm glad to see you took care not to be seen. Surely you're not ashamed of coming
to a church or don't joke doctor. What if it should be seen we're together it's already known that I print the letters were they not respectable letters. It is whispered that they are trees and Lotus Turner please I do not hear or see where lately they say treason and your name linked with them. Exactly. Not quite exactly since I have not signed my name to them. You know you have neither made an effort to hide my authorship. As a matter of fact I have another letter for you to print. I understand but yet the new Lord Lieutenant of Ireland will arrive next week. I know him your new friend. Decidedly a friend but I strongly doubt a man. Friendship will not stand in the way of his duty and his duty is to enforce the new coinage in a shorter time I hope to sway him to visit him. Politics does not want to mix with friendship. No not to visit him. Rather to make sure that the father dropped him as he put his foot on the outer shore.
By trade John Harding was a printer by inclination. He was an Irish patriot. He accepted Dr. Swift's letter or rather chose to call it. Within a week it was printed and it's titled A letter to the people of Ireland. It was indeed in time for the new. Gentleman. Later later on about his quite busy enough thank you child. Now what about this drop be a letter. No real concern your lordship take me for a fool. I want the history of the whole matter now. It was not by accident that a letter to the people of Ireland should be issued on the very day of my arrival. It is rumored that the author Jonathan Swift Dean of St. Patrick's piecemeal history has a beginning.
You probably well know what yourself sir. I know what the English know. I want to know what the Irish have a chair if you don't mind. It began in 1722 the English Parliament without consulting the Irish Parliament issued to William Wood of England the patent to coin 100000 pounds of copper money. Did you know it was a rumor that would had bribed the Duchess of Kendal for the privilege. The news did not reach us. Shall I continue. It is the Irish claim there is no need for so much new money. They've been protesting in shorts in 1722 almost two years which is all the history I know of. And the drop in the drop to day is imaginary. A creation of Dr. Swift to stir up the people of Ireland. There were three letters published before you arrived. The fourth today and by far the strongest YET. Who printed these letters John Harding printer at Molesworth court and the people are in sympathy with this imaginary drop he invented my life and they are. Here's what it says.
And I believe there have not been for many ages an example of any kingdom so firmly united in a point of great importance as this of ours is a present against that detestable. Yes indeed and I have read it through twice to drop a writes treason do you suppose me unaware. You do not seem angered your lordship must anger or obliterate the precision of my reason. I think not. I should be able to take care of the writer of these letters of swift himself. It is not proved who the writer is. Yet whoever he is and I tell you I cannot. It is my duty to find him. First 300 poems to discover the author of the new There is further a rumor that time to be.
Arrested. Justice and. The court issue was clear it was not only the woods coinage not only the letters not only the print It was the question of whether to break away from English rule and that was firm justice which in his wig to the side the jury Irishman along behind the spectators in front of the accused John Harding printer by trade and sitting very calmly among the spectators. Dr. Swift Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin. This is not the chief justice which in was a severe faced man. He stared at each man on the grand jury. I repeat. This is not a pleasure to see you here Dr Suess is the grand jury. Charles I hardly see you challenge it said your secretary to a country and
as a your duty to find against John letters so that he may stand a long trial tells me that he knows we are friendly. I regret not having yet found of the law of the penalty to be considered against the interests of the Irish people against treaty and that is what patriotic. Have you read the judgment of Parliament right. They are masterpieces of their calling. Of course you so often agree with popular opinion. Do you wonder indeed Charles why the grand jury refused to return a judgment against Harding. The audacity is what I would have them all tried the grand jury themselves tried. What's more you're not by wits and as yet the chief justice. If one grand jury will not return a judgement I do suppose
he has intelligence to call for another grand jury swift himself was there. Which proves his full interest. Sherry thank you. Have you read the advice which to drop me off as the grand jury. I cannot say that I have and then hear it. It begins quite nicely. Since a bill is being prepared for the grand jury to find against the printer of the drop vs last letter there are several things maturely to be considered by the gentleman before they determine upon it. First you must hear it all. Not all child just a few lines further. First they are to consider that the author of the said pamphlet did write three other discourses on the same subject which instead of being censured were universally approved by the whole nation. And were allowed to have raised then continued that spirit among us which hitherto had kept out would scorn.
For all men will grant that if those pamphlets had not been writ his caution must have run over the nation some months ago. It's no wonder the grand jury refuses. He appeals to their Irish patriotism. Better yet to their intelligence. And I must say to mine as well. You need not look at me quite like that. Do you support the drop I support the law. For which I have been sent here by the English Government. However I feel the law ought to be changed to suit Irish hotheads to suit justice. All the things that swift say is all true and you were. I have already suggested to the English Parliament. See. However. Until that law is changed the drop be a named or not there's a public criminal. And you won the second grand jury to sit let it be don't you.
Good morning towns. I see you are here again today to talk about. IT DO IT DO IT. In the streets there were newly written ballads for the occasion. The grand jury will not do what no Irishman whoever wrote the play upon that tried for when the cause is right now in a short while you are in short John Harding could not be brought to trial if the grand jury would not hand up a judgement. Drop the letters were effective no Irishman would accept the new appointee would not Dortch know why rush. So in the middle of January Jonathan Swift found himself with more time.
When he passed the printing establishment of John Harding. Mr. Harding waved a motion him to come in. No sorry Dr. Swift was going elsewhere. Since his hearing had improved. There was no reason not to pay a friendly visit. He stopped in front of the doctor adjusted his coat and finally not. A good afternoon or good afternoon. Shall I say is calling to say to the Lord-Lieutenant cutting at Diddy's old acquaintance Jonathan Swift. Do you know since Patrick's I regret I could not come at any hour but such a tender matter just took me time.
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Why is a writer?
The writer who thinks
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This program, "The Writer Who Thinks", focuses on Jonathan Swift.
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