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The following program is produced as a public service feature by the radio division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. English. With cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Illinois division of narcotic control. WE PRESENT. News. H is for joy with English. With Earth. Like. Oh the United States is a fortunate country in ways too numerous to mention the technological growth of this country has been one of the most spectacular of all history. But along with this growth and progress has evolved a vast and complex society in which we live. Problems have become a part of our daily lives. Most of us can face them squarely and attempt a solution. However since the very beginning of
man there have been those who do not face their problems and constantly seek some form of escape. One form of escape is the use of drugs to obliterate the truth of reality. Drug addiction is nothing new. Man's knowledge of the power of drugs can be traced to the clay tablets left by the ancient Sioux Marion's about seven thousand years B.C. other ancient civilization such as the Egyptians Persians Greeks Arabians and the Chinese also use drugs. There was one drug especially preferred by these groups the drug derived from the poppy plant opium so behind the use of drugs to dull the presence of reality as a history as ancient as civilization itself. But opium is only one type of drug used by those called narcotic addicts. The other major classifications are cocaine marijuana and modern synthetic drugs some of which are not addictive. Here's a tape recorded interview with Joseph a daughter of
27 years a policeman on the Chicago police force. Now retired he lectures to groups interested in the subject of narcotics. Most people know nothing about the marijuana weed you take one of these little seeds and throw them anywhere they need no cultivation and no care. There are very very hearty weed next fall you get a plant that has grown to a height of 12 to 16 feet. From that seed growing wild in every state in the union this is also known as a local weed. The stairs chew and they go mad from it. This is also known as hashish in Egypt it's made into a cake candy in a gum form they add opium to it one can become addicted to what they're here we only brew it as tea or we smoke it as a tobacco. This is also our native hemp during the war thousands of farmers were committed to raise this upon their land. We have a shortage of roping from the fibers we got our rope today only a licensed farmer is permitted to raise this
on his land. What mr for the world says is true. Marijuana can only be legally grown in the US by licensed farmers. However don't forget marijuana is a weed and grows anywhere. That's why the Federal Bureau of Narcotics is constantly searching for wild patches of marijuana and they summer in mid-state Illinois the Illinois division of narcotic Control estimates it destroyed at least 600 acres of illegal marijuana weed illegally but properly processed the value of the destroyed crop would amount to thousands of dollars. Again let's listen to Mr. fedora and what he said as he showed us a small clump of the raw marijuana weed. The clump that I have here would have a value of about $200 in the illicit market. And all you have to do is go pick it where it's going wild one either by the dozen strains there that you have or a dozen stocks of perhaps a dozen stocks of a guess that illicit market has That's a terrific value they could manufacture perhaps 200 cigarettes from what I have right here.
I hear the leaf and cased in glass. In order to protect all citizens in the United States Congress passed a law on this week reading thusly. Those of you that have land under your control and you permit this to grow while upon your land you can be fined $5000 and sent to the penitentiary for two years yet I never heard of one arrest being made under this law because of lack of manpower. So they do nothing about it. There you'll find relief. We could describe this a little bit to our listeners. The leaves are about what five inches long five seven inches long. They may have anywhere from 5 to 9 11 or 13 spatulas Is that what you call them you know and they're close separated like a saw long and narrow. Yes just like saw teeth. Yes. And I'd say that was a half an inch wide and five inches long that was in this particular clump one two three four five six seven always oddly
5 7 9 or 11 really. I suppose if the person thought they had some growing on their property in an encyclopedia they could get a picture they could get a picture out of one of the encyclopedias Yes and perhaps a description of it and they would know positively colors it to any produce your color when it's growing or very green very very green you can see this is aged and it begins to fade. And it has a very very small white flower when it's growing. Then a flower develops into the seed that you've handled seed to the human race so important so necessary so needed that we may feed the ever growing tissues of our bodies. But yet here is a seed from which grows a plant that can cause the human not growth but death. Marijuana when used alone is not physically addicting. That is the human body does not develop a physiological need for the drug. However while the marijuana smoker can stop smoking with only minor physical effects it's an extremely dangerous
drug for two reasons. First it's use usually leads to heroin or age heroin is the most highly addicting drug known to man. And second marijuana is dangerous because every individual will react in a different degree to the same dosage of this narcotic depending on his physiological and emotional constitution. What is this reaction. What happens when a person smokes marijuana. Again Mr. Fedora I'll try to describe the actions of one youth that we had arrested when I was working at the Maxwell Street district intoxicated from the marijuana cigarette. I was on the squad car at the time with my two partners and we noticed this car coming up the street he radically turned from one of the main streets Roosevelt Road into a side street and as the car made a turn it struck another car parked there and bounced off of that car and struck another one struck
four or five cars and came to a stop. We were right behind. The driver. My partner and I got out and approached the car now it was at a dead stop. We opened a door the side of the driver was on and he fell out of the car from behind the wheel. We thought he was intoxicated so he was carried and placed into the squad car. My partner drove his car into the station. The owners of the other cars that were injured were notified to come in and sign complaints. We brought him into the station and he had to be helped up to the desk sergeant and the sergeant said Let go of him and when we did he fell to the floor. This man is intoxicated. He was carried downstairs and placed into a cell. He was held open. We would not book him because of his condition absent hours later the parents came in and they placed a bond for him. He was booked.
