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National educational radio in cooperation with the Institute on man and science presents a series of talks drawn from the institute's annual conference held recently in Rensselaer Ville New York the Institute on man and science is a non-profit educational institution chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The annual assembly of the institute is designed to focus attention on 20th century technology and the human relationships resulting from its application. The speaker for this program is Jew Chai professor of Chinese culture at the New School for Social Research in New York City. His topic is change and continuity in modern China. Here now is Professor chai at Cousin time. I think everybody was concerned about coming to China for the imitation of the time I keep you historical historical fact fact grounds regarding the multi dome
and he saw your kind China which started with commerce power the Chinese Communist Party used you to be traced to the first and most of 1919. That means the growth that mass movement touches all the aspects of Chinese which side does this last month they talked last night about two groups of the Chinese that chills Lenku up the percentage that are western educated students
and leadership the sheer death eight ten ninety eight point ninety six year old Dr. Archer You know he was formerly ambassador to Washington during the war time. This growth was in spite of western science western democracy. They got it. So could a new coach or just this one cruel lie. We have another role in this movement that. Was inspired by the Post book about the notion of Roswell in 1917 that crop warfare and the need to keep up a chance
to show that Yen Yen she yo have an edge if you don't win friends or the second girl might become a student of democracy. But you know why the high school graduate. I took a graduate from high school when he can become a clerk. You know not re either picking your state where are whole and show up or fatsos you endeavor to understand the background. The chanteuse
may Yukon's chan. We got to know you and the Comedy Channel ideology plays important just to you as a tool as a huge instrument to control the people. But these are all A-J after 1949 has been consecrated so much to burn you out of my life. We call this sort of multiple so that we stand up and go to the source. You put the most case in total. What's important whitens were the writings. Think we can add write up come to China.
I haven't caught with that they're writing quite quite. The Communists are commies. You have to wait that when the pope an article was written 9 he couldn't see Salman. That's a call to be part of pulao the anti-the Tartous of course the pool pass and we will all be part of a nine team. In this article you sent your idea to all based art to go and face ice core the Chinese is right. She should be started from North Korea not from the open area. Most of them come in the past and it's great that we can tell them apart. You and the Chinese Communist about the notion
this 9 10. Shouldn't the server allow that to happen. One more time in 1969. Multiple cuts on my part in the article I see that that way can you not. You know I kept up the communist regime during wartime by the typo of New Democracy new democracy that this is an important article that's required for the into not Jutes. Students have to rate the Chinese Mandarin that are good. Most of them divided the Chinese. Those are the important stages. One of marketing that took Katamari critique of the notion
that the WOB notion showpiece and precise to call the formation of a human life to France with the purpose to oscillated women down the nationalists. The second stage of the Opera appealed to the success of first for Bob notion to counter what Robert ocean done became a social revolution that Rob Lotan started in 1949. The Communists take over demand that there is a second important article they can from another site that was written in 1945 when the Sino-Japanese come to the and
the Baltic and the chunk. Sure by that time so that negotiation not for your my can ambasador so called Huxley that brought them together before both of them come to town to meet you young guy sure. Most of them just youth not to. An article that article and the title so called You're right it fun to mock Katic haven't done much. Cut the carbon they used to and the government left with you. The government should be a good organized that not in this government should be reorganized too. And love summer. Arthur. Cannot do much good amends to join the government. There is a God. This is one of the obstacles. I cried
as one of the past articles. At the rate of multi-tool Goodnight till 49 that just before that far from this church churches from Taiwan. Most of them have an average side. Yuki's Keyspan the multiple part in the article that called that Catholic dictatorship trying to accommodate market dictatorship. My epithet commun the article of a complete ban but I emphasize the dictatorship. I could give was right to ask that definition. Sat not critique not not for the revolutionaries dictatorship for those reactionaries who say
that all of us should be concentrated to the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. Know for sure your motto don't use a practical man molted don't you to read that with fanciful yeech. Period. The situation for certain articles to trust his ideas. In 1955 Martha Stewart was not sure whether it really will. It was not true that he wanted to play her by you know my night at the party and face the mob government. He wanted to lead the country to compete with the young guys in politics. In 1949 the situation is different and everything can make up to work when all was well with
the wall so that he could emphasize on the word dictatorship they use with talk about how to get some ideas. I thought to call the salt of the multitude. Most are from 1949. Not matter to half hour Power us and people who were trapped. Dick was asked top of his term as well. To end this year some by Tim 8:56 to task in this 18 years. Most of the attention most were to him and so his choice wasn't really on his party on that year. Now what I can keep you on the facts from my team fought
in life to live 10:53 multiple to the all that this so-called watch to context. I'm not sure bookmen. Tie tied to natural Bhupen not offering livestock all kinds of crops. Amanda Comegys I mean this was the key to use the students divided into small groups in that group. They make discussion the makes that they mostly based upon the works of the multitude from Dr Tim Wise. Tim 55 Malto can stop another boatman's to cut the anti sway and the tide will fight for any time but then when God wants time he
did this with rapt implication and compassion from beginning to rapturous side toward the commercial side encroaching on all of his motions Pancoast all those peoples in cities to start a mass to work to start a multitude going south from 1955 to 1957. Now they have a night of mopin that will bring this to called anti rightist Bucklin anti rightist movement. That's the point. The cause of weightiest the righteousness the righteous the more nice you identify as with most of our captain these days. Now I pick my team fifty seven thousand nine Tim. They play nine days a year. We caught that marketing concept this
