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With the lonely skies shoving down on his shoulders and the dust of a continent taking his throat he left his brand on the front tier of our history. Eyes squinted ahead into savagery. Civilization dogging his heels and we give him to you who can take him straight. The American cowboy. He says to me Bill would you be willing to get up and swear to what you just told me when I see a stadium slim Macias. I would need and stand up in a saloon in heat. Radio television the University of Texas presents the American Council. A series of programs reflecting the true place and picture of the significant historical figure this unique folk hero. The American cowboy has
produced and recorded by radio television the University of Texas under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcast. Today program the lock tongue loose and fancy free. All the below the word Yeah dog gone bald rip you never told him that well I sure did and there was and there's a little narrower gauge Bay and here's a human teller must away too many of three hundred pounds fixing the band in with me is full of lightning rod like I am going to have one of these here fits a man just any time now and when I do look at. Did you say doing what day was like oh yeah that was a bass part. When then come on me as is my girl. Top to
toe foam out the mouth like I had real phobias. My blood in all corners and you my Tony yours move over. And would he say to that we are right in saying it in verse. Studied me counters and laughed and then he said is all solved and low and cruel nation is one home and stranger I don't mind to be confidentially I got a huge cure for fear she and he just lay that little sticks between him and me and roll around on me. Right. Oh Rip Rip Van Winkle story teller of the cow country. This Artist of the attic works his way through the pages of Jack. Pardner of the wind as once he worked the widely separated cow can.
Her jaw was out of marijuana for a long spell rip. I coming back New Mexico. When I was here out in Arizona the folks down there got tired of looking at me. But here I'm a real curiosity they're going to go back out that white Nope not soonly any Yeah I. Mean you know really we came just a boy around here and licks old till spring. And they could if they liked when they liked and where they liked because they knew the open sesame to that far flung hardworking and monotonous cattle kingdom they had two sure can string you along with some tall ones in those immense and brooding spaces. A man might survive the greatest danger only to fall victim to the high a lonesome. Thus it was that the spinners of spirited yarns were always welcome to the job. They made the test seem easier. The stars closer and the saddle was less painful.
And life more bearable. All the way around. First Gail had to use a room with the Bush outfit but that don't bother this prairie flower none so it's all pants but they'll bow. He's going to smear his my game something run in or play at all fingers trying all Rice is the boast of this prat at the plane we're going to make a sachet this morning where we're seeing some skittish cattle. You'll have your head he's changed all right. And when he come out of them switches you never seen yourself. Oh no mercy bowing. You meet up Mary in their eyes the rest your clothes not the maid. And how come you tie rope still on your saddle. Well they see is this prairie looking sheepish lot. I seen that speckles steer when we jumped in and I took in after it but the further we win the thicker that brush seemed again. Fine he said. I met one of yours rattlesnakes back in there
when the brush got so thick that a rattlesnake had to back out of it. I thought I'd just as well back out. I'm not that. Line. Never certain and in every cal camp at the others like to ride with says Jack the org because they were good at telling droll stories and making you laugh and helping the time to pass agreeably. It was a gift with them and some of them practiced it conscientiously and with considerable artistry. They've been able to waive all full flaps and so made that last gather with the oldest outfit then told how come faith. Too bad you had to catch on the fly as it come by. Who killed feed the herd. They'd hurt your feet or. You got any ID do Kaminey
flies it takes to put our own are heard of fourteen thousand nine hundred and sixty eight per herd on her death turtle even if critters that ever get it down right inside the corral. Oh John you instead have a handle not a right Josh Brown going for bugs and flies. To look like them turtles are going to starve almost full control moan or cry will John give the orders to move. Next morning early the chuck wagon and John turns are heard out of the corral. Us boys only know little John on the tail end bringing up the drag. Thing was the whole word is dry and no use your old phone a minute now. Why not. Just zoom zoom Turtle movie coming down. Ever had ne'er forfeited the right inertia in the whole works and stopped here. Well. About our foursome down the O's pad to low ball enough to overtake the chuck wagon so I'm five miles ahead. You see old red the driver he'd