He was taken to court. And he had. Man of medicine the surgeon plus other people in the community testified. That he was under the sedatives that he had just gone through a terrific illness. And that's what brought about this condition of his. We couldn't dispute this because the last thing I remember I smell his breath and there was no liquor on his breath. And I have to admit this in open court. Course we thought perhaps they had a drug of some type to kill off the odor of liquor. The testimony was given and he was discharged in court down in the hallway. My partner and I were leaving we were discussing this condition thinking that he was part of the anti-skid. What do you think about that. As my partner and he said Joe that fellow was drunk but he.
Did something very cleverly or he pulled a fast one. While we were discussing this he came along with a group of friends that process parents. He called us over to the side and he said I want you gentlemen to know something I had used a medicine to kill off an odor of my breath. But rest assured it wasn't alcohol. He said I was out of the kik party and got myself high on a little of the weed. Meaning the marijuana cigarette. You asked about its affects of the marijuana cigarette if I'm a human being. I remember a youth I would say he was about 17 years of age because I remember he was taken to the boy's court. Walking down the street I thought he was intoxicated. I stopped him
and immediately I knew that it wasn't intoxication from alcohol that was from the marijuana cigarette. I told this boy that I was going to take him into custody. He says you are if you can subdue me. And then a fight started between the two of us I didn't dare use the baton. I asked for aid from passers by and in the community like Maxwell Street in an area like my ex's you get no wait. We fought perhaps an entire block down the hall said St.. Finally the squad responded and three or four of us subdued him put him in the school a squad car. By that time. My clothing from the waist up had been torn
from my body. I wear that you've got that strength I don't know. But they fight like me. They have the strength of ten men. And this is just one example. Of what marijuana did to this youth. These are only two illustrations of what a person will do under the influence of marijuana and our cottage that has no medical or therapeutic value. Certain physical effects appear to be present in the majority of cases of marijuana intoxication. The first reaction appears an hour or so after consumption in the form of muscular trembling and increased heart beat acceleration of pulse. This is accompanied by a ringing in the years an intense feeling of heat in the head. Dizziness and sensations of cold in the hands and feet constriction in the chest dilation of the people of the eye and muscular contraction follow. The physical reactions increase in intensity until either vomiting or complete stupefaction occurs. An initially the individual is excited restless and boisterous over talkative and uninhibited. Next is a period of dissociation of ideas and
exaggeration of emotions. Judgment and concentration are impaired. The subject shows a marked inability to judge both time and space. Perceptions are distorted. In short mental confusion occurs accompanied by hallucinations. Marijuana has a corroding effect on the body and on the mind weakening the entire physical system and often leading to insanity after prolonged use. Is it any wonder then why men and women are dedicated to removing marijuana. From places where it's now sold such as school playgrounds alleys and other areas where the young can be contacted by the peddler. Is it any wonder why some of lost their lives as they fight with every means available to them. The groups of inhuman degenerates who profit from the sale of marijuana and other drugs. Those who would ironically tell the buyers of drugs that H. Is for joy.
Script by Edwin at her production by Bill Oberg. This is Ted Seeley speaking. The preceding tape recorded program was made available to the station by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the end AB Radio Network.
H is for joy
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This program focuses on marijuana abuse. Retired Chicago policeman Joseph Fiedoral is a guest.
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A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.
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