great forward then better than another book and that it will open the way carso shouldn't just education. But then the Friday night team sit there at night flipping. Now I am apt to lie to you six days six days a year. To. His social Dienste educational Bhupen in 1966. Last Saturday night we used to call the coach your wife moves him but when you are tied to the car the great carbon carbon coach Butland should talk with Caradoc coach the bill based or lupins. Find out two important characteristics which should be noted. While. This may have meant that you may
become so to us approach find because you chuppah a group and certain persons like to have a high or solitaires you know Poppy Poppy all of them have been disappeared. You've got to approach in that sense that the polls are not a and characteristics up with Brooklyn that you can take in 10 years and find that they have the move to solve. This it really certain kinds of education the news media during this moment as you did last the lab monostable you to write a deep read before the culture you Robert which almost took them to these two important characteristics. One
approach that not just education no. Do you or the state use a crime so cause they tell you if they start off the multitude to solve. But in the last quarter Robideau seen this gradual become a kind of a power struggle position. So I don't come to town that is tasked with you but it is time for you to Tross-Kingdon I can cancel your. Not asked my title said the challenges continue taking on channel Juman the we as the compan that read the book and why are important changes have to be made during these 17 years 18 years and
for made up the tension. I had to pick up some of the important changes. I emphasized the changes they had made those chanteuse worked with man that I 55 Zeev the conversation with him has been finished to model what changes will not change why written by either Chinese history and before with Capulet chanteuse. I want to be here and not to point you any further than this chanteuse. I have not cosen them. I presume that you got the words I have not post no Kikwete no post no
proactiveness I can still see changes. Looks cause you fail to trace those changes. I just tend to and use the facts to you. That you say what those can do. Well yes that were. Fact. The Cojocaru states are the Chinese coach. I coach you up channel. I thought the first important challenges that have ever been made. As I said from the beginning of the present both and face side coach are not to walk it. Duke coach all you want to build up. Most of them had no scientific coaching.
So there is no scientific way to start it. What is the common language with all Chinese language debris fall. This is reality when it comes to the Chinese language. Read the great our great heritage to the Chinese peoples. But as a matter of fact that language you're far more targeted with markets goes before busto. Oh and you are as a team. They are the type involved in the ocean with all the crap that could befall them both to go one step further. The first cup they want to challenge is to send to the fight and that sort of writing the. The math sort of writing that the written language you know Chinese
don't want you to very difficult yet you world can see so many stories you just are. So I wrote a thought. You sat and waited for people look for those Mishu class you got the time. Like me I have the time I have the patience. I happened to write these words for those people people have said those vaporise that what in all that day seven days that way they don't have the time to write those very complicated writing so that they are sent to the. I tell you my friends. I burst into that process and get by one of my friends off the up those Pyrrha articles puppyish
on the man and I really write them with difficulty. So simplify the soul simplify don't just fall not to stop. He'll still want to further. The. Setup. Of the office that natto that is used to Carloman evasion. So I'm a little surprised if most of them find you to a practical I'd not hesitate to adapt it the right way. Yet the case was told that the Chinese language and hyphenate chanting all the more than chanted them get what you can for them which. But it's
still not working now because the Chinese come to them and they could come in occasionally. We're not buying that. And thus. We have a unified national pronunciation. I realize there you have it made for further study. No this but you fall for this every fall. Partially for self-recognition up there right in my case in my opinion I have to give the credit although I don't like to talk to him because this is a great convergence for goals Nabl people for both passengers. This is a great confidence to promote mass education. As
you know most of the night I can keep the conservative Faygo at least when the person states of the population. But I get the fake us in 1960 to put it up in 92 to come to China. Now don't get the figures yet. They sat at a 1962 wall for 90 percent of the nation. You can read and write but they said get down to the half of our percent decrease in at the right time. That's why important changes might not second important changes. I want the point of
yes education system of education to say stop. And according to my study I divided the development of the common education into the form impure. The first pure right way. Did that not from man. The period lasted from 9 10:48 non-New to 1957. During this period Chinese education policy last adopted two to keep all the people an opportunity
to save for education. Educational system was worse more competitive than what we have adapted to the not in this country. Not in this. Not just your top six you get food food and medical education. You have 6 years to fund a high school and a anti-this school. I said it could be called middle school I do case you. You squat you kiss you. Then the capture for years carnage the fall. Yes they were still at work and that this is what we are it is not the magic de-friend but when things are hit Garantie people come for free education. Floormen can go Gorgons after the candidates vote love to all three. Only the high school. Yep
you want a quota on it. You have to pass the entrance because I'm asian not more data based upon you are academic at chippings. This is the first pure it 1957 you have heard to try professor of Chinese culture at the New School for Social Research as he spoke on the topic change and continuity in modern China. Professor Chye spoke at the annual conference of the Institute on man and science held in Rensselaer bell New York. On our next program Professor Chye will return to discuss the subject. What philosophy is have moulded Chinese life. These lectures are recorded by the Institute on man and science. The programs are prepared for broadcast and distributed by the national educational radio network
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