always drove for a cow out there and what he didn't know was I heard a turtle can't travel over a few hundred yards a day and consequently at the end of the first day they're hard shelled hadn't got out of the horse facing the age well lesson for it but the call bad ground right there. So while it was more of a busy attorney and all them tire and overall nearby I actually wouldn't stampede during the night. Odio is done all over again. Now the drive he aimed to make was about fourteen hundred miles. At a quarter of a mile a day. He calculated we'd be on the trail about five thousand six hundred days or say 15 years. Only thing wrong with that calculation though. Even lying on our backs that away them turtles kick their legs all night long. And next day they couldn't hardly move at all. I tell you the whole way down lead let me ask it is Pete. How
come you always trail in turtles in the first place. All did not tell you that. Well it all came about in the grub bar down Cheyenne told their latent energy and you know says to a feller at the table. What kind of soup sis worrit turtle So what should fund ought to be. Cost six bits a dish and if you order up north to be about $2 you mean a day that's right. I many turtles do a deed. It's the other way around Fred. Twelve dishes to a turtle. See I can make one Churchill up there with about $24. Bet your life I would. What kind of turtles. Just plain dry land Terrapin turtles whale eyes say for a charcoal move through that idea of a skirt or a. Figure. He said if he could get them through the panhandle to camp at $24 they had them fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety to sector
and up to three hundred. The front tier of the cowboy did not spawn garrulous men. Alas a feller says the longer he lives. But the nature of the cowboys work through him for a long out of bones in the company of his kind. And when he was. To Roanoke to rush to snooker to snow. This hired man of ranch and range turned to talk for pastime. Fodder for his talk was the exploit the deed. The event heard or remembered first spun into a yarn and later Ravel rode into
a legend. Ever hear what ole curly told him when the feller asked how come he was so bald headed when it it like they asses Kirti it come about when I was just a shirttail kid and one day I'd eat me a fine Massa lickin poem bread and melted Talor and a big wad of that bear coat Talor glued itself up and roof of my mouth gum near choking today and would have to reckon even no woman there had to come up with a 90. Eat an orange get it red hot say and hope you don't the top of it hey it I don't melt the teller lode. Lydia to Buddy at bar every hair in my head out plumb to the roof. Jamming the walls of the line cam hunkered down on their heels in the seldom shade the cowboy spun their coarse grained and colorful yarn.
Those noises coming out of that old shack my enemy is something my Paul used to say a Norman run ins on he'd say but a fellow's it to him self to first know what he's runnin from. I see as your Savior as I did back there if it is twenty feet further to cover out half good handholds in. It show a wonder somebody didn't steal a radio when you was a baby. That's what Doc told you know after the Hughton when he was a poking around in his innards. Cause if it had a band for that they'd a believe you took on the fall of the fracas this bullet. Look at kilt you if it hadn't been for the bullet. The belief would of. Some nights says Jack thought I wouldn't be any stories at all around the camp five other nights. They just get taller and taller
until they knock the eyes out of a man and. Tongue loose and fancy free Radio-TV the University of Texas has brought you program number 11 of the American cowboy. Today's broadcast is based on source materials from the Texas History Library of the barker History Center and the western publications True West and Fronto times edited by Joe small. A bibliography is available on request. The American cowboy has produced and directed by Bill Burke from scripts by Mary D Benjamin under the supervision of Robert F. shank an associate producer RCA Norks original music by Eleanor Pape our narrator is Horton and Wayne Smith. Student production assistant Alan pay. Down Langfield speaking. Tongue loose and fancy free was produced and recorded by radio television at the University of Texas under a grant from the National
The American cowboy
Tongue loose and fancy free
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University of Texas
KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This program focuses on the role of the raconteur in cowboy culture.
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Documentary series on the American cowboy, produced by the University of Texas.
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Announcer: Langfield, Daniel
Composer: Page, Eleanor
Director: Burke, Bill
Narrator: Smith, Horton
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Benjamin, Mary D.
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 61-51-11 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
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